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au where ravens trapped foxes with their ridiculous v formation all the same exept they also started stomping and clapping in unison with


Things you shouldn’t talk about if you want to avoid sounding mildly impolite:

  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Sex
  • Money

Things you shouldn’t talk about if you value your life because apparently people can’t have differing opinions without completely losing their shit:

  • Severus Snape
  • James Potter
  • Notps
  • Unpopular opinions
Klance love child?

I now present a list of reasons why I could be the official Klance love child:

1. I am a sad lonely child who covers it with loud, annoying behaviors.

2. I sleep with a knife.

3. Honestly, my knife is with me 24/7. I only take it off to shower.

4. I’m great at making jokes. (or at least I think so. I find myself very funny.)

5. and flirting. (at least I think so. I’ve never been in a relationship, but I totally could be if I wanted to be)

6. I often push people away before they can get close enough to hurt me.

7. probably super cute.

8. went through a major emo phase

9. still keeps hair in my face TBH

10. I’m a bisexual. (does that even count tho? Probs not…)

11. I too would sacrifice myself for my friends. (But if you needed me to sacrifice myself for no good reason, I’m alright with that too.)

12. I’m part Galra

13. I swear, I don’t have a million examples, but I’m totally a weird combination of the two.

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Supercat - something a little angsty? But happy because I know you like happy stories! Thank you!

it’s not easy flying with a shard of kryptonite in her side—she’s managing, but the more energy she puts into climbing high enough to grip onto the railing and sling herself over the edge of it, the less energy she has for other things. like breathing.

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I am quite sure Snoke does believe in Kylo Ren’s strength and abilities. He does believe he is worth being his apprentice. But he is also aware that the boy still lacks something. That something is passion. Or simply just any emotion. Kylo is being a good student and a follower, following all his orders but that’s just not enough. He needs something that will fuel the fire and rage inside of him.

Taking an example from the past events Snoke decides to go similar route Palpatine did. He will have Kylo seduced once again but this time it would be different because he wants him to fall in love. Just so he can take everything from him and crush him afterwards. To make him feel the real pain and rage after losing something he actually cared about.
But how to achieve such thing? He can not entrust such mission to some regular First Order member. No, it must be someone who does everything he says, someone who would never disobey him and yet someone who he knows quite well.
Someone like Hux. Hux would do anything to please Supreme Leader Snoke. And he is smart enough to know that disobeying his leader might result in him being killed on spot.
He accepts the mission, of course. But he hates it, he hates the reason for it, he hates Ren, he hates every single thing about it. He hates it so much he is not even trying much when it comes to seducing the other one. In fact, Hux does not bother with it much at all and yet Ren falls for him anyway.
General soon finds himself tolerating the other one just because of Kylo’s ways of showing him affection and adoring him. It boosts his ego and finds it somewhat pleasant.
After a while their bond becomes stronger and even the general can not imagine living his life without Kylo’s constant presence.
At that point Snoke feels the mission has been successful and that Hux is no longer needed for it. So he wants Hux to be assassinated just for the sake of his apprentice’s “training” to be finally complete.

What he does not realize is that Kylo Ren will not allow anybody to take anyhting he holds dear from him. Even if that would mean standing against his master. He will fight. Because he can always get whatever he wants.

And after reading @penpenhooray’s headcanon about Good Emperor Hux I feel like that could be just the right follow up-