Nicholas C. Mathis, Paintings.

I was struck by the work of Nicholas C. Mathis when I received his submission by the ability of his abstractions to conjure senses of natural ease.  That feeling you get in a sparse field, or alone under a tree’s shadow with no distractions that seems just right.  There’s enough chaos within these physical places but somehow while existing in them things are just fine.  And that’s what I felt when looking through the work.

I’m glad to see he’s starting to do murals as well.

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See more of Nicholas’s paintings below:

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NCT U (Taeil, Doyoung & Jaehyun) ‘Tonight’ for 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Concert ‘Energetic Shouts


1. It’s disgustingly rude!!! Why would you even ask someone about something so personal and awkward what the fuck?? That’s a serious invasion of privacy and is straight up sexual harassment whether you realize it or not. 

2. What’s under our clothes is none of your business.

3. No one asks you about your genitals so you probably don’t realize how painfully on edge and uncomfortable it makes us feel but it’s really fucking humiliating to have someone talk about your genitals right in front of you.

4. Most of us have a negative relationship with our bodies due to dysphoria so we really don’t want to be reminded of that whenever you feel like interrogating us (every time I have to talk about my body, especially my genitals, I become extremely anxious and have had several panic attacks, like it’s legitimately fucking triggering).

5. Cis curiosity about trans bodies is gross fetishization and needs to end.