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Christmas Enemy // c.h

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Pairing: Y/N x Calum

Series: Paid to be Popular - The Purpose of Love - Bittersweet Generation

Description: Calum and Y/N hate each other, but have to deal with the pain since the annual Christmas Party is coming near. Unfortunately, the party doesn’t turn out as they thought when they both get locked inside - alone.

The snow hit your nose as you hurried inside. Michael was greeting you with a wide smile and cup of hot chocolate. It had been a tradition that the boys would gather their beloved friends to London and have some sort of crazy party usually involving getting drunk, stoned, high, whatever they could find and probably making some terrible Christmas decorations, always throwing them out the next day.

“Cal isn’t here yet,” Michael said as you threw your black boots covered in white snow in the corner and gave him your scarf and jacket before entering the house. Every year it was a new celebration, new house, new people. Expect for you. You had been invited to these parties since the very beginning.

You walked from the small entrance to a giant living room. It was such a cosy house with only one floor. Luke was sitting down by the fireplace with his girlfriend and Ashton was pouring up some sort of eggnog to himself, probably for the third time. Luke and his girl were leaning up against a red velvet couch, not sitting on it like normal people would do. Beside the couch stood a table on a pretty carpet and the wooden walls were filled with creepy, but nice paintings. You were pretty early, but as soon as you saw at least five other people walking around the room, you sighed for not being one of the firsts -  but still being before that asshole of a bassist. 

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Businesses nationwide participate in Day Without Immigrants protest
Businesses around the country today are planning to close their doors or provide limited service in support of the Day Without Immigrants, a social-media-led protest of President Donald Trump’s promises to crack down on illegal immigration.
By ABC News

“The actions are intended to illustrate the contributions of immigrants in the United States, particularly Latino immigrants. Hundreds of business owners in Washington, D.C.; Pittsburgh; Boston; Philadelphia; Austin, Texas; San Jose, California; Des Moines, Iowa, and other cities are participating in the protests.

United for Change, a group based in North Carolina that helped organize today’s protests, wrote on Facebook, “This will be a peaceful day. While the economic effects of the boycott are unknown, most initial reports indicated that the boycott could cause to halt ‘business as usual.’”

Erika Almiron, the executive director at Juntos, a Latino immigrant advocacy organization in Philadelphia, told ABC News that her team is trying to send a message to Americans, asking, “What would happen if all of us were disappeared the way Trump wants us to?”

Read the full piece and see video here

#Resist #Solidarity

The Purpose of Love // c.h

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Requested: Yes

Pairing: Calum x Reader

Description: When Calum Hood needs to straighten up his reputation, there’s no other solution than to fake-date a powerful girl with a powerful voice.

The Purpose of Love - Masterlist

“Y/N, are you listening?”

You stopped painting your nails and met your manager’s angry eyes.

“Of course I am.” You answered and continued painting your short nails a devil-red colour.

“What did we just say?” Your manager, Louise, asked with crossed arms sitting at the other end of the table. Five other people were sitting at the table, all staring at you as they waited for an answer.

“That I should…” You hesitated because you definitely hadn’t heard a single word throughout the entire meeting. “I should be nicer to the paparazzi.”

“No, but we need to work on that, too,” Louise commented and leant forward. You sighed and put the nail polish aside, waiting for the actual important news.

“You’re getting a boyfriend.” You corked an eyebrow at Louise’s words and chuckled slightly. Jesus, you wouldn’t go that far just for publicity.

“This is not your management sitting at the table and you haven’t even asked who they are,” Louise said in a disappointed voice.

“I just assumed you had replaced my team, I guess.” You avowed, earning a death glare from Louise.

“No.” She disclosed. “These people are 5 Seconds Of Summer’s management. You’ve heard of the band.”

Louise stood up from her chair and walked all the way over to your seat, only to take away your nail polish to catch your full attention. She sat down on the table, holding intense eye contact, making you shutter. You didn’t really like Louise - sometimes she could be quite scary.

“I don’t want to date four boys at once.”

“Sometimes I think we should get your IQ checked.”

“I’m kidding.” You confirmed and nodded. “Continue.”

“Calum Hood, the bassist, need…” Louise paused and looked into the air, thinking about her words carefully. “He needs a ‘correction’. In addition, we all think you should be part of that ‘correction’.”

You looked over to the five people at the table. They were all dressed as normal people - unlike Louise and her management. She would always wear “business-clothes” as you liked to call it to annoy her. 5 Seconds Of Summer’s management seemed cool. You wished you switch them out with your own management.

“I don’t want to date a band member.” You hissed, making Louise cork an eyebrow.

“Sweetie, you don’t have a choice.”

Of course, you didn’t. Ever since Louise saw some potential in you, she had been controlling your life. You didn’t remember who found you singing with your acoustic guitar on Hollywood Boulevard, but the person brought you to Louise who immediately took you in as a client. You couldn’t say no; it was your dream. Since then it had been EP’s, red carpets, showing up to award shows but never winning anything. A whole year had passed and Louise had promised you to make something better in 2016 - yet nothing had happened yet.

“You’re meeting him tomorrow, Y/N.” Louise pulled you out of your thoughts and jumped down from the table. “Let’s try to impress him, okay? Don’t be a bitch.”

“I’m never a bitch,” you yelled after her.

Everybody had already left without you noticing and as soon as Louise closed the glass door, you sat alone in the big meeting room with a frown on your face and a nervous feeling in your gut. You actually liked 5 Seconds Of Summer - you just didn’t know anything about the boys. But if he was a nice guy, then pretend-dating him for a couple of months wouldn’t be the worst.

The next morning, you drove to Louise’s management where she had texted you to met her and Calum. You entered the massive building and took the elevator to the 10th floor with everything being a routine. You walked out and in the doors until you eventually came across Louise’s office. You almost kicked the door in when you entered, making Louise and the stranger turn to you.

You recognised Calum immediately. His brown hair was sticking to his forehead as he pursed his lips, putting away his phone. You sighed as you could almost see the lust play in his eyes.

“This is Calum, Y/N.” Louise had put on the voice you use when you talk to kids.

“I’m aware.” You answered and sat down in the chair beside him. Louise had a huge amount of empty space in her office. The only thing that was in there were two plants, a desk with a swivel chair, and two other velvet chairs in front of that desk. The rest of the room was empty.

You felt the desire to throw your feet on her desk but instead you tried to keep a positive attitude - tried not to give Calum attention.

“Calum, this Y/N.” Calum nodded politely. Louise looked something up on her computer, reading some stuff aloud.

We hope that this relationship is gonna work for both sides… blah, blah blah… this is not only important for your career… blah, blah, blah… it’s important to have good chemistry… blah, blah, blah. You get the point.”

Both you and Calum nodded as Louise shifted between looking at you two. Her left eye always seemed redder than her right and it freaked you out every time she looked at you.

“We’re thinking the relationship should last at least 6 months.” Louise continued scrolling through something on her computer while talking to you. “Rumours need to be spread as soon as possible and what better way than to see you two ‘hanging out’. We’re calling out TMZ tomorrow where’ll you two will be seen together.”

Louise smiled while rambling on. She continued talking about how PR was for the best and it didn’t have to last long, but it would be better if it could last six months.

Ugh, six months was a long time. And you had gotten the bassist. You would have preferred the lead singer as a fake boyfriend - Luke was cuter.

After a good thirty minutes of Louise talking about the following stunt, she left the room so you two could be ‘alone’.

None of you said anything. You just stared at his rosy cheeks as he observed your reaction. Which was a cold stone face.

“What kind of person are you?” Calum questioned and tilted his head. You furrowed your brows, not fully understanding the question.

“What do you mean?”

“You know, what type of person are you?” he repeated with a hand gesture. “Green Day or the 1975? Hook-up or true love? Ice cream or cookies?”

“Uh, Green day. True love. And cookies.” You answered and stared outside the window while Calum was nodding. Your hands were on your lap, lightly tapping along to a song stuck in your head.

“Do you actually believe in true love or are you just against hook-ups?” Calum asked again and you sighed when you turned around to face him. His eyes were darker than the night as the grey t-shirt were hanging loosely on his strong chest and huge biceps.

“I believe in true love.” You answered with raised eyebrows, waiting to be shut down.

“So, you’re not against hook-ups?” Calum smirked and you instantly knew where this would be going.

“No,” you clicked your tongue. “However, I don’t do ‘hook-ups’.”

Calum frowned before putting a wide smile on his face.

“Not even one-night-stands?”

You snorted and finally put your feet on the desk, without realising how rude it was. You didn’t want to date something for publicity but here you were. Sitting in front of a guy that seemed like a douche, as he kept asking you questions about sex. You ignored his last question and instead you starting provoking him; just to have fun.

“You’re not that good at bass, honestly. Plus, your bandmates are hotter than you. ” You smirked, making Calum bite his lip. You exhaled and smiled innocently at you. He was looking for a clear comeback

“You’re supposed to be a singer, right? Yet I haven’t even heard of you.”

“Well, let’s just blame that on the manager we both just listened to ramble. Oh wait, no, we didn’t, cause she’s boring.”

Calum raised his chin and you shook your head while looking down at your lap. It felt like you had gotten everything out your chest. You hated being polite when you didn’t feel like it. You had to be polite to interviewers, paparazzi, management, crew, everyone. Hating on someone you didn’t really know felt somewhat good.

“We both know why they choose you, right?” Calum inquired with a smirk to which you shook your head as an answer.

“Because of my sparkling personality?” You joked. Calum chuckled, making your stomach turn.

“Because of your attitude. Not your personality.”

You bit your inner cheek, thinking about it. Everything made sense now. You remembered seeing all the front magazine covers with titles such as “Calum Hood: Out with another girl” or “The fuckboy of 5SOS” or “Why Calum Hood is a fuckboy?”.

“My attitude is my personality.” You admitted.

A/N: uh, wow, part 2?

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That moment when you thought that the reason why Rika lost her mind was because her dog died and found out that V who was actually victor was gay and was totally hot for a japanese figure skater thus she created mint eye to cleanse all the evils of the world….

I am so done with this….

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l o o k a t t h e s e c i n n a m o n r o l l s

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Love In The Air(port) // C.H

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Requested: yes

Pairing: Calum x Reader

Description: In which Calum accidently runs into a girl in the airport and regrets it as soon as he finds out that his seat is next to hers.

The perfume was everything you wanted, but it was way too expensive. The lady kept pressuring you to buy it but lastly, you just shook your head and gave the pink bottle back to her. You should probably just go to your plane already - you didn’t want to be late. As soon as you turned around with your suitcase in your hand, a brown-haired guy pushed you out of his way, making you stumble on your feet. The boy was running with a bag around his shoulder as he looked back at you who was standing with an open mouth.

“Watch where you’re going!” You yelled as the boy just ignored you completely, but you remembered every inch of him. His brown hair sticking to his forehead, his big eyes watching you as you yelled and his shirt sitting loosely around his huge biceps. There was no way you were going to forget him.

Your body was shaking as you tried to find comfort in the plane seat. The flight attendant was standing in the front, guiding people to their seat. You found your phone, not that you could do much with it since it was already on airplane mode. But you just sat with it in your hand, ready to put your headphones when you took off. You leant your head against the window, watching the workers do their job with bags and purses. A sigh escaped your lips as looked at your clock on your phone, waiting patiently for the plane to fly away from it all.

“I’m supposed to sit next to you,” you heard from your left side a deep voice with an accent you couldn’t place. You looked up and saw the exact same guy that had run into you without apologising.

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A Christmas Miracle // c.h

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Requested: no - based on this

Pairing: Bartender!Calum x Heartbroken!Y/N

My series: Paid to be Popular - The Purpose of Love - Bittersweet Generation

Description: Y/N has broken up with her boyfriend on Christmas Eve and decides to go to an empty bar to cry - fortunately for her, the unknown bartender is always there to advise her.  

Calum ran the cloth across the table once again. Just a few more minutes till he could leave the bar and celebrate. After all, it was Christmas Eve and the bar was already closing at midnight so he could go home.

The bar was completely empty - a rare sight when it came to Christmas in New York. Every night the bar would normally be filled with people trying to find a soulmate for Christmas or trying to get laid in the Holiday Spirit. The bar was never empty - unless it was Christmas Eve, apparently.

Calum was going home to his family this year. He dumped the cloth in its place and was almost sure it wouldn’t hurt if he left half an hour earlier than he should. That was until an appealing girl with twelve scarfs, two jackets and three knitted mittens opened the door, brushing the snow off her as she tried her best not to fall when hanging all of her clothes on the hanger beside the door. She dragged clear footprints of white snow with her when she managed to get up on one of the bar stools without falling and Calum was quickly by her side.

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Please // c.h

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Requested: yes

Pairing: Calum x Reader

TW: Eating disorder.

Description: When Y/N is having a ahrd time, Calum will always be there for her.

You stared at the TV with an empty look as you sat in couch beside Ashton, who was munching away on a big slice of pizza. Calum was sitting between your legs, eating as much pizza as possible before it was all gone. It must have been the fourth time the boys had gotten pizza this week. Being on tour was apparently not the healthiest thing. Calum leaned against your knee, as you gently let your hands fumble with the curls on his head.

“You’re not gonna eat, Y/N?” Michael questioned and held the box towards you. You smirked while shaking your head no, your stomach twisting at the despicable question.

“I’m not hungry,” you mumbled and kept caressing Calum as the X Factor-judges taunted another contestant out of the room.

“You haven’t eaten for six hours?” Luke said with raised eyebrows, chewing on his pizza. Calum turned around to see your face, making your hand release itself from his hair.

“One slice,” you murmured and took the slice of pizza out of the box with a fake smile. Everyone turned to the TV again, as the next contestant sang magical. You took a bite of the greasy food and immediately regretted it as soon as your stomach turned around. The grease dripped down your finger, making you frown. You hadn’t eaten pizza in forever and it just seemed wrong to be doing it now. As soon as the whole slice was down your throat, you felt wrong. It seemed like you had gained ten pounds as you sat in the couch, watching the guys pressing in six slices of pizza each. You bit your nail, as Calum leaned back between your legs, before you flew up from the couch, making your boyfriend dunk his head.

“I have to go on the toilet,” you excused yourself, as you hurried to find the bathroom. You knew what you had to do, and you were actually just waiting for it to be over, so the guilt would stop. So you would finally feel better.

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