I like that we devoted an entire movie to Charles apologizing to Raven for being a douche, yet she was the one who left him bleeding to death on a strip of sand because Erik actually likes the color blue

See now I am just thinking that there’s this whole messed up thing that this show has inadvertently exposed: the rule that stuff only happens when stuff is on screen. 

All that driving literally does not matter to the plot because it can’t because if it did, every episode would be Baby, but as soon as we actually HAVE the episode where we see all the driving, then it turns out that stuff is happening because stuff is on screen, which is great in the short term of this one episode (I’m not taking a break to stop myself from crying why are you looking at me like I am?) - now it’s just as bad as any time they tell us that they’re characters in a book or that there’s an AU where they’re their actual actors or whatever… Now we know that driving time is important, and that stuff happens when the camera turns its way, we all have to go back into a state of wilful, forced ignorance that nothing happened when the camera wasn’t on them. It’s making us aware of the camera’s gaze and how that creates plot stuff on screen.

Any time they skip ahead a mile (like in the opening of 11x01 for a recent example) before continuing a conversation that lead on directly from a comment from in their time an hour before, they’re not just letting it fade from place to place as an artifice of the camera to move them around and we let it pass as a tool of storytelling… (honestly despite my whining about car continuity in the moment of watching I never notice or care about this stuff unless it’s TOO ridiculous - 10x22 is the only one that tripped me up mid-episode rather than in hindsight)

Now we know that the gaps between stuff are important or that stuff could have happened, and if they don’t have earth-shattering conversations in these gaps then now we know that they’re perfectly capable of doing it…

I mean this entire show is built around 2 guys who roadtrip extensively and only have important conversations at the most dire moments when the plot forces it - either for plot or emotional significance - we know that if they have not communicated X Y or Z to each other on screen, then they absolutely have not ever mentioned it or any of this stupid emotional twaddle about what they dream about on any of their 3 day road trips between every friggin episode to get to the monster of the week.

As someone who spends a lot of time side-eyeing the car continuity this is making me cry.

I’m not crying.

Okay guys I’m trying to make this as light hearted as possible but I’ve been getting a lot of rude anonymous messages about my art and how shipping kylux is gross compared to reylo and if I’m gonna waste time drawing my “sub-par” art I should at least draw reylo and I’m starting to get a little upset.

reylo makes me anxious and uncomfortable so please leave me alone and just let me draw things that make me happy.