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Bechloe week, Day 2: Summer Camp

A few years ago, the last thing Beca wanted to do was spending her summer holidays in a summer camp for musical nerds.

Sure, she loved music. Like really loved it. But from there to spending her summer with other kids and socializing? No thanks. Beca was happy with staying home and creating new music, alone.

Of course, her dad wouldn’t let her so after a couple of arguments, she was in a bus with a bunch of unknown kids.

Then again, she won’t admit it but she liked it. Being with a lot of people that share the same passion as her was nice. Don’t say anything to her, though. From what you know, she hated it with her whole heart although she went back the next years until she reached the age maximum. But she hated it.

So when her dad came with a flyer announcing that the camp was looking for high school seniors that wanted to be camp counselors in exchange of college extra credits, she grumpily accepted. Because… well, she hated it but this was college.

As her last year at the camp, she was expecting it to be special. Maybe enjoying her time with her friends a little bit more than usual. Maybe sing louder with Fat Amy. Maybe fighting less with Aubrey. Maybe getting to know better some of her singing classmates.

Finding love was not amongst Beca’s plans but when a certain redhead jumped in front of her seconds after she left the bus and said “Welcome to Barden Camp! I’ll be your guide and mate counselor for the rest of the summer”, Beca’s plan started to change slowly.

First weeks went off with Beca complaining about how much she hates Chloe’s positivity and happiness and just her being so… Chloe. Later on, she just disliked it. And by the final weeks, she caught herself dreading the end of the summer just because she would miss all of that. She would miss Chloe.

She wouldn’t say it out loud, though. And everyone was tired because it was so obvious it was painful. The whole world knew about Beca and Chloe’s crush on each other except them.

So when Fat Amy came rushing into the Bella’s usual chilling spot, screaming “Bhloe kissed! Bhloe kissed!” at the top of her lungs, it was almost like gay marriage being approved all over again.

And the kiss was magical, according to Chloe. As for Beca… well, you know. She won’t say it out loud for anyone but Chloe, but Beca really loved it.

love is in the air


“You really wanna head back out there, huh?”