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I rewatched S02E01 What Lies Ahead, and you know what I just noticed?

When Rick caught Sophia after she ran away from walkers
You know, what she does???






See, this little girl, she’d been living with an abusive father. She “didn’t have a mean bone inn her body”, world ended, but she expresses a will to fight! 

However reckless should that move be, this was SOMETHING!

She wanted to live and with help of the others (ekhem, a certain former abused child, redneck with a heart of gold) she would have learned how to survive, for sure. 


Yes, I know this would alter a lot of Carol’s development, but hey, that would change everything. I just had a thought about it. Poor Sophia. Poor Carol. Poor Daryl. 

Damn, this show is killing me. :(

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Funny how 'everyone' is 'cancelling' Val, but when Alejandro, Sinu, Roger and even Camila's grandma have been shady towards the girls I didn't see any camilizer 'cancelling' them...

i didn’t see anyone saying “we should blame her too”, you can’t blame people for something they didn’t do. don’t blame the girls (camila included) for something they didn’t do, this goes for now and future situations!

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Touka didn't do anything with in regards to Haise unlocking his memories and she's didn't instigate anything from that plot line.

Because it wasn’t Touka’s job to do anything about it, it was a personal issue of Kaneki to find himself again and regain his memories in due time. Touka is not Kaneki’s personal therapist, she can talk to him all she wants but in the end is Kaneki who has the final word regarding his life and decisions. Touka has her own life to live as well. Kaneki never took into consideration how lonely Touka was when he himself promised her that he wouldn’t leave her alone, but it’s easy to blame Touka for not interfering with Haise’s life? He also didn’t do anything when she felt lonely. If we’re gonna play the game of who is to blame in here, both made huge mistakes and hurt one another, Touka is not the villain here. 

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i'm on the greys tag right now and everybody is blaming amelia and having general shitty things to say about her and i HATE IT. she wasn't exactly wrong about cristina either. saw somebody outright say she wasn't a mother since she didn't raise her child in the tags.

Oh HELL no! This is why I never check the tags I just stick to my dash because I have nothing nice to say to those people. Like, are you kidding me? You don’t have to have a living child to be a mother. People are so narrow minded. It’s unbelievable. And you’re totally right her Cristina point was really valid. It’s almost like Owen is telling her she’s not enough.

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Someone should look into Abel what I mean is start thinking about him skeptically we trust him too much he's the perfect suspect = invisible. Nothing comes to my mind but he had that halo shaped lamp and worked on some gadgets and Hap had the same lamp someone made a post about it. Also that he filmed Prairie and was always keen to have her committed and medicated more than Nancy but the blame falls on Nancy and he's the perfect father. Too suspicious even more than Elias!

Nooo but I love Abel! Maybe someone else can make a post about this, I feel like my love of Abel would stop me from being able to be too suspicious of him.

my coworker that i used to be really chill with last year is acting really bitchy towards me today like i said good morning to her and she just rolled her eyes at me and started talking to another barista and i dont know what i did to her since i havent worked with her for weeks but i really don’t appreciate her attitude especially when i was nothing but nice to her but im not going to say anything because im going to give her the benefit of the doubt and believe that she just is having a bad day and is taking it out on me which isn’t fair at all but if she is gonna be bitchy anyways i might as well just assume its all on her instead of taking blame here

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My god!! I was on twitter to see what happened with Lauren from 5H and her "fans" are horrible! She wrote those tweets telling her fans how she feel and they are blaming her, they are saying that the staring, the ring, the song and other things (I don't know what they're talking about because I'm not fan) is proof that she and Camila gave them!! How awful you have to be to believe in things that you create in your head than in the person you say you love and support?


“If Larry isn’t real, then why do they always wear green and blue?”, “If Larry isn’t real, then what’s with all the clues?”, “If Larry isn’t real, then Louis and Harry have a lot of explaining to do.”

So, in answer to your question: Just as a Larrie! They already know.

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Honestly the treatment of Sara's character from the writers and the fandom makes me want to quit watching the show. She's been my favorite character since her Arrow days, but it seems like writers make her make questionable decisions only to be called out by her teammates(Amaya). It also fuels the fire of people thinking she's a horrible captain. I just don't like how all the pressure is on her, and if she makes the wrong decisions, the blame goes to her.

I think this is an area where we disagree, anon friend.

I think that Sara has largely been portrayed very consistently as a Captain.  She has been proven since day one to be a very skilled natural leader.  She is not a perfect Captain, and has made mistakes along the way.  Generally speaking, I think her mistakes tend to be reasonable from her perspective and tend to come from a position of focusing on her responsibility as a leader first and a replacement “time master” second.

But here’s the thing, my friend.  You sent this to the inbox of someone who has a grand total of 66 pages in her Rip Hunter tag.

So while I absolutely sympathize with the difficulty of having people think your favorite is a horrible captain, and every wrong decision/mistake gets blamed on her…

I’m also someone who recently had to watch an episode involving my favorite character, only having just been freed from the prison of his own mind, repeatedly get slapped in the face with an incredibly heavy handed narrative about how Sara is the much better Captain.  (I don’t even think that the conclusion was wrong, but I thought the show went a bit too far with stacking the deck in her favor, while Rip’s genuine strengths as a Captain were downplayed and ignored.)

So my opinion is very likely biased and should be taken with a grain of salt.

But really, I think most bloggers and reviewers, including me, are of the opinion that Sara is, in general, a pretty great Captain even with her mistakes.  So I wouldn’t let it get to you.

I suspect that any backlash Sara is getting as a Captain right now is less about mistakes that she’s made and more a result of a very loud fanbase trying to find reasons for why their favorite character just handed a reality warping artifact to a group of villains consisting of a man who’s allied with Nazis and murdered Sara’s sister, the man who blew up Oliver’s boat and orchestrated Sara’s death, and the man who murdered Amaya’s love and tortured and violated Rip.

The Captain is always an easy person to blame when you don’t want to hold a character accountable for their own decisions.  :-)

Remember this accident she blamed it on her diabetes and her hog hunting husband.


2 car accidents that could have ended badly for her, her kids, and others driving around her due to her being an irresponsible diabetic…. If last time wasn’t a wake up call, I hope it is this time around before someone gets hurt!!

again i don’t feel an ounce of sypmathy for cass. from what i gathered she was pretty awful about neda the first week without feeds. neda wanted to work with her or was at least willing. but cass wanted her backdoored, and has been going on about how she should have gotten that jury pass and not her. so really can i blame neda for going after her? not at all. especially since gary and cass want to go after her after her immunity is up. so getting cass out now is best for her game.

but i’m not gonna get cocky. we really don’t know what will happen with this veto. hell cass could very well win veto. if she’s really lucky she can stay off the block this week. but i could see the former happening way before the latter.

i just found a youtube channel of what is either a wannabe comedian or a paranoid schizophrenic blaming colin farrell for a bunch of terrorists attacks and also her phone not working

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sorry I didn't mean to rant like that, I was all worked up because I kind of understand, I mean I haven't celebrated my birthday since I was 8 and when I remind my parents they're like "aren't u too old for birthdays" but they never insulted me in a serious matter, I just think your mother is pouring all of her anger and sadness from the condition of her son on you so she can feel a tad better, maybe you can talk to her on this? maybe just maaybe she'll open up

Nah, she just pours everything on me in general. Plus my dad doesn’t like me and she’s dependent on my dad so what he says goes really. She’s just a very angry and sad person and I hate to blame her abusiveness on her past but I do and I somewhat understand her need for an outlet. I just will never understand why she genuinely believes she can be so cruel to me just because she birthed me. If I had it my way, I wish I could just stop my birth altogether honestly. Somehow I always end up blaming myself for how she feels about me and if I wasn’t born then I wouldn’t ever have to go through all that I have in silence. It’s okay ♡ I’m here anyways and there’s no going back in time so I might as well just try to enjoy my time on earth ♡ thank you again dear, and hey shoot me a message when it’s your bday so I can celebrate with you!!!!!