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if you were ever interested in selling hs merch, you can put your image on welovefine's homestuck fanforge (as pretty much anything, shirts, prints, etc, they have templates for you to download and put your design on), and basically after some time of others rating and/or commenting your design, welovefine could potentially sell the product, there are some technical things that i dont know, ie money, (cuz ive never got anything sold) but im sure others can give you their experiences with it XD

Hey, thank you! I honestly don’t know if I wanna make prints or other merchandise stuff for HS right now, I have no ideas or… time, really.

But it’s still good to know how the Fan Forge thing works! thank you! I was never sure if there were like periods of time where it was “open“ for submissions or if it was kept open all the time?
I’m gonna keep it in mind from now on, thanks!