(but some are)

noticed how in the trailer alfred says, “i don’t recognize this world” to which bruce replies, “you don’t have to recognize it. we just have to save it” which at first made me think it was simply implying alfred is facing so many unknown and new variables with the parademons invading, it feels like this isn’t the world he’s lived in for so long, but it could as well be that they’re literally in a world they don’t recognize. in most variations the justice league had to fight darkseid’s invading armies, they always end up at apokolips via a boom tube vic opens for them so they can finally face darkseid head-on and try to save the enslaved inhabitants from the eternal servitude they were forced to give darkseid

My Captain America cosplay is popping up again, and I’m feeling emotional yall. I wish I could go back in time and show 12 year old me that it won’t just be my friends and I going to conventions and dressing up. There is no need to compromise faith and things you’re passionate about. There will always be love and positivity in spaces where we are inclusive and encourage creativity :)