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  • Nico: I remember when I was five, hiding under the desk with all my Halloween candy. Had some peanut M&M’s, went into my first anaphylactic shock and had to be rushed to the hospital. Came home, celebrated with a Snickers, went into my second anaphylactic shock.
  • Will: When did you figure out you were allergic to nuts?
  • Nico: Sometime around the third almond joy.

Scully honestly cannot remember the last time she was this bored.

She’s going on night three – three! – of this ridiculous stakeout. Originally, she and Mulder were supposed to take turns on the overnight shift. But after the first night, which he’d somehow talked her into taking, Skinner had called Mulder away to Vermont, and it’s been up to her to carry on alone.

On a case she doesn’t for a second believe is actually an X-File to begin with.

She hasn’t been here around the clock, of course. Even if she could stay awake for days on end, Mulder knows better than to ask that of her. But Skinner won’t approve a second set of agents for backup, either. He called her last night, about two hours after he called Mulder away.

“Agent Scully, I apologize for pulling Agent Mulder off the stakeout. Something’s come up that I need him to look into.”

“Just Agent Mulder, sir?”

“For the moment at least, yes. But while I cannot authorize the use of an agent to replace him, I will allow you to rely on videotape for the hours you can’t personally be on-site.”

“Sir, the regulations require–”

“I’m well aware of the regulations, Agent Scully. I’m overruling them in this instance. If Mulder’s work out of state keeps him away for more than 48 hours, we will re-evaluate the situation at that time. Understood?”

She hadn’t even attempted to hide her sigh. “Yes, sir.”

She is, at least, off the hook entirely for the hours the club is closed, and video surveillance covers the rest of the time she’s not here. Of course, she’s still responsible for reviewing the footage in search of their mystery woman. So far, no sign.

She is so. Very. Incredibly. Bored.

The furnace makes a sudden, horrible groan, and she jumps at the sound. There’s a clank, followed by another, and then silence.

“Oh no. No, nono, no, no…”

It doesn’t take much examination to determine the thing is dead. No amount of cajoling, fiddling, or downright begging will get it to turn on again. Great. Because this assignment wasn’t miserable enough already.


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“Drive-By Smooches” the Fic

Inspired by the conversation @rottensocksandfluff and I had about the idea of Sportacus giving Robbie drive-by kisses.

Also they did art for the idea already which you should totally look at since I put the scene in this fic and also it’s super cute.

Anyway, here we go: 

[rated G]

The day was hot, too hot to sit underground and too hot to mess with the brats. Robbie Rotten fanned his face as he made his way into town. A nap under the shade of a tree sounded wonderful. With a sigh he lay down on the grass. The kids were play some gross sport across town and the sound was graciously muffled by distance. Robbie closed his eyes, relieved to be in the shadow of the tree and not sweating in his lair.

He wasn’t sure how long he slept but when he came to, he heard someone approaching him. Robbie mentally prepared an argument for why the children should just leave him alone for once before opening his eyes. The sight that greeted him made him sit up.

In front of him, upside down, was Sportacus. When he saw Robbie was awake, he grinned and leaned forward, planting a kiss on his lips. He pulled away before Robbie could properly process the situation.

“Just wanted to give you a heads up. The kids and I are coming back this way.”

Robbie didn’t say anything. He just stared at his boyfriend, his still sleepy mind trying to come up with a logical explanation as to why he was upside down.

Sportacus moved back a bit and Robbie saw that he was on his hands. He had done a handstand to kiss Robbie. He had one arm on either side of Robbie, his infuriating hat somehow staying on.

“I left the ladder down if you want to nap in the airship,” Sportacus went on as if nothing odd was happening, “The AC is on so it should be colder up there.”

In one swift movement, Sportacus fell back and got to his feet. He waved to someone behind Robbie before sprinting away, presumably to rejoin the brats.

Robbie sat there, stunned. What had just happened?

Whatever it was continued to happen whenever Robbie found himself in town.

One time he was in the park, waiting for Sportacus so they could go on a picnic lunch. The elf came running toward him, crystal blaring, and sped right past Robbie, stopping only a split second to peck him on the cheek and say in one breath:

Hi Robbie Someone’s in trouble I’ll be late Bye I love you!”

Then he was gone, leaving Robbie to puzzle out exact what his boyfriend had just said.

Another time, Robbie had been sitting on a bench trying to think of the best way to stop the brats from singing their obnoxious jump rope rhymes just a few yards away. The sky above him darkened briefly and he felt something warm touch the top of his head just seconds before Sportacus landed in front of him. Robbie yelped, like any sane person would if their boyfriend just fell from the sky in front of them. Sportacus had the gall to chuckle at him.

“Did you just kiss me mid flip?” Robbie asked, hand clutching his heart.

Sportacus just winked and back flipped away towards to children, much to their delight. Robbie rested back against the bench with a groan and a blush.

Finally, after a month of this, Robbie got a chance to ask what was going on.

He was leaning back again one of the walls surrounding the playground. Stephanie and the kids had a new dance routine they just had to show Robbie. He watched them setting up the stereo and getting some last minute practice. Behind him, he heard a very familiar voice say, “Hi, Robbie!”

He glanced over his shoulder and saw Sportacus. Upside down. Again.

Rolling his eyes, Robbie turned around and placed his hands on the wall, “Why do you keep—”

He didn’t get much further than that before lips covered his own. Robbie felt his face heat up. The kiss felt odd, since one of the participants was the wrong way around, but it still sent tingles down Robbie’s spine.

Sportacus pulled back and Robbie saw his face was also red, though it was probably for a different reason. He grinned proudly at Robbie.

After a moment, Robbie found his voice again, “Why do you keep doing this?”

“Doing what?”

This! Doing ridiculous things just to kiss me!”

Sportacus let his legs fall onto the pavement and stood beside Robbie like a normal person. He was still smiling, “I just never want to miss an opportunity to show you I love you.”

The blush that had only just started to fade from Robbie’s cheeks flared up again, “W-what are you talking about?”

“I know I’m on the move a lot, helping people and playing with the kids, but I don’t want you to feel like I’m forgetting about you. I’ve been taking every opportunity I can find to kiss you!” The elf looked away from Robbie, rubbing the back of his neck. It wasn’t often he acted openly sheepish, “I’ve been calling them… kisspertunities.” He cleared his throat, smile fading, “I can stop if you really don’t like them.”

Robbie thought about it for a heartbeat before putting his hands on Sportacus’ shoulders and kissing his forehead.

“I never said I didn’t like them, idiot elf,” he said. He pulled Sportacus into a hug.

Sportacus wrapped his arms around him, burying his face in Robbie’s shoulder, “Good. Because they’re a lot of fun to do.” Robbie chuckled. He could feel Sportacus smiling against him.

They stayed like that for a few moments. Robbie always enjoyed the times where Sportacus felt like being still for a change. The moment was over when they both heard a noise not far away that sounded suspiciously like five children trying to hold back their giggles. Sportacus was the first one to step away.

“I think they’re ready for us,” he said. He stood up on his tip toes and planted a kiss on Robbie’s cheek before cartwheeling over. Robbie rolled his eyes at the display and followed. Kisspertunities. What an exasperating concept.

He hoped Sportacus never stopped finding them.

Thinking about This Town, JHO, and what we currently have been told about Harry’s solo stuff, I literally am so fucking proud and happy about what they’ve created. 

It feels very ‘them’, all of their stuff - all different from each other, stuff that I could have thought they’d like to do before anything was out, and like. My sons are doing the kind of music they like, want to, being artists and I think so far, all of them have been able to reach out to new audiences because THEIR MUSIC IS GOOD and, baby steps of course, but it’s about time the world knows about these four via their music. 

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hey uh.. whats Darren's type? like who would he get a crush on?? im totally asking for a friend >.>;;

Darren: Oh… my type? Well, I guess it’s nice to be around someone who’s pretty confident, or at least pretends well enough. It just makes me feel more comfortable, that’s all, because a lot of the time I feel… well, you know. It also helps if they can make me laugh, and it’s important that they don’t talk down to me. I already know I’m not great at a lot of things. I suppose they’d have to be patient as well, for that same reason.

I… know it sounds like I ask for a lot. But more than anything, they just need to be a good person. The thing about good people is that they can come in all sorts of different shapes, and not everyone is good in the same way. You can be grumpy and still be good. You can be proud, but still good. S-So, what I’m saying is… I’m just attracted to people who care, however they go about doing it.

being a part of this community and trying to avoid the drama and not take sides and just kind’ve appreciate everyone’s blogs for their dogs and not always their behavior or opinions is honestly a wild ride, but we do our best, I think it’s partially why we don’t have too many close-knit friendships in the community, but at the same time, it seems like guilty-by-association with an individual is a thing and everyone already has their circles and their cliques, so… I come here and I post pretty pictures of my pups and that’s where I leave it, and I just want all of you to be well and your dogs to be well


Let’s keep this in mind for ALL of your so-called friends MC. Let them figure stuff out on their own. MC doesn’t even need to tell them “I told you so”. If I had given James and Kaitlyn advice and all they could do is lash out at me instead of taking what I’m saying into consideration, I wouldn’t keep trying to pressure them into listening to me like MC is doing. I’d let them figure the shit out for themselves. You’ll know when they realize you were right all along because they’ll come back with their tails between their legs and want you to make them feel better. MC just let it go. Find something else to do now.

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kiss for that word game hmmmm

This is pretty much the only thing I can send you from the HL fic that 1) you haven’t already read and 2) doesn’t say too much about the plot:

Louis greets Nick with fondly exasperated, “What the fuck are you wearing?” and a kiss to his cheek. Nick grins.

but you can also have this from a tomlinshaw thingy I started writing some time ago:

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Nick replies immediately, even as he can feel his face turning pink. “Why would we want to go out with each other? He doesn’t like me, remember? And I don’t like him, either. We’re only friendly because we’re both friends with you.”

Harry raises his eyebrows, clearly amused. “That’s not what you were saying during your last party. Actually—”

“Don’t,” Nick warns him.

“—I vaguely remember something—”

“Harry, please.”

“—about you wanting to kiss him. And about how annoying it is that he’s so attractive and knows how to push all your buttons in the best way. How it’s both infuriating and—”

“Alright!” Nick interrupts him, grabbing one of the cushions and aiming it at Harry’s head. Harry catches it easily and hugs it to his chest, grinning. Nick scowls at him. “That’s quite enough, thank you very much. This is fucking cruel, Styles. You shouldn’t torture your friends with the knowledge obtained while they were three sheets to the wind and not in control of their brain to mouth filter.”

“I have to when they’re being stupid,” Harry tells him. “It’s just a date. What do you have to lose?”

“Oh, let me think,” Nick says sarcastically. “Just my dignity and self-respect, I suppose.”


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Was my robe this pink and fluffy yesterday morning, Mace wondered calmly, while some part of his awfully sleep-deprived brain screamed in horror.

Was my robe this pink and fluffy yesterday morning, Mace wondered calmly, while some part of his awfully sleep-deprived brain screamed in horror. Then he shrugged and dragged it over his shoulders anyway, dismissing it as a lingering dream he’d soon wake from, and then have to drag himself through his whole morning routine all over again—this time for real. 

The last three days had been entirely surreal as it was: doors sliding back and forth entirely without reason, as if startled by a puff of air; lifts traveling up and down repeatedly between floors without stopping, experimenting with rates, then dropping down to the lowest levels no one had even used in years; the bloody announcement system blaring music at 0300—music that should have died in a Hutt hole on Nar Shadda, for Force’s sake. Council meeting minutes had been committed to datapad by hand, but mission details and rosters were, more often than not, inaccessible. 

The commissary food, remarkably, had been much improved. Mace absently considered decommissioning the droids altogether, then wondered if there was any way to preserve whatever particular bug had been spawned in their coding. 

Coding. Right. 

A few days ago, Tahl had approached the Council with a request to ‘make some changes’ to Temple security, with the assistance of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. They had argued, convincingly, that the system should have been updated years ago—several times, in fact, since Obi-Wan had first hacked it with Tahl’s help at the age of fourteen. Anakin, now twelve, had managed the same in under three hours, entirely unassisted. They also added that if the Council did not allow them to make changes, they’d go ahead and do it anyway, since obviously nothing was stopping them. Eventually they—begrudgingly—owned up to the fact that Anakin’s exploits had not gone unnoticed, and in fact Master Jocasta Nu was out for blood since half of the Archives had apparently winked out of existence (not erased, just temporarily inaccessible, gods only knew why). 

The Council had been persuaded by the argument, and assigned a Master-Padawan pair of Shadows to ‘assist’ (to oversee, and possibly control the potentially destructive trio, to mitigate disaster). 

The Council really should have considered the character of the Shadows in question; as it turned out, the two could give Tholmé’s entire lineage a run for their money. 

No one had heard from all five of them in the last three days—no surprise there, as some had had about as favourable a reaction to the various malfunctions as Jocasta Nu herself. Mace also privately suspected that the Padawans and Initiates had taken advantage of the chaos to unleash a truly wild array of various pranks. 

Mace was beginning to think this morning dream was getting a bit too long. He hadn’t run across anyone yet, but no one seemed to notice the robe, or just gave it an arch glance in passing and said nothing. Honestly everything was too blasted normal. 

Finally he turned the corner to the residence hall that currently housed the Kenobi-Jinn lineage. Qui-Gon, it appeared, was just stepping out of his quarters as Mace approached, and looked up with some apprehension at the sense of an approaching Council member. Mace was just thinking he ought to find time to pay the man more casual visits when he saw Qui-Gon’s diplomatic mask slam down tightly over his features. Some mischief was surely afoot, then. 

“Morning, Qui-Gon,” Mace called. “I’ve been looking for your Padawan and Knight-partner, and one rather tall wily Noorian, is there any chance you might have seen them?”

Qui-Gon coughed lightly. “Mace, what are you wearing?”

Mace stopped, then carefully dared to look down. 

Robe. Hot—practically neon—pink. Fluffy. 

Alright, so he was awake, then. Finally, someone showed a reasonable reaction. 

“Actually, that’s exactly what I wanted to talk to them about,” Mace said, a little too casually. “The laundry looked a bit bright this morning. I wanted to know if the laundry droids had lost their collective sanity, or if Skywalker had somehow managed to release hallucinogens into the water.” 

Qui-Gon nodded, like this was the most normal thing he’d heard all year. “Definitely the laundry.”

“That brings me to the second question,” Mace said, looking up again, managing to sound almost plaintive: “why couldn’t it have been purple?”

crack fic? have a crack fic. blame @obaewankenope​ for crack fic. 

1 + 5 sentence meme (aka saner cannot count) | send another

monstermonstre replied to your post “sssoooooooooooo isak as beauty and even as beast with the bipolar…”

i’m trying to get you to speak more about this :p. opposite casting that’s interesting tho. why?

OH rip sorry. but i went with opposite casting bc every time i rewatch s1 and i reach that scene of isak and eva sitting on that bench in uranienborgparken, eva’s “i feel like i don’t even recognize you” line hits me harder? like if you think about isak’s character trajectory from the end of s1 and the general falling out between him and eva, but specifically that line, it’s….basically a batb story, in broad themes. you’ve got this kid, who’s still learning himself and is a little selfish in it, and bc of that he acts in some less than good and honorable ways that hurt other people. and he gets caught at it and it blows up in his face and, as a result, triggers this period in his life where he feels himself transformed into something unrecognizable, something uncomfortable and ugly that he can no longer see himself in. and the longer he spends in that place, of looking at himself and seeing only his faults and his mistakes, the more he feels like other people, even those closest to him, aren’t seeing him anymore either. they’re just seeing this shell, this projection of an image of himself that he’s been living as bc it’s the only way he can keep his secrets, which is necessary while he himself doesn’t know what all those secrets are.

and then the thing that eventually breaks him out of it is, of course, meeting someone new. someone who is literally stunning, so outgoing and bright and self-confident (as far as he can tell) and genuine and beautiful, on every level, that they make him start to want again. they make him think he can want, and then that makes him want to change. and so you have this story of two people falling in love, but it’s also, at least from this anchor character’s pov, secondary to the story of someone learning to love himself. to reconcile the hurtful things he’s done in the past with who he is now, and to see that he doesn’t always have to live in their shadow. to find the courage to break out of that shell that he’s consigned himself to being, and to allow himself to grow into someone fuller, someone capable of being good and bad, someone who makes mistakes and learns from them. to challenge himself to become someone new.

idk i don’t want this to come off as like, “isak’s time heavily self-closeting made him a monster” bc i don’t think that at all? one of the best parts about s3 was its sensitivity to portraying a closeted character and showing, with genuine sympathy, 1) why he might have reasonable anxieties and reservations about coming out, and 2) how and with what motivations he might eventually work through those reservations to take that step. but a big part of isak’s character that he had to work through in s3 was this warped understanding of himself and what he had come to see himself as capable of doing, even to his closest friends. that really fucked him up for the better part of a year, and i just think there are a lot of interesting parallels between his storyline and the beast’s, at least regarding the central question of “how does isak see himself?”

Here have some of my “it was 3 am and I couldn’t sleep and all I could think about was one piece” questions:

I’m no expert on buffness but Ace and Zoro look pretty much the same kind of buff to my untrained eyes. And Zoro is that way because boi stays on the training and exercise like brook stays on the yohohohos. 
So….like….does Ace train obsessively every day? I feel like he’d be too…rambunctious? restless? to make a point of training for a good bit of the day, every day. To the extend that Zoro does, i mean.
Also hot and sweaty ace  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Next question: Was it ever stated why Kuma was called the Tyrant? Also how’d he go from pirate to revolutionary to government dogborg? How did the marines not realize he was floating as a Revo? Is Dragon actually okay with Kuma going full ‘Borg for the marines? Did he not care at all? Or did Kuma do it all on his own? Did Dragon know and try and stop him and Kuma did it anyway? Or did Dragon come up with the idea? When Kuma first became a Revo…how did that happen? Was Dragon just like I like this big paw bear he is mine now

Ace, Sabo and Luffy…boxers or briefs….?

oDA I neeD AnswERS Now

dominick and i are trying to figure out our anniversarry plans and like. we got married in june and this june is suuuper hectic and folks always take a bunch of time off work June and July. A big bucketlist thing is seeing Deaner with the Invitational at John and Peter’s, it’s only 2 hour drive but wednesday are tough. Sooooo when Ween is between tour legs/after the summer tour we’re gonna do a cabin near New Hope in the middle of the week and have a Real J&P night I am…so pumped