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•toppdogg lockscreens made by me•

Repub and please give me credit if you use!! @lavender-lungs

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If you would like me to make more , or other bands, just ask i would be glad to, i have guidelines and stuff in my ask so just follow those please~

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Holy cow, I might cry! You guys! This is amazing! 1000 is a big number! I couldn’t be happier at how far my lil’ blog has come, and I am so grateful to you all!
Alrighty, now let’s get to the fun part! (Thank you to those who helped me with what to do for this.)
I’ll be doing a follower pic for 20+ followers, you’re characters will be drawn in chibi style to fit more of you! But wait! There’s more~
For two or three lucky winners, I would like to draw a series of pictures with your OC and Elora together on either a date or a friendly hangout, your choice, the winners will be messaged and asked for a ref, along with other info.

Rules / How to enter:
- Be a follower (new or old)
- Reblog - you can reblog with a ref, a link to ref, or submit me one.
- OC doesn’t have to be a pony but humans I won’t do.
- Must reblog before 15th July, that’s when all winners will be determined.

And that’s it! Everyone who enters, their url will be put in a list and put to a number generator so it’s fair, thank you everyone so much again, I love you all, and stay safe! -Mod


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Comparison of the two versions:

French (left) Japanese (right)

Volume: smaller and less pages for the French version (not much tho)

Title: different font, bigger for the French version

Colours: the colors are darker than the Japanese version

Pages: whiter and a better quality in the French version

Translation: 10/10, some chapter titles are written in English (ch. 3/7) They also kept the words “sensei” and “orochi” (I personally think it’s rare to see those words in their original form in the mangas in France).

You can ignore it if it doesn’t interest you ;) @makyun @drowning-in-theories @ishida-why @asbehsam @tokyo-fushu @oneeyedkingeto

Better picture that you can actually click on and get better quality, just in case you can’t read my scribbles when zoomed out!

My gem collection - here they all are! Now featuring my recently-bought-on-ebay Smoky and Bismuth, in the style of those people who were sick on photograph day in school!

I’m still thinking if I should get Pink, Blue and Yellow Diamond too. I mean, I have ONE diamond, so shouldn’t that technically be enough? Do I have to get a Yellow Pearl and Blue Pearl too? What do you guys think :\