(c) baste

Burning love

Anon request: 13,25,36,46 with Peter pan please

I blew my h/c hair out of my e/c eyes as I basted the hog roasting over the fire what seemed like the millionth time.

The heat from both the fire and the island was getting to me. I guess I’ve always been pretty sensitive. My face was glistening with sweat and I wiped it on my shoulder as I had my hands full.

The lost boys were mostly gathered in the centre of the camp playing some stupid rowdy game, likely to get themselves hurt. I could see it happening already.

A few of them remained to ‘help’ prepare the food for tonight when we were having another celebration for a new lost boy. I swear Pan will look for any excuse to have a party. He can be remarkably happy at times considering the foul mood he’s usually in.

Those preparing the food were hindering more than helping, and to top it off, Felix was adding his unhelpful input.

“Y/n you missed a bit,” he drawled.

“Where?,” I said, exasperated.

“On the flank.”

I rotated the hog to check. “No I haven’t.”

“Made you look though.”

I rolled my eyes and continued basting.

On my right I could see a lost boy cutting fruit clumsily.

“You want to be more careful holding the knife like that,” I told him.

He gave me a look of discontent. “Do it yourself then; cooking’s a girl’s job anyway.” He slammed down the knife and stalked away.

Great more work for me.


“Felix could you finish cutting those for me?” I asked sweetly.

He just laughed. “Who died and made you queen?”

“Ugh, fine but if the roast gets burnt, I’m not taking the fall for it.”

I prayed it wouldn’t burn on one side while I finished cutting the fruit. To be sure, I kept a careful eye on it, rushing when I was cutting the last few pieces because I could see the roast start to go a little too black.

I threw the last few berries and fruit pieces into a bowl and returned to the hog, turning it immediately. The boys playing their game had quietened and were staring at me.

“What?” I asked, raising an eyebrow. “It’ll be done in a bit, have some patience.”

They just smirked as if they knew something I didn’t.


But then, I felt someone’s presence behind me as they grabbed my arms, shouting, “boo!”.

Real mature. But I didn’t even jump. I was used to this type of childish behaviour by now so I was almost always on high alert when things seemed suspicious.

I turned around to give him a scolding look but he was wearing a mask so I couldn’t see who it was. What was I saying about being childish?

I stood on my tiptoes to reach him and pulled the mask consisting of wood and hide off of him and throwing it into the fire.

“Grow up,” I said.

“HEY!” he said pushing me. “Why’d you have to burn that?”

“Why do you have to act so childish?” I retaliated.

A chorus of “oooh”s and “you gonna take that?”s followed.

I heard Pan’s voice not far away through the silence, coming closer to camp. Because of that, I chose not to take further part in the banter with the lost boys and ignored the idiot behind me.

He appeared to have heard him too.

“Simple bitch,” he said, before turning away.

“Don’t talk about your mother that way,” I chided. I know I said I wasn’t going to retaliate but…

The lost boy shoved me hard so I fell onto the hog roast, breaking the pole it was tied to and my torso upwards ended up in the fire..

I was shocked. For a moment. Then reality made a swift return when the pain of the flames licking me kicked in. I launched myself backwards away from the fire as the heat sank into my skin.

A scream tore from my lips in an octave I hadn’t known I was capable of reaching.

I’d only touched the fire for a second or two at most but it felt like minutes as my skin burned. My hands the most as they’d gone straight into the hot ash as a natural reflex to falling.

My cape had caught fire and I hastened to remove it, fumbling with the knot but at last flinging it off onto the ground where it continued to burn.

Tears streamed down my ashen face. I tried to reassure myself it probably wasn’t as bad as it felt but it still hurt like hell.

Pan emerged with the new boy from the trees at the edge of the camp to find the huddle of lost boys silent and myself crying.

“What’s going on here?” he asked in a calm voice.

When no one answered. he repeated himself. “I said what’s going on here?”

The asperity in his tone was evident.

“I was pushed into the fire,” I said at last, choking on my words.

“Who pushed you?” he said, coming closer while eyeing my cape smouldering on the floor.

I shook my head. The boy who did it had slipped away at some point during the accident and I didn’t even know his name.

“Who did this!?” Pan roared at the lost boys.

Felix cleared his throat. “Darren.”

Pan’s eyes turned dark with the desire to kill. He scanned the faces in the crowd and within seconds a boy dropped to the floor dead, after the unmistakable sound of his neck breaking by the force of Pan’s magic.

I gulped, looking away.

Pan grabbed my scorched hand and teleported us to his tent.

“I should have something for the burns,” he stated, pulling open a cupboard filled with jars. He rummaged through them then pulled out what looked like a creamish-white coloured salve.

“Where are you burnt?”

“Just my arms and my face, I think.”

“I mean do you have any burns on your… chest… area…?”

He coughed awkwardly, rubbing the back of his neck.

“No.” I said. “All the layers I was wearing, I guess.”

“Right,” he said. He opened the jar of the salve. “This is probably going to sting,” he warned.

He started rubbing the salve onto my face which produced a cooling effect but became more painful as he got further towards my jaw.

I had to say, it was strange to see this nicer side of Pan for the first time. He’s usually always so passive-aggressive or neutral at the least - never nice.

He reached a spot on my neck just under my jaw that caused me to flinch away.

“Ow! You’re hurting me,” I complained.

“I know,” he said empathetically. “I’m trying to be gentle. Trust me.”

Once he had eventually rubbed in the salve onto all my burns, I asked, “why are you being so nice to me?”

“It seemed like the honourable thing to do.”

“Ok, but usually you act as if you couldn’t care less what the lost boys do to me.”

He paused from screwing the lid back on the car. “What do the lost boys do to you?” he said slowly, as though afraid of the answer.

“Uh…never mind. It doesn’t matter.”

I could sense Pan’s anger resurfacing.

“You tell me the next time one of them makes you feel threatened or lays a finger on you,” he demanded.

“How come you’re only caring now?” I asked, fiddling with my fingers.

“I’ve always cared about you!,” he exclaimed, shocking me.

“What? Why?”

“Because I love you y/n, that’s why.”

I was stunned. “I’m confused? You never showed any sign of caring before…”

“I didn’t want to admit it to myself, y/n. I thought I could hide my emotions but seeing you hurt today… I can’t let that happen to you.”

“Wow… I’m just surprised… I guess. I thought you didn’t like me…”

Pan got down on one knee, taking one of my hands carefully in his (so as not to hurt where I was burned) and said, “y/n if you’ll be my girlfriend, I’ll treat you like the queen you were always meant to be. That, I promise you.”

I felt myself blushing. I’d never felt wanted by someone like this before. “I’ll be your queen,” I whispered.

He stood up and kissed my lips gingerly.

“I love you.”