Your Haikyuu! boyfriend


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“(Woman) While sightseeing in Insadong, I thought this hairpin was really cute. So I said, ‘let’s buy it.’”
“(Man) At that time, I thought people couldn’t really see it since it’s so small.”
“After wearing it, what did you think?”
“(Man) Ah… that if I feel embarrassed I will pretend to be Chinese.”

“(여자) 인사동 구경하는데 너무 귀엽더라고요. 그래서 제가 사자고 했어요.”
“(남자) 그때는 이게 작아서 눈에 잘 안 보일 거라고 생각했어요.”
“쓰고 나서 어떤 생각이 들었나요?”
“(남자) 아.. 민망하면 중국인인척 해야지.”

no but what the fuck, imagine harry as your real life friend, just your friend and you hang out with him and idk play video games or watch movies or something, and he’s like “oh by the way louis is coming home soon we’re gonna have some tea” and you tease him “don’t put too much sugar in your tea though” and your friend harry, without stopping a movie or a game or whatever he’s doing, answers dreamily with that smile and that face you never can truly figure out if it’s completely serious, your friend harry answers “he is sweet enough…” like I WOULD FIGHT THAT FUCKER IMMEDIATELY AFTER YELLING AT HIM WHAT THE FUCK HARRY SORRY I DIDN’T NOTICE WE ARE LIVING IN A ROMANCE NOVEL FOR TEENAGE SAPS