As requested, defaults of the previous Skin set I posted, the natural colors each has two options for color but Alien only comes in the green pictured. That’s not all though, I did the crazy thing and made defaults with each 8 faces so you can pick whichever facial features you want, you could even mix and match different faces together into a set if you wanted to. If you’re not sure about which texture you prefer I uploaded extracted textures of each 8 faces here for easier viewing than my gif above. Like with the custom skin set I’ll just leave you with the [Download folder] -link. Because it’s more convenient than separately linking 72 skins. I know that’s crazy amount of options but well, something for everyone right? If you’d prefer some other color I didn’t make please request that on GoS or something, I’m not planning to go back to SimPE for few weeks. ^^;

Please only install one default of each color at the time, you can only have one S1, S2, S3, S4 or S5(=alien) skin at the time. If you already have default skins you’ll have to remove those before using these. Also let me know if there’s any kind of problem with some skin(s), (for example wrong texture for wrong gender or age group or something) I didn’t test them all and I was definitely starting to go cross eyed half way through the SimPE part. @_@

Edit05122016: The DEFAULT-S3_Digi-HappyWhenItRains-Color11-Style2 has been fixed, please redownload if you’d like your Sims to have matching faces and bodies. ^^;

Can I be honest?? I love Ben a lot (obviously) but his face and body and physicality is something I can never fully understand. Like sometimes he looks as if he’s SO thin in the face but actually his body is all muscles and firm and packed and built. Like now, like him as Dr strange, like him during hamlet.

Other times, he can look so muscle-y and beefy in the face, and it follows through consistently with how the rest of his body looks. Like in s2 Sherlock, like him as khan in star trek into darkness.

Other times he can look thin in the face, and it turns out to be thin in his body as well, like in s1 Sherlock.

So when I see his face and he seems thin, I honestly can’t tell if he’s actually skinny, or is he muscle-y?? How is this possible??

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plot twist- teagan is only used for flash backs

PLS. I WISH. Like DC, why are you fucking with us like this????

Buuuuuuuut, that’s highly unlikely. I think we’re stuck with child!Raven, for all intents and purposes. My only tiny sliver of hope is that they follow one of the story arcs where Rae dies/sacrifices herself and is reborn as White Raven or resurrected in an older body by like S2 or S3. But again, slim chances are slim. Recasts in general RARELY happen, but if there’s any character that can do it, it would be Raven as she’s done it in comic canon before, and even in the 2003 cartoon.  

I’ve seen some theories about DC wanting to do the whole ‘cute kid with super powers’ trope, but, I don’t see that working. As of right now, Teagan is playing Raven at 14-15 (unless they changed that), and for that trope to work, we, uh, kind of need more kids for her to bond with.

But judging by even the other casting calls, everyone is STILL slated to be way older than her. 

Yeah, Eleven is great, but she has a group of kids to be friends with AS WELL as parental figures. Whereas Teagan’s entire team is older by…a LOT. Similarly, X-23 was largely motivated by wanting to join/help children her age (and that was just a movie; not an entire series). Of course, it’s totally possible Ryan is playing Beast Boy at maybe two years older than Teagan will play Raven, but…it’s still weird since irl, they have a 9 year age gap (and Teagan is…still 13 regardless of the fact that she may look older). At best, they can be good friends, I guess, but Gar can’t flirt or hit on her (which IS something he does in most canon), aaaand that’ll change their dynamic, leveling it with basically what she’ll have with the others, too. 

It just sucks because it robs us of all the potential team dynamic Raven COULD have with her fellow Titans, which in comic, have always been unique and important for her development. Making Rae a child sort of limits what they can do with her.

I know some folk say casting children to play children is good because it prevents writers from using dark themes for kids (since it’s unrealistic) but, uh, this is Teen Titans; nothing is really realistic here, and I’d sooner have them explore dark themes with an OLDER actress so that a young child isn’t traumatized by being put through heavy shit like that. Besides, Raven’s entire story is a giant, dark theme. Her mother was r*ped by a fucking demon. Like, idk how you can make that innocent other than just not mentioning it at all. 

ANYWAYS. I guess my point is…I’m not against Teagan being Raven, nor do I think she’ll do a bad job. I’m just not impressed with the writing team thinking making her so young was a good decision when everyone else is almost old enough to be her parent. Casting teens to play teens only really works when everyone is around the same age, and part of me thinks they really, really messed up the Raven casting. 

In short, I’m not excited for her portrayal, nor her interactions with her teammates. I mean, I could be proven wrong and I’ll certainly give it a chance, but, so far, I’m just not sold at all on this version of Raven. 

My salty ass is here for Starfire, Beast BAE, and DickKori, so long as they don’t fuck that up, too. 

Oh, and if that casting call is for Roy Harper, I’ll probably SCREAM because that’s TWO of my favorite boys who are in the hi-i’m-underappreciated-and-hated fanclub getting some much needed love!

My biggest fear, however, are the tags on tumblr being full of nothing but Titans stuff for the characters. :/ It’s gonna suck if I end up disliking the show, having to see it everywhere all the time. 

Swapped (SyndiSparklez One Shot Fluff)

Summary: Tom dares Jordan to steal a few potions from Wag and if he does it, he will give him the necessary items Jordan needs for a machine. Jordan does this, but when he and Tom drink the potions to toast their victory, magical things occur that catch them both off guard.

Warnings: swearing and body swap (idk if this is warning worthy but watevs)

A/N: I added this to a list that I have been keeping of SyndiSparklez things to write and thought that writing this one up would be a nice little break from finals and other school related stress. Enjoy my lovelies!

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I think one of my favorite things about Emma and past!Hook (though it’s hard to pick)… is the noise he makes when she walks up.

Just listen. He was in the middle of laughing with his wenches or whatever, but everyone stops for a second when Emma butts in, and Hook makes this kind of little appreciative grunt, looking up at her. What I love about it is that it’s obviously not intentional. Sure, he’s a little drunk, but before she pours drinks down his throat up he’s not totally out of it - yet he can’t control this automatic reaction. He stops everything. His mouth is actually falling open as he takes her in.

I mean seriously, everything stops. And then next thing we see, he must’ve sent them all away, because it’s just him and Emma alone on the bench.

It reminds me a little of how he just looked at her when she first pulled him out of the pile of bodies in S2 (call me crazy, but it sounds to me like his voice faltered a little in the middle of his “thank you”, and he kind of paused for just a second when he saw her). No matter where, no matter when, Emma shows up and (at least for a little while) everything else goes away.