The Originals S2 Appreciation Week - Day 7 (Hopes / wishes for season 3)

So, my hopes and wishes for season 3. Hmmm, I’l just make a bulleted list, that’s probably easiest.

  • Elijah getting his own storyline, separate from anyone (Klaus, Hayley, Hope, etc).
  • Klaus trying his damnedest to restore some semblance of a relationship with Elijah.
  • Elijah not being there for it.
  • In short: throw me buckets and buckets of Klelijah angst.
  • Keeping Hope safe to not be the main theme.
  • Finding out more about Freya, like how powerful she is, if she’s still immortal or not, how soon she’ll get disillusioned about being part of the Mikaelson family.
  • Davina NOT being the big bad and giving up on the revenge streak she got going. I’m fine with her getting Kol back though.
  • The vampire(s) from WAY back in the Mikaelson history having a special twist causing them to be amazing villains posing a genuine threat.
  • Marcel managing to rebuild a vampire community without losing all of them again at the end of the season.
  • Less Crescent wolves, more Labonairs (who are also Crescents, but you know what I mean). Explore Hayley’s actual family. And make the wolf storyline more interesting, while you’re at it.
  • Last but not least: that it’ll be such an amazing season that it gets renewed for a season 4.
  • Creampuffs:Lief u better not harm the tiny gay in any way, u know Carmilla will drag ur magical ass
  • Lief:
  • Creampuffs:u will be slain, no joke
  • Lief:
  • Creampuffs:
  • Lief:
  • Creampuffs:
  • Lief:just fuck me up