Power Rangers (2017): Billy Cranston/Blue Ranger [INTP]


Introverted Thinking (Ti): True to the legacy of the Power Rangers, Billy is known as the meek, brainiac of the group whom much prefers intellectual prowess over physicality. It his hinted throughout the movie that Billy has mild autism and as is very common for the disorder, he approaches the world in a very analytical way, often over-doing it (Ne). He is a proficient inventor who is handy with explosives and manages to win massive praises from Jason by disarming and riding him of his electronic monitoring device imposed by the courts.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Unlike his SP counterparts whom operate on sheer exploration and exhilaration of their new found powers, Billy approaches it under child-like curiosity, asking every question under the sun to figure out what’s happening. Underground spaceship, sentient robot, evil queen bent on destroying the world, to him these are all plausible if you analyze it enough. It should also be noted that he is the first ranger to figure out how to morph (though by accident) but also the one who located the Zeo crystal.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Again, another recurring sign of autism is Billy’s uncanny ability to remember facts and details even from years ago. Billy is still very attached to his deceased father and has kept in mind every single thing the latter has taught and told him before his passing. In another contrast to the rest of his peers, Billy is much more cautious, for instance refusing to try to jump over that gorge even if he saw his teammates doing it successfully. He is mentally sharp but physically risk-adverse.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Another predominant trait of Billy is his social awkwardness. Not only has he never had a friend but he also goes through daily bullying. Billy immediately tries to bond with Jason after the latter stands up for him, coming off as a little too desperate and forced. He does not understand sarcasm and even censors himself when he’s about to swear as to not wanting to offend. Ultimately, Billy is not only embraced as a core member of the group but is arguably the kindest one who is ready to sacrifice himself for them.