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“No, you’re wrong, father.”

Demon/Angel AU 

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“Sometimes what you think is an end is only a beginning.“

Pre-Kerberos/Pre-Voltron photo manip set! It’s been far too long since I made these things.  c:

The only images that were not manipulated (short of some coloring adjustments) were the ship image and the last photo. I had to give poor Keith a hair trim, too.

For those of you waiting for requests from forever ago… Sorry it’s taken so long. I’m still gonna make attempt to get some of them done soon. ;;;

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Other stuff I’ve made

anonymous asked:

i've been wanting to gif for a very long time but i find it so frustrating bc i don't know how to download the video or where i can download what things i need to download it and so forth plus i have a mac so it limits me from certain apps and stuff. can you please help me out?

of course darling!! crap i still haven’t done that giffing tutorial. okay i’ll work on that later today but until then, i’ll answer this first :) i guess this is like the stage before giffing? this is a tad long but oh well.

pre-giffing tutorial + tips

first: i download most of my movies from the pirate bay, but they’re torrents. i use utorrent. i also use twitter sites like lovelylogoless. for some animated films, i use kisscartoon but there is no distinct download link. make an account, search + click on the film you want to download and scroll to the bottom:

right click on 1920x1080.mp4 and right click ‘save link as…’ and it’ll start downloading. to see quality difference, i torrented the little mermaid and downloaded it from kissanime. in all honesty, the torrent was better quality but this is a good alternative for those who don’t necessarily like torrenting. 

youtube is also great, but you gotta make sure the quality is 1080p. 720p is okay but sometimes 1080p trailers still turn out to look a bit grainy (that’s normal for downloading from youtube). to do this, get the link of what you want to download (from youtube) and i use clipconverter.cc. on this site, you can select the quality (always choose 1080p or higher, if there is an option for higher). some automatic youtube to mp4 sites record the video in bad quality. 

second: i have a mac too! it’s not that frustrating as expected tbh. here you can find some photoshop downloads for mac. i personally use cs5 and MPEG streamclip for screencapping. these are my screencapping settings:

if you don’t know how to screencap with streamclip, see this tutorial. the only downside about using streamclip (rather than windows’ KMPlayer, which isn’t on mac yet) is that it can only screencap from mp4 films. if you download a film in mkv (or a different format), i use handbrake to convert to mp4. these are my settings:

i’ve used this to convert all my mkv film files to mp4 and it’s great. quality remains the same, which is the most important thing. usually whatever the duration of the film is (e.g. 2 hours) is how long it’ll take to convert. i fill up my queue (see this image if you don’t know what i mean) and start converting before i go to bed, so i get about 3-4 conversions then rather than lagging my laptop and converting them during the day (while i’m doing other stuff). 

that’s about it!! as mentioned above, i’ll do a proper giffing tutorial later today but i hope this helps xx


There they are, the people that make me laugh and smile. Those cuties. <3
You guys just keep being you, my dudes!

I like how the line-art looked by itself so I am adding it on here.

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Obzor 1P63 Tactical Combat Scope w/ Solar Dual White/Green Multipurpose Reticle, AK/AKM Mount. This is the newest collimator made for the Kalashnikov. Representing a new generation of Russian optics production, it is already being used by elite units in Russia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD): police, Spetznaz Special Forces, OMON, etc. Such units aren’t going to use anything but the best. The Kashtan and the Obzor are use leading edge technologies developed by the NPZ factory. The scope reticle changes its shape in response to light conditions so you literally have three different reticles for daylight, twilight and night conditions. It also has a lever activated tinted lens filter that gives great reticle clarity in bright light conditions, it is a very cool feature and makes this collimator one of our favorites. It not only fills the role of the traditional CQB short range/fast acquisition sight, but also has unique features designed specifically for longer range combat shooting. The reticle and scope ability is geared for a single shot kill on an AK-74N at 400-700 meters. It’s fully coated prismatic lens system provides a remarkable, high contrast, wide angle field of view allowing for fast acquisition of moving and spaced targets. The advanced battery-free, illuminated white&green reticle allows the Obzor be used in ANY conditions. You have an unlimited field of view and maximum ability to register incoming targets. The precision optic system combined with the striking field of view produced by the high quality lens system provides far superior accuracy at distances exceeding those capable with iron sights. The scope has very accurate windage and elevation adjustments in small increments (every turret’ click moves POI by 3 cm at 100 m). The special protective lens coatings protect the scope from scratching and fouling in the extreme battlefield conditions where it was designed to operate. A light-dividing mechanical and coating system produces exceptional dual visualization of the target and reticle at the same time so you see both in high resolution for better targeting.

I call this one “Hey Atlus how come you let me be bi but don’t let me date the boi????”

Or alternatively

“A couple'a nerds bein’ bros :^)”

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drawn in the livestream :))

tomorrow night im gonna be streaming myself drawing nitw characters as humans (and like interaction idea things if you have any ideas for those ;oo) it’ll probably start at like 6pm GMT so, iDK WORK OUT THE TIME FOR YOURSELF

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•toppdogg lockscreens made by me•

Repub and please give me credit if you use!! @lavender-lungs

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If you would like me to make more , or other bands, just ask i would be glad to, i have guidelines and stuff in my ask so just follow those please~


Summer commissions are open!! Click on images for better quality 

Let me know if any of the information is unclear. All prices are in US dollars and payment is through PayPal. Prices are negotiable if you are in a tight situation and honestly can’t afford full price just talk to me about it, all I ask for is your honesty in those regards.

Any fandom, ocs, personal pieces are all welcome no restrictions on the subject however I do have a few restrictions: please no smut, gore, pornography or other like requests. 

Other than that, I’m very flexible, just message me if you have any questions. For commission questions or requests pm me on tumblr or email me at niennaart@gmail.com. Also any signal boosts are appreciated <3 

Sorry for the long post and I hope you have a fantastic day! 


“Red Kimono,
Green Sash,
Yellow Hairpin
I put in my hair.
I’ve become the type of
Girl you like.
How is it?
Aren’t I beautiful?”
- Tailor Shop on Enbizaka

(click for better quality)

Honestly this was just an excuse to draw Ayano/Yan-Chan in a kimono. So, “tailor shop on enbizaka” is one of the many yandere vocaloid songs and I love how beautiful it sounds, so it kinda inspired this. I put red spider lilies on Ayano’s kimono because those are part of the game, as well as cherry blossoms on her sash and hairpins. Also the reason the others are shorter than Ayano is because they’re suppose to be behind her.

The reason I chose Osana and Amai to represent the other women in the song is because they most closely match the color schemes of those woman, red and green. I know Osana is more orange but only two other characters in the game have a red color scheme and neither show interest in Taro. Same with Amai, she’s more of a minty green, but any other green color character wouldn’t fit. I chose Hanako for the hairpin girl because that girl is said to be young, and Hanako is currently the youngest character in the game, being two years younger than Taro I believe.

I’m really happy with how this turned out.

The Matriark

She’d mistaken it for a rust blood at first, but a second glance confirmed what her keen eyes had seen.  Kanaya looked around, making sure that none of the other jades were nearby, then bent to pick up the little wriggler.  It protested with squeaks and hisses; she was not his lusus, but she didn’t think he would have one.  He was red.  Bright red.  Incredible.

She drew the youth to her chest quickly, letting the glow of her skin die, exchanged for the cloak of darkness.  Her fellows would do anything to cull such a mutant.  Fight over the poor thing, maybe.  That was no life.  Being culled?  No, that was no life either.  Taken care of like a helpless cheese critter.  And not all were truly kind in their intentions, using those under their care as means to a higher position, neglected more than they were cared for.

The wriggler had stopped protesting, relaxing into her midblood warmth.  Their temperature wasn’t too different, it seemed.  Holding him for extended periods would not be an issue.  She caressed the grub’s face, pushing already thick black hair out of his face.

“Karkat,” she whispered.  “I will call you Karkat and you will live with me, child.  Now, let’s find you something to eat.”

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See the Silenced here!

For You (cover)
For You (cover)

a cover of a cover whose album art features a cute picture of Jungkook that you can barely see due to the size of the thumbnail

(excuse the fact I sung a bit faster than Kaye and the not-so-good quality, I didn’t record with a proper microphone ^^”)

original by Kaye Allen

Anyways, congratulations to @exoticarmy127 for hitting the 3 year mark for her blog!! I know this doesn’t do you justice, but I hope it doesn’t sound too bad ^^”

For those of you who haven’t heard the original cover snipet, click the link above and go bless your ears~ I love you Kaye <3 and once again, happy third year anniversary to your blog!!


[Quick tutorial for editing screenshots!]

For those who don’t know about the Mii verse trick, there’s a tutorial [ here ] by mischacrossing, and if you have a mac, you can have an even better quality.

I don’t use Mac, so this is what I usually do. (click on the pics to see the captions!)

Some observations

  • I usually stop after the “reduce noise” step, the others are optional. Also, you don’t need to do everything, those are all the tricks that I commonly use when editing screenshots, you can use only the ones you need/want for each screenshot
  • Actions can be a good thing to use too, just search for “photoshop actions” on google or deviantart to download some/learn how to use!
  • To create a new layer with the pic (as seen in steps 5 and 6) create a new layer (ctrl+shift+N) and use ctrl+shift+alt+E
  • If you have any question, feel free to ask!

(Excuse my first attempt at a gif aha, may need to click for better quality.)

Holy cow, I might cry! You guys! This is amazing! 1000 is a big number! I couldn’t be happier at how far my lil’ blog has come, and I am so grateful to you all!
Alrighty, now let’s get to the fun part! (Thank you to those who helped me with what to do for this.)
I’ll be doing a follower pic for 20+ followers, you’re characters will be drawn in chibi style to fit more of you! But wait! There’s more~
For two or three lucky winners, I would like to draw a series of pictures with your OC and Elora together on either a date or a friendly hangout, your choice, the winners will be messaged and asked for a ref, along with other info.

Rules / How to enter:
- Be a follower (new or old)
- Reblog - you can reblog with a ref, a link to ref, or submit me one.
- OC doesn’t have to be a pony but humans I won’t do.
- Must reblog before 15th July, that’s when all winners will be determined.

And that’s it! Everyone who enters, their url will be put in a list and put to a number generator so it’s fair, thank you everyone so much again, I love you all, and stay safe! -Mod