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Hima you know what frustrates me about being a poc in this fandom is that we can't just live you feel me? Like I feel like I have to address the naughty boy situation when all I want to do is talk about how good harry looked tonight you kno?

i 100% understand like to be honest this shit gives me major anxiety and i’ve always just wanted my blog to be a totally safe space closed off from all the bullshit off the internet but it just… doesn’t happen and i feel bad because i’m sat here like yeah louis fucked up, did you hear how good that dfwyb verse sounded also… but if i ignore it i feel insensitive and gross rip


*I sigh quietly letting you pull me into your side* I just feel bad for being upset over it when we weren’t too serious and I feel like I made him feel worse about it all *shakes my head* and it’s not like I am some saint… I felt attracted to somebody else while with him so its not like I am any better- Melanie

Did you tell him that? *I ask, not wanting to pry or try and figure out who you’re talking about because I assume you’d tell me if you wanted to* I think he’d understand and I thinkt hat if you’re still wanting to spend time with him, he wouldn’t mind, I know Louis, and I know he cares about you…-Harry