(but eventually that last part)


Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Rating: Explicit - 18+ only
Summary: Reader, being reckless gets hurt on a mission. Days later, when she gives her final report to her boyfriend Steve, it provokes an argument between them.
Word Count: 3.5k
Genre: general fiction containing explicit sexual content.
Warnings: argument, mild swearing, mentions of death. NSFW/SMUT: makeup sex, praise kink, soft dirty talking, nipple play, oral sex (female receiving), slow fingering, overstimulation, multiple orgasms, and semi-protected sex. - This fic assumes Reader is on the pill. [Cover your stone before you bone!]
Author’s Note: especially written for @always-an-evans-addict‘s writing challenge. I hope you like this one, sweetie.

   New Avengers Facility

“Steve, you read my report and Wanda told you what happened. That’s it. Can’t we just move on?”

“That’s it? That’s it?!”

Behind the closed door of your boyfriend’s office, you uncomfortably explained yourself, keeping in mind that people around you could probably sense the walls vibrating under the force of your voices.

You’d never thought that blowing out the last Hydra base found in Argentina would provoke such a drama within the team, or between you and the super soldier. Usually, you and Steve argued about the group’s mistake, not yours. When the incident happened in South America, you realized that if Wanda hadn’t been there, you probably wouldn’t be alive today.

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The Choices We Make - Part Four

The Choices We Make

Part one
Part Two

Part Three

Part Four


The word echoed hollowly in Madara’s thoughts. For the first time that he could remember, he couldn’t grasp the concept, couldn’t wrap his mind around the notion like water slipping through his his fingers. It was so foreign, so strange, and he rolled the syllables over as he tried to comprehend how and why.

And who.

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Duet || Kim Taehyung

Originally posted by butaer

Word Count: 1.3k

Genre: Fluff

It had been a busy day leading up to this point. Crazy was the best word to describe it. Things had been all over the place from the moment you had woken up as you were suddenly thrown into the shower and then taken to wardrobe, hair, and makeup. From the moment you were even semi conscious there were people around you trying to get things done.

You had grown used to award shows knowing the usual routine of what would happen and how you would most likely sit there while groups got called all around you, hearing your name once or twice. It was always different for you as you would have to walk up to the stage alone whereas others were able to walk up with the person they produced with, or their entire group.

One of the only things you were looking forward to in that moment was the thought of seeing your boyfriend. There wouldn’t be any chance to be openly affectionate with him but you knew you would be able to say a couple hellos and maybe even have a conversation with him if time let you. You were both always incredibly busy but took time to see each other as often as possible.

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hiraeth pt.1

Warning: Spoilers

Jumin/MC (you)

pt. 2 | pt. 3

genre: angst + other stuff lol

Also, thank you @sinfulinsecret for helping me sort out my thoughts and shaping this fic (otherwise it would’ve been a bigger mess than it already is).

A/N: This work is set in a world in which everything at Mint Eye actually happened (V’s dead, Saeran’s back, Saeyoung quit the agency, Rika’s in Alaska). But Seven and MC (reader insert) stayed best friends, they were always friends. This happens a year and a half after the main story.

          Saeran was lying down on the couch, eyes glued to the screen of his Nimtendo DS. Deft fingers moved from one button to another, the sounds from the device being the only ones filling the room. You were sitting on the opposite couch to his, just watching the other twin play, waiting for Saeyoung to come with a bowl of Honey Buddha Chips.
          You were currently at Saeyoung’s place to plan some stuff out for the upcoming RFA party.

           “What are you thinking? You lost or something?” you were indeed lost in though until the redhead’s voice snapped you out of your reverie.

           “Took you long enough,” you teased.

          Seven simply scoffed and dumped the bowl between your crossed legs before letting himself fall on the couch right next to you. 

          “You should feel honored by my fabulous presce- OUCH!” he exclaimed in an indignant tone of voice when you pinched his cheek.

          “You’re really really smart but like… you can be so dumb sometimes,” you wiggled your eyebrows at him and stuck your tongue out. 

          He let out a soft chuckle and threw some chips at you, making you gasp loudly. You eyed him, then Saeran with a happy gleam in your eyes and suddenly you were reminded of the events that happened a year and a half ago, your throat suddenly feeling tight.

          As if on cue the man next to you poked your cheek gently as a concerned frown adorned his face. He was such a great friend.

          “What’s wrong, (y/n)?” he said. 

          You bit your bottom lip, unable to lie to his face, “I just thought of what happened back then… I just… I’m happy that you were reunited with your brother but even though I didn’t know him as long as you did… V just deserved so much better.”

          Your voice was quiet enough for Saeran not overhear your conversation. Seven’s eyes immediately found your own and you could feel the guilt overflowing his body. 

          “But, it wasn’t anyone else’s fault but Rika’s,” you added, “She refused help, she abused V, she corrupted Saeran. It’s just… It sucks I guess.”

          You grabbed Seven’s hand and gave it a comforting squeeze before looking over at Saeran who still had his eyes glued to his game. You were truly glad that the twins were able to reunite. They both deserved it.

          Seven nodded once before sighing and standing up, beckoning you to follow him. You brushed the crumbs from the chips off your lap and followed your friend into his room. You noticed that there was his car-shaped bed, a couple of bookshelves, a nightstand, a TV, and some stars glued to the ceiling. His room was simple and quite messy.
          ‘He truly is like a child,’ you thought.

          Saeyoung grabbed something that looked like a photo album from his bookshelf. It was weird. You never took him as the person to have photo albums.
          He walked towards his bed and sat down, placing the album on his lap.

          “Well? Come in,” he dusted off the album then proceeded to open it.  

          You closed the door behind you as you made your way into his room and towards his bed, “So, what’s that?

          You let yourself fall next to him, just like he did a few minutes ago on the couch. Your eyes slowly moved towards the item on his lap, a picture of the original RFA adorning the first page. There was Yoosung with his brown, short hair; then Jumin, his expression as stoic as ever, your eyes lingered on his face for a bit longer. Zen was right next to him, a sweet smile adorning his undeniably gorgeous face and Saeyoung was standing next to Yoosung with an uncharacteristic serious expression, and right in the middle were… V and Rika, smiling right at the camera.

          “Why are you showing me this?” you said in a small voice.

          “I wanted to show you what the RFA was like, what V was like. You guys are truly special for me and I needed something to prove that this all wasn’t a dream; therefore I made this photo album. Now, I know you profusely dislike Rika but I think it’s a good idea to talk about this. For me, for you, and eventually for everyone in the RFA,” he mumbled the last part.

          Jumin and Seven didn’t want the others to know about the things that went down at Mint Eye and you disagreed instantly but promised to keep it a secret for the time being. 

           You two then started talking about the past parties and some the funny things that happened in the messenger. It wasn’t as lively as it was now but it didn’t mean they weren’t funny.

           Then Seven turned the page, revealing a picture of V, Rika, and Jumin sitting on a couch with Elizabeth the 3rd resting on your fiancé’s lap. You smiled as you saw Jumin in casual clothing, his hair slightly messy, a small smile adorning his face while his hand idly rested on Elizabeth’s back. All in all, he looked adorable. 

           “Oh! I remember that day!” Saeyoung pointed at Jumin’s face, grinning slightly.

          “What happened that day?” you tilted your head slightly in curiosity as you noticed Saeyoung’s eyes started shining.

          “That’s the day Jumin got Elly!” he grinned widely and looked over at you.

          “Oh, my! Really!? He looks really happy…” you trailed off, your mind suddenly filled with thoughts of the man you loved with your entire being.  

          ‘He must be at work right now,’ you thought.

          “So what exactly happened!? How did he react!? Please tell me everything, Saeyoung!” you were so eager to hear about his adorable reaction.

          “Well, I wasn’t there there but they sent this photo to the messenger. But I know what happened. It was Rika who gave her to him. They were at V’s apartment and he was really happy, even though he kept saying it wasn’t a big deal,” he rolled his eyes.

          “Wait. So, Rika gave Elizabeth the 3rd to him?” you weren’t exactly jealous but it made you feel uneasy. Still you were glad that Elizabeth was there to keep company to Jumin before you did.

5 p.m., Outside of Zen’s apartment

           You waited for your friend to come out eagerly. He’d promised that he would take you for a ride on his motorcycle, despite Jumin’s constant reprimanding whenever you brought the subject up. Afterwards you two would just hang out at a bar and talk. And you did exactly that. 

           Time flew by as fast as it did with Seven. You had a great time riding your friend’s motorcycle. It was one of the biggest rushes you’ve ever felt in your life, besides those experienced behind closed doors at your lover’s apartment.

           You lost track of time completely when you were drinking and chatting. Zen always had been a great person to talk to. He was the one person you could always go to for advice and, to be honest, he was pretty fun.

11 p.m., Jumin’s penthouse

           Saying that today had been a stressful day would be an understatement. One of the big deals he was working on had been dropped without previous notice, causing chaos to erupt in the office. That specific deal would’ve been of great use for the company.

           He stepped into your shared apartment and was immediately greeted by Elizabeth the 3rd’s meowing followed by an affectionate rub against his ankles. The man felt suffocated and fatigued, he had a headache and wanted nothing more than to come home to you and unwind.

           That’s when he noticed you weren’t home.

           ‘That’s strange,’ he thought, checking his phone to see if he had any missed calls or messages from you after he noticed you only left a note that spelled “It’s my day off so I’ll be back later! Love you!”

           Just when he thought his day couldn’t get any worse.

1 a.m., Jumin’s apartment

           Crap. It was really late and you just realized you had over 5 missed calls from Jumin.

           As quietly as you possibly could you unlocked this apartment door and stepped inside. You closed the door and placed the keys in your coat’s right pocket.  

           The moment you stepped into the living room he was there. Arms crossed with posture that screamed rage. His face was the most emotionless he’s ever directed at you in a while.  

           ‘Crap,’ was the only thing you could think.

           You only stood there, like a deer caught in the headlights, staring at him. You felt awful. It was late; you totally forgot to call him or text him because you had such a great time. That was no excuse, though. You took a deep breath; ready to wholeheartedly apologize when he held a hand up.

           “Don’t even bother. Where were you?” his voice was like ice and it struck at your heart. He never spoke this way to you.

           But you still couldn’t even bring yourself to argue, not when you had some fault here, “I was with Seven organizing something for the party and then I hung out with Zen.”

           Anger mixed with annoyance flashed across his face, but just as soon as it appeared, it was gone. You sighed and started walking up to your fiancé only for him to turn around and walk away, heading into his study.

           “I have some work to do, go to bed,” those were the last words he said before he shut the door behind him.

Three days later, Jumin’s apartment

           No “good mornings” or  “goodnights” had been exchanged, no kisses or embraces, no loving words had left his lips ever since he shut the door of his study that night. Whatever attempt at a conversation you had was only filled by his ice-cold tone of voice accompanied by his stoic face and your hesitant voice. Every time you tried to touch him he successfully managed to evade you. 

           You’d heard from Jaehee what had happened with the other company and the deal that was dropped. You were sure that work would be extremely heavy for the next week at the very least and that you being home so late that night only made added up to his frustrations.  But still, you had apologized for not texting him about your whereabouts that day. He’d dismissed you.

           He had just gotten home and you were set on fixing things. You were standing in the hallway that connected the entrance with the living room, a shy smile adorning your face. You tried your best to hide your anxieties but it was proving more difficult when his cold gaze met your own.

           “Hello, love!” you walked over to him and tried to help him with his coat only to have him step back and do it himself.

           “Hello,” he said nonchalantly before walking past you and towards the living room, immediately picking Elizabeth he 3rd who had been resting on the couch. His eyes softened as he stroked her soft fur and you only felt your hurt growing.

           You shook your head in an attempt to clear your thoughts and made your way towards the couch, letting yourself fall right next to him, startling Elizabeth in the process, which made you feel a pang of guilt.

           “I made dinner tonight! I thought you would be hungry and I wanted to have some quality time with my soon-to-be husband!” you said in the brightest tone you could physically muster but the only thing you received was an angry scowl from him.

           “Can’t you be more careful? You scared Elizabeth the 3rd,” he looked back down at the feline, “Plus, I already ate at the office.” 

           That. Was. It.

           You were tired of this attitude of his. It was too painful. You missed a man that was right in front of you. You knew how difficult he could be at times but this was just ridiculous. What you had done was wrong but you apologized and he still acted this way? No. You wouldn’t have it anymore. You would never apologize for actually being with your friends and having fun.

You stood from your spot on the couch, crossed your arms, and your “happy girlfriend” façade broke, only revealing raw hurt. 

           “Okay, what is your problem? I’ve been trying my best here, Jumin. I know you’re trying to push me away. But guess what? It’s not happening. I want to make this right and you don’t seem to give a shit. I went out with my friends. So what!? I already said I was sorry! I already apologized for not texting you because unlike you I can see past other people’s mistakes and forgive.”

           His hair covered those dark eyes of his and you could see his entire body tensing, “Stop being ridiculous, (y/n).”

           At that he stood up and tried to walk past you but you grabbed his suit’s sleeve and he stopped in his tracks. 

           Slowly, he turned to face you and you were met with a look that screamed annoyance. You felt a knot in your throat as you fought hard to hold back a sob that was so desperately fighting to slip out.

           “What?” he raised an eyebrow and you just couldn’t take it anymore. 

           “Stop that! Stop this! It’s not my fault that you’re frustrated about work! Because instead of actually talking about it to me you decide to use a petty excuse to let out your frustrations on me. I know what happened! A deal was dropped and it screwed everything up! How is that my fault, Jumin? I just want to hear you out and support you and love you and you’re making it impossible!” those words jabbed at his heart and his pride.

           “Stop trying to act like you know me. You’ve only been here for a year and a half. Elizabeth has been here longer. What makes you believe you’re entitled to decide what I’m feeling?” he snatched his sleeve back and his right hand absentmindedly fiddled with it, “While you were out and about messing around with Zen I was trying hard to provide for you. And guess who was here for me? Elizabeth the 3rd. You are…” he trailed off when he noticed that hot tears started falling down your cheeks. You were biting your lip hard, blood starting to trickle down.

          He was still fuming, his feelings were a mess at the moment and the only thing he could fully register was your back slowly heading into the spare bedroom, shutting the door close behind you along with your emotions.

Got You

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Summary: Dwalin confronts Legolas about you traveling with him.

Pairings: Legolas x Reader; Dwalin x Elf!Daughter!Reader

Word Count: 697

A/n: I had the hardest time writing this for some reason. Anyway, here is the last part. I will probably eventually expand on the reader’s relationship with Dwalin eventually. I’m not too sure yet

Part 1 - Part 2 - Master List

You follow after Dwalin into the tent. Legolas looks a bit flustered and you turn to glare at the Durins. They avoid eye contact with you. You shake your head at them as Dwalin advances on Legolas.

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Don’t Break This Deal AU, where Wirt tried to trick Bill, the demon underestimated Wirt, and both of them ended up sharing one body! Part 6, plot thickens. Please, read previous parts in order to understand this. In short: Wirt’s mind is sleeping, so Bill has a full control over the body without Wirt knowing.

Parts: | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Part 2

Request: @huntermichelle

‘Can you make a short series with this theme, where Thomas then continues to pretend to be your boyfriend in public but then actually starts to like you and eventually falls for you?’

A/N: This is Part 2, the last part of this request. I would definitely recommend that your read Part 1 here first, but if you don’t that’s fine 😃

Pairing: Thomas Brodie Sangster x Reader

Word Count: 785

Warnings: None

Nervously awaiting Thomas backstage, I chip at my recently painted nails, my face hot beneath my natural makeup. ‘The Scorch Trials’ convention starts in an hour, and he was meant to meet me about ten minutes ago. Eventually, he bursts into the room, looking slightly dishevelled. His light blonde hair is messier than usual, and his dark coloured shirt is wrinkled.

“Sorry I’m late, love!” he says breathlessly. My mouth quirks to the side at the nickname.

“No worries” I reply. We quickly go over our plan. Yesterday, Tom kissed me to protect me from the questions of my friends about why I didn’t have a boyfriend, and I decided that our only option was to continue pretending that we’re dating, at least for a few days.

Half an hour later, we ready ourselves to go over our plan. He takes my hand, the calluses on his palm rubbing slightly against my skin and sending shivers up my spine. Once again, I wish our actions weren’t just for show, and that Thomas really did like me. It’s a stupid thing to hope for, but I can’t help it.
The crowd, mainly excited teenage girls, cheer when we walk on stage together. Unlike usual, the majority of their questions are directed at us instead of Dylan and Kaya.

“Do you like Y/N a lot?” asks one fan. Blushing, I turn to Thomas, awaiting his response.

“Bloody hell, how could I not? She’s absolutely gorgeous, and smart, and funny, and an amazing actress. She’s perfect!” he answers. I knew he was a good actor, but I didn’t realise he was this good! How does he make his eyes look so sincere?

At the end of the convention, Thomas and I wait outside for our taxi in the waiting bay; the rest of the cast piled into Dyl’s car and left us alone together.
“Do you want my jacket?” Thomas asks me, noticing the goosebumps on my bare arms. I shake my head, not wanting him to be cold, but he gently places it around my shoulders anyway. I smile when his warm fingers brush against my skin.

“So, the convention went well,” I say, turning to face him.

“Yeah, it did” he replies, his breath visible in the freezing air.

“You did an awesome job, pretending that you…you know. Like me”
His cheeks turn red as he turns towards me, probably from the strong wind.

“What if…” Thomas starts. He clears his throat nervously. What does he want to ask me? Questions and worries flood my mind. “What if I told you I wasn’t pretending? H-Hypothetically, I mean” he continues. My eyes widen. Is he saying what I think he is? Maybe I’m just getting my hopes up and looking for something that doesn’t exist. After all, he’s way out of my league. The question is, how do I respond to that? I screw up my courage and decide to take a leap of faith.

“Then, hypothetically, I would…I would tell you that I wasn’t pretending either, and that I really like you, and have for a long time. And then we would kiss…hypothetically”. It takes an effort to force the words from my mouth. My chest feels tight, and my knees turn to jelly as I wait for him to react. Luckily, a smile becomes plastered on his face as soon as I say the words, putting me completely at ease.

“Well then, Y/N, I wasn’t pretending when I said any of that. Love, you’re perfect. Way too perfect for me. I’m the luckiest guy in the world to even have met you”

Embarrassingly, tears well in my eyes. No one has ever said anything that kind to me before. Thomas gently wipes away my tears, taking a step towards me. I look up into his warm brown eyes, only just noticing how tall he is.

“I like you a bloody lot, Y/N” he whispers.

“Hypothetically?” I ask, making him laugh. The sound is like music to my ears, calming my pounding heart.

“No. For real” he smiles.

“Good, because I like you a bloody lot too” I whisper.

He fully closes the distance between us, his arms linking around my waist. I rise onto my tip-toes, letting my lips brush against his lightly before kissing him properly. My eyes flutter closed instinctively, only the sound of my blood rushing in my ears breaking the silence. It takes an effort for me not to groan against his lips as he traces the curve of my hip. Almost pinching myself to check if I’m dreaming, I smile widely as we break apart for air. Who would have guessed that something like this would happen?

At Last (part 1)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader (Eventually) Avengers x Reader

Warnings for this Chapter: Angst, References to torture

A/N: This is actually the very first thing I started writing, but I have been trying to get a head start on it.  I am starting this out as a drabble series, but depending on where my inspiration takes me, we will see where it goes.  I’m very excited about this, and would welcome any feedback!

Summary: Reader has been captured and experimented on by HYDRA, until the Avengers come to her rescue




This is what I feel as I lay there with my eyes closed.  It takes every ounce of energy I have to pry them open.



I will away the tears that are burning my eyes. I won’t let them see me cry.

How long have I been here? Does anyone miss me anymore? Or have they given up?

I sigh and suppress a sob that threatens to break through.

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SCAW - Thank you to some awesome writers

I wanted to take a minute before Steter Creators Appreciation Week ends (hope I’m still in time) to say kudos to a few of my favourite fics. These are the ones I tend to take with me when I’m travelling to reread on planes, in between workshops and planning sessions or whenever I need a lift. The Steter fandom has kept me sane on more than one occasion, so thank you all for writing it.

pactum cum lupis by Ladyoneill

There’s something about this story and how it’s told that really touched me. I think this was the first one I read where Stiles was a female. It’s such an interesting take on the whole concept of living in a society where your agency is limited or rather non-existent. I have a particular soft spot for a caring Peter and this pressed all my buttons. Thank you!

When A Born Wolf Howls series by LeeBlack

“Stow the pedophile bullshit and I won’t consider stabbing you in the throat,” he said. “It’s not too late for me to grab a knife.”

Peter smirked. “Keep it up, love. I do so love to see your fangs,” he said, deliberately adding a purr to his voice. “Metaphorical though they may be.”

The snark. Oh, I sooo loved the snark in this story and the development of the relationship between Peter and Stiles built on the practical need to mediate situations, eventual mutual respect and then trust. Both parts were satisfying to the last punctuation and I reread this when I’m in need of a good story.

Kismet by cywscross

This one was a different look at both Peter and Stiles as wounded but not defeated. The strength in this story was awesome. There’s nothing quite like phoenix type stories where the characters overcome. Stiles was so alive here I could see him spinning down corridors in his wheelchair all absent-minded but deadly focused on what he was about. Loved loved loved it.

Sanctuary by DiscontentedWinter

Maybe I’m a sucker for stories where there’s hurt and recovery. I can’t get enough of them. I reread this just recently again on a trip for work. Despite knowing how the story unfolds I still could not skip a single word, which for me is the mark of a really good writer and story. Thank you for this.

Save Me by DiscontentedWinter

It started out as a hard one to read, given everything Stiles went through early on. What I really appreciated in this story was the feelings laid bare, totally without bullshit. I remember reading this and thinking ‘God, what I would give to write like this’. The pictures DiscontentedWinter paints with each story, this just being one of my favourites of this writer, are nothing short of brilliant. I’m always intrigued to read the next one.

Earth Kingdom.

Avatar the Last Airbender

Katara hasn’t seen Aang in many years but when the Earth King holds a conference to unite the world leaders they’re brought face to face with the demons that tore them apart.

Part two here. Part three here.

Warning: implied sexual content


She woke up that morning feeling very blissfully unaware. The pillow was warm pressed against her cheek and the sheets that were tangled around her body felt slightly cool. She could feel the breeze from the window she had left open last night on her back since she had been sleeping in nothing but her bindings lately. She had been in Ba Sing Se for nearly three weeks now and it was so unbearably hot during the summer nights she found she had no other option.  

She rolled over onto her back and the morning light shone directly onto her face disturbing the peaceful feeling she had had. She opened her eyes and stretched her arms up over her head. She laid in bed with her eyes open for some time just scanning the room around her. It was decorated with the seal of the Earth Kingdom on practically everything and a few wooden tables here and there. 

She didn’t really require much it wasn’t like she would be staying much longer anyway. The Earth King had only requested her presence for a short period of time in order to help teach healing sessions to a few of his personal staff. She was honoured when she received the message because, as the Earth King, he could have his personal healers trained by anybody in the world. 

However, as her brother coolly reminded her, why wouldn’t he choose the woman who was capable of bringing the Avatar back from the brink during the war?

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At Last (part 2)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader (Eventually) Avengers x Reader

Word Count: 1,280

Warnings for this Chapter: Angst, References to torture, Blood, Fighting, Swearing

A/N: This is actually the very first thing I started writing, but I have been trying to get a head start on it.  I’m very excited about this, and would welcome any feedback!

Summary: Reader has been captured and experimented on by HYDRA, until the Avengers come to her rescue

Part 1


I feel better with a gun back in my hands. Something familiar. Something I can focus on. I hear him assure his companions that he’s ok but he’s got someone with him.  

Former hostage.

Those are the words he used. Is that really who I am?  I guess I can add that to the list of adjectives I can use on myself.


Behind us?

Or was it in front?


Surrounding us.

I pull the rifle to my shoulder. And spin on my heels. They are there. My breath catches in my throat and I freeze.  They raise their guns and instinct kicks in. Before I know it they are down and James turns to look at me. I didn’t even realize he had fired his gun but HYDRA agents lie in front of him as well. I stop. I feel as if ice is settling in my veins.

“We need to go”

His words bring me back to reality. This bizarre reality I am in. And I nod.

We move on.

It feels as if we’ve been walking forever. He stops so suddenly I almost crash into his back. I hear him talking to his friends, but my mind is getting foggy.

His voice gets farther away and all I can think about is how the low timber of his voice is soothing.

I’m so tired.

My arms and legs are slowly filling with lead.

Maybe I’ll just sit.  

This wall is nice, solid.

I slowly slide to the floor, eyes closed, and James’s voice washed over me. Relaxing me.

Bucky’s POV

“What the hell Nat?! What do you mean set to blow?!”

“I thought you were out, so I went ahead and set the timer” the red head said through my earpiece, and I could almost see her shrug and roll her eyes. “You’ve got about 5 minutes”

I groan and run my hand down my face as I turn to the woman behind me.  I see that she has sunk down to the floor and only then I notice the blood seeping out of a bullet wound in her leg.


I rip off some of my shirt and quickly bind her leg. She stirs as I tighten the makeshift bandage and her eyes flutter open. The look of fear in her eyes when I come into focus breaks my heart. After a moment she seems to remember me and relaxes a little.  

As she holds my gaze I see something in her eyes beyond pain and fear. Some kind of hidden strength that has led her to hold on and make it this far.

Static over the coms bring me back to the reality that this building is going to blow, so we need to move.

“Do you think you can walk? We gotta get out of here”

Shakily she stands, lips pressed in a thin line, and nods.

Luckily we weren’t far from the exit and we didn’t encounter any other agents.  I spare a glance back and am impressed that she is managing so well with a bullet in her leg.

As we make our way toward the jet, we hear a muffled explosion. Turning around we see the base seem to disappear into the earth.

I turn to her and I notice tears forming in her eye, and a barely there smile on her lips.  


At last.

I’m out.

Not free, I know those memories will stick around for a while, but I made it out.

I raise my hand to my face to brush away the tears that are threatening to fall and turn toward James. I give a small nod, and with that we continue on.

At this point it is dawning on me that I am still with strangers and unsure of where we are or where we are heading.

This realization hits me like a ton of bricks. And exhaustion and pain creep back to the forefront of my mind. I must be slowing down, as James turns to me and smiles: “We’re almost there Doll.”

Those 4 words and that lopsided grin are enough to push myself forward to our destination.  Where ever that is.

Another few minutes of walking we crest a small rise and I see a jet parked on the grass. Engines running as if waiting for takeoff.

“This is our ride” James said. He puts his hand on the small of my back, I tense, waiting for the blow, but it never comes. We just walk up the ramp into the rear of the aircraft.

“Glad you decided to join us Popsicle” the man in the pilots seat hollered toward the back.

As I took in the jet, I slowly felt the walls constrict on me.  There were so many unknowns.  The people, the equipment, the destination. I can feel the blood rushing through my ears. Everyone is glancing at me.

They don’t want me here, there going to leave me here for HYDRA to pick up when they come to clean the mess.  

My breaths are getting shorter, at this point James has walked away leaving me standing alone.  

Now is not the place to panic. I force myself to focus on James’ broad shoulders and match the rhythm of my breathing to his.  

The roaring lessens and the cargo bay suddenly seems bigger.

I finally notice the man the James is talking to. His back is to me, but he is tall and blond. I can hear them whispering and can make out a few words here and there.  James is giving him a rundown on what happened while he was in the base.  

There is something vaguely familiar about the blond man, like a tickle in the back of my mind that I just can’t seem to reach.

The panic has been shut away for now, so I take a moment to look around.  There are several weapons cases, seats, a cot, and more technology that anyone should know what to do with. The rest of the team is busying themselves with stowing their gear and doing their best to clean off.

Shuffling feet.



I spin around at the sound of my name. The blond man.  He looks like he’s seen a ghost. And that’s when I recognize him. Steve Rogers.  We met years, no a lifetime, ago it seems.

Despite my recognition I freeze at being addressed by someone else.  

Steve takes a step toward me, hand out. Wanting to take my hand.

The sudden movement has my heart pounding, I jump away, looking for a way to escape.

His eyes widen and he steps back, hands raised in a placating gesture.  "I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you"

I nod.

“Do you know who I am? Do you remember?”

Another nod.

It’s only then that he seems to realize my state of undress. “Nat, you have a change of clothes?” And a red head seems to appear from nowhere with a small pile of folded clothes. “Thanks.” She nods, glancing at me, and goes back to her task at hand.

Steve sets the clothes on a bench in the corner and steps back.  The red head, Nat (?), gently sets a blanket next to the clothes.  My eyes dart around, and notice that James is looking anywhere but at me.

I take a deep breath and attempt to shoot Steve a smile, which probably looks more like a grimace, and turn to the clothes. I pick them up and walk around a partition to change.

Once I’m alone and out of their eyesight, my body betrays me. I sink to my knees as blackness overcomes my vision.

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anonymous asked:

If you're still taking requests, can you do one with RFA+V+Saeran's reactions to MC being the creator of a really popular cartoon and adding a character to their show based on their s/o?

The formatting on this is kinda weird please forgive me

Under the cut because it’s kinda long ;;

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anonymous asked:

I wish you would write a fic where Feemor Gard finds out Qui-Gon died and left this temperamental nine year old slave to his not-even-knighted-yet Brother-Padawan and says "Kriff that, he's mine now"

Oh man can you IMAGINE??

Feemor would rip the council a new one, fuck the censure he’ll be getting for it, some things have to be said. Just like how Qui-Gon denounced him after that whole mess with Xanatos and even though it was a dick move to do to Feemor, it didn’t mean that Feemor didn’t still care about Qui-Gon and understand. It was necessary for him to forgive Qui-Gon, just like it’s now necessary for him to slam into a council session to ask them all if they’re all very high and can he have whatever they’re on??

Because WOW whatever they’re on must be some potent stuff if it’s making them act like such colossal asshats and skirt their responsibilities while still managing to make it sound like they’re just “respecting Qui-Gon’s wishes” instead of just being so incredibly selfish and irresponsible and petty and - 

At that point in his raging, he was escorted out of the council chambers and into the detention rooms. He hadn’t been in one of those rooms since he was - oh, holy hell, he was Anakin’s age the last time he was put into one of these rooms, because he was RAISED IN THE CRECHE, LIKE A NORMAL INITIATE. And his poor padawan-brother was given a highly traumatised, abnormally strong child who wasn’t raised in the creche at all because the council twisted the rules to allow him to become a padawan AT NINE YEARS OLD. After not even being RAISED among them and not knowing any of their social mores or having any of the necessary classes down or - 

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10 Life Tips for Millennials

I’m a Millennial myself, but these are just a few things I’ve learned that I wish I’d known sooner.

1. Stop telling yourself you have to have kids by 26.
When I was 21 I thought I’d be married by 24 and have kids by the time I was 26. I thought trying to have children past 28 meant I was going to have one dusty egg left, and the child would be born as a fully formed Clint Eastwood. The truth is that you have until at least 35, and those extra years are vital for your career, your home, and figuring out who you are. You shouldn’t have a kid just because it’s according to your plan or because you are afraid you’ll never have one. I’m still not ready for children. Yesterday a five year old was riding a tricycle up and down my hallway and he was blocking the door to my apartment. When I leaned in to ask him to move, he sneezed all over me and my groceries. It took all of my effort not to cow tip him and flatten his tires. Motherhood’s not calling out to me right now. Pizza is calling out to me. Motherhood not so much. 

Oh, and PS–having no kids–also a totally valid choice. As a person who is tired of being slammed in the back of the shins by mini shopping carts at Trader Joe’s, I thank you for your service.

2. Stop lambasting yourself for not being the CEO.
The CEO became the CEO because he or she put the time in, worked hard, and eventually asked to be CEO. (That last part is important–no one will give anything unless you ask. Except for those samples of Chinese food at the mall. Those always come without request.) A lot of older generations think that millennials expect to walk in to the office and get a raise for showing up. That’s not necessarily true, but we do internally freak out when we see others getting a raise when we are not. Younger generations were raised on internet culture, which means for almost our entire lives we’ve had a box in front of us that says, “This is where you should be in life. And this is the best version of whatever you’re doing. And here is a 12 year old who is already doing it better than you.” With those thoughts in our heads, an unstable retirement future, and an assload of student loans, we are running a race that our co-workers are not even competing in. I’m sure it was fucking delightful to grow up without the internet telling you what to do. It was all boxcar races and apple pies…but what do you think the older generations would be if they had Buzzfeed’s list of “40 Apple Pies That Are Better Than Yours”? Or a YouTube clip of a five year old building a boxcar in ten minutes with nothing but a bendy straw and gum. 

Neurotic. They would be neurotic.

3. You will fuck up your taxes.
Ralph and I were both the top of our class in school, and yet we have both overpaid and underpaid our taxes already. And every year we have tried to pay online we have ended having to pay AGAIN by check. It’s not because we are not adults. It’s because taxes are written in the Elvish language from The Lord of the Rings and the online site is just two twigs holding up a piece of paper that says “US Tax Forms.”

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1. In Gibraltar Straits,
pirates in search of El Dorado
masked and machete-bearing
kidnapped me.
Holding me to ransom,
they took my jewels and my secrets
and dismembered me.

2. The reckoning lasted for years.
Limbs and parts eventually grew:
a new nose, arms skillful and stronger,
sight after the gutted pits could bear a leaf.
It took centuries.

3.In the cave where they kept me,
a strange beast grew.
With his skin of glistening jewels
and his deadly tongue,
even I was afraid of him.

4. In the dark Ajanta caves of my breast
ever since he has stayed,
with his measure of venom,
his exact poison and scintillating glitter.
At a certain hour, I almost love him.

—  Mahadai Das, Beast

“Why would I want to go home, Y/N? We’re just starting to have fun!”

daremebyday  asked:

what's your favourite thing about writing violet and what's your least favourite (hardest, or, idk) thing about writing her?

I love trying to toe that line between good-natured sass and genuine, oblivious cuntiness. Actually, I don’t think I’ve quite pulled off the last one, but maybe I will eventually. I guess the hardest part is like…not making her seem untouchable, even when she’s surrounded by characters who make her seem so? Like Violet vs. Katya, it’s easy to make her some immovable pillar of confidence, which she only can be 99% of the time. She needs to have her down moments like everybody else.