I think this might be illegal, but i did this fan art for TWO peoples universes, @connorricks “Clowns VS. Mimes” universe, and @bogleech “Awful Hospital Universe.

I really like the vairant worm bosses in the chapter II Arc, so I think this could just be another worm boss that the poor,poor fern could just get dunked on by it. 

BUT, I also love the morphology and lore of Clowns VS Mimes, SO i was thinking that Silent honk is just a Skomorph thats been converted, graft, and everything inbetweet so much, that its just become more of a mindless Fuana of both species. 

Shes has TWO attributes: Shes completely silent (except when she honks her good good horn), and she has an endless, endless cloth tongue.

hope you guys like it, i dont know if its still rude for her to share two universes, but????