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finger guns


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  • please respect that i have the option to turn down your request so you may have to change it
  • if you are rude, i have the choice to pick a different winner
  • I will end this on July 1st 12:00 P.M EST however if my schedule is packed i will change the date
  • winners have 2 day to respond
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I will not draw:

  • mecha
  • nsfw
  • super complicated designs
  • extreme gore
  • anything that makes me uncomfortable

I will draw:

  • Characters that are in fandoms I am in
  • Your OCs (with a ref)
  • ships
  • minor gore
  • if you are not sure of my fandoms, feel free to ask

There are minor things you can read in the tags so feel free to check them

AND that should be it so thank you for following me, this means so much! (much more than you think!)

Me composing
  • Me: This is a nice little theme!
  • Piano: that's like every Ravel piece...
  • Me: ...
  • Me: wait, nah, THIS one is interesting!
  • Piano: mate, that's exactly Faurè nocturne n.4.
  • Me: ...
  • Me: what about this one? Decent innit?
  • Piano: you changed two notes to Brahms 4.
  • Me: *throws hands on the keyboard in despair*
  • Piano: that's Stravinsky piano sonata!
  • I can't write anything! 😥
  • (And I actually don't hate that sonata)
danse macabre; m

As a newborn vampire, you still have a lot to learn ― fortunately, someone is very happy to teach.

“Step number one: pick your prey.”

➤ Taehyung x Reader | Vampire!AU

You will find: light angst, smut

Beware of: explicit gore, violence, mentions of death, blood play

Word count: 13,437

Author’s note: Welcome to my very first fanfic here on tumblr! I have a certain weekness towards these supernatural AUs, and this work is one that truly marked my days back in my old persona haha

This has been edited and adapted to Bangtan. Every piece of feedback is deeply appreciated. Thank you for giving my story a try >.<

Under the heavy raindrops of a decaying city, the raven sky of dawn crawled away slowly, giving its place to a kind morning semblance, a pale shade of pink that originated in the horizon. The streets found themselves in the transitory state between the ebullient sibilation of night encounters and the gradual awakening of a mundane day, utterly relinquished beneath the consolidated ashen clouds.

Despite all that, not every aspect of that stationary instant was permeated by peace. Somewhere amidst the grey buildings and endless traces of monochromatic asphalt, a reticent scream was muffled in trepidation and fear; eyes blown wide in absolute panic. The man’s fingers were already faithlessly gripping to the asperous brick wall behind him, clothes bathed in the deepest of cardinal as he merely watched, impassive and hopeless, as his life was drained from him, dripping down his figure and accumulating in deep, ruby puddles around his trembling feet.

She could hear a strong, booming pulse around her, a frantic heartbeat that fought to keep living on as it echoed inside her skull, reverberating in her chaotic thoughts and sending waves of heat through her ecstatic body. It was not her own, and the woman had no idea who it belonged to. In fact, there was no reasonable facts within her that could call her back to the perceptions of reality, for in that dark alley, the beast was absolutely overtook by an unknown euphoria, moved by the most absolute carnality of her existence. The amative, enticing aroma of blood involved her very personality in an embrace of sadism, engendering her to carve her canines even deeper inside the stranger’s bloody flesh.

Under the heavy raindrops of a decaying city, she could feel everything.

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Tabi being tickled 😂
🔗 dynotabi


welp, there it is

i raised you from perdition
to be god’s ammunition
and now you need some rest
so i will do what’s best


Hi! If YOU want to help one (1) Chronically Ill Lesbian Move and Get Married, then boy have I got a DEAL for you!

Three types will be available: sketch, line, and color.  I’m only opening a few slots at a time in order to maintain my health while working, but I will reblog this post again when they are free!

Status: Currently Open!

if you are interested, check below the cut for more details!  Thanks!!!

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Strange Bedfellows - S11 E11

I guess I’m…. getting a phone today.