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10 million celebration.

Requested: Yes.  “Hi! Can I have an imagine where the reader is married to markiplier (since 2015) and she’s a famous YouTube and they celebrate her 10 million subscribers with a husband and wife tag!”

Fandom: Markiplier

Pairing: Markiplier/reader

A/n: I actually thought this was really cute! I had fun writing it too!

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“Mark, I just hit 10 million!” You ran downstairs with a hop in your step. Mark had been downstairs watching whatever was on while you stayed upstairs to finish editing some videos. It was only when you had uploaded the last one that you had realized that your subscriber count had gone up to 10 million.

“Woah, wait. Really?” Mark’s face lit up when you frantically nodded your head. You had been a pretty well-known YouTuber even before you married Mark in 2015. Since then your subscribers seemed to be popping out of thin air.

“We need to do something to celebrate. We have to make a video to say thank you to all of my watchers and-“ Mark cut your rambling off with a light chuckle.

“Slow down, babe.” Mark held both of your hands in his. “We’ll figure something out.”

You did. You both agreed to do a truth or dare challenge with a wife and husband tag. You had gone onto twitter and asked your followers for questions and dares for the video before you sat down to record, which was where you are now. You started with your intro and introduced yourself before making Mark introduce himself.

 “Alright Mark,” you started, “truth or dare?”

“Dare! I ain’t no pussy!” Mark snapped his fingers with sass and you rolled your eyes.

“Um, @Shippingyou said ‘I dare you to flash your nips.’” You paused for a moment wondering why you chose this one. “I don’t know how to feel about this…”

“I don’t either.” Mark said giggling. “Why was the first one you picked this one?”

 “I don’t know.” You and Mark attempted to survive a large fit of giggles together. “I just picked randomly.”

Mark managed to breathe and slowly pulled down the front of his shirt. Attempting to be seductive, he flicked his tongue out and licked his lips. Once his nipple showed, he quickly pulled his shirt back up and acted bashful.

“I’m turned on.” Was your only response. Mark bellowed with laughter while you simply stared at the camera with a straight face.

“Alright, your turn.” Mark took your phone. “Truth or dare?”

  “Truth. I don’t want to show my nipples.” Mark scrolled through your phone before picking one and giggling.

“How many times have you guys had sex?” Mark laughed and your eyes bulged. A blush rose on your cheeks and you thought about leaving the room. Sadly, you didn’t.

Things stayed intense like that clear to the end. The last dare, however, was pretty sweet. It was your turn and you had chosen dare to end it with a bang.

“I dare you to kiss the other.” Mark looked to you and wiggled his eyebrows. You sighed and pulled him in for a kiss, you could still feel the fireworks go off almost as if it was your first tome, before pushing him away and acting disgusted, even if you weren’t. Mark frowned when he saw this and gave you a like glare.

“Oh, I’ll get you back for that.” He muttered lowly, being sure that the audience could hear it as well.

“Yeah, we’ll see about that. Anyway, thank you guys so much for watching, thank you for 10 million subscribers and pat yourselves on the back for be such great people. I will see you all in the next video! Bye!” You and mark waved to the camera. You stood from the couch that you had both used for the video and turned off the camera. Mark gave you an evil smirk and you looked to the door to see if you could run for it. Unfortunately, or not, when you tried to run past him, he gripped you by the waist and pulled you back down to the couch before peppering your face in kisses. You groaned and tried to push him away.

“Happy 10 million subscribers celebration.” He whispered into your ear.


Anonymous asked:

Hi! Can I get a female reader x josh where they’re married or something, and she’s Ty.’s sister and a part of TØP, and a few nights before they go on tour, she hurts her knee playing soccer, and she try’s to keep it on the down low and doesn’t complain and stuff, and she THINKS she keeps it on the down low, and then on their last night, doing a trick or something, she re injures it and like has to leave the show and go to the hospital? And then fluff??? Sorry I know it’s long 😬😬😬

A/N: It’s a bit longer than I anticipated, haha. I changed it just a tad bit, but I hope you still enjoy it! I played soccer for a couple of years when I was a child, so you’ll have to excuse the horrible soccer terminology! Also, I had a lot of fun with this request, because I kind of based it off of the Little Rock show, where Ty had a crew member go in the hamster ball. Hope you enjoy! xx

Josh Dun x Fem!Reader | masterlist

Warnings: mentions of injuries/broken bones

You were married to Josh Dun. Crazy, right? He was perfect and everything you’d ever hoped for. Tyler, being your brother, had introduced you two. Tyler was a little iffy about it at first, but when he saw the way Josh looked at you, and watched the way Josh listened when you talked, and did anything to make sure you were happy, Tyler knew Josh was the one for you.

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Prisoner: Ahkmenrah x Reader

Request: can you write an Ahkmenrah imagine where his wife (who was a normal citizen) lives with him in the palace but is kept there like a prisoner. so she isn’t fine with that and cries a lot of her situation and Ahk comforting her and tells her it’s all for her security. something cute

Word count:  963

You ran towards the entrance of the palace, panting while looking around for any guards. You turned the corner and bumped into someone. You looked up and saw two guard standing in front of you, standing in the way of your only chance to freedom. They looked down at you, angry expressions on their faces. You quickly stood up and tried to run past them, but they grabbed your arms and pulled you back.

“Let me go! I want to see my family!” You kicked their legs, but they wouldn’t budge. You felt tears well into your eyes, as you were being carried away by the two guards. The exit was right in front of you, but became invisible once you turned the corner. You started crying, and begging the guards to let you go. 

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A Night to Remember

Summary: You and Bucky finally have a night off when Steve offers to watch the baby and Bucky suggests a romantic evening for your anniversary. My first fluffy Bucky fic, Based on the following request:

I’d like to request a bucky x reader where he and the reader his wife have a baby and they need a night to themselves

Author: buckysplums14

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1386

Warnings: fluffy Bucky (swoon), some language, VERY light smut at the end (Pretty much no smut, but I’ll still warn you about the one smutty paragraph, lol)

Originally posted by love-buckybarnes

You hurriedly packed the baby’s bag and raced around the apartment.

“What am I forgetting? Milk, pacifiers, blanket, diapers, wipes, powder, pajamas…” you frantically ran your hands through your hair and felt someone come up behind you and hug you, hands around your waist, kissing your neck.

“Don’t worry, Steve can take care of him for one night, sweetheart.” He murmured.

“I know he can, we’ve just never NOT had him before.” You admitted worriedly.

“It’ll be FINE.” He assured you as you heard the doorbell ring, making the baby cry in the other room.

“I’ll get him.” Bucky walked off and you ran to answer the door.

“Hey Y/N!” Steve beamed. “You all ready for your date night?”

You sighed. “I’m just nervous about leaving the baby. He’s only a month old…”

“That’s a whole month where you and Bucky haven’t had any time to yourselves. I’m bringing him back in the morning. 8 am sharp. I have a place for him to sleep all set up, I’m ready to get up in the middle of the night for the little guy. He’s in good hands.” He assured.

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SasuSaku Month 2015

Day 24- Day Trip.
: I’ll See You Soon
: Sarada finally convinced her papa to take her with him in one of his missions. It was up to her mama to make sure she didn’t forget anything.

“Did you take your spare glasses?”

“Yes, mama.”

“And did you remember to take the sun protector?”

“It’s in my bag, mama…”

“And…. The repellent? There are many insects around those woods and they may carry diseases.”

“I did not forget that, mama.”

“And… Oh, Yeah! What about clean underwear? I know it’s almost that time of the month again so I already put some tampons in your father’s bag just in case.”




A blushing Sarada, an anxious Sakura and a patient Sasuke were the three elements that were composing that scenario. The three members of the Uchiha family were all reunited in the entrance hall of their house, as two of them were taking care of some last minute details before they could leave the village for the weekend. The mother was worried about her daughter for it would be the first time the pre-teen would be going on a journey without her. She wanted to make sure Sarada had everything she was going to need for her three days trip and she wanted to prevent any possible emergencies while she was not around. She wanted to do everything she could for her little girl while she was still close and not miles away from her. Uchiha Sakura wanted her to enjoy her journey without any possible worries. Sarada deserved to have fun during those three days, after all, it would be the first time her papa would take her with him.

After months of trying, and a lost bet, the Uchiha princess finally convinced her father to take her with him on one of his investigative missions. Since the ninja world was no longer that dangerous and since his wife agreed that there would be no problems in doing so, Sasuke decided that, when the Hokage’s orders didn’t send him too far away from home, he would be taking his little girl with him. He would help her discover the world outside Konoha’s walls and by doing so she would see its beauty through her own dark pearls. She would spend time with him and that was the one thing that was making him satisfied the most. After so long and after so many turbulences, they would finally be having some father-daughter time. They would have the chance to learn a little bit more about each other and they would have a chance of strengthening their bond. It would be a quite interesting mission. If only the rosette could join them, then that whole mission would be simply perfect.

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13 quick thoughts on Sleepy Hollow

1. Abbie is Queen. 

2. As the weeks go by Ichabod gets increasingly flustered every time someone alludes to the fact that he and Abbie are more than just friends. Abbie, on the other hand, remains cool as a cucumber. 

3. Katrina, the Witchiest Witch That Never Witched, remains a disappointment. It’s nice to know that she is in fact able to get messages to Ichabod and Abbie…what’s not so nice is that she uses the opportunity to update Ichabod on herself and only herself.  

4. It’s also annoying that the writers only make Katrina useful (and I use that word lightly) right before they turn her into a victim that needs saving. If Katrina hadn’t sent that pointless note then Ichabod wouldn’t have lost it and the Weeping Lady wouldn’t have gone after her. 

5. Speaking of the Weeping Lady, homegirl deserved so much more than to fall prey to the Cranes and their toxic relationship. Same goes for Caroline.

6. Katrina is a shitty person and that becomes more and more evident as the story unfolds. She treats Ichabod like a pawn. Their ‘love’ doesn’t mean shit because from as far as I can tell she’s NEVER been honest with him. About anything. Ever. And while I’m thinking about it, remember when Katia said the looks she was giving Abbie and Ichabod in the finale during their hug wasn’t supposed to be jealously? Well, she had that same look on her face when she was watching Ichabod and Mary and as we saw Mary ended up dead as a doorknob shortly thereafter. 

7. About 90% (if not more) of the problems Ichabod and Abbie face are directly related to something Katrina had done in the past. And less than 1% of the solutions to said problems has come from Katrina. So in a nutshell she is more trouble than she’s worth. 

8. Its nice to FINALLY see Ichabod start getting the picture about his lying ass wife. Abbie never had rose-colored glasses when it came to Katrina so none of this surprises her. She doesn’t trust the witch and she already ran out of fucks to give when it came to pretending like she does for Ichabod’s sake. 

9. I’ve lost count of how many times Ichabod has said wedding like vows to Abbie. It amazes me though just how many ways you can say, “You’re my soulmate,” without actually coming right out and saying it. 

10. Not looking forward to what I’m sure is going to be a triangle between Jenny/Hawley/Abbie. Just no. 

11. Kudos to Tom on how he played Abbie’s drowning scene. You could literally feel his desperation. If only he could have mustered that same feeling later in the episode when The Weeping Lady took Katrina. That, “Oh. Well, hell, I think we just missed her. Darn.” didn’t quite resonate.

12. How much longer do we have to watch Henry the Emo whine and cry about his parents doing him wrong? I mean, damn, he’s like 1000 years old at this point, sometimes you just gotta let shit go. 

13. Are we placing bets yet for how long it’ll be before Katrina willingly chooses to be at Abraham’s side as a Hellfire Shard or Vessel or whatever the hell? The witch can’t be trusted and she’s proven that she’s more bad than good so I believe it’s only a matter of time before she chooses the dark side.