Doodle of a new AU @mistrel-fox and I came up with…

Instead of erasing Stan’s memories to get rid of Bill, Mabel decides to pull another Gompers and Waddles. Instead of duct tape, she finds Celestabellebethabelle’s hair can trap Bill and his powers just as well! Now these two jerks gotta live with each other.

I dub this the Hair Tie AU


I love this ending. It shows Jason being sentimental. He’s kept a photograph that was taken the first time he wore the Robin costume. This particular panel is important because it’s a nod to Bruce telling Jason that Bruce keeps his souvenirs as touchstones as “a way to keep track of where [he’s] been” so he doesn’t lose track of where he’s going. These words really seem to have touched Jason because, not only had Jason kept the batmobile’s tire, but he kept a photo to remind himself of where he came from.

This comic seems like it will really try to bridge the gap between Jason and Bruce, so the two can reconnect and move forward with their relationship. This first issue was strong, and I highly recommended it to everyone!