Anyway the reason I hate space dad so fucking much is because of how much it has helped normalize the way the fandom twsists shiro’s character by:

  • Undersexualizing him and literally treating him as a father figure that isn’t allowed to be sexual/fun/inappropriate (despite the fact that he’s… at max 25.. and most probably in his very early 20s!! so he is nOT A FATHER).
  • Treating any expression of shiro’ sexuality as inappropriate because he is a “father”? 
  • Eliminating Shiro’s position in the team as their leader, but ALSO their PEER and FRIEND. Shiro made the laser gun jokes, he teases lance and hunk - good leadership doesn’t remove you from the rest of your peers, in fact, it puts you CLOSER to them because to be a good leader you need to know everyone and consider their needs. 
  • Treating shiro like a literal parent narrative, in which if he’s not self-sacrificng for his kids or restraining himself for the sake of the “young-ones” he’s not worth our time or not being a  “good parent”, when he’s already suffered so fucking much and the last thing he needs is to act like  damn parent.
  • Good leadership =/= parenthood??? the fuck??
  • this shit has led to the most insane arguments in terms of how people perceive relationships and has twisted a lot of the discourse and people have literally used “SHIRO IS THEIR LITERAL FATHER FIGURE” as an argument 
  • invalidates his trauma so much bc despite the fact that it’s canon that shiro acts older than he actually is (probably bc trauma ages you!!) people think he’s ready to take on the role of parenthood and is emotionally available for 4 people as the ever-giving parent.
  • Ages him disproportionately, again, invalidating his trauma and making it seem less serious bc “he’s old” when he’s. n o t

The best way I can describe my thoughts on a human Bill…did you ever see that TNG episode where Q gets depowered and he’s basically this obnoxious baby that everyone has to go out of their way to take care of just to keep him alive? Like that, but way, way more unpredictable, violent and annoying.