Lieber Gott, ich fühl mich so allein. Ja ich fühl mich so allein. Hier in dieser dunklen Zeit. Mama kannst du sehen wie es mir grad geht? und mich die Probleme nur noch quählen. Ja ich fühl mich so allein. Schenk mir Flügel lass mich frei.

Abasi had just finished his rounds patrolling the base and a part of him hated doing it. He hated the guy who he was forced to do it with, he hated the thick heat of summer that made his shirt cling to his chest and he especially hated hearing the sounds of the city roaring with music whilst he worked. “Yeah, go.” He waved off his partner until he saw the silhouette of a girl in the distance, Abasi brought up his gun and aimed it at her. “You are trespassing.” He roared in Arabic, cocking his gun and ready to shoot her dead.