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actualnymph  asked:

do u have any headcanons abt Percy and Annabeth as parents?

oh boy do I

  • listen they are amazing parents, like model parents.
  • Percy really likes kids in canon, and Annabeth is just… a really good leader and I don’t see how she wouldn’t be an amazing mum.
  • Percy probably lets the kids get away with murder by just pretending he didn’t see it because they’re cute and he hates telling them off (shh i do this with my cat).
  • Annabeth pretends to be exasperated by it, but honestly, she turns a blind eye too.
  • Percy cooks all the food and Annabeth sorts out all the fights.
  • They both love playing with the kids; like Annabeth loves lego and Percy adores all the cuddly toys.
  • They wouldn’t force gender roles on their kids and would encourage them to do whatever they enjoy, even if it’s not the ‘norm’.
  • it’s just a really happy house
  • like they probably argue, but it’s just over silly domestic things like who needs to wash the dishes.
  • Annabeth always wins.
  • They love their kids a lot, but I bet they need a break sometimes, and Sally and Paul are always there to lend a hand if they need a weekend away.
  • Frederick probably isn’t as prominent in their lives, but I think they go to visit him still, but they live far away so it’s harder.
  • They probably have the best bedtime stories to tell, like come on.

Chris Evans helping you through a panic attack would include:

  • Sitting really close to you
  • Putting your head on his shoulder
    • sighing really loud in a sort of pouty way because he hates seeing you like this
  • “hey, babe”
  • rubbing your shoulder
  • “i know. i know.”
    • he just keeps talking in a deep, soothing voice
  • he gets teary-eyed 
  • “i’ve got you. shh. you’re all right, I’m here, okay?”
  • stroking your hair and nuzzling closer to you
  • after you calmed down he would ask what you want
    • doting on you for HOURS
      • “want me to draw you a bath, love?”
      • “I can make you some tea, you want some tea?
      • “We can watch your favorite movie! Does that sound good?”
    • he just wants to make it better
  • kissing all over your face until you start laughing
    • “god, i love that sound”
  • he seriously would not stop kissing you
    • “you” kiss “deserve” kiss “all the happiness”
  • cuddling and talking to you about anything
    • “we should go to iceland and get some sheep. some icelandic sheep, wouldn’t that be nice? and you could wear a Lil Bo Peep outfit!”
  • He just loves you and wants you to be happy

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An Arranged Marriage Chapter 13

Dean Winchester x Reader

1500 Words

Story Summary: An AU of sorts. Where hunter’s have communities, and arrange marriages for their young. Y/N is from the Northwest region, arranged to marry Dean, from the midwest region.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

Feeling lips brush your cheek, you tried to wake up, struggling when darkness met your eyes. “Shh, this won’t hurt. Just because I’m Lucifer doesn’t mean I’m going to hurt everyone I meet.”

Your heart pounding, you tried to crawl up the bed, away from the glowing red eyes in the darkened room. “Leave me alone!” You screamed, as you tried to climb off the bed. Falling to the floor, you crawled over to the nightstand, reaching up to grab your knife, even though you knew it would do nothing but piss him off.

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genosha-meiuqer  asked:

Hope you four are doing well. When you have time, would you mind doing a prompt or few about sibling-esque friends? Thank you in advance!

  • Character A and B grew up like they were siblings, and now that they’re older, people are constantly asking if the two of them are related because of how close they are. Character A usually says “no”, but Character B likes to trick people and say “yes”.
  • “Who made fun of you? Tell me. I’m going to beat them up. No, don’t try to protect them, I’m settling this for you.” AU
  • Because of Character A’s meek nature, Character B has always been the one to step in and protect them. At the same time, Character A has always been the calmer out of the two and can talk Character B out of reckless situations. Together, they balance the other out and make for a great pair of friends.
  • “Shh, you’re sick and I’m coming over with your favorite foods and movie. Don’t worry about getting me sick because if I catch this then you’re taking care of me next.” AU
  • Character A is a single child, while Character B is the youngest of a ton of siblings. Character B sort of ‘adopts’ Character A into the mess of their family so that Character A can get the experience of what it’s like to have siblings – and also because Character B wants to be an ‘older sibling’ figure to Character A.
Just friends

A/N wow who knew my titles could get even shittier. okay so i dont wanna be like slacking all the time, and i know i said this fic would be up last week but my mental health has been absolutely shit so im sorry. anyway 90% is dialogue and its pretty shit but yeah here you go i guess. im lowkey proud and my goal for this fic is 300 notes (i got 280 on my last one so far). if you like please like/ reblog and send me prompts!!!

WARNINGS/ TAGS: excessive dialogue, minimal editing, lots of praise, fluffy smut, riding, friends to lovers, mentions of kickthesticks oops

Dan walked around the cafeteria in his worn out converse and ripped jeans, trying to spot which table his friends were at today. As usual they were in the very corner of the cafeteria, all huddled together and laughing. Dan sat between Byrony and Phil as soon as he reached the table. Once he placed his school lunch down on the sticky table Phil instinctively wrapped a protective arm around his best friend’s waist. Phil didn’t know it, but Dan had a huge crush on him, anyone who met them definitely knew. Thats why their friends made fun of them constantly, because Dan had told them his obvious secret.

“Tone down the PDA mate,” PJ laughed from the other side of the table.

“Oh shut up PJ, you’re just jealous because you don’t have someone you can do this with,” Phil shot back. PJ just scoffed and Dan giggled, leaning into his friends touch.

“As if, Chris clearly wants PJ to fuck him,” Dan said without thinking.

“Dan! You said you could keep a secret you dick head!” Chris blushed violently and hid behind his own hands.

“Wait what?!” PJ exclaimed as if it wasn’t obvious. Everyone laughed except for Chris, who was still hiding. PJ took Chris’s hand from his face and held it while whispering something that no one else could hear.

“Oi, tone down the PDA mate,” Phil mocked.

“Oh shut up Phil,” Byrony but in, “So how long have you and Dan been together Phil?” Dan blushed and hid in Phil’s side. If they kept making jokes like this Phil would find out soon, and he couldn’t have that, it would ruin his friendship with Phil.

“Come on ass hat. You all know were not together and never will be,” Dan remarked.

“Mhm sure honey,”


Later that day they were all going out to a movie, Dan had a backpack with a blanket and “secret” snacks to sneak in for him and Phil. Knowing them, they’d end up putting away the arm rest in the theater and cuddling while wrapped in the blanket, no matter what movie it was. Dan found it as his own personal heaven and suggested movie nights each week months ago. It was his only way to get the physical affection he craves and not be teased by Peej.

“Hey Phil, do you want to come over tonight? My mums not home, we could stay up all night.” Chris asked waiting in line for their tickets.

“Sorry mate I’m already going to Dan’s tonight.”

“Yeah to fuck!” Peej laughed at his own dumb adolescent joke. Byrony giggled and nodded her head.

“You aren’t funny dick, we’re just friends!” Dan defended.

“You literally sat in Phil’s lap on the way over here,” Byrony said while giggling more, “And he played with your hair!”

“Thats what friends do!”

“Uh huh sure”


During the movie Dan had somehow migrated into Phils lap again. Phil was playing with his hair with one hand and rubbing agonizingly slow circles on Dan’s hip with the other. Dan had no clue how Phil did this and still somehow payed attention to the movie. The entire time he buried his head in Phils neck and he was imagining fucking Phil. He knows its wrong to think about these things while he’s in his best friends lap but he cant help it.

Slowly Dan started to grow hard, he shook his head and tried to think about anything else. grandma grandma grandma.

“You okay babe?” oh yeah, another thing, they always called each other babe and baby, but they’re just friends mind you.

“Mhm just tired,” Dan faked a yawn and snuggled farther into Phil’s neck.

“Go to sleep then, I’ll carry you out to the car later and wake you up when we get back to your house.”

“Mmk darlin, night.” Although Dan was faking the yawn he was quite tired, and he wanted to stay up late tonight. He decided it was best to just stick with the lie and go to sleep on Phils chest.


Dan was currently snoring lightly on Phil’s chest and muttering something incomprehensible while being carried out to the car.

“Oi, wake princess up,” Chris snickered.

“I’ll just sit him on my lap and buckle him in with me. Let him sleep asshole.”

“You know he likes you right?” Byrony stated matter of factly.

“Yeah right, stop joking guys, you know I like him, theres no need to get my hopes up,” Phil scoffed and sped up towards the car.

Their three friends shook their heads behind him. Dan and Phil would find out eventually. Right?


“P-Phil,” Dan said lightly while tightening his grip on him. Phil thought that Dan had woken up so he responded with a small “hm?” but got no response. They had just dropped off Byrony and now were heading towards Dan’s house. Since Phil didn’t get an answer he just assumed Byrony slamming the door woke up Dan for a split second.

That was until Dan grinded against Phil’s thigh. Phil felt a surge of arousal shoot through his body. Dan did it again and Phil gasped. Dan opened his mouth to moan again but Phil quickly covered his mouth. He couldn’t believe this. His best friend, not to mention his crush, was having a wet dream. In his lap. In the back of their friends car. Moaning Phil’s name! Phil debated waking him up, or just waiting until they got home and ignoring the whole situation. His awkwardness decided the second option was best.

Only seconds later Dan was grinding again and panting against Phil’s hand which was still covering his mouth. Phil prayed to every god he could think of that this car ride would be over soon because he was starting to get hard under his sleeping friend. He knew that he shouldve moved his hands from where they were on Dan’s hips because he didnt want to invade his friends space during a dream like this. Phil’s self conscious had a different idea though and moved his hands somewhere worse. Dan’s plump ass. He knew it wasnt right but he couldnt fight his instincts. Dans grinding slowed, but only so that he could push back into Phil’s hands.

Phil squeezed hard and Dan’s eyes shot open.

“Oh no,” Phil whispered almost completely silent.


“Okay guys, we’re here.” Peej announced from the front seat, “See you guys Monday. Have a good weekend.”

Dan slowly and cautiously crawled out of Phils lap, careful to hide his hard on from his friends as they said goodbye. When Chris and PJ pulled out of Dan’s drive way Dans mouth failed to make a sound even though he opened it.

“I’m so sorry Dan! I dont know what i was thinking but you were grinding on me- and- an- and you moan- moaned my name! My body was just reacting I’m so so so sorry!!” Phil spat out quickly.

“Hey, ba-Phil, don’t worry, its okay, I lik-” Dan paused and didnt finish his thought, “Lets just go inside. We dont have to talk about it if you dont want to okay babe- Phil.”

“Oh god I’m so sorry for making things awkward I didnt mean to but you kept going and oh god im so sorry-”

“Has anyone ever told you that sometimes you need to shut up Philly?”

“Make me,” Phil shot back but instantly regretted it. “Oh my god I didnt mean t-”

He was cut off by Dan’s lips against his.

“Do you really think you touching my ass bothered me? You even said yourself that i was moaning your name idiot.”

“Shh,” Phil joked and grabbed Dans hand. The kiss had boosted Phil’s self confidence, and he thought back to what his friends said about Dan having a crush on him. “How about we go up to your room baby? We can handle the little problem I have and sort our relationship out afterwards.”

“O-okay,” Dans usually dominating voice was small and timid now. He led Phil into the house and tugged his hands up the stairs. He wasnt leading because Phil didnt know where to go, of course he did, but because Phil was going at the slowest pce possible so that Dan would have to wait. “Please Phil, come onnn~” he whined.

Once they reached Dans room he flung the door open. “Calm down baby, you’ll get what you want if you wait.”

“But I want you now-” Dan was going to continue complaining like a child but he was cut off by a kiss.

Phil pulled away and smirked,“Thats pay back for cutting me off earlier dick.”

“Philly! No cussing!”, he playfully hit him on the chest. He was glad that his crush changed nothing. Hell, him grinding on his friend while having a wet dream changed nothing. They were still best friends and this moment made that clear to Dan. Phil smiled goofily at him and leaned in again, only to end up kissing Dan’s cheek though because Dan moved at last minute. Dan giggled and did it again when Phil attempted another kiss.

“Oh whatever babe, now come on, I wanna kiss you more.”

“Hmm- Nope.” Dan slid out of Phil’s grip and giggled as he ran across the room and leapt onto his bed. Phil chased after him, laughing also. He sat down next to Dan and just gazed at his friends eyes.

“You’re so gorgeous Dan,” he said as he reached out and cupped his face, “Can I kiss you again?”

“I dunno can you?” Dan teased. Phil rolled his eyes and leaned in slowly. Their lips collided and Dan swore he could feel his heart beating out of his chest. It all seemed so real, Phil’s hand in his hair, Phil’s lips on his own. Quickly he became paranoid. Even though they had this moment of goofing around would their friendship change after tonight? Would they end badly? Apparently Phil could hear him thinking because he pulled back.

“Dan, baby calm down. We can stop if you want, we dont have to do anything. We can even pretend this never happened if thats what you want. I would never do anything to hurt you love.”

“I’m just scared- I want you though, now come here again,” They kissed at Dans pace and soon Dan leaned back and rested his head against the pillows. “Will you touch me? Please? I dont care what you do. Just please-”

“Of course princess. Can I straddle you?” Dan nodded and Phil climbed into his lap. He lowered his hands down to Dan’s sides and looked up for consent before putting his hands under Dan’s shirt. It was all so intimate, Dan couldnt help but moan at the light little touches running up and down his chest.

“Please- just give me more please baby I’ll do anything.”

“We’re gonna go slow okay? Just wait and you’ll get what you want.”

Phil took Dans shirt off after asking if it was okay and slowly started to kiss over his chest. “You’re so pretty, have such a nice chest and a lovely stomach.” He pinched Dan’s side in a joking manor and smiled up at the giggling boy.

Dan blushed and looked away,“Oh come on youre just saying that,”

“I know you just found out I fancy you, but ever since we met I have thought that. Youre truly breathtaking Dan, and if youll let me I’d really really like to touch you right now.” He kissed down Dans stomach, closer and closer to his pant line.

“Plea-” His plead was cut off by a loud moan as Phil kissed his dick through his skinny jeans. “More. More More More Please!”

Phil unzipped Dans skinny jeans and started to pull them off. They got stuck at mid thigh and Dan burst out laughing. “Stop laughing you dick!” That only made him laugh more. Phil silenced him though by mouthing over Dan’s briefs. Dan gasped as soon as he felt the warm sensation through his underwear and Phil could feel his friends cock twitch.

“How far do you wanna go love?”

“Can- I- um-” Phil was sliding Dans skinny jeans off fully as Dan was attempting to speak.


“Can you fuck me?” Dan said in one breath. Phil smiled up at him while he took his own shirt off.

“How about you ride me? That way you can control the pace baby. Does that sound nice?” Dan glanced at Phil’s exposed chest and was only half listening when he nodded. “Have you ever prepped before? If you know what im trying to say…” Phil stared down at his feet and blushed as he was saying this. Dans confidence had shot through the roof with all of the compliments Phil was giving him so he decided to go with his cocky response.

“Of course I have, I did this morning in the shower. Thinking about your nice thick cock. I want it everywhere. In my hand, in my mouth, in my ass.” Phil groaned and hurried to take off his own skinny jeans while Dan kept going. “I even did after school too, before the movie. I was thinking about you touching me the whole time. Thinking about your fingers trailing all up and down my chest. Thinking about your lips nipping at my neck-” he was cut off by Phil doing just that. He left a love bite right above his shoulder and then carried on with more all over Dan’s neck. He left one right below his jaw, one on his collarbone. Anywhere he could reach.

“So I dont have to stretch you then?” Phil laughed in a teasing way and asked Dan where he kept the lube.

“Be-bed side table-” Dan blushed as Phil pulled Dan’s boxers down.

“Hm? Why are you so nervous? What else am i going to find?” He said casually as he slipped off his own boxers and reached for the drawer.

When Phil opened the bed side table he expected pornos, or the pair of joke hand cuffs PJ got Dan last christmas. But not all of these. No. He would never guess that dan would have these.

Lets just have a run down of what exactly Phil was looking at. A drawer full of bright pink and purple dildos. And vibrators. And lacy panties. Black ones to be specific. And two bottles of empty lube and one fairly empty bottle of lube. His jaw dropped as his picked up a huge vibrator. Phil would say that hes a pretty big guy down there but this fucking vibrator was at least ten inches.

Dan hid behind his hands as Phil examined all of the different vibes and such.

“Hm.. maybe we’ll have fun with those later, but for right now I think I’ll just have you ride me.” He smirked again cheekily and Dan just rolled his eyes and grabbed the last bottle of lube and a condom.

“Shut up and turn over so I can ride you, you dick,” he said as he rolled the condom onto Phils dick.

“Oh look at Mr.dominant coming out. Who wouldve guess you’re dominant with all of those toys in there?” Phil snickered at his own joke but Dan just hit his chest and shut him up with a kiss.

Since Dan was acting so needy Phil decided it was best to just get on with it. So he had Dan straddle him and positioned his cock right at Dan’s entrance. As Dan slowly sunk down onto the tip of Phil’s dick they both groaned. Phil had to try with all his might to keep his needy teenage body from bucking up into Dan.

“Oh god- can I go further?” Dan asked.

“Of course you can doofus.”

Dan tweaked his nipple for that comment; which was simultaneously causing pain and pleasure for Phil. He began to go further, taking in an inch at a time and pausing to groan and take a breath. It was pure agony for Phil to just sit there completely still so he tried to distract himself with praises for Dan.

“Good job baby boy, you take me so well, look so good like that.”

While Phil let these praises out Dan had nothing to do but gasp and moan. When he finally got all of Phil’s cock inside him Phil stopped with the praises and instead bit all over Dan’s neck again. The love bites from earlier were already starting to fade since they were nothing more than a little nip, but Phil was determined to leave a mark this time. He sucked and pulled at the skin with his teeth, pulling away only a couple times to kiss over the freshly bruised skin. When he was done leaving a bright red mark Dan was panting and pleading him to let him move.

Of course Phil immediately told him to go whenever he was ready so Dan began bouncing up and down. Even though Phil knew Dan was a virgin he guessed by all of the sex toys that Dan was used to having something up his ass.

“Please Phil, its not enough, I need you to fuck up into me~”

Phil listened and started to thrust up at the same time that Dan was coming down. He knew he found Dans prostate because Dan gasped and went even faster at the same angle.

“God baby you look so good, fucking yourself so good. Can’t wait to see your pretty face when you cum.”

These little comments only seemed to spur Dan on more, but soon it was too much and he was completely wrecked. He lifted himself up off of Phils cock and laid next to him.

“Phiw- is too much- need you to fuck me, m’ legs are too tired…”

“Of course they are you lazy oaf,” after his remark Phil got right to it. He slid his cock right back into Dan and started to thrust back and forth. He could see Dan getting needier by the second, begging for more and blushing and gasping. Phil was entirely blissed out by all of the sounds Dan was making and by how good it felt.

“Do you think you can cum untouched baby?” Dan nodded fiercely and moaned at the though of it. He reached behind Phil and pulled him down closer by his neck.

“Fuck- Phil I’m getting close-”

“You look so good baby, I bet you’ll look stunning when you cum. Begging for more, youll look so perfect.” Dan moaned at his words and started to grind back against Phil movements. Phil found Dans prostate again and pounded into it relentlessly, still letting little praises come out. “Such a good boy. Take me so well. You feel so good.”

Dan writhed on the sheets beneath Phil and clenched his sheets tight with both fists. “I need you Phil- need to kiss you.” Phil obliged and leaned down to kiss the needy boy beneath him while keeping the same speed.

“Are you going to come baby boy?”

Dan groaned and released as a response. He felt as if he was floating for a second. His vision got blurry as he released white streaks all over him and his best friend. When Phil saw the completely blissed out face of Dan he locked eyes with him and released inside the condom.

As Phil pulled out Dan found himself feeling empty. Even though some of his toys were huge, none of them felt that good. Phil reached over to Dan’s bedside table and grabbed some tissues that were obviously there for this reason.


“No- no talking now please. Jus’ some cuddles please?” Dan looked up with a pleading, almost innocent look and Phil just couldnt resist. He threw out the tissues and the condom and laid next to Dan. Dan instantly wrapped his legs around Phil’s waist and arms around his neck and kissed him swiftly on the cheek. “Night cutie, we’ll talk in the morning over some pancakes and tea okay?”

“Sounds great love, goodnight.”

Hiraeth | Pt.9

pt.1 | pt.2 | pt.3 | pt.4 | pt.5 | pt.6 | pt.7 | pt.8 | pt.9 | pt.10

Words: 6,460.

Genre: Zombie apocalypse au, angst.

Summary: A world full of dwindling hope and lost loves and yet you and Jungkook are all the other needs to feel at home.

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Our Little Secret - Part 4

Part 4 (Final Part) of Our Little Secret

Pt.1  Pt.2  Pt. 3

Mini-Series Genre: Smut/Fluff

Mood Board by the talented, wonderful @memoiresofaneternaldreamer

Another early morning came as Jackson rolled over to wrap himself around your still sleeping body, spooning you gently.

He nuzzled his nose against your ear, trailing to the crook of your neck.

“Mmm, that feels nice,” you cooed sleepily as he peppered your skin with soft, slow kisses.

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“I forgot for a minute it’s not about me, it’s about them that turn to us for help in time of need. Weak, defenceless. Old, young. Especially the young.”
– Fred Thursday, Neverland

so i’m maybe halfway through inquisition right now and i still…..don’t really understand why cullen is so popular? i mean, sure, he’s cute, and if you wanna write fic about him then power to you! you can’t help which characters you fall in love with. but i’ve barely interacted with him at all, and so far he hasn’t really told me anything interesting, or done anything that affects the plot. i can’t even take him with me on adventures - the only times i see him are when i go back to skyhold and look for him (and even then he rarely has any new dialogue options). maybe it’s because i haven’t romanced him, but i just don’t really understand the interest, and the fact that he’s everywhere is just kind of….bugging me out. 

like. i don’t wanna leap straight to the “it’s because he’s a straight white man” assumption, but i couldn’t help noticing that cullen has 10,650 fics on ao3, while josephine (who i infinitely prefer) only has 3,900. meanwhile, sera - who is canonically a lesbian, as well as being an actual companion who can be brought with you on quests - has 3415, even less than josie. and to make matters worse, only 260 of those have “sera/female inquisitor” as the main pairing. 260. in comparison to 10,650. i mean, come on. i know the trend of “female characters being ignored” is a trend in pretty much all fandoms, and it’s not any one person’s fault, but it’s really getting me down. i love my ladies i want to read more about them 

(the obvious solution to this dearth of queer ladyfic is to write my own, which i would have done a while ago if not for the huge amount of uni work i’m currently struggling with. perhaps after exams. we’ll see.)

anonymous asked:

Hello beautiful, not sure if you take this kinda of requests but if you do -if not just ignore please- can you do bts reactions to gf getting dominat/rough (hair pulling,bitting,getting on top etc)with them after a day long of teasing. Thank you


Once you enter the bedroom and you push him down on the bed and crawl on top of him. He’d be completely in shock, since he is usually dom. But it would still be a huge turn on to him. He wouldn’t make you stop though. He would want to see how you act when you are the boss of everything.

Originally posted by bambamisaboomyinmypants


So, we all know Yoongz is nothing but dom, so if you were on top, I don’t think you would last. You would already be on top of him, kissing his neck roughly. Then the next thing you know, he flips you guys over so now that he’s on top. You would try to dominate him again, but he clearly wasn’t having it, and soon you would give in.

Originally posted by yoo-ngie


Hobi seems experimental, so if you surprised him by getting on top of him and holding his wrist down as you bite his neck, he would be very aroused and excited. You could easily have him in your control and in the palm of your hand since you’re so special to him, so he would definitely go along and let you be the boss in bed.

Originally posted by zutterv


Namjoon, being his kinky self would be very shocked at when you tore his button shirt open and roughly push him down onto the bed. His eyes would go wide for seconds. But he would let you be top, thinking it’s a big turn on. But only for that one night. But the next night, he’s gonna hope you remember this night, because he’s not gonna show much mercy.

Originally posted by chimneytaels


Jimin looks more like he could do a bit of both - dom and sub, 50-50. So this; you being the dominant, may be one of his biggest kinks. He’d love being under your control and ruled over by you. This may have been all he has wanted all day when he was teasing, was for you to dominate him. He would FOR SURE let you be the boss of the night.

Originally posted by mvssmedia


Tae I feel like would kind of be like Hobi, he likes to experiment. So if you were to be rough with him and he found out you wanna be dom for the night, he would let you dominate completely. He loves trying new things with you, and it just excites him to the fullest, (but of course he doesn’t show it.) He would love to see another side of you.

Originally posted by bangtanofarmys


Kook would get turned on by your rough actions on him, but he would be sort of confused to why you would want to dom him, knowing how much you like to be under his control and how easily you could give into him. He would try to speak up by whispering your name, but you’d quickly “shh” him before he finished. That’s when he would go ahead and let you be in control for the night.

Originally posted by roselstra

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12x14 watching notes

this show normally never makes me cry except that 1 episode in season 7, but god dammit Berens got me TWICE I’m disowning him

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  • ❝ i’m holding in my hand a small box of chocolate bunnies. ❞
  • ❝ wanna know why i’m whittling? ❞
  • ❝ you know, this is — excuse me — a damn fine cup of coffee!  ❞
  • ❝ i’m beginning to feel a bit like dr watson.  ❞
  • ❝ one day my log will have something to say about this. ❞
  • ❝ don’t drink that coffee!  ❞
  • ❝ there was a fish in the percolator. sorry. ❞
  • ❝ i hear that you’re really good at what you do.  ❞
  • ❝ following a dream i had three years ago, i have become deeply moved by the plight of the tibetan people, and have been filled with a desire to help them.  ❞
  • ❝ that gum you like is going to come back in style!  ❞
  • ❝ one day, the sadness will end.  ❞
  • ❝ you’re the most cold-blooded man i’ve ever seen!  ❞
  • ❝ i’ve got compassion running out my nose, pal! i’m the sultan of sentiment!  ❞
  • ❝ i just ask you to get the hell outta my way, so i that can finish my work! is that clear?!  ❞
  • ❝ there’s a sort of evil out there. ❞
  • ❝ there’s something very, very strange in these old woods.  ❞
  • ❝ look in the mirror. what do you see? is it a dream, or a nightmare? ❞
  • ❝ we had a long talk, he’s staying there. ❞
  • ❝ look at us. two men apiece and we don’t know what to do with any of the four of them. ❞
  • ❝ he doesn’t talk, he hits.  ❞
  • ❝ he was great at first, you know.  ❞
  • ❝ i’m running late. i only have time for coffee. ❞
  • ❝ i can’t believe you were ever my age. ❞
  • ❝shh, i’ll do the talking.  ❞
  • ❝ i’m telling you this because i don’t want to have any secrets from you. ❞
  • ❝ it’s the secrets people keep that destroy any chance they have of happiness and i don’t want us to be like that.  ❞
  • ❝ you’re gonna be lucky tonight. ❞
  • ❝ how much would you like to start with? how about three hundred? ❞
  • ❝ every day, once a day, give yourself a present. ❞
  • ❝ this is wrong, and we both know it. ❞
  • ❝ what you need right now is a friend. ❞
  • ❝ please don’t make me leave. ❞
  • ❝ are you disappointed in me? ❞
  • ❝ you don’t know all the things i was gonna do for us. ❞
  • ❝ rejected. that’s what he said. ❞
  • ❝ don’t you give up. don’t you dare. ❞
  • ❝ it’s still a fine-looking trophy, no matter what the size. ❞
  • ❝ so how long have you been in love with them? ❞
  • ❝ i’m late for work, but i’ll make time for us. ❞
  • ❝ there was a time we’d go all afternoon. ❞
  • ❝ you asked me for proof last time, so i followed them and took pictures. ❞
  • ❝ they’ve been seeing each other on the side, it’s been going on for years. ❞

“…Obi, when will you tell me how you got that scar?”

Obi freezes, mid-wipe of his blade. The table they are sitting at is packed with books, flasks, herbs, and he tries to avoid from the chaos by keeping his movements, and belongings, as small as possible. Gingerly, he looks at her, grin frozen. 

“Miss?” He asks, unsure.

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Impossible Girl - Newt

Your name: submit What is this?

I stood with the other Gladers, watching the entrance to the maze intently. Newt hadn’t come out yet. Everybody had come out, but Newt hadn’t come out. I was bouncing on my heels, fidgeting so much that my thumbs had probably accumulated enough displacement to match Pluto to Earth.

“He’ll make it,” Alby whispered, directed to me.

“We don’t know that,” I muttered.

I was just a medjack. I was just someone who helped people with paper cuts or burns.

“Come on,” I muttered, walking closer to the entrance. Finally, a limping figure came to view. “There he is,” I smiled.

“Thank—” Minho began, but the doors started closing. My eyes widened. He was too far.

“No,” I muttered.

“Gally,” Alby called. Gally held me back.

“What?! No! You can’t just leave him, he’s too far!” I screamed, thrashing.

“Y/N, listen—” Alby began.

“Sorry,” I muttered to Gally.

“What—” I stepped on his foot and elbowed his face, making him let go of me and I bolted into the cave.

“Y/N, what are you—” Newt began.

“No time, but I do apologize if this hurts,” I mentioned. If I just helped, him walk through, he still wouldn’t make it. He needed a jump start, some momentum and adrenaline to forget the pain. So, knowing this, I kissed him then pushed him with all my strength. 

I guess it’s true what they say about women lifting cars to protect the people they love, because he went running.

And the doors shut behind him. I, at first, laughed out of hysteria.

“Oh, I am so screwed,” I laughed to myself. I calmed down, turning around and coming face to face with a griever who roared in my face. I bolted the other direction.

“Oh, what is this?” I whispered to myself as I found a path leading to a vault door. I walked towards it. “Aren’t you just a sight for sore eyes?” I chuckled. I looked around. It looked like some sort of nest for the grievers, but they were all empty, considering they were all prowling the maze because it was night.

I walked closer to the vault. It had a keypad to insert some sort of number code.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. I put in, making it flash red and beep.

“Huh,” I muttered. “What is it? Some birthday? Some anniversary date or…” I put it more random codes, but they all they ended up doing was making the keypad flash red and beep.

Suddenly, it wouldn’t stop beeping.

“Okay! Okay! I get it!” I whisper-yelled at it. “I’m sorry! Shh!! Be quiet!” I whispered. I put it more codes, but to no avail. “You’ll get the grievers here if you don’t—” I heard a growl behind me and I turned around, seeing a griever. “Would you give me a ten minute head start to run if I told you that I had a good reason to be here?” I spat out.

Y/N! I scolded myself, This is no time to be funny! Run!

I couldn’t run forwards, considering the big, giant monstrosity in front of me, so I did the somewhat sane thing and I jumped of the path into a chasm.

I grabbed one of the blades with my hands, yelping as I felt it break my skin. I hissed in pain, pulling myself up. I began to climb out.

Come morning, I was a bit lost. I had no clue where I was. I continued navigating the maze, only with less running. I just needed to find the way out. I had spent the whole night running, I was a bit tired, to say the least.

It was evening again. The doors would close any minute.

I turned a few more corners, feeling hopeless.

“There’s no point! I’ll never find it!” I groaned, leaning against a wall. “I’m gonna die in here,” I admitted to myself. I began to feel something crawl on my shoulder. “I mean, what, with the mess I’m in. But hey, at least I saved him, right? That has to count for—” I looked at my shoulder to see a big, furry, orange and black spider. I inhaled sharply and I screamed, shoving off and bolted for the hills

“Shucking klunking bloody hell!” I screamed leaping into Newt’s arms without a thought.

“Oh my god,” Alby muttered.

“She’s alive. A bit jacked, but she’s alive,” Minho murmured

“You’d be jacked too! There was a spider the size of Gally in there!” I screamed.

“You mean grievers, love?” Newt asked, putting me down. I shook my head feverishly.

“Ah ah. Nope. Not grievers. Grievers? They’re fine. Couldn’t care less. There was a big, furry, orange and black spider and it went on my shoulder and—“ I shuddered. I took a deep breath.

“A… spider? She’s scared of a spider?” Minho laughed. “This is brilliant!”

“Slim it, Minho!” I screamed, looking at him. “How would you feel if there was a big spider on you, huh?!” I yelled at him.

“Y/N, Y/N,” Newt breathed, making me look at him. “Calm down. You’re okay. It’s okay. There’s no giant spider. It’s fine,” he chuckled. I nodded and he pulled me into a hug. I hugged him back, hissing when I felt my hands sting. He pulled away. “What?”

“I have to bandage my hands,” I muttered. “I kind of did some advanced rock climbing when a griever cornered me. Except they were knives and not rocks,” I murmured, walking to the medhut.

“Wait, a wall of… knives?” Newt followed.

“And she’s scared of spiders?” Minho asked incredulously.

“I will get those knives and I will personally cut your head off if you don’t slim it, Minho,” I threatened, grabbing some gauze and the suture kit.

“Where did you see a wall of knives?” Newt asked me.

“Oh, uh, at night, I walked into what looked like to be a griever nest. There was a big vault door thing with a keypad and I tried putting in a few numbers, but unfortunately, I didn’t miraculously guess the numbers,” I muttered. “I could lead you to it, if you like,” I offered, sitting on a stool.

“If you stitch that up yourself, Y/N, you’ll be here for a hundred days because you wouldn’t be able to steady your hand,” Jeff chuckled, sitting across from me and beginning to stitch my hand.

“Thanks,” I offered him a smile. I looked back at the two runners who looked at me, mouth agape. “What? You guys didn’t find that yet?” I chuckled.

“That could be the way out,” Newt told Minho. I saw Jeff finished stitching up my right hand so I switched my hand so he could begin stitching the left.

“And she didn’t tell us because she was busy with her fear of—”

“Minho, seriously, priorities,” I chuckled. “Anyways, I think you need some sort of—” I yawned, “Code. Did you find a random string of numbers or anything?” My eyes were a bit droopy. I blinked. Newt chuckled.

“Let us worry about that. You should rest. I’m guessing you didn’t sleep last night?” He asked.

“You guess right, I mean, I sleep I die and I just wasn’t really in the mood,” I joked.

“All done,” Jeff finished. I nodded, beginning to clean up. “No, don’t clean up. I got it.”

“You sure?” I asked.

“It’s gauze and a stitch kit, I think I can handle it,” he laughed. I nodded gratefully and he nodded back. 

“I’ll lead you to your room,” Newt offered. I smiled and began to walk with him. “Why’d you do it?”

“Do what?”

“Push me,” he answered. I shrugged.

“You needed momentum and adrenaline,” I answered.

“Why’d you kiss me?” He asked, stopping for a moment. I stopped next to him.

“Well, isn’t it obvious?” I asked. “You needed to stop thinking. If I just pushed you, you could always turn around. So, I kissed you then pushed you. Thought it would confuse you enough to keep you running,” I answered. “Besides, I knew I wasn’t going out of there the minute I ran in. I’m not a fast enough runner. I’m a medjack and not a runner for a reason,” I laughed.

“What does you thinking you were going to die make you kiss me?” He asked. I rolled my eyes.

“For second-in-command, you can be pretty dense, Newt,” I chuckled.

“Hey!” He playfully nudged me.

“It’s true!” I defended, laughing. We stopped in front of my quarters. “Newt, I ran to you and literally jumped into your arms the minute I got out of there when I thought one of my worst fears was chasing after me. I also elbowed Gally’s face and ran to you to save you, risking my own life for yours. I also kissed you when I thought that I was going to die. What does that tell you?” I asked. “Other than the fact that you should remind me tomorrow to apologize to Gally,” I chuckled.

“I…” he furrowed his eyebrows. I rolled my eyes.

“Good night, Newt,” I began to walk into my area.

“Good night, impossible girl,” he murmured before running off.

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I'm gonna say 3:4 for Victuuri because I honestly can't be the only one who had thoughts about Nishigori and the triplets not existing and Yuuri actually confessing his feelings for Yuuko after skating Stay Close To Me like he was so close to doing?

Okay so here’s the thing: I really REALLY object to this concept but here’s how it would pan out, probably. Maybe. 

Yuuri is Yuuko’s Best Friend From Childhood, the Beautiful Boy, the one she still feels a little bit of responsibility for even though two years isn’t nearly as much at age twenty-three and twenty-five as it is at ages seven and nine. He returns from America, heartbroken, and (Provided Nishigori and the triplets aren’t a thing) she’s been keeping her bed warm by herself most nights for the past five years, so why not? Why not.

There’s somewhere in the area of four months between Yuuri coming home and Viktor’s arrival. They go fine, and Yuuri’s family has always liked Yuuko. Maybe Hiroko has started to let herself believe that she’ll be hosting a wedding at Yu-Topia after all. Maybe it will be Yuuko’s stomach she rubs to commune with her unborn grandchildren. Hiroko would be fine with this, if it weren’t for the fact that Yuuri’s smiles still don’t reach his eyes.

Yuuko cares deeply for Yuuri. He’s a pleaser. He wants to make her happy, tries to hard to do it. In bed, especially, he is very attentive. She’s starting to wonder if you can get tired of cunnilingus. Sometimes she’ll trace her fingers down his back, and feel the chub around his hips and wish that he knew how beautiful he is. 

More than that, she wishes she loved him. Because it would be so easy to spend the rest of her life with Yuuri Katsuki, so easy to become Yuuko Katsuki an give birth to three beautiful, brown-eyed and near-sighted children with shy smiles. She convinces herself that it’s what she wants, some days.

When Viktor Nikiforov breezes into town, Yuuri becomes a different person over night, and Yuuko knows what’s going to happen. She knows, and she doesn’t stop it. Doesn’t even want to, because maybe this is what will finally make Yuuri happy.

“I’m so sorry,” Yuuri whispers to her, the day he arrives back from China. They’re standing in the back corner of the skate rental office, and Yuuko has hung the Be Right Back! sign instead of the On Break sign because this won’t take long.

“I know,” Yuuko murmurs, and kneels down with him, because Yuuri has actually lowered himself to his knees before her. “I know, shh.”

“This shouldn’t have happened,” Yuuri whispers against her neck. “I never–I never wanted to hurt you. Ever. Please believe me.”

“I do,” she murmurs. “I do believe you.”

“Do you think I’m a horrible person?” Yuuri whispers.

“Do you love him?” Yuuko asks, 

Yuuri’s eyes go very soft and then, lowly, he murmurs, “Yes. I…I don’t think I knew what love really was, until I met him.”

It’s almost like some sort of singularity occurs for a moment because Yuuko can envision it all–two men coming together in the most carnal of ways, bed sheets twisted, silver hair tangling and brown eyes fluttering. She imagines them laughing as they do it, because laughter follows Vikor Nikiforov around like his dog. Yuuko feels like she should be more upset about it than she is. She’s not angry, though. Or even sad.

“You fucked him, didn’t you?” she almost wants to ask, but feels almost like she’s the one who doesn’t have the right. Almost like she’s the other woman. Instead, she says, “Then no, I don’t think you’re a horrible person.”

Yuuri still cries, and Yuuko still holds him, and then he recovers himself and leaves. Viktor is waiting for him, because of course he is. Yuuko doesn’t even have to force herself to smile at them as they leave. 

Yuuri was never hers, she thinks. Maybe it was just her job to keep him together until the right person came along. And if so, that’s fine. It was worth it.

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Since no one else has, bob hogwarts house au, please


-Luz (Gryffindor with Slytherin tendencies) is always doing dumb stuff that gets points taken away and the boys throw food at him

-Lipton is a prefect (Hufflepuff)

-Toye (Who is a Gryffindor but was begging to be a Slytherin) secretly helps all the first years around the school shh

-Winters (Ravenclaw), Nixon (Slytherin), Welsh (Hufflepuff), and Speirs (Gryffindor) are head of houses

-Buck ‘you’re not supposed to do magic out of school but I do it all the time’ Compton (Gryffindor)

-Malarkey and Muck (both proud Gryffindor’s) become the ‘Fred and George’

-Bull (Gryffindor) is the Hagrid taking care of everyone and everything he finds aoxksloxls

-Toye’s pet would be a kitten don’t fight me on this

-Babe (Ravenclaw) gets attacked by dementors and immediately everyone is protecting him

-Roe (Ravenclaw) is the only one who can see thestrals and it hurts everyone to know that

-Guarnere (Gryffindor) literally challenging anyone to dual

-Perco (Hufflepuff) is Seamus who blows everything up trying his best

-Tab (Gryffindor), Grant (Hufflepuff), Muck, Toye, Luz, Guarnere, Liebgott, etc., all play quidditch.

-Liebgott (Slytherin) never wears his cloak omg just his white shirt untucked and his tie loosely around his neck

-Guarnere and Liebgott have that Harry and Draco tension all the time omg


Rucas one shot: Riley, a sophomore, is sick of being in a triangle with Maya, and is feeling bitter towards her. All that changes one afternoon after a food run with Lucas. 

I’ve been upset with Maya for some time now. I know we agreed to never let a guy come between us, but it has caused more resentment than she’ll ever know. She would never know the pain of having to tell Lucas I wanted to be like brother and sister. I don’t even know where that came from. Basically having to share him these past couple of months has been awful. She comes along all the time now. Lucas and I used to do stuff together, just the two of us on the weekends. Now I can’t get a second alone with him because “everything has to be fair”.

We’re in highschool now, and it just seems to be so stupid. She doesn’t even act like she likes him. I flirt with him all the time still, and she just watches. They don’t even have anything in common, or so it seems. But who am I to say anything? Lucas clearly feels something for her if he hasn’t been able to choose. So I stand by, I put a smile on my face, and pretend like my best friend in the world isn’t contributing to my heartbreak.

Being a sophomore is weird, you’re still considered under-classmen, but you’re better than  freshman. I have way less classes with my friends. We all have different electives that we have to take. I somehow ended up in biology with Lucas…and we have lunch together. Sometimes we go eat in his truck to get some quiet. It’s been nice finally getting to be alone with him. We didn’t tell anyone about how much alone time we’ve been getting. He didn’t want Maya getting jealous. Between you and me, I think he likes me more than her, he just doesn’t want to admit it.

One day for lunch we decided to be bad and get McDonald’s. I’m so glad he has his own car, driving through New York really isn’t that bad. His spot was waiting for him when we got back, and we opened our bag of grease and grandeur.

“I’m gonna regret this later for sure.” I say, piling some french fries into my mouth.

“But it’s so good going in, who cares?” Lucas said, mouth full of his double cheeseburger.

I looked over at him and started laughing. He had a big glob of ketchup on the corner of his mouth. He raised an eyebrow at me.

“What’s so funny?”

“You got a little something..here, I’ll get it.”

I dip a napkin in my water, lean in close, and wipe the ketchup from his mouth. I haven’t been this close to Lucas’ face in a long time. I almost forgot how dreamy his eyes were. I went to throw the napkin away, but he grabbed my arm. He looked me in the eyes, he gave me a sultry look.

And just like that he kissed me. It was quick. He looked away, he was about to say sorry, but I grabbed his face and kissed him back. And just like that we were making out in the school parking lot. We heard the lunch bell ring, and we knew we had to get back inside. We didn’t say anything to each other. We walked back inside, faces flushed and selves a little ruffled up.

We all managed to take one elective together so we could all still have my dad as a teacher. Current events, last block of the day. I always got to class late because my math class was on the complete other side of the building. Usually when I got to class, I’d say hi to Maya, who sat in front of me, and I’d be right in class mode. But today I stopped short when I walked in. Lucas and I caught each other’s glance. Seeing him blush and smile at me set me over the edge.

“Riles, you okay?” Maya asked me.

“Huh? Oh, yeah, just a little all over the place today.”

“Please take your seat Miss Matthews.” Said my dad.

“Sure thing, Mr. Matthews.”

I sit in my seat, but I can still feel Lucas’ eyes burning into me. He sat in back of me. This was the one time I was glad my dad did seat arrangements. Today we had to get into groups to discuss different parts of the newspaper. Maya and I partnered up, nothing out of the ordinary there. I couldn’t help but steal glances of Lucas the whole time. He kept looking up at me too. Every time we caught each other I could feel myself get flustered.

“Are you sure you’re okay? You seem really distracted today.”

“You could say that.”

The bell rang, and I was probably the first one out of the room. I wanted to cry. How could something feel so right between him and I? And yet I feel shitty because I’m lying to my best friend who also has a thing for Lucas. Then again it’s been like what almost two years since all of this nonsense started?

Later that night, I was finishing up some homework before bed. I still hadn’t talked to Lucas. He came through my window, he sat down right away, and waved me over. I got up and sat and next to him.

“We should probably talk.” He said.

“About what?”


“I know. So what, we pretend like it didn’t happen so that way it’s not like we’re keeping a secret?”

“No, I don’t want to keep anything a secret.”

“Okay, then what? We come clean, tell everyone what we did and Maya hates me?”

“Don’t you kind of hate her a little?”

“That’s a strong word.”

“She hasn’t been your favorite person for a while. We can all see it.”

“Alright, so I’ve been pissed.”


“Because you and I were so close to getting together and she ruined, I ruined it, because I had to be a good friend.”

“Do you want to be my girlfriend?”

“Of course I do, but-”

“But nothing, you’re my girlfriend.”

“What about Maya?”

“I told her what happened before coming over here.”

“You did what?!”

“Shh, do you want your parents to know I’m here? Riley, I told her because there’s so much between you and I. I don’t feel anything passionately towards Maya. We’re just friends. But with you, it’s electric. I’ve never had the desire to just kiss Maya like that.”

“Then why let all of this time go by?”

“I don’t know, I didn’t want you two to not be friends anymore, but I guess in waiting that sort of happened.”

“We’re still best friends.”

“Yeah, but that resentment is there. By the way, I only told her that I kissed you, I left out the whole making out thing.”

“Probably for the best. So, how is she?”

“She said she figured I’d choose you sooner or later. It’s always been you Riley.”

I hugged him, and he wrapped his arms around me. I never wanted him to let go. I knew Maya and I would have to have a serious talk about all of this, but for now I was with Lucas. No more sharing, no more fair, he was all mine all the time.  

do you ever just think, out of nowhere, about the fact that s4 of sherlock revolved around the notion that john watson cheated on mary watson with sherlock’s evil sister who sherlock didn’t know existed because her very existence was so traumatic that he repressed all memories of her and in the final episode she uses mind control to trap him and watson in a “saw”-style terror maze and tricks him into believing he has to save a little girl trapped in an out-of-control aeroplane but the little girl is actually her and she’s hallucinating the whole time and in the end everything gets sorted out because they hug and sherlock goes to visit her in the asylum each month so they can play the violin together? because i do

April Showers Bring What Again?

“On the one hand, shopping is dependable: You can do it alone, if you lose your heart to something that is wrong for you, you can return it; it’s instant gratification and yet something you buy may well last for years.” Judith Krantz


When his powers had first manifested Jackson Overland had not in his wildest dreams imagined they would lead him here.

At most he had figured he’d be transferred to a cold storage facility, or a cryogenic stasis unit. He had eagerly registered his elemental ability with the goal of a higher wage and better benefits for himself and his family. Maybe move somewhere out of the lower city levels, somewhere high. An apartment with a view that didn’t include the next building’s wall and waste storage.

Now he was opening his own store.

His, not a franchise location, not a corporate office, not a temporary crisis building. All his.

He looked at his twenty employees, his employees, gathered at the entrance, the sliding glass doors polished to invisibility, and couldn’t feel his face for the amount he was grinning.

“Tomorrow is opening day.” he said, though the countdown on the tack board behind him had been saying so since this morning, “and I can say that I have never had a team work like you. I know it’s not what most of you were hired for, but you all came through as a team and did an absolutely fantastic job putting this store together.”

They didn’t share his joy, he knew. They were hourly employees, with lives and responsibilities of their own, and this was just a job, but he didn’t blame them for that. Thirty years ago working in the factories he had been the same, two years and three months ago when he had handed in his resignation as the manager of a small unit in the Department of Climate Control he had been the same. Just another clock punching, hour counting, putting in the work for someone else employee. Until he had finally struck out on his own.

“I know there have been setbacks, the tropical department’s humidifier is still being unruly,(an understatement) and the glacier dispensers haven’t come off the truck (even though they were due two weeks ago), but I want you all to know how proud I am of you. We came in this morning with a lot of work still ahead of us, but I can say that this store is as ready as we can make it.” And it was, from the perfectly zoned shelves to the spotlessly cleaned floors. Each and every corner of his store was the physical manifestation of his dreams. “So go home and get a good night’s sleep, because at nine am I want all of you back here for the grand opening.”

They cheered, and it felt like a stadium of people applauding. It felt like the end of the movie, when the hero won the game, and the team rushed together in shared glee.

As he watched them file out, heard the whisper quiet shh of his doors, he imagined every day like this.

Though he hoped the anxiety would dampen over time. He pressed a hand to his stomach that was cramped and aching from his constant worry. If this went on he’d have another ulcer in no time, and hadn’t he left the DCC because it had been stressing him? The bureaucracy, the politics, the smug smothering presence of those in power? He had hated it all, but what he had loathed the most was sorting through file after file of weather requests. Simple target storms that could have taken him five minutes to create, but his hands had been tied. A farming town in a mild drought, a conservation under fire threat, a mountain resort without snow that month.

But they were short staffed, and his job involved too much time and resource management. Budget cuts and politics ruled in his old job, a drought kept people dependent on municipal water, the Forestry services were confined to natural weather unless under extreme circumstances, and of course the fact that government resources could not be used to aid private businesses.

Denial after denial after denial had weighed on his heart. They were not natural disasters or difficult jobs, nothing that should have been banned. They were simply not important enough for the government weather service to waste time on. But Jack, who had sat in an office after spending thirty years climbing his way up trying to find a way around that red tape, who had chafed under the constant reminder that he and those under him were nothing but a ‘government resource’ to those in power, who had always always remembered the years in the factories as an ungifted, an unwanted unusable uneducated drone good for nothing but building magical devices for those greater than himself, they were important to him. He had wanted nothing so much as he had wanted to find a way to help them.

Now he had.

Jack smiled as he picked up one of the snowglobes from the display, his personal favourite. An instant snow day. With the proper tools any weather pattern could be seeded, and Jack had spent the past thirty years studying how to do it.

His life in the factory had paid off. Very few magical people bothered making their own things these days, that was the job of the ungifted, whose lack of talents made it near impossible to contaminate or sabotage the tools. For the first twenty-seven years of his life he had been trained on how to create things of a magical nature without any knowledge of the magic itself.

Then suddenly he had gifts, talents, a rare and intimate connection to the weather. His ability to radiate cold, not dispel heat or transfer it, but to physically devour the energy around him and use it to fuel his gifts made him one of the best weather witches in the country, possibly the world. Few could create as he did, and fewer bothered to.

Replacing the globe he began to close up for the night. He had a little under seven hours before he had to be back and preparing the store for his employees to arrive.

Grand opening. His belly did little flips at the thought. Would people buy? He hoped they would, he hoped he had finally solved the problem everyone was facing with their weather system. The monopoly of power centralized in the hands of the government, and the dependence on said government for fair skies.

As he lowered the gates in front of his wide windows he thought of what the world would be like now that anyone could have a little storm of their own. The problems it would solve, the pranks it would inspire. How soon until someone broke a rainshower over a wedding? How long would it take before kids unleashed snowdays on school grounds? He couldn’t wait to find out.

Just as he was shutting off the lights and heading to the upper level and his own living space the bell at the back buzzed aggressively through the dark store.

Irritation slashed through the nerves. The sign clearly said closed. The banner over the store had the exact date for their opening. They had handed out fliers all week with the information of when they would be opening and at what time. Still, still he had dealt with people walking into the store all day as they had been trying to work. He had had to set up a door guard for just that purpose, like a fucking Walmart greeter.

The bell continues to buzz like a pissed off bee as he stomped back down the stairs and to the doors. His nerves were beyond strained,and while he hated to give any kind of poor impression to a potential customer he was not, currently, at work. He was at home, and the store was closed. Right now, he was just another person, and he was very very tired.

Taking his nametag with its MANAGER title off and smacking it down on the greeting booth with glee he unlocked the beloved glass doors and shoved one open. It offered no resistance, all debris vacuumed from it’s slot.. “What?” he demanded.

A large creature of indeterminate species cut an imposing figure against the parking lot flood lights and he had the sudden realisation that answering the door in the middle of the night was a very good way to get robbed.

Then the upper part split and, aside from the quick hysterical horror that it was the jaws of a monster opening to eat him, he realised the person was not in fact a towering eight foot tall beast but a moderately sized Pooka.

“Ye got a Humidifier need fixin?” The alien asked. It was.. It was not a voice Jack would identify as Pookan.

“You’re late.” Jack straightened, hoping he hadn’t gawked. “I put in the request two months ago, Opening Day is tomorrow.”

“The unit ye got here is registered in D.C. ye wanna explain how it got to Pennsylvania?”

Jack’s irritation doubled and he swallowed the sarcastic insult because of fucking course the paperwork hadn’t been updated, why had he expected anything else from the Government. “Its a decommissioned unit.” He explained, with Pooka it was important to be to the point. They had, as he had quickly learned, no sense of humor. “I requested it as part of my retirement package when I left the DCC.” It had been the only thing he wanted, and he had still plucked his way through a tangled knitting basket’s worth of red tape to get it. Just because something was sitting in a junk storage somewhere didn’t mean the government was going to give it away. The Government’s livelihood depended on them being the only one to have something. Only the legal assurance that he wouldn’t be using it to form his own vigilante weather service made them let go.

“Come in.” He sighed and stepped back to let the alien through the doorway, closing and locking up behind them. “Its this way.” He led the Pooka through the departments, weaving past the displays and around the aisles. It was tantamount, he knew, that no customer be able to reach their goal immediately. There had to be some form of meandering, some light browsing, otherwise the store invited bankruptcy. Impulse buys lined every fixture, the cheapest of their items, anything under $20, and things he believed would catch the eye. As he walked he flipped through his mental plans for each aisle entrance fixture. He had a department for seasonal events of course, but it was important to put that holiday in the mind of the more focused shopper. Someone just coming in for a garden storm wouldn’t think of the approaching halloween, so one needed to have the fog charms out on full display.

“Quite the place ye got here.” The Pooka’s comment was unnerving. Jack had never met a Pooka who volunteered an opinion in anything but dry facts. His experience was that they prefered not to interact at all, and simply be left to their work. Jack had braced himself for being dismissed as a distraction as soon as they arrived to the unit.

“Its ah, its pretty great yeah. I’m happy with it.” He said, and ran a hand along a shelf full of sunshowers. They looked like fist sized golden marbles with a twist of blue at the center. The slide of his fingers across the display had them humming, the familiars within them singing like crystal at the presence of their creator.

“Quite the bunch of familiars ye got here, must’ve taken an army to make ‘em.”

“Hmm? No.” Jack informed as he opened the barricade that separated the aisles from the employee station within the department. “Its time consuming, but I make them myself.”

“Ye made all these?” The Pooka looked alarmed. “It must’ve taken ye YEARS.”

“Oh it did, two full years, but it was worth it.” Jack picked up one of the waiting crystals with his familiar inside, too parched to be anything but a little scout yet, but with the right amount of water it could become any storm he wished. Working with the DCC he had created an endless amount of them, sending them out into the world like sheepdogs to herd storms towards the assignment, after he had always simply let them free, he had never had the heart to cannibalize them as others had done, but over the years he had learned that he was the exception.

“T-TWO YEARS?” The Pooka sputtered, and that was a unique experience, watching a member of the unflappable Pookan race gape at him wordless. “How are ye not in a COMA?” he demanded.

“I’m a weather mage,” Jack explained, as he had done a thousand times before, “ but my talents are cold creation.”

“Ye can’t.. Ye can’t create cold.” The Pooka explained, like the frustrated teachers who had tried to guide him in the ways of magic after developing his talents so late in age.

“I can. The energy in the matter around me feeds my magic, instead of taking it from myself, and makes everything cold.” He had never taken it to an extreme, the world they lived in was teeming with ways for magic users to replenish themselves, so he had never proven if he could reach absolute zero, but he didn’t doubt he that could. “This is the unit, we rewired it and changed out the crystals, even replaced most of the outer panels, but it’s still not functioning.” Jack put his hand against the flat stone box, looking to the untrained eye like any other green granite counter.

Jack had paid his supplier North a fortune in high compression ice to get his hands on that much green granite. Witches loved nothing more than aesthetic.

The Pooka was studying him in a familiar way, Pooka were frequently giving him the side eye at the DCC as they went about with their many inventions, they were not permitted to interact with the local populace, and often didn’t care to, working only with the planet’s governing forces. Trading their magical technologies for resources only Earth could provide. They had always given Jack the creeps, with their rigid speech and severe faces, he had never been able to reconcile their personalities with their far too adorable appearance.

They also had an uncompromising dislike for the mentioning of their resemblance to Earth rabbits. Which Jack couldn’t make sense of.

If Jack had looked at all like something adorable on an alien planet he would milk it for all it was worth. That was grade A bartering material there. But he didn’t expect a race that sneered at all things emotive to understand the importance of such a bartering chip.

“Well, lets start her up and see what the problem is.” The Pooka said after moments of uncomfortable silence. He bent down on his haunches, his long legs perfectly made for squatting peeked out from under his green coat and Jack realized the alien probably wasn’t wearing any pants, at least not the loose floor length ones he associated with them.

The sight of the delicate black pattern against soft grey fur caught his eye. He had never seen a Pooka out of their strict military dress robes, but this one was in nothing but a long green trench coat, he knew from offhanded rumor that they had clan markings magically dyed into their fur, but had only seen what was prominently displayed on their foreheads.

The panels, easily six inches thick and a literal pain in Jack’s back to take apart slide aside easily under the Pooka’s hands, claws ticking musically against the granite. “Everything seems t’be working proper like, ye did a good job restoring it. What seems off?”

“Its not that it isn’t working as it should, its not working the way I want it to.” Jack explained, passing his familiar between his hands. “Its a life support system for familiars.”

“Yeah, in extreme circumstances. Its supposed ta collect the atoms and humidify the air even if there is little t’no water present. Not exactly life support though.”

“You’ve never been in a forest fire.” Jack countered. “Normally our familiars herd storm systems, or collect water vapors and create systems if there are none, the humidifier can take water fed into it and replenish a system, and as such any weather or other water based familiar. My problem is that it should be able to transfer that humidity to a dormant familiar, just as a water spirit can be sealed away in an item, but every time I try nothing happens. I can’t figure out what’s blocking the machine from storing the humidity.” Jack sighed and leaned over the top of the granite counter, rolling his familiar between his hands. “Its a pain to keep dunking them in the fountain to gather the water I need for the storms, and its costly. Water is not cheap, even for a weather witch. I can’t rely on the air around my customers’ location, many of them are buying storms because there IS none around them, and I can’t guarantee a familiar will herd for a customer without me there. Too far out and they tend to drift off by themselves.”

“Wait.” The Pooka held up a paw, and Jack was surprised to see the little pads of skin on the tips were black instead of pink like his nose. “Yer telling me that this machine, hand made by Pooka to create vapor into the AIR to create life supplying storms for undeveloped planets, and ye want t’use it like yer refilling water bottles?”

Jack had expected irritation from a Pooka, they were almost religiously strict about how their technologies were allowed to be used, and any kind of adaptation was considered an insult. This one though, seemed like he was trying to talk around a mouthful of laughter.

“I’d hardly call my familiars ‘water bottles’.” Jack said cooly, staring down his nose at the smirking alien. It was an act he could only do while the creature was hunched over, since he barely reached halfway past five foot himself.

“Ye want t’just lob those little crystal balls o’yers into this box and fill em up with water.” That was unmistakably a cackle. Was this Pooka mad? Had the DCC, in retaliation for his retirement, sent him the one malfunctioning Pooka in the whole damn galaxy?

“Is that a problem?” Jack asked, smiling with far too much teeth.

“Not one bit.” The Pooka said, and unbuttoned his coat to reveal nothing but a leather strap underneath. The sight of so much fur openly displayed on the normally prudish species had Jack jolting back embarrassed.

“W-what are y-” he stammered.

“M’gonna modify it some.” The Pooka explained, tugging his strap over his head and opening the pack. He began pulling out small items that Jack recognized as tools of their trade, it was the only thing aside from the ears that were comfortably familiar about this encounter.

They had sent him the crazy nudist of the species. He was going to absolutely ruin that department. He was going to make them so obsolete the Politicians would be clamoring to underfund them and absorb them back into the EPA. He was going to turn the whole damn planet into a paradise just to spite them.

“These older gen models were built t’be gifts.” The Pooka explained as he set to work taking the humidifier apart. “To keep them from being abused as a source of water for only those in power, or a weapon to storm out an enemy, they were outfitted with a few failsafes. One being that they can’t create water themselves, only add vapor into the air for natural storms to form.” he pulled out several of the crystals powering the object and set them aside, reaching in deeper to delicately wiggle out the panel holding the fist sized created lapis Jack had received as a gift from his mother for his thirtieth birthday. He held his breath around his objection, his mother had few years left, and it had taken her most of what she lived to buy that for him. Savings that she had scraped to send him to a technical trade school he would never see. “We just need to bypass those little restrictions.”

“And then I can use it on my familiars?”

“When I’m done with it, ye can use it for yer own personal lake.”

Jack made a pleased sound in his throat and leaned back, grinning. The Pooka’s ears swiveled in his direction, but he remained elbow deep in the device. “So,” Jack asked before the silence could extend farther, “I didn’t catch your name?”

The Pooka ears flicked in what Jack recognized as irritation, like he was being harassed by an ear obsessed fly. It was a reaction he often got when chatting with Pooka, and he signed, resigned to being dismissed after all.

“Bunnymund.” The alien mumbled. “E. Aster Bunnymund.”

Jack gawked. He couldn’t help it. Bunnymund. THE Bunnymund. The Pooka’s, Bunnymund’s, (BUNNYMUND’S oh gods he was going to have a panic attack) ears flinched like they wanted to lay flat but stayed erect through force of will. Jack realized he was probably making an absolute fool of himself as he stared but BUNNYMUND, the actual FOUNDER of the planet, the Pooka who had terraformed Earth and the closest thing they had to a living God was in his store TOUCHING HIS THINGS.

Oh gods he’d snapped at him. He’d actually told Bunnymund, creator of continents, that he was late. He was going to die of humiliation.

He wanted to apologize, he wanted to shower Bunnymund in gratitude for fixing the device HE INVENTED and bypassing what was probably his own failsafes so Jack could use it to- Oh god Bunnymund had called them waterbottles. He wanted to die. He was going to burn the store down and kill himself.

Instead he blurted out “Why are you naked?” in a voice that didn’t even crack.

Something that embarrassing should not have come that casually from his mouth.

Bunnymund’s ears perked up stiff in his direction. “Ah.. I run.”

“You… run?” that made … no sense.

“Underground mate, I have me tunnels. Gets me everywhere, but they’re a bit cramped, ye follow?”

“You run.” Jack repeated, his imagination conjuring the image of the Pooka running full tilt like a rabbit in a tunnel. He couldn’t help it, he laughed. It was long and gasping, and Bunnymund looked severely pissed off, he couldn’t stop. He’d try, but as soon as he saw the Pooka’s face he’d laugh again. “You.. on all fours.. and naked!”

“Oi!” Bunnymund stood up, insult in every tense quivering muscle and bristled tuft of fur, but Jack just slid down, back to the shelf of his familiars, and laughed until he couldn’t breath.

It had been a long day.

He fully expected Bunnymund to collect his things and storm off, leaving Jack with a half dismantled Humidifier, but the Pooka seemed to deflate as Jack calmed down.

“S’not that funny.” Bunnymund mumbled.

“Have you SEEN your species?” Jack choked out from behind he breathless grinning. His stomach had cramped again, but he wasn’t sick with nerves this time so he didn’t care. He did need to pee now though.

“Course I have.” Bunnymund said tersely. “Bunch of a-holes.”

Jack gaped at him all over again, then cackled.

“Don’t start that again.” Bunnymund warned.

“I can’t help it.” Jack grinned. “My hero is a crazy swearing Australian and fixing my box, naked. I’m having the BEST dream.”

“Ye have bizarre dreams there mate.”

“You’re in one.” Jack informed him. “What does that make you?”

“A crazy naked Australian?”

Jack laughed again. “okay, no more.” He begged. “I need to pee. I can’t laugh more.”

“Thanks for sharing.” Bunnymund crouched back and started work on the Humidifier again.

“You’re welcome.” He chirped.

Bunnymund grunted, but didn’t reply. Probably afraid Jack would go crazy with laughter again and piss himself.

Jack just sat cross-legged and watched. Bunnymund was much more animated than the Pooka he normally interacted with in the DCC, more interesting. His ears moved, instead of staying focused on his work Bunnymund seemed to be listening to his own thoughts, they displayed more emotion, frustration or interest as he attempted to recreate his invention, and they turned towards Jack often. He would frown, his whiskers vibrating, but his eyes stayed on his work.

Jack didn’t mind the silence, unlike the other Pooka Bunnymund didn’t creep him out at all, and he was very nice to look at. Like a very pretty rabbit, with all his fur on display and fluffed up from his previous agitation Jack had the very powerful urge to reach out and touch him.

But even with an eccentric Pooka, that was a good way to get your hand chomped off at the wrist.

He signed, it would be nice though.

Bunnymund’s ears turned towards him and he held out a paw, surprising Jack. Fuck, had he spoken out loud? Did Bunnymund… was he going to let him touch him?

“Ball.” he demanded.

“What?” Jack flinched at the green glare that earned him, but clued in. “Oh, here,” he passed Bunnymund the familiar still in his hands.

Bunnymund set the granite panels back into place and stood, slapping one of the premade plastic sheets Jack had next to the device onto the counter he placed the crystal in the center of the inked design and began to mutter the humidifier’s incantation.

There was no glow, no noise or surge of magic. The air simply got heavier with moisture, like breathing too long in a confined space. Then Jack’s familiar began to hum, and in a snap, like a crack of electricity, the moisture was gone and in the center of the crystal was a thick twisting band of blue.

“Ha! Nice!” Jack scooped it up and surveyed the globe, searching out his weather spirit for any signs of discomfort. It seemed happy, less thirsty, and eager to get out and play. His familiars were always very friendly.

“Wow, this is awesome. I can’t believe it worked. Which spell did you use?” Jack leaned over to study the template. Whistling when he recognized the fire suppressant spell he had crafted for drought seasons. “That’s a powerful spell, a good strong soaker storm,” and not a template he intended for general sale. Custom order only. Too bad, he disliked when a powerful spirit had to sit for too long, they got irritable. But a forest wasn’t likely to complain about a thunderstorm. “You okay?”

“S’fine.” Bunnymund’s eyes slid sideways, not meeting his gaze. The spell wasn’t as exhausting without creating the familiar, but it still took a good chunk of power, and Jack doubted Bunnymund could grab it from the air the way he did. “No worries mate, its not my first time.”

“Okay.” Jack let it go, magic users tended to get irritable if you babied them, especially if you did something that would knock them on their ass and looked fresh as a daisy the way Jack always did. Egos were abundant among the gifted, so he didn’t push.

“I’ll buy it.” Bunnymund declared, and Jack looked back at him.

“Excuse me?”

“Its for sale right?” Bunnymund demanded, and why did he look so pissed off? Didn’t it work? Wasn’t this a success? “I’ll buy it.”

“Um.. yeah but.. are you sure? It’s a pretty big storm. Not criticising, I should have had that template stored, but do you have the room for it?”

“I live in Australia mate. Got a whole continent.”

Jack held the crystal closer. “You’re sure?”

“Is it for sale or not? Blimey.” the Pooka snapped, and Jack had a good view of teeth.

“Y-yes.” He looked between Bunnymund and the familiar, trying to decode the suddenly tense situation. “Here, this way.”

Jack led the way back towards the registers, mind retracing the last few minutes. He knew he’d probably irritated the Pooka when he laughed, but the guy had settled down and got back to work after. Why, if he was so pissed off, did he want to buy a storm? Did he want to smash it in the store and cause chaos? Surely someone as old and powerful as Bunnymund knew Jack’s familiar wouldn’t act out while Jack was there to command it. So.. why?

Jack waved a hand over the register, his sapphire ring activating the device without prompting.

“If ye have them set for runes, why the key cards?” Bunnymund asked, indicating to the employee cardswipe.

“I have ungifted employees.” Jack explained as he calculated the price based on his estimate of the square footage it would cover. “I don’t discriminate based on talents.”

“Progressive of ya.”

“Not really. My family is ungifted, I’m an anomaly.”

“That why ye let yer hair go white?”

Jack paused in wrapping and tugged on the hair at his ear self-consciously. It had silvered in his late forties and he had, like others, dyed it to maintain the image of eternal youth. But after leaving the DCC he hadn’t really bothered. Why should he, when his mom and baby sister were struggling with their mortality and he hadn’t changed a day beyond his awakening.

His cells, taking energy from the world around him, simply did not age.

“Yes.” He answered simply and changed the subject. “This large a storm will be $350, American.”

Bunnymund tugged a wallet out from the pocket of the coat slung over his arm and handed Jack a credit card. Normally Pooka paid in gold or silver, but what about Bunnymund had been normal anyway?

Jack handed the Pooka his card back as well as the glossy blue paper bag with his familiar, Bunnymund’s familiar now. “Thanks for fixing my box.” Jack tried to salvage at least some part of the conversation. “You’ll get most of your money back when you bill me.”

“No charge mate. Its in my contract.” Bunnymund gruffed.

Jack was left pondering that as he unlocked the cage, and then the glass doors to let the Pooka go. “Well, thank you, regardless. I probably shouldn’t have charged you for the storm then.”

“She’s aces.” Bunnymund walked past him.

Well, if that’s how it was, then that’s how it was. It wasn’t to first brush off from a Pooka he’d gotten. But…

“Actually, there is somethin.”

“Yes?” Jack looked up eagerly. In the beat of a heart Bunnymund had a fistfull of Jack’s shirt and Jack had a face full of… face.

He blinked rapidly, mind trying to process the sudden position he was in. Bunnymund was.. They were. Were they kissing? They were. They were absolutely kissing.

Bunnymund pulled back and grinned wickedly at him. “Revenge,” he explained, “for laughing at me.”

“Oh.” Jack said stupidly brain numb.

“Sweet dreams mate.” With a tap of his foot he disappeared down a hole in the ground and Jack was left staring blankly at the the the…the WEED growing out of his freshly laid concrete.

He reached up to touch his lips, but missed and ended up brushing his cheek instead. It didn’t matter, an entire side of his face tingled from the kiss, the fur against his nose and cheek, the way every time he blinked his eyelash had brushed against Bunnymund’s face, the feel of.. Of of of.. the feel of..

Jack closed the door mechanically, shutting the cage and locking it and turning off the lights. Mind still… minding…. with thoughts and junk.

Then he was struggling to get it all open again because if he left the flower there it was sure to get trampled by his employees on their way to work.


nellynee said to livelivefastfree: Fun Poly!Burners thought like, without them flat out stating it to literally everyone in Motorcity there’s probably a lot of different assumptions going on and I like to think that the general grapevine is both so wrong and confused. No one outside of the Burners is sure who is sleeping with who or at all and there’s probably a lot of uncomfortable moments where the Duke thinks he’s got dirt on a cheater or Ruby hates Mike for cheating on Chuck and it’s hilarious and awful. (and also TENNIE!??


Julie starts it, because when the Duke calls them up to triumphantly dish out dirt he’s “dug up”, she says, perfectly evenly, “—of course you saw Texas making out with Dutch.  What did you expect them to be doing?”  and hangs up the call on his startled double-take.

“It’s none of his business anyway,” she says, with cool dignity, and opens up the magazine she was reading again.  “I wonder why he thought I needed to know about Texas?”

“Probably saw him pick you up the other day,” says Chuck, without looking up from his screen.  “He was touching your butt and you totally didn’t even get mad.”

“Oh yeah.”

And then it’s over.  And it’s not a big thing, but it…sets a precedent.

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