In which newly minted Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi realizes he needed to teach Anakin how to meditate. For panharmonium :)

"twelve and clara. fluff and crop. they solve crimes. or short, so he can call her shortie and mock her height and her hair in one sentence" - lotuskasumi

(Gettin’ hype for s9 haaaaaair.)



Please tell me I wasn’t the only one who thought he looked like Neapolitan ice cream!!!

Gah I am so happy to get this done tonight!! Right with the Warfstache spam! I wonder if Mark likes this ice cream. It is one of my favorite flavors! AND THERE ARE SPRINKLES, WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE!?

Two versions, with and without extra Neapolitan flavor!

I might put this up on my redbubble.


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And Then He Ran Into My Knife

Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,800
Warnings: Myron being a brat in general?

Summary: “Kurt decides then and there that he will be going to court for murder in a week’s time. He’ll plead insanity. And win.”
6x09 reaction. In which Kurt thinks ‘it could be worse’ and then he and Blaine promptly meet Myron, newest member of the New Directions. Next time don’t tempt fate, Kurt. Canon compliant; Klaine.


Being back in Lima after their honeymoon in Provincetown is… nice.

At least, that’s what Kurt is telling himself.

Sure, Andrew Sullivan’s cabana house had been gorgeous and equipped with its own team of help staff, and he’s pretty sure Blaine didn’t stop smiling once, and his new constellations of freckles from the beach have already started to fade, but really. Grey, dreary Lima is practically a comfort after spending two weeks surrounded by a turquoise ocean sparking pieces of sun off its surface like a fisherman’s net of diamonds, and clean Egyptian cotton sheets every night to sleep in, and so so much Blaine, around him and on top of him and in him…

But Lima is nice.

Maybe if he grits his teeth long enough, he’ll start to believe it.

On other hand, Blaine is standing right beside him, hand in his own, the metal of his wedding band pressing against Kurt’s fingers, so really, it could be worse.

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okay but college au where bokuto and kuroo find a basket full of abandoned kittens and sneak them into their dorm room to nurse and raise them and they would get into a lot of trouble if someone finds out but the kittens are just too cute they can’t give them away they’re their dads now

at the same time, kuroo tries to get close to kenma who’s in one of his classes and he’s got a terrible crush on him. and kuroo tries to invite him to their room just to chill out and maybe get a bit closer to him but kenma alsways rejects him, since that guy’s really creepy like hell he would follow him to their room. but then kuroo comes to class with A FUCKIN KITTEN IN HIS BAG and tells him they’re raising them in their room and kenma just. sweats.because shit that’s way too cute and hOW CAN HE REFUSE NOW.
so he comes with him after classes and there really are like 5 adorable little balls of furs padding around in their dorm room and kenma just dies internally. from then on, he visits them on a regular basis. when they get bigger, he adopts one of them. (his roommate akaashi isn’t that fond of the idea. he goes to kuroo’s room to complain. bokuto opens the door. “hey hey heey pretty boy, wanna adopt a kitten?” Akaashi is physically unable to say no and kenma snorts when he comes home with another kitten)