030715 weibo update: I just saw the news that yesterday someone spent 40,000 to buy a press permit. I know that you want to support me, but next time don’t do this, I always know you guys are by my side. After this, I will find the opportunity to meet with everyone more! So save money and do more meaningful things with it! Also, I heard that a lot of people are questioning my selfie skills???

Irgendwann schließt du einfach mit gewissen Menschen ab. Sie werden dir zwar nicht egal, aber du schaust nicht mehr zurück.

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Outfit tag tagged by the wonderful saywa-llahi (sorry i never take tags seriously plus i don’t really have many pics of myself)

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& everyone else who ever wants to do it *shia labeouf voice* JUST DO IT

Es ist wahr, dass wir nicht schätzen was wir haben bis wir es verlieren.
Aber es ist auch wahr, dass wir nicht wissen, was wir vermissen, bis es uns begegnet.

Lou stood by the punch bowl, clinging timidly to a plastic cup full of red liquid. He took a few sips and looked around at the people. So many people he didn’t know. So many people in tux’s and fancy dresses. It reminded him of some kind of prom atmosphere and it made his chest constrain. The faces of his friend’s flitted in his mind and he squeezed his eyes shut, shaking his head. The teenager forced his eyes open and downed what was in the cup, wishing there was some kind of alcohol inside of it to help him get through this. Lou didn’t feel very social today, but he offered a polite smile to any who looked at him and a few words to those who talked to him.