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So I saw this post you reblogged about how 'grant' means 'to believe'? Well, it gets better. The verb 'taire' means 'to conceal'. So this man is called Grantaire? He is basically called 'believe - conceal'. And if that isn't the best name I have ever heard, then I don't know what is.

He conceals his believes. “A man who took great care not to believe in anything”. That’s it, now I need a break.

America: NASA is my actual lover.

Russia:… NASA is a privately owned company.

America: And I’m a talking land mass. What’s your point? 

the way lukas kisses philip. Oh jesus, when he kisses him he goes all for it, aggressive in his movement, and yet his actual kisses are so tender, so soft and sweet and longing. His hands hold onto philip’s face, almost as he’s worried that if he can’t feel it under his fingers that it isn’t real. And when Philip moves away, even a slight, his palms just bring him even closer. Lukas goes to kiss Philip like he’s about to go war, like he’s fighting a losing battle, because the moment his lips meets Philip it’s like watching ice melt underneath a flame. 


low quality selfies, high quality pup