I think the thing that bothers me the most when people say things like, “How could the Doctor possibly fall in love with Rose? She was just a regular teenage girl and he was this ancient, amazing alien,” is that that, right there, was the ENTIRE point that RTD was trying to make through their relationship. You have this character, the Doctor, who’s been so many places and lived so long and is obviously brilliant, and you start thinking “yeah, he’s the best, he’s better than everyone else, he should only love/associate with people who are on the same level as him.” And then suddenly you have Rose — a lower-class shop girl with no A-levels — and the Doctor falls in love with her.

Rose breaks apart every elitist ideal, completely shatters the entire concept that some people are better than others because of their social status or profession or education or age, and her relationship with the Doctor shows that it isn’t these things that make people equals. Their story touches on what I’d say is one of the main ideas throughout all of Doctor Who ever, which is that every single human being (or alien) has the potential to do amazing things. That great deeds aren’t saved for the upper classes and the intellectuals. That people are equal because they are people, and if anything were able to make someone “better” than someone else, it wouldn’t be class or age or intellect. It would be the choices people make, how they create themselves. It would be kindness and courage, and sometimes cleverness — not book smarts, not education, just plain old ingenuity — all things which Rose has in multitudes and even rivals the Doctor in at times. You go girl. 

The point that Rose and the Doctor’s story makes is that you don’t have to be a certain age or from a certain place or background etc. to be extraordinary and worthy of another, as well as that love has the amazing ability to look past all of those things and see people for who they really are on the inside. I mean, come on, it’s the oldest story in the universe:

  • the princess who falls in love with the pauper 
  • the lady who falls in love with the farm boy
  •  the wealthy estate owner who falls in love with the woman of modest means

And you only have to look to real life to see that love looks past age too. So of course an ancient, time-traveling alien can fall in love with a young shop girl. Of course a woman with more compassion than the ocean could hold can fall in love with a man who’s killed billions. Because love looks at what matters. It’s really good at that. And if you think otherwise, you’re missing out on the entire message the Doctor has been trying to tell us for the last fifty plus years. And in that case, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.

Aladdin Zayn and Prince Charming Liam -

Just your typical Disney face characters in their down time. Inspired by dickmedownlarry‘s anecdote. (if someone actually wrote a Disney Ziam fic let me know, haha…I’d love to read it).

Inspired by neverloveawildthing16 (x and x)

y’know what would be really cute? Young Greg trying to teach the Gems to drive. I pretty firmly believe he befriended all the Gems while Rose was still around, even if there was some tension, because there’s no way he was with Rose for so long and didn’t bond with her ‘family’ so he probably had a lot of little domestic bonding with them.  Like they get curious about it because they’re always seeing him drive his van around and he’d try to explain it and then maybe try and get them to all try driving it so they could understand that aspect of human culture. 

Amethyst would be super excited and reckless and probably not be able to wait for his instruction and just gun it and he’d frantically grab the steering wheel to prevent them from barreling right into the ocean. Garnet would probably press too hard on the gas and lurch forward and then quickly stomp on brake and on the outside she’d look relatively calm but internally she’s freaking out because driving is basically a rapid serious of near-death experiences and she can see all of them with her future vision. Rose I don’t know enough about to guess properly other than that she’d probably be a bit too big to drive comfortably but would try anyway and would be really enthusiastic about it. She’s also probably be the one to practice the most since she was with Greg the most.

Pearl would take to it the best, though, since she used to fly spaceships and seemed to love it and driving is similar albeit primitive to piloting a spacecraft. I bet she misses it a lot too, since it’d likely been over 5000 years since she last got to drive a spaceship. She was probably standoffish with Greg in the beginning though and took a while to warm up to him so when he offered to teach her she refused. But she’d always hover around while he was teaching the others and watch but try (and fail) to look inconspicuous and disinterested. Then one day she thinks Greg is out with Rose she decides to sneak a look at the van’s controls and is startled when it turns out Greg is just chilling in the back and says she can sit down in the driver’s seat if she wants. She ‘hmphs’ but can’t resist any more and sits down and Greg hops into the passenger seat but stays quiet and lets her just look around at her own pace because he knows by now how to interact with her (I bet Rose talked about the other Gems a lot and how they understand things), explaining things whenever she’d look perplexed. Eventually she’d ask a few questions, trying to phrase them in a way where she didn’t feel like she was admitting ignorance. After she seemed to understand the basic info, he pops in the keys and insists she give it a try

To her surprise, while the van controls similarly to a spaceship, its also different in significant ways and isn’t as easy to drive as she thought. It takes a while for her to unlearn spaceship piloting habits and just focus on driving the van as is, but after several practices (all initiated in a similarly roundabout way as the first time) she gets the hang on it. Greg gets her a handbook for the rules of the road which she studies intensely, eventually knowing it backwards and forwards (which ends up being a big help to Greg when he needs to renew his license at some point and needs help studying). She becomes one of very few people Greg completely trusts to drive his van (another being Rose, obviously) and she starts coming around from time to time to check on the van and make sure its running properly or if it needs maintenance. And sometimes she’d insist there was an ‘odd problem’ with the van and he should let her take a look at it and would spend the whole day with the hood up idly poking around while going on and on to him about spaceship engineering or how humans could improve their vehicles by doing xyz and he knew there wasn’t anything really wrong with the van, she just wanted an excuse to talk about car/spaceship stuff and he was OK with that even though he hardly understood a word she was saying.

I dunno, I just really love the idea of Greg and Pearl bonding over the van. Her friendliest interactions with him in the show are with the van and I think its a way they’re able to connect with each other despite their differences


As promised, here are the pics from this past Saturday. My friends (one of them being tsuki-ry.tumblr.com) and i wanted to go out to eat since it was my final night. They wanted to do my makeup and suggested that I wear a dress. I instantly said yes and I had a great time in it.  Sure, I got some looks and one guy looked at me going “hmmm~~” but it was worth it at the end because I felt confident and proud. I even got complimented about my legs lol

I had a lot of fun doing this and I do not mind doing this again sometime in the future. ^^


I welcome anyone to try being an ass on JB’s Instagram feed while mansplaining why they don’t agree with (read: comprehend) drawing attention to the inequalities that exist between men and women in media.

I wish you would.

Do you ever sit around and think about how Captain America: The First Avenger is aptly named not because Steve Rogers was the world’s first superhero (and future leader of the Avengers Initiative team) but because one of his most memorable acts of bravery - crashing the plane to save the world - was done in the process of avenging Bucky Barnes.

Because I think about that a lot. 

You were taught in Sunday School,
that battle was not beautiful.
They lied, or so you still believe.
For what else could he be,
when you look at him and see,
the most divine of any sin?
—  Maybe you’ve always been a solider, and maybe he’s only the war of what might have been | p.d