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If you're not too terribly busy, the world could always use more Holsom fluff :)

Holsom fluff, my favorite! I combined this with a secondary request from @zombizombi for some ref!Holster, which I could not resist, because Holster+bitching speaks to my soul. Also, team dentist!Ransom, because it amused me. (Warning: mention of teeth.)

(Now also on AO3.)

Ransom landed in his seat barely five minutes before the game was supposed to start. Lardo, feet propped up against the glass, sketchbook against her knees, fingertips just peeking out of the sleeves of yet another sweatshirt stolen from Shitty, spared him a glance and a “You’re late” before going back to sketching warm-ups.

“I know, I know. Kid broke off two of her teeth on the playground, right up to the nerve, so I had to do some composites.”

She grimaced. “Ugh.”

“Why do you ask me these things when you know I’m going to talk to you about teeth? I’m a dentist, for fuck’s sake. And we’re here to watch hockey.”

“I’m in it for the butts.”

He grinned as he took in the player stretching on the ice in front of her and then her sketchbook. “Think Shits will like that one?”

“I call it ‘Spread,’” she said loftily.

He choked and was suddenly glad he hadn’t had time to stop by concessions on his way in. “So, uh, where is Shits tonight anyway?”

She waved a hand vaguely, barely missing whacking him in the face with the end of the sleeve. “Up in the office. They needed some documents looked over.”

He recognized that tone. “How long have you guys been here?”


“Couldn’t get anyone to strip for you?”

“Shut up.” Then she turned to him and smiled slowly.

Ransom was immediately alarmed. “Oh god. What?”

“There is some news you’ll want.”

“Yeah?” he asked cautiously.

“New ref.”

Ransom’s eyebrows went up. “And I’m interested in this… because why? I mean, is he supposed to be good or biased or something else?”

“Tall. He’s supposed to be very tall. You’ll see.”

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Your posts are so good and entertaining!! Can you do B F J O and X for Jackson? Please and thank you!!!

Thank you babie~! I am so glad you enjoy scrolling through the mess that is my blog :D ♥
Jackson you ask? You came to the right place :))))))) and I am going straight to hell for this one, I can tell already :)))

DISCLAIMER! These are just MY thoughts, hence why this is called a headcanon, and no these are NOT facts. If you don’t like reading about sex and such then just scroll right past this because there is just a lot of filth in here, not that deep right? Right. If this is what you like then ;)))) *wink wink nudge nudge*

B = Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)

F = Favourite Position (This goes without saying. Will probably include a visual)

J = Jack Off (Masturbation headcanon)

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)

Originally posted by neko-mleko

holy shit I am already dying over this gif how can I even go on and write a whole headcanon!??!?! *cries in Never Ever*

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Hi can you write a bts reaction to you telling them that you´re pregnant? Thanks!

BTS Reaction To You Telling Them You’re Pregnant

//I’m so sorry if this is super late. I’ve been busy ><”” I hope that I did a good job for my first reaction request. I got carried away with some of them, it was fun trying to think of how they would react ^^. Any way I hope you like it -Kit

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The White Princess Live Blog - Ep. 5

I had a lot of feelings about this week’s episode.  Mainly that the episode was utter horse crap.  But, I wrote 6 pages of live notes while watching.  There was a tightfisted sprinkling of decent scenes, but for the most part this episode felt like we were trudging over old ground and gaining nothing plot-wise.  Make sure to click the “read more”

Just want to say, if i hadn’t known there was a 5 year time jump in this episode i think i would have been confused for the first 15 minutes of the episode, since it isn’t explicitly stated in the episode that there has been a skipping forward.

Sooooo dramatic with the backlighting.  Who could this *majestic* figure in silhouette be?


I will never get over how easy it is for these two women to plot.  It just seems so unbelievable.  

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Downton Rewatch: Season 1 (part i)

i mean this is really just going to be all about Thomas and maybe a little OB so yeah. also apparently going to be broken into two parts because somehow I have that much to say about collectively maybe 35 minutes of Thomas screen time in just one season!!!! i love this!!! i love when my brain is kidnapped and taken hostage by fictional people!!!! what a ride

- ooooooohhhhhhhhhfffffff the kissing scene. the Kissing Scene! I rewatched that scene more times than i care to share but i promise you it was in the name of science. the way he drags his lips along Crowblah’s hand, i mean, i mean okay! okay! i’m paying attention. you have my attention. they wanted us to know that Thomas 1) likes kissing, 2) would like to be kissed more often, 3) is very good with his mouth and enjoys putting his mouth to use, and 4) swallows and I AM HEARING YOU LOUD AND CLEAR.

- augh oh god the scene with Pamuk when Thomas tries to kiss him - he is feeling so confident, which is hilarious because not two episodes ago he got pegged down a couple of notches by another wealthy aristocrat who basically told him that just because he swallows doesn’t mean he’s wife material (ya don’t even try to tell me “one swallow doesn’t make a summer” is not a frank and explicit reference to blow jobs cause i’m not listening) – but okay Thomas you do what you need to do carry on sure - but then when – shocker – Pamuk rejects him. the look of blank horror and shame on Thomas’ face. aughh. it is the hand that twists the knife into my soul.

- okay so Thomas’ “fancy man” comment about Mrs. Hughes was NOT mean he was obviously teasing and smiling and having a good jest and trying to be a part of the circle like BACK OFF BATES

- Thomas hiding in the stairwell after he’s stolen the wine. we are soul siblings. i often seek out a good stairwell when i need to do some classic fearful dramatic pining. good job bby

- !!!! acting surprised! wait, acting is not the right word here – somehow GENUINELY surprised that maybe he shouldn’t have spread rumours about mary to his london valet friend – and yes, please, don’t even ask we know they’ve done it at one point okay and when Thomas goes to london they get together for friendly hand jobs and some dramatic plotting, i’m sure - thomas why are you the way that you are. he is already regretful in this scene because he once again has acted without considering even the consequences that could occur in the next 10 minutes, never mind long term. i mean you can watch it on his face. why am i the way that i am. the boy needs a good wrangling. eh eh wink wink nudge nudge

- alkdsfjklsdjfughhhghhgghghghghudfakj. the wall scene. you know. you know what i mean. when bates slams him against the wall. WHY DO YOU GO LIMP, THOMAS.

- also it is just so INTERESTING, so interesting that the night after bates slams Thomas against the wall (and he goes limp, did I mention he goes limp?), Thomas has the Blank Face of Shame on the next morning and he bullies William so cruelly that even i gasped in shock and horror (normally i chuckle when he bullies cause he’s usually the equivalent of 14-year old Malfoy making Potter Stinks badges) – but ooff. that was a hard scene. truly.

- when they’re walking to the flower show (jesus christ the flower show is the most boring subplot line of my entire existence please get me out of here) and thank god OB gets me ‘cause she’s like “i don’t know why we’re even bothering” and Thomas, THOMAS, of all people with this adorable smile on tells HER not to be a grouch. oh Thomas, pot, kettle, black. and also, OB, my other soul sister, says, “i’ll grouch if i want.” this is a direct quote from my life.

- speaking of OB and Thomas – okay, so timeline wise we’ve got to assume that Thomas is in his early twenties here, maybe younger though that’s a bit difficult to suspend your belief for. but in any case he’s still young and in his formative years, and I think we can gather from a fair bit of evidence that he’s not had the most loving upbringing. OB has obviously taken him under her wing, and in return she expects Thomas to provide her with certain information about what’s going on in the house. this is a relationship that Thomas gets - it’s a transactional one. i do something for you, you do something for me – this MAKES SENSE to a person who has been taught that people are things you use/manipulate/etc – people are not for loving and being loved by and if they are (i.e. Crowblah) then don’t forget that they are also for using and for being used by (i.e. Crowblah). Thomas’ actions always make a lot more sense when viewed through this lens - up to and including his relationship with Baxter, in which he’s both enacting the same transactional relationships that he was raised under (both in his neglectful/abusive upbringing and with OB as surrogate parent) and also trying to return to and secure the “safety” of another OB-like relationship. People are, generally, not safe for Thomas (not in his childhood and certainly not now as an outed gay man in a mostly hostile house), but for a time he and OB had - not a safe relationship but an understood relationship, built on mutual need fulfillment. Because a relationship built on safety and love is not attainable for Thomas – he tries to recreate what he knows best…transactional relationships.

- (what! what?? what do you mean why would the fact that thomas’ character has been boiled down to “evil gay butler” when actually he is one of the most nuanced and complex and psychologically well-articulated characters in tv history???  why would that bother me??????? i am not easily ruffled folks okay it’s fine i don’t spend a lot of time thinking about it in the shower or at night laying in bed staring at my ceiling)

The Colony Ch 40: Yippie Ki Yi Yay

@satousei13 gratitude in endless amounts for this remarkable art

and to @theglassintact @cosimacallsbullshit and @jenna915 for the helpful nudge of inspiration

Read in the entire work on AO3 or ff.net (when it finally allows me to update… sorry)

Chapter 40: Yippie Ki Yi Yay

Their appointment the next morning with Aldous Leekie went smoothly; Cosima’s familiarity with the protocol and the proceeding disarmed Delphine at first, until she remembered that her beloved was an old hand at divorce colony life.  The two women sat across from the counselor at his cherry desk in fine wood chairs; they both had their hands folded in front of them, relaxed, respectful. Leekie lead each of them through the specific  questions they could expect as well as the standard responses.  

“Now Cosima, you’ll be called as a witness and asked to take the stand; you’ll state your name and swear an oath to tell the truth.”

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Boruto ep. 10 recap

“The Ghost Incident: The Investigation Begins!”

First & foremost, this episode was amazing! Alright…

•this pose Mitsuki is in while Ghost hunting 😹 My guy is chillin. Giving you elegance.
•The fact that Mitsuki enjoys spending time with Boruto is so cute! Gotta protect their friendship!
•I’m screaming at this absence excuse Mitsuki wrote!!! A cough?!?! It’s pretty plausible if you consider the fact that boys be dying & dramatic as hell if they even get a little bit sick.
•c'mon mama Hinata! Activate that byakugan! Let Boruto know you’re not the one or the two! You can see right through his shenanigans! Literally! She was waiting for him at the door!!
•lmao! Temari slapped the SHIT outta Shikadai!!! *gets flashback of when Temari slapped the taste outta Shikamaru*
•before y'all start talking about child abuse & blah, blah, blah, we talking about Japanese mama’s who are women of color & don’t play that skipping school shit. Also, if we wanna get fake deep, this show is really about raising children to be soldiers for an army, soooo….
•This exchange between Hinata & Shino was nice. They still have their relationship from team 8 & Shino gave Hinata good advice.
•Boruto said Shikadai should dye his hair blonde like his. Kfjhsvajakkckck! 😭 Shikadai would literally be a mini Temari
•I love how Shino told the boys wink, wink, nudge, nudge, y'all can do this assignment & do what you need to do, if ya feel me???
•lmao! Boruto called this mail dude small. Kinda reminds me when Naruto used to straight up give people disrespectful nicknames by their appearances, “shorty gramps”. But Boruto not as blunt & brash.
•When Naruto went up to Boruto after cutting the ribbon >>>
Naruto is trying his best!!!
•Listen. I’d be pissed if these kids were delivering my mail.
•C'mon Inojin’s daddy! Step onto the scene! I’m mad that Sai is all of a sudden too grown up to wear crop tops. Fuck that! Let that belly button breathe, my guy!
•I’m so glad the adults advanced the plot. So Hashirama cells are involved & we know who used to use that in his experiments. OROCHIMARU!
•This Hinata & Naruto scene was so important.
•Naruto has a change of clothes in his his office, has a couch in his office where he sometimes sleeps. Why? Cause he doesn’t wanna wake up Hinata just as he stated. Let’s all be clear on that.
•Hinata & Naruto do talk about what’s going on. They care about their children & how Boruto feels.
•omg. They went to Boruto’s room while he sleeps. Halp me.
•Naruto said he wished he could stay a kid forever. 😭
•Then Hinata leaning on Naruto & telling him that Boruto looks like him when he laughs. *HOLLERS* THIS SO CUTE! THIS MOMENT! THIS AFFECTION! I don’t deserve!
•I really thought that Boruto “acting out” & how Hinata & Naruto would handle it would be glossed over but I’m glad they didn’t. This is very, very realistic family dynamics.
•My girl ChoCho is fed up & I would be too dammit! The fuck you mean my package wasn’t delivered but the tracking information says it was??? & it’s limited edition??? Set it off in that post office ChoCho!
•Mitsuki always looks unbothered & I live.
•How Sumiere always get caught up in this mess? Poor girl.

Thoughts on next ep:
•things gonna get tense.
•this where Naruto & Boruto are gonna clash cause they both want the same thing, which is to protect people but on their own terms.

Hoshidan Festival: Forrest and Corrin Special Married Conversation

Forrest in the Japanese version comes across as being a little more sensitive than his English counterpart, which I think comes across a little at the end of this conversation. It’s more surprising to see Forrest to say that he wants to be pushy at times, because that side of him doesn’t come across as much in the Japanese version!

…Also, the end of this conversation makes me think: these two are so lovey-dovey, it’s just a matter of time before Kana has siblings, right? Right? **wink wink, nudge nudge**

Hrm, a discussion of the differences in Forrest’s character between the English and Japanese versions would be another great thing to write about someday…

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Fic title: Daphne? Who the Hell is Daphne?, by RidinCastielInTheImpala (sayitinenochian.tumblr) and tfw_cas


Rating: Explicit

Summary: A story in which we explore what might have happened to Castiel’s wife, Dean gets irrationally jealous, Sam can’t get out of there fast enough, and we find out that Castiel understands more than he lets on, he just has a very dry sense of humour.  


Cas walked down the stairs into the bunker, and into the library. Dean turned to look at him, a smile breaking across his face. “Hey Cas.”

“Hello Dean,” Cas replied, then turned to the younger Winchester, who was reading a weighty tome. “Hello Sam, can I assist you with your research?”

“Cas…hi,” said Sam, shaking his head. “It’s not research, I’m just reading.”

Dean snorted and said something under his breath that sounded like “nerd". Then, looking up at the angel, said “Where have you been, anyway? You should be resting after what happened the other day.”

Dean still couldn’t bring himself to admit that Cas had nearly died, and that he had been absolutely terrified of losing his best friend. He had had more than one nightmare where Crowley had not come back and saved Cas, and he had woken up sweating and calling out the angel’s name. Also, none of them had addressed the deathbed speech from Cas in which he said ‘I love you’. Dean did not really want to think too hard about who that had been aimed at.

“I was visiting Daphne.” Cas stated in a very deadpan manner.

Daphne? Who the hell is Daphne? Thought Dean, as an unpleasant knot started to form in his stomach. When he got his mouth to communicate with his brain, the words sounded much calmer than he was feeling. “Daphne?”

Cas let out a little sigh as he realised that he was going to have to explain. “Do you remember when you found me after you thought I had been killed by the Leviathans?”

Dean nodded.

“The woman I was living with. My wife, Daphne.”

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  • man i’ve been sayin for awhile that i think canon percy is like ethereal lookin but this au really whacks you over the head with that
  • he’s also prob nonbinary let’s be real
  • people have been teasing him about being pretty his whole life so he might as well embrace it am i right,
  • also the aphrodite cabin is basically the hotspot of gender and sexuality politics and discovery so like, i mean, bi percy has always been a thing but it’s like, really A Thing in this au
  • his whines to both moms in equal measure like gOSH MOM I ALREADY HAVE ONE MOM OVERLY INVOLVED IN MY LOVE LIFE COULD U BACK OFF P L EASE
  • but like instead of blue his favorite color is purple because aphrodite knows sally is a literature lover and that she’d definitely catch sappho references, so she used a lot of violets to woo her
  • im like super emotional about percy getting claimed by aphrodite and instead of the soul crushing loneliness of canon, he’s enveloped by excited, cheering siblings like do you ever :,)
  • he doesn’t care about being perceived as weak or silly, that’s nothing new. what is new is having a whole cabin full of people to share it with.
  • tucking the small kids in and being the voice of reason when the cabin gets pranked and being accidentally updated on the latest gossip because he can’t be expected to tune it out all the time
  • i mean, flying under the radar? and just like, getting to be happy?
  • yo but imagine zeus getting still assuming percy is poseidon’s kid and he stole the lightning bolt and aphrodite getting all uppity on olympus because exCUSE YOU, THAT ONE IS MINE, I DO HAVE SOME POWERFUL CHILDREN YOU KNOW
  • zeus is like “nah ur bluffing ur just tryna cover poseidon bribed u” and that’s how percy ends up getting claimed
  • aphrodite is so offended and zeus is so paranoid that the fight ends up escalating to the point where aphrodite blurts out that her kids are theoretically just as eligible for the prophecy and if you weren’t so sexist you might have thought of that seventy years ago, meanwhile i’ve got a cabin full of kids who will turn sixteen in the next decade and you have a roman and a pine tree
  • needless to say, percy gets blamed for stealing the bolt
  • al;skdfj;laksdf percy having weird dreams about an eagle squawking around and flying circles around a dove like a maniac trying to taunt it into fighting while the dove just sits calmly and cleans its feathers and some creepy voice from under the ground is like “this is not…. what i planned, but i guess i can make it work”
  • chiron and percy having the pre-quest conversation and chiron is like, “you must not underestimate your mother, she might act like a diva but don’t let her fool you, she started the trojan war without lifting a finger. hell, she’s responsible for pandora’s box.”
  • man i am just thinking about aphrodite rolling her eyes and filing her nails every time zeus tries to yell at her and she keeps saying things like well, what if i did want to overthrow you and take your sacred object for myself, i mean, could you blame me, you’ve been wearing that suit since 1948!
  • or like, the throne room scene where percy returns the bolt, aphrodite saying “and to think, zeus says i’m the dramatic one” and “your mother is a queen among women” and being like “i left you a package but the truth is she’s going to do it herself, because it’s the right time, now. i would’ve intervened a long time ago, but the truth is, that usually hurts more than it helps.”
  • him and silena are the closest of siblings
  • he’s the go-to between silena and beckendorf but he’s also always giving the wink-wink nudge-nudges in clarisse’s direction
  • he keeps drew hanging by a thread after silena dies but after he disappears she loses it and nobody even has the heart to be mad at her about it
  • he tries to learn the nonverbal thing from his siblings to keep up with annabeth and chiron’s stupid eye contact conversations but by the time he gets it quite right it doesn’t even matter because the prophecy is over anyway
  • percy and annabeth having pretty intense discussions about beautiful things and how dangerous they can be
  • he has just a little bit of his mother’s shapeshifting/adapting type qualities, sometimes it’s hard to remember exactly what he looks like
  • he’s jealous because silena can full on change her hair and eye color at will (this has been my explanation for why she went from brown eyes to blue eyes and brown hair to what we all assumed was blonde hair back in 2009)
  • it’s no secret to his siblings that he has awful nightmares and it’s not unusual for one of them to wordlessly slip into his bunk
  • aphrodite is such a friendly ex she probably spontaneously stops over for afternoon tea and it’s the worst kind of torture for percy because she and sally gossip like old friends but they’re ALSO HIS MOMS and he finds it embarrassing and strange
  • piper though
  • like
  • piper
  • being introduced into this cabin who is crushed, absolutely decimated, by the loss of their oldest siblings and two counselors in a row in sixth months, they probably think they’re cursed too
  • it just feels heavy with grief, piper can feel it tangibly
  • and piper hearing about your brother this and your brother that and feeling like she has a name to uphold or something and being pissed about it at first but strangely humbled as the series progresses
  • sibling duo on the argo ii though
  • the pipercy dynamic is real man


Summary: After switching middle schools, young Ben Solo lands his eyes on who he never expects to be the love of his life. After a four year separation of having to move away with his father, you and Ben are reunited your senior year of high school, only to have an emotional ride that intervenes with the true feelings you two feel for one another–but there’s one major problem, you’re already with somebody else.

A/N: So when I get time I write for CB and so far I’m on chapter nineteen and let me tell you, you guys are not prepared for what I have saved up. Also, I’m pretty sure this story will surpass 30 chapters and have a second book bc thats how far out I have it planned! Anyways, thanks for liking the story and reading! Enjoy!

Warning: Ben’s a fuckin perv

Word Count: 4.6+

“I’ll be quick.” You nodded as Ben had pulled up to your driveway, getting out of the car and heading over to the front door. Rushing inside and up the stairs, Ben only followed you, you not realizing until Jupiter had ran right past you the second you had entered your room. “Jupiter?” Turning around, you saw Ben standing there as Jupiter rubbed up against him.

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How Code Geass characters would try to set up Schneizel and Kanon

As requested by anon

Code Geass characters are tired of the ambiguity of Schneizel and Kanon’s relationship, and, even if they’d rather hack Schneizel to death with an ice pick, are determined to do something about it!

1. Diethard

Diethard: Prince Schneizel, you are a man very conscious of his public image, I can tell.

Schneizel: What do you mean, Diethard? I’m always a kind and caring person.

Diethard: Right. Anyway, what would make you even more likeable is if you were in a relationship, with, I don’t know, your right hand man, perhaps! 

Schneizel: I see. So…you don’t think I’m very likeable?

Diethard: N-no, that’s not what I…I just…I meant…

Diethard: I’ll see myself out.

Schneizel: Probably for the best.

2. Lelouch

Lelouch: You know, sometimes I feel sorry for Schneizel.

Kanon: Oh? Why’s that?

Lelouch: I’ve just got so many love interests, and he doesn’t seem to have anyone.

Kanon: Au contraire, Lelouch. Schneizel have a love interest.

Lelouch: Does he now?

Kanon: Yes. Only screentime isn’t taken up because unlike you, he acts on it.


Lelouch: I-I’m very busy!

3. Milly

Milly: Public and private, huh?

Schneizel: Hm?

Milly: You know what I’m talking about.

4. Cornelia

Cornelia: Kanon, you must be very loyal to my brother if you’re cool with him nuking half the world.

Kanon: Well, it seems like a reasonable idea!

Cornelia: It’s really quite touching. I mean I’d prefer it if you weren’t that loyal, but it almost seems like something more…

Kanon: Kind of like your knight, Guilford, huh?

Cornelia: Wh-what? Guilford? He doesn’t-

Kanon: Goodbye, your highness!

Cornelia: …Hm.

Guilford: [sweats nervously]

5. Charles

Charles: So, Schneizel, seeing anyone?

Charles: If you, uh, know what I mean…wink wink nudge nudge and all that!

Schneizel: Don’t even pretend to be a good father, Your Majesty.

Charles: …Well, I tried. Back to the Sword of Akasha!

6. Nina

Nina: Kanon, I’m a scientist, so, um…

Kanon: Go on, Nina. It’s alright.

Nina: …I know you and Schneizel have chemistry!


Kanon: Nina, you’re a physicist.

Nina: I should get back to that. Quickly.

7. Odysseus

Odysseus: I must say, Schneizel, I’m awfully disappointed over my runaway bride.

Odysseus: I wish I had a reliable assistant like you have in Kanon!

Schneizel: With all due respect, brother, I don’t see how the two are related.

Odysseus: Well…

Odysseus: Quite.

Lelouch: Goddammit Odysseus.

8. Lloyd and Cecile

Lloyd: Yoohoo, Kanon! Do you think maybe you could seduce Prince Schneizel for us?

Kanon: Wh-what?

Lloyd: We might have pinched a little bit more from his bank than he funded us and we’d prefer it if he was in a good moo- [muffled noises]

Cecile: [with hand over Lloyd’s mouth] For romance! Definitely romance!

Kanon: You were a bit late on cutting Lloyd off there, Miss Cecile.

Cecile: I just thought “better late than never”.

9. Suzaku

Suzaku: Prince Schneizel, I will kill the Emperor for you if you make me the Knight of One.

Suzaku: And also you have to go out with Kanon. Look at him, with his puppy dog eyes. It’s unbearable.

Schneizel: Uh…

Schneizel: I will…review your conditions.

Suzaku: Awesome.

10. Nunnally

Nunnally: I think you and Schneizel are really cute together, Kanon!

Kanon: Really? Well, maybe I’ll ask him out!


Lelouch: How does she do it?

anonymous asked:

heyyy! can I pls request a scenario about soulmate! taehyung where you and him are meant to be in a past life but something happened that led for you not to be together and you try to look for each other in your next life and you finally find each other! thank youuuuu!

Originally posted by bangtan-tv

Hey anon! Your request is adorbs to the max!!! I liked it so much that got carried away and wrote quite a lot for this one >.<!! I love writing about Taetae so much, he’s such a ball of happiness and cuteness.Thank you so much for requesting :)Please request again, I loved your cute idea <3

Genre: romance/Comedy
Pairing: Taehyung/You
Length: 2553 words
Summary: You and Taehyung are soulmates and couldn’t get together in the past, but got to meet again in 21st century.

Prince Kim Taehyung, he was. One of the most influential personalities around the kingdom, yet you were only one of his servants.Life was cruel wasn’t it? You grew up only looking at him from your commoner spot and dreaming about how his life must be amazing.While he would be drinking tea with his royal cousins and had fencing lessons , you were there cleaning his majesty’s clothes. Even his clothes smelled like royalty which separated you from him even more. he was a dream, how dare  a peasant like you harbor feelings for a man of this  superiority? Love didn’t matter back then , people only thought about status and a poor girl like was not a match for the crown’s next king.

He was Playing chess with his 6 cousins, which consisted of Jungkook the competitive cousin,Yoongi the indifferent guy,Jin the guy that looked prettier than you,jimin  the biggest flirt of the royal family, Hoseok the guy that travelled around the world seven times, and Namjoon the only one that knew how to use his brain among all of them

In the middle of the game he noticed you washing his clothes from the corner of his eyes. You were cursing under your breath in annoyement since no one was near and taehyung found that quite amusing.

Is she the new worker?

Taehyung then decided to take a closer look by calling you over, which caught you off guard

You looked around to make sure he was indeed talking to you


He only nodded and gave you a sign with his hand to come closer.You walked over to where the Prince and his cousins were as you only stared at the ground.

You weren’t allowed to look straight into the royalty eyes, yet you were dying to look at what the prince’s cousins looked liked.Rumors had it that they were all very handsome.

The boys looked at you from head to toe , as if they were examining the next queen of their kingdom, which you were obviously not

“Taehyung who is she?”, Jimin harbored that seductive smile “ I feel like she’ll make a great wife “

“Is she your new concubine?!! yahhh…. you know how to choose them~”, hoseok nudged taehyung

“No,She’s probably the new worker”, taehyung replied before looking at you with that curious gaze “What’s your name?”

“ I-I…I’m Y/N, your majesty! I work at the kitchen and laundry headquarters”, you bow

“ Oohh whoaahh…It’s my first time seing a commoner in real life”, Hoseok exclaimed

“That’s because you’re never in the country hyung, you’re always overseas”, jimin complains “ I’m telling you hyung, all the things you’ve been missing!All the gorgeous women happen to be beside you yet you never bother to look ”

“ I like to explore! Russian women we’re gorgeous the last time I went there! You still don’t know the beauty of foreign women, jimin! Their eyes…whoahh…”,hoseok sighed

“What’s with their eyes, hyung?”, jimin asks cluelessly “ I heard they got killer bodies too…yahh…you should bring me sometimes!”,jimin nudges the latter

“They’re blue like the ocean or green like the fresh trees…or they look like honey!What about this girl?”, he looks at you “ Brown like chocolate… beautiful”

Taehyung was getting slowly annoyed by how his hyungs were showing interest in you

“I’m a genius in this family, you could say…”, yoongi looks at you “How about working for me instead”, he winked at you

“Hyung, did you just winked??!!! Yahh….I always thought you’d keep your eyes closed , since you never cared “, hoseok comments

“She looks decent, but I wouldn’t say she reaches the royal standard…but ,I agree to say that she’s cute”, jin smiles “ I like you little pink ribbon by the way “. he comments

“Pink MANIAC”, Jimin commented “ How about you come over to my palace sometimes? I’ll promise you’ll feel like princess “, he extends his hand to you and you don’t budge

“ Nah, she’ll prefer an intelligent guy, isn’t it right Y/N? ”, namjoon comments

“What are you talking about, She’ll obviously come with me around the world to visit all the countries!”, hoseok argues

“Then  I shall make her mine before any of you does”,Jungkook smirks “ You hyungs know there’s nothing I can’t win at,right?”

“ Oh no, not him! Please attach him somewhere! He always screws my wedding plans!”, Hoseok facepalms “ He’s  probably the reason why I try to find a wife overseas!”

“Just how many concubines did Jungkook steal from you?”, jimin chuckled

“ALL OF THEM”, Hoseok fakes a cry “ How am I supposed to get married , if he always shows up and seduce them like there’s no tomorrow!”

“He stole mine too”, yoongi comment

“Hyung, its not even like you actually try to stop them from going with Jungkook, you just don’t care”, namjoon nudges yoongi

“ Still they were mine at some point”, yoongi glares

“You Playboy, if someone ever saw you, they’d think you’re the player in this family and not jimin”, hoseok points out

“ Life is a competition hyung”, jungkook comments “ How do you expect me to live in this world  if I can’t even get the things I want?”, he stares at you

Taehyung had enough of these guys treating you like this when they don’t even know you

“Just , why are you guys showing interest in her?! She’s supposed to be my servant! Don’t even dream about stealing people that work under me”

” Oooooh~~~ Prince Taehyung, are you marking this woman as part of your territory?”, hoseok comments

“You don’t even know her, yet you’re all wanting to marry her?! Does this make sense?!”,taehyung frowns “ Plus, she’s my property anyways, so none of you have the right to lay your dirty hands on her “

You feel taken aback by how taehyung wanted to keep you away from his own royal cousins

“Come with me”, he grabs your hand

“B-B-But, your majesty—”, you stutter as you felt his soft hand hold on yours

He brought you to that hidden hallway

“Y/N, from now on you’re not allowed to work when the royal family is around, understand?”, he shots

“B-But…Y-Your majesty….d-does that mean you’re firing me right now?”, you look at your shoes

“Look at me ,when I talk to you”, he grabs your shoulder

“No , I cannot your majesty! I”m only a mere commoner , how dare I look into the crown’s prince eyes”, you argue

“It’s an order”, he tilts up your chin so that your eyes can meet his

His eyes were beautiful and it love at first sight not only for you , but also for him. Taehyung could stay staring into your eyes all day if he could, because you had such a pure and beautiful soul.

“You said you’re a worker here, right? How about you work only under my orders from now”, he smiles at you

“I-I…How can I do such a thing! I’m not suited to–”

“You are Y/N and I’d like to keep you close”,

“M-me?Why me?!”

“Because, you have that twinkle in your eyes, that I enjoy looking at”,

Was the crown prince flirting with you ,right now??!

“Y-Your majesty, I don’t think you should–”

“ Only listen to my orders from now own, ok Y/N?”, he smiles at you

Why did he had it so easy to call you by your first name, when you were not worthy at all! He was a prince, why was he doing this!

No one could deny how much Taehyung liked you, even the King noticed his son’s attachment to you, which created chaos among the kingdom. He loved looking at you while working on his papers and he enjoyed pulling you in his embrace secretly when no one was around. He liked kissing you out of the blue and having you pet his hair to sleep secretly.

You loved this man with all your might and refused to get separated from him. Taehyung was your everything.Through those past months you learned so much about him and his silly childish personality that made you fall in love with him.The king on the other hand, did everything to separate you two. There was no way he’d let you seduce his son and make you into a concubine or a wife. You were poor after all.

After battling with no end and crying from being separated from the man of your life, the king sent you out of the country.This was you punishment for tempting a man of royalty. Taehyung was depressed on the other side. He didn’t need anything else but you. You were what made his life brighter, yet you just disappeared without ever yelling him. Here he was crying day and night in despair and refused to take over the kingdom, if they didn’t brought you back. Your fate was both unlucky at the time .You were from two different worlds

A few centuries later

You kicked the ground and ruffled your hair in annoyement while getting in class.You hated this shitty uniform and school. Summer was over and that was what you hated the most in this world

“Just why do I need to go back to school ?! I only need vacation! Who needs school anyways”, you kicked the ground

“Why do you complain day and night ,huh? I swear there’s no break when I”m with you”,Taehyung  face palms

“ Then just leave, if you can’t bare with me, you dumb idiot”, you glare at him

“If I had the choice, I would’ve left you a long time ago, you little spoiled princess”, Taehyung pinches your cheek harshly

“You traitor!! How dare you”, you punch his arm “ I’ll kick you out of the country, if you keep on doing this!”

“Baby please, my parents are best friends with yours”, he smirks “ It ain’t cause you’re the first in the country, that you can kick out a kid like me from South Korea”

“Someone please tell me ,why were friends again?”, you rolled your eyes

“Because you love me so much~”, he nudged you

“WHO LOVES WHO!!”, you nudged him back “You’re definitely turning insane, Kim Taehyung”

“I’m insane ,huh?”, he quirks an eyebrow “ Says the girl that got all depressed when I left overseas with my parents that other time”

You blinked at him twice before reacting

“Who?! ME??! I was never depressed because you left! I was more left in peace than anything else!”, you scoffed before walking away

He stepped in front of you and your head collided with his chest

“Oh,is that so?”, he smirks “I heard you didn’t left home and only watched dramas the entire summer while eating junk food while reminiscing yourself of the good times we had together”

“Which bastard gave you this information”, You shot lasers through your eyes

“I heard that  Jimin even pitied you and stayed with you to keep you some company”,

“Park Jimin”, you clenched your fist “  That betrayer, he’s the one I’ll kick out of the country instead of you”

“Why is it so important though, Y/N”, he looked at you “To be honest… I actually missed you too at that time”, he admitted “ It felt quite lonely without you”,he scratched the back of his neck shyly as your cheeks redden

“ What do we have here~~~ if it isn’t my babies!!!!”,Hoseok slung his arms around both of you “But…what’s with those red cheeks?”, he raises a brow “ Are you guys practicing to get in the Drama club?!”

“Get lost hyung”, taehyung rolled his eyes

You could see Park Jimin approaching along with Yoongi and Jungkook

“ Wish summer was longer, so that I can sleep”, Yoongi yawned

“You slept the entire summer hyung”, Jungkook sighs “ Please do something to maintain your figure”

“I’m a genius ok?Geniuses only need SWAG”, yoongi replies nonchalantly 

“Ah…summer was quite short guys!!! I wish I could’ve have gotten time to explore a little bit more!!” Jimin high fived Hoseok “ Hope the girls in our class developed some curves through the summer, so I can stare at something during class “,jimin giggled like a pervert

“Crazy pervert”, Jungkook smacked the back of jimin’s head with his bag

“OOOWWWW!! WHY WOULD YOU HIT ME??!”, Jimin glares at the younger boy “You even stole all the girls from me! Whoever saw you would think, you’re the player here!”

““Hyung, do you really think your short height can actually reach the girl’s high standards?”, Jungkook mocked jimin

“Why did you had to mention my height!what about height, huh??! It’s the heart that counts!”, Jimin argued “And stop stealing the girls I’m interested in!”

“Life is a competition ,hyung”, jungkook replies “How do you expect me to live, if I can’t get the best girl out there?”

“His title is International Playboy,guys”, hoseok commented “ I swear , I was flirting with that hot latina girl and he came up and snatched her up as if it was no one’s business! “

“What about that girl from Russia?! He had her at hello”, Jin showed up “Please,Jungkook-ah, let your hyung have a love life”

“ I didn’t chose the girl, she came to me hyung! Don’t blame the player, blame the game”, Jungkook fainted being innocent

“ You illegal little shit”,you ruffled his hair “ Let your hyungs have a decent life, will ya?”

“Yes, please ,We beg you, jungkook-ah! I need a girlfriend for prom this year, DO NOT SNATCH HER AWAY FROM ME”,,hoseok pleads

“I’ll think about it”,Jungkook chuckled

“On another note”, you turned to stare at Jimin “ PARK JIMIN, COME HERE”

“M-Me?!!”, jimin stuttered “What’s with that look in her eyes?”, he asks the guys “Is she gonna murder me or something”, he slightly hides behind Namjoon

“ Park Jimin”, you clench your fist

“ I-I don’t know what I‘ve done, but I’m sorry!!”, jimin shakes in fear behind Namjoon

“Did you spill some secret again?”, Namjoon turns to look at Jimin hiding behind him “Did you told Taehyung about something , perhaps?”

“Park Jimin”, you grabbed the side of his collar “ Lets both die today”

“NO NO NO, I DIDN’T SIGN UP FOR THIS!!” Jimin shouts

“Why did you told Kim Taehyung ,huh?!”, you sent him the ultimate death glare

“I-I-I’m sorry!! It just came out on its on Y/N!!!”, jimin pleads “I mean, you guys are so stuck up! I had to do something!! I mean isn’t it obvious how much you love him”

“What?! Should I really kill you?!”

“Look, don’t murder me! Taehyung even told me he wanted to go to prom with you!!”

Your fingers leave jimin’s collar and your cheeks heat up before Taehyung shows up and drags his friend


You can’t even stare at Taehyung since you’re so embarassed. You could say that in another life you both really must have liked each other to found each other once again. Taehyung harbored strong feelings from the moment you met and only treated you like a friend to hide his feelings.He knew too well you were stubborn to admit anything ,which is why he planned to tell you soon or later his feelings on his own. Deep within you, liked him too. He was your soulmate after all.

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Costume Party - part 2

It’s New Year’s Eve and Tony is hosting a party for just the team. The catch is, it’s a costume party and you have to dress as a fellow team member. When you and Bucky take a risk with your costumes will it pay off or will it end in embarrassment?


Warnings: Swearing but mostly just fluff!

Word Count: 1326

Title: Costume Party Part 2

Notes: Here’s part 2! I’m really happy with how it went. Thank you all for making my year a good one, I promise I’ll be updating Steve’s Little Sister soon and my requests too

The New Year’s Eve party was in full swing and you tried to find Bucky but he was obscured by the crowd.Before you could go find him you’d been swept away by Tony.

“y/n! You look wonderful. That arm is just brilliant. Everything working alright?” he asked with curiosity.

“Hey Tony. It’s all working fine.” To demonstrate you rotated your arm a full circle and Tony burst out in a huge smile.

“Perfect. Just perfect.” He said slapping you on the back but his gaze was looking out into the crowd. Being Stark he didn’t stay long and soon he’d vanished and was replaced by Nat and Wanda.

“That was quite an entrance.” stated Nat, a proud look on her face.

“Have you seen Barnes?” asked Pietro who appeared behind his sister.

“Not yet,” you replied to the speedy Sokovian and you noticed his eyes twinkle with mischief. “Pietro,” you warned, “what is it?”

“Oh nothing,” he teased with a glimmer in his eye, “just that Barnes was drooling when you walked down those stairs. Steve had to shout at him to break him from his daze.” Pietro paused for a moment before he looked wistfully off into the distance and added, “not that I blame him. I too was struck down by the beauty that was before me.” You burst out laughing at this and he sent you a playful wink. You gave him a light shove on the shoulder and Pietro just shrugged.

“What?” he asked, “can’t blame me for trying right.” You smiled at Pietro and with one last wink he sped off. You were elated with how Bucky had reacted. If what Pietro said was true maybe you had a chance tonight.

“I’m going to go find Bucky,” you announced to the two girls beside you. Wanda and Nat shared a knowing look before wishing you good luck and sending you on your way. The last you saw him Bucky was on the other side of the room with Steve and so that was where you headed first. Weaving through the crowd you were giving several compliments and appreciative looks. Coulson came up to you and asked if he could have a photo. You had to admit Captain America and the Winter Soldier looked good together. Coulson ended up tagging along with you as he wanted to find Steve. Eventually you made it to the other side of the mass and found a group of guys playing pool.

Spotting you, Sam nudged Steve who in return nudged Bucky. Bucky looked up and his face turned white when he saw you. You sent him a small smile and with another nudge from Steve he made his way over to you. You sent Steve a look and nodded towards Coulson and ever the gentleman Steve made his way over to him. That left you and Bucky alone.

You stood there awhile in silence. Bucky kept looking you up and down as if he were in shock. You watched on with a smile and tried to figure out who he had come as. Eventually you broke the silence and asked, “Well?”

Bucky made eye contact with you apprehensive but soon broke out into a huge smile. “Me,” he stated more than asked, “you came as me.”

“Yeah Buck,” you said softly as a blush crept up on your cheeks, “I came as you. Is that alright?” you asked as panic crept up on you.

“Yes, yes, of course. It’s wonderful I just…” Bucky was quick to calm your nerves and trailed off his eyes not leaving yours. “Why?” he asked in almost a whisper.

You took a deep breath and answered his question. “Because you mean a lot to me Buck. Always have. Always will. I just wanted to show that to everyone.” You paused a moment before you looked down and added, “I like you Bucky. I like you a lot.”

You were too nervous to look up and so didn’t see the most beautiful smile light up his face. Bucky hadn’t smiled like that in a long time.

“I like you too doll.” Bucky said with a confidence he didn’t realise he had. From his back pocket he pulled out an ID card and handed it to you. “I was supposed to wear this with my costume but I never got round to putting it on.”

You took the card from him and saw that it was a replica of your ID. “Me?” you asked repeating Bucky’s earlier question, “you came as me?” you asked with a slight laugh. Bucky merely nodded and smiled. You pinned the badge on his waistcoat and ran your hands down the fabric savouring how Bucky shivered under your touch. Bucky took your hand and you looked up at him and smiled.

“I like the arm,” he mused, “it looks really good.” Seeing his hesitancy and knowing how much he hated his metal arm you took his left hand in yours and replied, “yeah, I like it too. Stark made it. It’s even bullet proof. I like the real one better though,” you finished giving Bucky’s left hand a squeeze. He smiled sweetly down at you and you thought your heart was going to melt. You beamed back at him and the two of you stood there for a moment before you were interrupted by Tony walking up on stage.

“Good evening everyone!” he called out in the microphone silencing everyone in the room. “With midnight almost upon us it is time to award the best dressed.” You and BUcky turned to face the stage, your hands stick entwinded. “Now I believe I should be winning this award,” Tony continued earning a chuckle from the crowd, “but I have been informed by our lovely captain that that’s highly unfair and that I didn’t do him justice in my costume. I must say I think I did him quiet well.” This earned a much louder laugh from the crowd. “With that in mind the winner is…”

“I bet it’s Sam and T’Challa,” Bucky whispered in your ear, his hot breath tickling your neck.

“No way,” you whispered back turning to face him, “It’s so Wanda and Pietro.”

“A tie! y/n and Barnes have come as each other. Get up here you two.” Finished Tony waving at the both of you.

You and Bucky shared a look before walking up on stage together. You were both given medals by Tony and photos were taken. You noticed Wanda and Nat giving you a thumbs up and also saw Steve and Sam share a high five. Soon the countdown started and you and Bucky were able to sneak off the stage unseen.


You and Bucky stood in silence neither of you particpiating in the countdown.


Bucky took and step closer to you.


You took a step closer to him


Neither of you were sure what you were doing.


All you knew was that this was right.


Bucky took your hand in his and stared rubbing circle on the back of it.


You smiled up at Bucky, your hands still joined.


Bucky smiled back down at you.


In a surge of confidence Bucky remember the play boy he used to be and wraped his arm around your waist pulling you to him.


You placed your hands on his firm chest and looked at hims through your eyebrows.


Bucky dipped his head down so his lips were millimeters away from yours.

“Happy New Year doll,” he whispered against your lips before he closed the distance between you. The kiss was soft and loving, better than you’d ever dreamt it would be. You and Bucky fitted perfectly together and only broke away when the two of you had to breath.

“Happy New Year Bucky.”

It was safe to say that you were greatly looking forward to the New Year and everything that it held.

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HI SWEETIE, could you do the rfa (v and saeran as well) and domestic headcanons?

i’ve already done one of these for saeyoung here but i will gladly do them for the rest!!! some of these aren’t domestic but (″・ิ_・ิ)っ

- he actually has to start cleaning the apartment now that someone else is living in it with him. he doesn’t mind, though; it keeps him productive while you’re at class
- he loves loves loves to cuddle in bed with you after you both finish homework. you’ll usually have on a large hoodie and a pair of yoga pants while he has on just shorts (your overabundance of clothing makes him hot, or so he claims). he’ll play with your hair while you sleep on his chest or watch the television.
- he helps you study for your finals in such a clever way: every time you get a question correct, he kisses you. it’s a great motivation.
- all of his lolol buddies know about you so whenever you walk into the room to ask him a question while he plays, you are met by a chorus of “hello’s”
- yoosung actually helps you make your own lolol character so you can play together! he helps you level up and get some good armor before sending you off on your own. every time a girl flirts with him in-game, he refers to you and says, “my fierce level 3 girlfriend might not like that, you should take it up with her.”
- he cooks you omurice for breakfast in bed every weekend. they might look ugly, but you appreciate the love he put into it.
- yoosung is so adorable you just wanna hug him. which you do. all the time. when he’s getting ready in the bathroom in the morning, you hug him from behind, burying your face into the crook of his neck. when you get back home from class, the first thing you do is run and jump into his arms to hug him (if he’s home before you, that is). if you’re bored, you entertain yourself by hugging him. he doesn’t mind it, though.
- i’ve always pictured yoosung as a hiking guy (funny enough) so you two probably go hiking on sundays and have a picnic at the top. you take photos of you two showing off your muscles for the obligatory hiking post. yoosung might collect some flowers to make into a bouquet got you, but it depends on what flowers he can find.

- zen is a huge cuddle monster. most of the time he never wants sex. he wants to hold you in his arms with a huge blanket wrapped around you. when you guys watch television, you lay on top of his chest and sometimes fall asleep. when you’re in bed, he lays his head on your stomach and wraps his arms around your waist.
- he loves to send you snapchats from work with the puppy filter.
- you two love musicals. you generally were never a theater person, but living with him and constantly hearing him rehearse or mention different ones made you curious. now, you can recite all the dialogue and sing all of the songs in phantom of the opera (his favorite). you guys pick a different one to watch every friday night. you guys even got the musical posters to put on the bedroom walls.
- every saturday night, you cook zen lamb kebabs, his favorite. he always looks forward to coming home from rehearsal to the aroma of lamb in the apartment. generally he tries to sneak a few pieces thinking you don’t notice; you do, but he’s so cute trying to be sneaky that you pretend to be oblivious. his favorite sauce to go with them is your homemade chile-yogurt sauce. you guys eat them while you watch reruns of your favorite american cartoons.
- you both love to play with each other’s hair. zen has long hair himself and it’s so soft that it makes it more fun to twirl it around your fingers. he loves you run his fingers through your hair and massage your scalp. you love twirling and stroking his ponytail. when you guys cuddle, his hair cascades on and around you. you both take turns braiding and plaiting on each other, and zen’s styles actually turn out better than you.
- zen takes you for rides on his motorcycle when the weather is nice out. depending on if the whether is nice, he usually takes you to the park or the pool. you also love the look on other men’s faces when the two of you pull up looking badass. sometimes, though, you guys just drive around to pass time.
- everywhere you guys go, babies love him. when you two go to the park especially, the small toddlers run up to him, grab a hold of his leg, and won’t let go. when you guys went to the mall, if he hears a baby crying, he sprints across the mall to sing for them (and of course it works he has the voice of an angel ffs). it helps that he loves children, but he always looks a bit odd when he asks to hold or play with them.

- he’s never been a very cuddly, domestic person but once he started dating you he changed.
- he can’t cook but he wants to learn so he can make you special home-cooked meals; he even buys every book known to man with recipes. one night after you get home from class, you find him wearing an apron that says “kiss the cook.” you pull up a stool next to him, and he lets you take tastes of the broth off the spoon to critique. it’s way too salty, but he’s trying really hard so you forgive him.
- i feel like jumin has never been ice skating but would totally love it. he’s not sure what to wear to go but he wears three pairs of pants, two shirts, and a huge parka (even though it’s not that cold outside). he wouldn’t know how to get from the bench to the ice with his skates on, and would have to balance his weight on you to get there. not even 10 seconds on the ice he’s on his ass, laughing hysterically. he falls really majestic: his right leg is often not able to catch up with his left and he falls into a full split. he grips with wall with one hand and interlocks his fingers wit yours with the other.
- you’ve gotten him more into many different television programs, so much so that he gets all the characters mixed up. it’s okay, though; even if he doesn’t remember their name, he knows whether or not he likes them and/or their story arc. you guys constantly remind each other about new episodes of them and have alerts that go off ok your phones just in case. he get so much more into it than you. “how is he the killer? we trusted him!”
- you guys try to motivate each other by kissing each other or sitting on each other’s laps. neither of you must know what “motivate” means because y'all end up distracting one another MORE.
- you love using snapchat filters on him even though he dislikes how he looks, because he always looks just so goddamn beautiful with a flower crown, puppy face, or butterflies. however, he loves when you snapchat him selfies with them while he’s at work because “she is so goddamn beautiful i love her so much???”

- when jaehee has off of work, you guys go and get coffee in the early morning hours. so much so that you know her order and could recite it forwards, backwards, and in spanish.
- jaehee loves to polish your nails in crazy colors (like lime green or yellow) and give you a mani-pedi session like you’re at the nail salon. you do hers too (usually burgundy or black) but she writes and uses her fingers so much a work that the polish peels off after two days. it’s the thought that counts, though.
- you guys love to watch horror movies, even though jaehee always ends up not being able to sleep.
- she makes you watch zen’s musicals and you two fan girl over him sometimes. sometimes you even stalk social media to see what sweet things people say about him. it’s so cute to watch jaehee get pouty when she sees something negative. “he sounds like a dying cat? well, you’ll know what that actually sounds like when i shove one up your-”
- she loves to try and make you sushi or lamb kebabs, and even though it doesn’t always come out perfect, it tastes yummy.
- also she loves to try on outfits and put on a mini fashion show for you. you turn do the same for her. it ends with you guys giving each other kisses and whispering “i love you” over and over. it’s pretty fun.
- she loves to use snapchat filters, especially face swap.

- once you move in, v decides to completely redecorate; new furniture, decorations, and paints are a must. you hate that he’s so fussy over you, but he insists everything has to be perfect. so he goes out shopping with you, and you guys pick out all new paints, bedroom sets, and decorating me. the apartment ends up turning into something from a tumblr aesthetic blog: dark hardwood floors, white and brick walls, and cool paintings.
- v loves cactus plants. and i mean loves. he insists you guys buy about five for every room. you can’t argue with him, though. they are quite adorable and have nice flowers.
- he loves to take photographs of you doing anything. from when you cook to when you snuggle into his chest, and especially when you laugh for smile. when you ask why, he says “i like to take photos of beautiful things.” smooth.
- v is super goofy, even though most people might think he’s very cordial upon meeting him. he likes to throw grapes at you to see if you can catch them in your mouth, to pretend he’s on a cooking show, and even sing off-key when you guys shower together.
- he’s very delicate whenever he shows you affection, unless you permit him otherwise to be rough *wink wink nudge nudge*. he kisses you very softly and touches you very tenderly.
- this tall man is so cuddly it’s insane. he’s so soft what the heck how is he real? you could cuddle into him for hours he’s always so warm aaaaaaaa! he loves to play with your hair as you nuzzle into his chest and you love to do the same to him.
- you love playing with his hair no matter what actually. it’s soft, despite the countless hair colorings and bleachings. you run your fingers through it no matter what; when you watch television, cook dinner, kiss…all the time.
- he gushes about you to his colleagues all the time

- he loves to hold your hand. all the time, wherever you guys go. even when you’re at home, you’re sure to find his fingers intertwined with yours, his lips pressed lightly to the back of your hand. he’ll squeeze yours every so often, sometimes if he gets nervous or tense, and you’ll massage circles on his palm to relax him.
- he loves to bathe and shower with you. when you guys take a bath, you’ll usually make sure to dump in extra bubble baths or a bath bomb. you guys will just sit there, him behind you with his arms enveloping you, and talk about your day. when you guys shower, you’ll do each other’s hair and reach each other’s backs and sing to your favorite songs off-key. sometimes saeran will kiss you, but that’s only to remind you how much he loves you. it’s not sexual whatsoever.
- he isn’t used to sharing a bed with someone since he’s never been in a relationship before, so you guys usually end up tangled in the sheets or him sprawled across the bed and you having off of it.
- you both says “i love you” all the time. when you guys have giggle fits, watch television, and even when you guys go out drinking. he adores reminding you that you’re his best girl, and that he’s your favorite boy.
- you love to take early morning walks and go out to breakfast with him when you don’t have class.
- he gets so excited when you send him selfies from class or mirror photos when you go shopping and try on outfits. he sends you back an “oh my!! god!! im dead.” or an “i can’t breathe you’re so beautiful” and it’s so adorable.
- you love his morning voice so much.
- when he sends you selfies with the puppy filter, you are so!! shook!! he’s so stunning!!!
- you guys have had male “suitors” approach you and try to ask you out; when you gesture to saeran and say “he’s my boyfriend,” you’ll usually receive a sneer or condescending comments like “what a downgrade” or “he looks so creepy” and boy are you pissed. it makes saeran so upset and insecure about your relationship, and no way does someone make your precious angel feel like that. you start spewing venom at one hundred miles a minute, about “how dare you say that shit to me about my boyfriend” and “he has more class, kindness, and love in his pinky toe than you have in your whole body!” and you march out of there, hand-in-hand with saeran, before you can say anything else you seriously regret.

fleurdeneuf  asked:

It looks like you meant the ten/rose masseuse AU to be a one shot, since you wrapped it up so neatly at the end, but I'd love to see more between the first part and seven months later if you are so inclined.

(fic can be found here)

“I thought dinner as in burgers or pizza,” Rose said as they sat down at a booth. “Not chips!”

“Something wrong with chips?” the Doctor asked.

She laughed. “No, not at all! I love them. I just wasn’t expecting something so…”

“Perfect?” he smiled.

“Yeah,” Rose laughed. “Let’s go with that.”

He tapped his chip to hers. “Cheers,” he said, happily, and popped it in his mouth.

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why Ichiruki should have been canon: Salty September, part 3: FyeahShipRants

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Ichiruki should have been canon. I swear.

That is how I choose to begin this rant, knowing that my opening words will either mean my blog becomes mega popular or else mega unpopular, due to the volatile nature of this fandom in particular. But I must get these feelings off my chest, as I have been into Bleach since I was fourteen. That’s eight years. Eight long years of Bleach, watching Tite Kubo destroy his own work he’d beautifully made before my horrified eyes.

No, maybe it was longer than that. I have dim memories of watching Bleach in 2007 and being only thirteen, but entranced by how amazing it was. Most of all, I was struck by how deep the relationship between these two lovebirds was.

This is just a brief, brief rant on how fucked up the ending was for Bleach.

I got into Bleach in junior high.

There was so much that was appealing about the premise-how nonstandard both Ichigo and Rukia were as protagonists, to how creative the openings and endings are.

In those days, the only three things I watched were Naruto, Inuyasha, and Bleach-three series that are now hated by me.

At least with Inuyasha, the author did not screw up her story, which I give her credit for. Even Kishimoto didn’t make as bad an ending as Kubo did, which says a whole fucking lot, doesn’t it?

Now of course, I’m going to be talking about probably what’s the most important thing in the whole damned series-Ichiruki, the ship that was supposed to be canon but for some reason wasn’t.

Why? I have no fucking idea! WHAT WAS HE THINKING WHEN HE WROTE THE ENDING? Oh, wait, after all this symbolism he had between the two characters…let’s just have him wind up with this girl he’s barely known as compared to the one who’s been by his side this whole time.

It’d be like if DC ended on Shinichi leaving Ran and going with some other girl. I’d be fucking pissed. Yeah, thank god Aoyama won’t end it that way. Kubo should make like Aoyama does and do the right pairings for the right reasons.

Now here I’m gonna just be talking about Ichiruki and why it’s fucking canon. I know I’ve said it before, in the wake of the Ichihime thing, all us Ichiruki shippers need some more reminders about why these two are made for each other.

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