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“ The family-friendly movie explores the transformational role prayer plays in the lives of the Jordan family. Tony and Elizabeth Jordan, a middle-class couple who seemingly have it all – great jobs, a beautiful daughter, their dream home. But appearances can be deceiving. In reality, the Jordan’s marriage has become a war zone and their daughter is collateral damage. With the help of Miss Clara, an older, wiser woman, Elizabeth discovers she can start fighting for her family instead of against them. Through a newly energized faith, Elizabeth and Tony’s real enemy doesn’t have a prayer. ”

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Release Date : 2015-08-28
Casts : T.C. Stallings, Beth Moore, Jadin Harris, Karen Abercrombie, Priscilla C. Shirer, Tenae Downing, Alena Pitts, Michael Jr.
How to Write a Synopsis of Your Novel
by Glen C. Strathy

To sell your novel, you may need to know how to write a synopsis, even if you are a pantser-type novelist who can write a whole novel without making an outline first. Agents and publishers will often ask for a synopsis along with sample chapters before they request a complete manuscript.

The biggest mistake most people make when they try to write a synopsis for the first time is to create a bare bones plot summary, along the lines of “First this happens, then this happens, then this happens…” Synopses written this way tend to be so dry and boring even the author would have trouble understanding why anyone would want to read the full novel.

Imagine, for example, if a sports writer described a hockey game as “First one team scored. Then the other team scored. Then the first team scored twice. Then the game ended.” Pretty boring, yes?

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Aku tidak butuh dikenal banyak orang. Yang kubutuh adalah dikenal Tuhan oleh karena seringnya doamu menyebut namaku.

Hingga kemudian Tuhan akrab dengan kita. Melimpahkan semua yang tengah kita bangun dengan sesuatu yang sering kita sebut dengan, bahagia.