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When you’re all alone and it’s midnight and contemplate calling them to confess feelings that should never be said especially a year later, I think that’s when you know that you aren’t even halfway to the end
—  I don’t want this

farewell to glee; favorite musical numbers
→ here comes the sun

  • Beca: Hey! I need to write Chloe back fast. She's already freaking out about how long it takes me to text her back.
  • Jesse: Listen, Beca. There's nothing I'd rather do in my life than write a sexy text for your girlfriend, but I think this is something you gotta do on your own.
  • Beca: Why? You're so good at being lame and I'm not! Look, I like her. I really like her. I don't want to screw this crap up.
  • Jesse: That's what you should say. Just take that sentiment, remove the word "crap", and then send it.
  • Beca: *sends text* Gah! I sent it. She didn't write back, so she hates it.
  • Jesse: No. Look! *takes phone* Okay, dot dot dot. It's happening. *receives text* It's a shirtless pic! We did it, we did it!
  • Beca: Thanks, Jesse. Okay, I'm gonna leave. Don't follow me. Things are about to get intense.

my friends: [lose me in a crowd]
my friends: oh no…how are we supposed to find her with all of these people?
my friend rianna: hang on, i got it
rianna: [cups hands over mouth] DAVE AND KARKAT ARE BETTER BEST BROS THAN JOHN AND DA-
me, in the middle of the crowd, shoving through people: EXCUSE ME? I’LL HAVE YOU KNOW THAT DAVE SAID HE LOVED JOHN AND-
rianna: there she is

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I'm worried that you hate me or I annoy you so are you okay with me unfollowing? Or would you rather me pm you before hand off anon. Sorry I'm just paranoid;;

holy shit hi i literally don’t hate anybody if we aren’t mutuals u can just unfollow!! but i’d like to talk to u i wanna know why u think u think i hate u omg im so sad,,, sending u love angel

answering bc this is important to me thanks

Your ship releasing a Youtube PSA, part 2
  • Person 1: Hi de ho everyone.
  • Person 2: Hello guys.
  • Person 1: A little update on our last PSA...
  • *both hold up hands and their fingers are locked together*
  • Person 2: We are... currently in a relationship.
  • Person 1: Whoopdee fucking do.
  • Person 2: Our relationship is completely because of us and because we actually think of each other in that way. Not because you guys actually shipped us really hard and we decided to start going along with it.
  • Person 2: Even though you guys wrote some pretty weird stuff...
  • Person 1: And drew pictures of us kissing...
  • Person 2: And of us staring longingly into each others' eyes...
  • Person 1: Even that one person who psychoanalyzed all of my kinks and fears and sent it to you...
  • Person 2: I never got THAT in the mail... do you still have it?
  • Person 1: Ummm...
  • *awkward jump cut*
  • Person 1: Yeah... um, you guys can chill with the weird and creepy fanfiction.
  • Person 2: If we WANTED new ways to spice it up in the bedroom, we would probably ask you guys for some ideas.
  • Person 1: Seriously, you guys (for some reason, maybe you sold your souls to the devil or something) somehow know way more stuff than we do.
  • Person 2: But for real, I don't wanna open letters describing how I feel when he's inside me.
  • Person 1: That's because you don't need other people to tell you how it feels.
  • Person 2: *winks at the camera*
  • *the awkwardiest of awks*
  • Person 2: Yeah... you don't have to send us fanfiction attempting to convince us to be together anymore.
  • Person 1: *dreamily* We. Are. Dating.
  • Person 2: And like it... or even hate it, if you're somehow attracted to this asshole, we're here to stay.
  • Person 1: Send some of the creepy fanfiction to everyone else in the house. Ship everyone else with everyone else, it's not fair to the rest of them.
  • Person 2: Okay, thanks for listening to this PSA. Continue writing fanfiction as normal, but don't send any super weird stuff, okay?
  • Person 1: Yeah. Dating tips ARE acceptable.
  • Person 2: Soooo...
  • Person 1: Netflix and chill? *looks at the camera* At a maybe safe, maybe respectable, but TOTALLY SEXY distance?
  • Person 2: You still got those handcuffs?
  • Person 1: Oh hell yes.
About the comic

Look. It’s all fun and games to joke about the lateness but please for the love of God be patient and understanding! Comics are hard (esp long good ones) and something may have occurred that caused another setback.

Also, please be kind to Mr. Pinkerton. Don’t you dare send him any hate or bash him because guess what? Nothing works out perfectly, dates aren’t always correct, and the man is under some real stress. I know it’s getting ridiculous. I know. But please be strong a little bit more and cut him some slack 

Be thankful he’s making it in the first place ya know? Valve could easily decide to stop making the comic.

breaking the fourth wall...a little.
  • INFJ: People keep sending me really nice notes on tumblr and obviously I want to reply with 6 paragraphs of gushing thanks, BUT I don't want to clog up peoples' dashes with asks because I hate it when OC blogs do that.
  • INTP: *distracted, reading something on Wiki* Turn off your ask.
  • INFJ: ...Well, okay, but I *like* getting nice messages.
  • INTP turns head in INFJ's general direction, unable to completely tear gaze from screen.
  • INTP: Have you seen my glasses?
  • INFJ: Kitchen.
  • INTP leaves.
  • INFJ: I know! I'll make a post telling them how thankful I am they are following me and liking the posts and sending me nice messages. It's shocking and delightful and really exciting for me!
  • INTP: *calls from kitchen* WHERE?! I CAN'T *SEE* ANYTHING!

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Tumblr logic: Someone is mean to you? Don't correct their spelling, that's rude! Sigh. There's nothing wrong with your response. Idk what that anon was talking about anyways, because this blog is amazing.

Thank you. Some people are more sensitive than others sometimes, and that’s okay, just send me a message off anon and I’ll do something about it.

I appreciate all my followers, but please don’t start drama in a food blog. It’s food, let’s enjoy food! Food is wonderful! Food doesn’t hate anyone (except if you are allergic, in which case then there is food out there that hates you, and I’m sorry about that).