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do u have a friend who has a birthday and also has an intense passion for rick and morty ?! or maybe even just one of those things! if so, you should absolutely think about buying him/her/it this fun birthday card full of classic sanchez existentialism and birthday cheer! let me tell u, i drew this all by myself, it’s super high quality, and it’s printed for u by me on that really nice quality card stock like the kind of paper in scrapbooks. it’s 6.5 in x 5 in, perfect card size, and there’s lots of room on the inside for u to write heartfelt messages/knock knock jokes/drawings of butterflies. and buddy! it’s only $5! 

‘wow only 5 dollars! what a bargain!’ - mr. poopybutthole upon seeing this ad on his tumblr dash

u heard it here first ppl! but wait there’s more! the first 15 of u to buy one will get a thank u note from me AND a small and fun doodle on a piece of paper that will also be in the envelope!!!!!!!!! what a STEAL!!!!!!!!!

haha please help me i’m broke

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Tbh we should definitely be celebrating Korosensei's death ((oops)) as something special as a fandom. He was so nice and such a kind teacher he deserves a day just for him. C,: ((kms bc im listening to the song that was on during that scene cri cri))

We should have a national korosensei day


After Nero’s death, the Golden House was a severe embarrassment to his successors. It was stripped of its marble, its jewels and its ivory within a decade. Soon after Nero’s death, the palace and grounds, encompassing 2.6 km² (c. 1 mi²), were filled with earth and built over: the Baths of Titus were already being built on part of the site in 79 AD. On the site of the lake, in the middle of the palace grounds, Vespasian built the Flavian Amphitheatre, which could be reflooded at will, with the Colossus Neronis beside it. The Baths of Trajan, and the Temple of Venus and Rome were also built on the site. Within 40 years, the Golden House was completely obliterated, buried beneath the new constructions, but paradoxically this ensured the wallpaintings’ survival by protecting them from dampness

There are some dodgy photos of me with goth hair and makeup that I hope never surface. When I was 17, I worked in a piercing/tattoo studio and had my name, which mean’s ‘purity’ in Greek, tattooed on my back. I forget about it until I’m in the shower, when I’m like, 'What?’