(big group cuddles)

I’m starting a movement that after 6 seasons the ninja need one huge CUDDLE OKAY!!!

I mean they have all been through so much and Iv waited 6! Seasons for a big group CUDDLE and a long one okay! None of this 5 second BS!

They need to all cuddle it out!! Like shit!!

It’s time okay.

I feel like the amis have a very close group friendship. Like they all cuddle up at movie nights and you can’t leave the room without kissing everyone on the cheek or forehead and anyone will sit on anyone’s lap and they all flirt outrageously, especially when a few of them get into actual relationships. So you’d get Courf and Ferre actually dating but Joly is sitting on Courf’s lap and they’re across the table from Ferre who has his arm around Enjolras and Bossuet’s head on his shoulder. Just. Communal cuddles, yknow?