Looking for RP Contacts

Hello all! Now that I’ve pretty much solidified Mastani, I’m looking for some RP contacts for this angry goofball:

To give you some information:

Mastani Saheba Bhansali Syr is of Thavnair origin. Two years after losing his left arm and his father in a Garlean attack, he and his partner Kivi Azale have made new roots in Thanalan. He’s the resident (currently only) Engineer of the free company EQUINOX, dabbling in all things Allag and Magitek he’s also recently taken interest in gobbietech, IE the gobbwalkers and even Alexander itself. He speaks with a very thick accent as he’s still mostly learning Eorzean mostly due to his laziness and Kivi mostly translates for him. If he isn’t buried in work at NOX HQ, he’s usually seen trolling around Ul’dah smoking his trademark strange perfumed cigarettes/pipe. Mastani is a very careless person, crass and blunt. He has very little patience and is extremely pushy unless something catches his interest. Unless bragged with food, liquor or tech, Mastani is hard to please. Get on his good side though and he’s an amazing ally, despite his insults. 

Mastani is easy to approach but it should be warned prior to RP that Mastani has severe PTSD from the Garlean attack and the loss of his father. His attitude stems from it, he realizes he’s not a kind person though he has little cause to care. He’s good for repair work on all things tech if provided with the right amount of gil. Got info on some rare tech? He’ll pay for it. Mastani’s IC class is NIN/rogue, but he does know how to handle a gun very well.

All in all I’m hoping to have friends for Mastani or even some enemies. I am not looking for romantic/ERP RP as Mastani is already partnered and faithful to Kivi Azale. But I truly want to make friends for him, or close enough to friends this turd can get. If you are interested in such things, please send me a message here on tumblr or find me in game on Mastani Syr! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask! Hope to see you guys around!

gifs were lovingly made by @dice-domino