first set of my HUNGRY BOY series: egg, pancakes, and milk! 🍴

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Laws of Gravity need not apply

It’s a difficult thing to go from secretly crushing on your school rival at a distance to sharing a tentative psychic connection with him, an audience of three other people, and an assorted collection of sentient machines.

Harder still to watch that crush come to be something more.


anonymous asked:

my gosh bekkie when you said my first egg hatched i thought you meant like your birds had an egg

HKBGKDSG OH MY GOD i didn’t even think of that, can u imagine… my birds hatch an egg together through weeks of endless love and tears and out comes just a horse on fire

i love it

anonymous asked:

soo for your 2 superhero boys, what are their powers?

!!! i kind of have a whole bunch for them, i’m not sure if they’re all 100% “canon” but i’m WORKING ON IT… i feel like i’m gonna write a ton so i’m SORRY IN ADVANCE AAAAAA I LOVE THEM

jamie is based off electricity and lightning so he can do pretty much anything you’d expect from that LIKE

  • he can control electronics
  • electrocute people (very dangerous lets hope he doesn’t do that to anyone he cares about)
  • throw down some sick dangerous lightning bolts that are kind of unpredictable and risky but they work
  • cling to ceilings or walls/buildings through Static so he can climb walls (i don’t know if that’s actually electric shit but it SEEMS COOL) although that’s only on his own, it doesn’t work well if he has to carry someone for example
  • he can jump super high with a bolt, almost like when you give yourself a static shock and jump from it out of surprise

if you let him hold your phone he could charge it too, plus he can fix electronics easier than most!! he’s always cautious about being in rain or water though since the electricity can get out of control and probably kill anyone nearby who’s standing in it like throwing a giant toaster in a bath tub (no swimming pools for This Guy probably) and this also makes him immune to electric shocks and stuff because it would be weird if he could electrocute himself

i also have “radiation immunity” written down in a notebook for some reason i’ve forgotten so there’s that too??? MAYBE i don’t know about that one

FOR AVERY…. since he’s based off of a dragon most if not all of his powers are FIRE AND LAVA STUFF BASED!!! which was an awful idea because i can’t draw fire to save my life but whahtevrveere

  • he’s completely 100% immune to fire, lava, high temperatures etc. like hot days or the ring of a stove, like you could throw gasoline on him and set him on fire and he’d be like “is it just me or is there a chill in here”
  • he has the ability to breath fire (yes through the mask i have that FIGURED OUT… mostly) 
  • his main attacks are throwing bolts of fire or lava, he does do his best to not burn houses down but he’s only one child
  • he can completely combust into flames for ie. if someone was pinning him down. fire + skin = bad
  • he has a little extra strength to make up for his small frame
  • he can climb walls/ceilings like an expert, and quietly too
  • his outfit gives him the ability of flight/gliding so he has two ways to move around that way
  • he is AGILE AND QUICK because he is small
  • he can completely recreate things like his guns using the lava he makes as long as he can touch them while he does it, for example his guns are actually replicas of his dad’s guns*

*that way he 1. has a last resort weapon, 2. doesnt have to steal from his dad who Owns Guns, 3. only he can use them and he can make them turn back to their Burning Hot Form if anyone else were to snatch them from him

the bullets he uses for them are also ones he made himself, they fire burning hot and then kind of explode inside whatever they hit after about 4 seconds so imagine being burned alive from the inside out . there it is that’s him

he doesn’t do well in the cold though… and whenever he sneezes he lets out a little poof of fire sometimes so he has to wear a face mask when he’s sick so nobody sees

i haven’t got much for weaknesses for him or jamie yet but i’m workin on it


Grabe, sobrang ganda ng langit ngayong gabi. Kinuhanan ko ng picture kanina nung nasa sm pa kami. Tapos bigla ba namang kumidlat ng pagkalaki-laki. Napaatras tuloy yung mga beks na katabi namin na pinagmamasdan yung langit. Hahahaha. Ambilis na natakpan yung pagka-orange sa loob lang ng halos tatlong minuto. Parang yung pake ko nawala agad nung inaccept na ako ng kras ko sa fb char. Ah basta, nakakainlove to.