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Takamatsu from Above by Jake Jung

anonymous asked:

Do you hang out much with Kevin?

CLYDE: A lot, actually!

CLYDE: As you may know, I have many, many friends and they all really like hanging out with me and stuff. Kevin is included in the bunch.

CLYDE: Kevin’s one of my best friends, though. Along with Craig and Token.

CLYDE: We hang out pretty often. We help each other with homework a lot and play video games. When I’m not hanging out at my place or at Craig’s place, I’m hanging out at his place.

CLYDE: We talk a lot, too. Here–

CLYDE: I have him nicknamed Turdlord on my phone because turds are funny and so is he.

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this is for all the people I want to genuinely thank for being here, whether I talk to you or admire you from afar, I love all of you! Thank you so much for 5k+ followers! I really, truly appreciate all of you keeping up with my dumb blog. Also if you feel as though you should be on this list or if I forgot to mention someone, let me know!! This is the first follow forever that I’ve done so… I guess I should get started??

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