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I really think that they are all good friends. Maybe Sam and Tony get along. I think it gets confused because Sam loves her, but it does not matter, does it? This guy has been in her orbit for years, I kinda think they are married, actually.

Nonnie…I can understand why you think what you do.  I have thought it at times myself.  However, SAM IS WHISTLING AT CAIT’S DERRIERE AND SHE TURNS AND GIVES HIM A FLIRTY SMILE.  I don’t know if this proves whether they are  together, but is Sam the type of person to behave that way in front of a supposed SO,  who is relegated to holding her coat?  And is Cait such a shallow person that she would allow her supposed SO to witness it?  My opinion is, no they are not.  

*yawn* I’m really not interested in people baiting Jensen with the same old Destiel questions. He loved my Destiel art, so bite me. I’m really tired of people pulling and twisting actors back and forth to fit fandom wars. Y'all get twisted like he hates Destiel. He doesn’t. I witnessed it in person. I got a more joyful reaction from Jensen about my Destiel art than I did with Misha. You can’t assign anyone’s views based on convention panels, especially when every fan has an agenda (all of us do, don’t lie) and questions are almost always leading. You trap actors, you get shitty responses. Period. Now I’m gonna go write my big long, complicated, fabulously queer love fics about Dean and Cas because I know the bottom line is the actors want their audiences to be happy and they really don’t personally think about shipping much. These shipping questions at cons are usually designed to start drama. By now everybody knows it never goes well, so why keep doing it? No matter how they answer these questions, they know they’re upsetting people. You’re putting them in shitty positions. Knock it off and go draw kissy fan art and write romance stories. Those things make me happy and I’m not going to stop.

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hey, i just wanted to say you're beautiful and i love your 1895 tattoo, and even if mofftiss never fixes this that doesn't change that sherlock and john are amazing and in love and they have been for 130 years. before s4 i was thinking about getting an 1895 tattoo, and after what's happened i almost want to get it even more just as a reminder that, like, they are eternal. idk i just wanted to let ya know

thank you, this means so much for me to hear. i’ve been spending this week listening to johnlock podfics because i needed to get them infinite happy endings to make up for what we didn’t get. my 1895 tattoo is for them, it’s always going to be for them, and never for this fucking joke of a show.

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have you seen colin farrell in scrubs? he says the lucky charms tag line. i think the episode is called my lucky charm

I used to be obsessed with Scrubs. I watched those first few seasons over and over again and because of your ask I now realize that that was Colin Farrell

The best thing about the resurgence for my love of Colin Farrell (from a childhood crush that had faded and has since come back to brutally attack my heart) is that I am now realizing I watched way more of his movies/shows than I had thought and that he’s been in my life all this time without me knowing. 

400 Appreciation


Here’s your preview of Part 5 because you all deserve it for dealing with me.

“…do you think we broke her?” Javi asked Lin.  

You started to calm down, breathing deeply, you looked up, meeting Lin’s gaze as he stared at you.

“No,” he started, “she’s perfect,” he said with a faint smile.

Blushing, you said, “Sorry, I haven’t laughed that much in a while; it felt good.”

“Never apologize for laughter, love, if it’s been a while, then it probably means you should be hanging out with us more often,” Javi stated.

“I agree,” Lin said, “which means, we’re kidnapping you for a bit longer this evening.”

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I have a question. Why do people sometimes capitalize the s in soldier? As in "six Soldiers were walking down the road"? I'm very pro-military or at least pro-soldier, but this is a thing that sits really uneasily in my stomach, because it's an honorific that isn't bestowed on other professions. (You wouldn't say six police Officers responded to the call, though you might refer to an individual as Officer Marsh). Can you talk about this a little bit? Thank you. Also, I love your blog! :) :)

I’m sorry that mistake rubs you so wrong, but if it’s any consolation I doubt whether people capitalize Soldier as an honorific thing. Most of the time I see people make that mistake uniformly with professions; Teacher, Firefighter, Accountant, etc. I don’t think there’s anything special about soldiers that causes people to capitalize it, and I don’t think there should be.

If it means anything, “soldier” shouldn’t be capitalize, “service member” shouldn’t be capitalized, and the rank should only be capitalized if it’s an actual title, e.g. “There’s a group of captains over there” vs “Have you seen Captain Williams?”

-Spc. Kingsley

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Have you tought about the possibility that the way we see love is narrow? That love to be fulfilling and real has to be sexual? We see romance and sexual tension between two characters because that's all we know about. When I became a parent I noticed that I really didn't know what love was before loving my child. Greatest love there is. I can imagine Cas loving Dean like that. And I think that is more and even "better".

Gee, you’re right! Silly me, I’ve never thought about deep, meaningful platonic relationships before in my entire life! Thank you sooooo much for introducing me to this amazing new concept! What would I do without benevolent straight people to fill me in on such wondrous phenomena??

Wow, all along, we’ve been cheapening relationships by seeing them as queer romance instead of the infinitely superior straight platonic love!

(…except that’s a load of homophobic bullshit)

I guess that ultimately, we just can’t see the difference between romance and bromance!

(…except we bloody well can)

And please, tell my asexual-spectrum ass one more time that I think love has to be sexual to be real. Go ahead, if you’re so damn sure you understand me.

If I sound ticked off, it’s because it’s pretty exhausting to get the exact same asked-and-answered “not homophobic, but…” bullshit over and over and over again. It’s pretty damn patronizing and insulting to be asked again and again if you’re aware of the concept of profound friendships. You’d get a wee bit testy after the first few hundred times, too.

In summary: Queer people aren’t a bunch of helpless dunces, desperate for your brilliant wisdom to help us figure out basic elements of our humanity. We’re actually aware of the many different varieties of love, all by ourselves! If you start a question with “Have you thought about…” I can guarantee that at least 999 times out of 1,000, the answer is “YES, and far more than you ever have!” Cause we’ve heard the same clichés a million times already, and spent decades critically examining our lives and our needs in far greater detail and nuance than you have.

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Why do so many people say that Civil War sucked? Am I naive for thinking it was great?

Who the hell is saying that?! I will fight them. I’m literally watching Civil War right now. I’m not joking. Zemo is drowning that dude in his sink as we speak. Who didn’t like Civil War?? I loved it.

I think a lot of people complain that it felt more like an Avengers movie than a Cap movie because there were so many Avengers in it, which is fair, but that doesn’t diminish the quality of the movie to me.

I thought it presented an interesting social point/counterpoint, explored the Bucky story, and had 2 big plot twists.

I’m with you nonnie, I think it’s great. Plus… it gave us beefy Bucky! Who’s gonna complain about that??

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so i've been thinking as I watch older videos of dnp's and see how much their home together has progressed. There's little plushies and figures everywhere. So many things that can't be bought. So much art and toys and things they keep adding to shelves. And the fact that they don't have ONE designated area for those things, they're literally ALL OVER their home. We're a big part of their life and I don't think we realize that as much as we should. Because how much we love them, it's mutual. (1)

That’s a hard thing to accomplish with youtubers. You look at any other youtuber’s home with tons of subscribers and followers and their houses don’t look nearly as cute or homey as dan and phil’s do. It could be just because that’s who they are. But they love us unconditionally. And although we can be over the top, we as an audience make other youtubers jealous because their audiences don’t have as a strong bond as we do with them.

ahhh this is a lovely assessment of dnp’s relationship w the audience and i mostly agree with everything you’ve written. it’s clear that they place such a high importance on their connection with us. part of that is keeping and cherishing many of the gifts that viewers have given them, and even renting out a whole storage unit so that they never have to throw away any of the letters or tokens of appreciation. i totally agree that this is part of what makes their flat so homey, along with their massive array of little objects and items that represent their shared interests and hobbies. 

but all of that being said i struggle with the notion that they ‘love us unconditionally.’ it’s an interesting concept–love between an entertainer and their audience. i don’t know that this is how i’d characterize the relationship. i think that they acknowledge us as the support structure and the foundation of everything they do and make. in dan’s case, the idea that he can change lives and bring people joy is, according to him, the principal thing that gives his life meaning and motivation. it’s probably the case that they keep gifts and letters as a reminder of that impact. but idk if i would say that they love us unconditionally or that any entertainer can ever love their fans or audience unconditionally. at the end of the day it’s a transactional relationship–we consume what they create because it makes us happy, they appreciate us because we consume what they create and give their creative output some validity. ‘love’ is definitely not the right word in my opinion to encapsulate the complexities of that exchange. and as dan himself as said many times, he hesitates to tell any fan that he loves them because he doesn’t actually know them. as close as we may feel to dnp they are people whose lives we have very little access to, and they of course cannot truly know us in return. i realize this is a somewhat pessimistic view on audience-creator relationships but i think love is a far more complex and intimate and personal emotion than the one that we share with dnp. but of course that doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate and cherish the support we show them. i hope that makes sense!!!!!! ! 

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Sorry if this is rude because I know that you ship eremin but do you happen to not like eremika? And would it be wrong to ask why?

I don’t dislike eremika, it’s fine.

I’m neutral to it, I think it’s like…it’s got its moments but it’s not my fav.

Mostly because childhood female friend gets with male protagonist is such a shonen thing?

Like…I love mikasa but why would Eren marry her when Armin is right there?

And I don’t mean to make that sound like I hate mikasa or undervalue eremika!

Eremika is important, they’re his family.

I just notice that he has much more casual intimacy with Armin…and they have more in common…

Whether Eren was female or male or you switched genders around, I would still see that eremin just has…a more unique dynamic.

And I would just love to see more of it.

Maybe even in a wedding context 😀

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sorry for this. Pidge has to dress up for an alien formal dance thing and looks very girly/formal/pretty blah blah blah. The rest of the teams gushes over her, but Lance doesn't say anything. Pidge: "aren't you going to say that I look prettier this way or something?" Lance: "pidge, you always look pretty?" everyone screams

Anon please please don’t apologise for something so beautiful and wonderful!!! I absolutely love this!! Headcanon approved and respected!!! This is the stuff I live for!! Thank you so so much anon!!!

Guess this is the part where I give you a headcanon. I’m gonna add on to yours! Lance, since he always thinks Pidge is adorable and such (especially when she is fangirling I’ve tech and robots) but the reason he never tells her is because he never know how she will react and he doesn’t want to be rejected….

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this might be a stupid question but could alternating between feeling really pretty to really ugly be an example of having an unstable sense of self (as in what happens with bpd)?? or am i just insecure? because it's really bad for me and it feels like i'm the only one that experiences this. thanks so much. i love your blog!

It is likely linked to BPD yes! And esp as it may tie into black-and-white thinking! If you were just insecure you’d more likely go between “im okay” and “im ugly”. I have the same experience!

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Red ive noticed that a few people on here have suicidal urges, selfharm, drugs, other things wrong. Including yours truly, since we all love you very much some of us would like some consolation from you. I allong with sone other would appericate it! * smooches forehead *

Self harm tw

“I–.” Red takes a second to collect his thoughts and tugs on his jacket sleeve, revealing the cracks and scars on his right ulna. “I know what that’s like. The best I can tell ya to do is to stay determined that things will get better. That’s not something I really believed in until I met the kid, but I’m tellin’ ya it’s true. Think about those who care about you and how they would react if they were told they couldn’t see you anymore. Think about how your loved ones would react if they saw you hurting yourself. If you don’t feel like you can live for yourself right now, live for those around you, because they think you mean somethin’ and that counts. My brother caught me once and I thought he’d be furious but he was practically bawling his eye sockets out. It was then that I realized what I was doing and what is was doing to him. The transition was rough, but I haven’t cut ever since. So, please, no matter what the issue is, you always have the option to reach out to your loved ones. Please don’t let them learn about it the hard way.”

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Sam whistling at Cait's bum, biting his lip and Cait laughing about it - in front of Tony. I don't get it.

I didn’t see that part of the video anon. All I could find were a couple of gifs that might be what you were describing.

source: yellowfeather84 

It is hard to tell what is going on from gifs because it depends on how the gif maker frames the gif. I think the above gifs were also slowed down a bit, which can also make things look more significant than they are. 

Sam and Cait have a flirty relationship. They always have. They are not typical co-workers. They are actors who roll around almost totally naked with each other doing love scenes. So they are very comfortable with each other’s bodies. Anyone who is romantically involved with actors has to understand the way they can flirt with each other and has to be able to tolerate how touchy feely they can be. It’s as simple as that.

Cait looked great in that dress. Sam must have felt he was paying her a compliment. I don’t know why Cait was laughing. Sam was saying something and she might have been laughing at that.

But think if Sam and Cait were really a couple and yet Sam has traveled the world with young, attractive women and Cait has traveled the world with Tony. Wouldn’t that be incredibly disrespectful to each other?

Of course it would be.

The most logical explanation and the one consistent with what Sam and Cait have both said is that Sam and Cait are not a couple and Cait is dating a “civilian” who is probably Tony. And Sam and Cait just have a flirty, playful friendship, which is not at all unusual for actors to have, especially if they are romantic co-stars.

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Don't you think the writers didn't do any justice to weller character by opening these topics (the baby and nas) and end it by this way? What was the real purpose? increase the "anti weller" number in the fandom lol, or should we wait until the end of the season to see the big picture, anyway i want to know your opinion

Oh, no, Anon! What have you done? You guys should know better by now than to open up Kurt Weller discussions with me. I love this stubbled idiot so much that I could talk about him for days on end and not get bored. I mean… are you sure you want to do this? Well, either way, there’s no turning back now because I have been thinking about this for hours and the flood gates will be opened.

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I might use a gif every now and then to distract you from my ramblings with this pretty face.

Ok, so first of all, short answer to your first question is yes. The writers did not do him any justice with these two storylines but that is not to say the storylines were both a wrong decision. But no, I doubt their initial intention was to increase kurt-hate in the fandom. They wouldn’t do that to the name that tops their credits. Here’s what I think happened. Brace yourselves for the rambling.

Ok, now, let’s think of the things that Kurt is carrying on his shoulders this year:

  1. Losing Mayfair; his boss, friend and mentor
  2. Becoming the Assistant Director of the NYO
  3. Finding out the truth about his father
  4. Dealing with Taylor’s death
  5. Allie’s pregnancy and his impending fatherhood
  6. His relationship with Nas
  7. Reconciling with Jane and with happened between them
  8. Bringing down Sandstorm
  9. Realizing he is a part of Sandstorm’s plans

Wow. Poor kid.

Ok, now, #1, #3 and #4 would have best been dealt with through proper therapy. And while they did show us that Kurt was talking about these with Borden, we now know those sessions - while maybe helpful to a certain extent - could not have been that healthy or healing because well Nigel works for the enemy and has been planted there to observe and help “guide” Weller into whatever path Sandstorm need him to be on. So the poor guy finally managed to open up - and keep in mind this is Kurt Weller, man of many walls - and it turns out the man he was counting on to help him overcome these demons works for the devil.

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another little bit of pretty before we go on

He seems to be handling #2 a little better, I think. The office hasn’t fallen apart yet (and by that I mean the rest of the NYO who are not working on Operation Sandstorm). And while his assistant Brianna looks like she has the toughest job in the whole office - getting him to actually do his job - things seem to be going pretty much ok. the building hasn’t burned down yet. I mean besides the Sandstorm fuck ups, Pellington seems to be ok with the way Stubbles is running the NYO so I think we can call this one a victory for him. God knows he needs one.

Moving on to #5… I know this is one of the most controversial topics this year and I know my hand on it is not everyone’s favorite, but on paper I personally was looking forward to the pregnancy and daddy!Kurt storyline. Because technically, if written well and dealt with well, it could have been a great storyline, one that would have helped a lot with #3 and #4. There was so much potential there. There was a chance for Kurt to deal with the truth about his own father and the truth about Taylor, a chance for him to grow as a character, to overcome his demons, to prove to himself once and for all that he is not his father and more importantly to break free of Taylor’s ghost and the guilt he still carries with him, that burden that he is responsible for what happened to her. Unfortunately that never happened. Instead, the pregnancy was used as a plot device once to give a lame ass excuse to kick Jane while she’s down and now to create drama and emotionally fuck up Kurt even more. So, while the idea itself was not bad, was not a disservice to Kurt’s character, the execution of it was disappointing and if anything only a disservice to Allie’s character and just waste of a good opportunity to create actual character growth and development for Kurt.

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I think we need some pretty at this point.

Moving on, I’ll just quickly jump to #7, #8 and #9 and say that I think they’ve done quite well with handling these three storylines. Honestly, I just love everything they’ve done in building the mystery of Kurt’s connection to Sandstorm and what Shepherd has planned for him. I think the entire “bring down Sandstorm” and how horribly wrong it has been going has been so well done. And finally, the Jeller, with all its ups and downs (minus maybe one or two scenes - mainly the stupid gender reveal party fiasco) has just been so so so well done. I cannot even tell you how happy I have been with the Jeller - angst and pain and all. I’ve just loved every moment of it (minus the stupid gender revel party). I mean, for heaven’s sake, she cut her hair and he had to stop mid-sentence, in the middle of a team meeting, to tell her that her hair looks nice, how fucking awesome is that?!

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one more before I move on to the last point because I don’t even want to talk about it

Which brings us to the Nas situation. I think that this storyline was the only one that really was a disservice to Kurt’s character. I cannot for the life of me understand why the writers went that route. As much as I try to wrap my mind around it, make sense of it, find a narrative logic to it I just cannot. Those two were doing so so so well with what they were set up in the first two episodes. Sully and Archie were doing such a good job as co-leaders, butting heads, disagreeing, compromising, etc… all for a shared goal and a greater good. Kurt did not need another romantic entanglement. He did not need a relationship with anyone especially with everything he was going through, with the baby on the way… And if that wasn’t enough - and I am not even going to talk about how little chemistry they actually had or how there was absolutely no build up to it - it absolutely ruined Kurt’s character in that even after he knew she was spying on him and his team he still decided sleeping with her was ok. Fine. Fine… let’s say he really really needed the distraction… Couldn’t he at least have put up a bigger fight in confronting her about the bug? In demanding she comes clean? This guy is supposed to be the assistant director, he is supposed to be this hot shot agent, he is supposed to be smart for god’s sake! Fine, sleep with the woman, but at least put some more effort in I don’t? Doing your job?

Sigh… At least it’s over now… It came to an end just as abruptly as it came to be and all these questions of why the fuck did it even happen and whatnot have not been answered and I guess never will be? Of everything they’ve done to Kurt so far this season, this remains to me the biggest mystery and the one thing that I think has made him look bad. Should we wait till the end of the season to understand this specific plot? Maybe. I hope it turns out to be more than just that - a pointless fling - but I really don’t know at this point.

That’s it from me. I’ll leave you with this pretty face.

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I love Pinterest like crazy, but I always get annoyed when I start pinning tons of Sherlock stuff. Because never fails that once I do that (including plenty of sherlolly themed pins) Pinterest begins recommending to me tons Sherlock pins that are are NOT the kind I’m interest in if you know what I mean lol. I think Pinterest is pretty limited in its ability to learn. :/


rebecca in every episode:

the big three
“How do you think we’re doing so far, at parenting? ‘Cause I think we’re at a six, on a sliding scale of one to ten. I think we’re at a six and I think I’m being generous. Seven, fine, but only because there are three of them. And the thing is, I’m trying really hard to get us to a nine, because they are cute kids and they deserve nine parents. And the thing is, I feel like I’m there, Jack. I feel like I’m operating at a nine. Because I do individualized lunches and I do individualized tuck-ins for each kid so nobody feels gipped. And when you’re home and you’re you, you’re way better than I am. You’re a ten when you’re you, Jack. But you’re getting home later and later, and when you do come home…the drinking has to stop. You have to reign it in, baby, because I won’t have it in my house. So if it’s a problem, fix it. Be a man and fix it. Because I’m done letting you lower our score.“

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*cracks knuckles*

20. Favorite character to write

Luna Lovegood or Hermione Granger from Harry’s Generation. I love those girls.

From The Marauders Generation it would have to be Sirius Black or James Potter.

21. Least favorite character to write

Probably Tom Riddle, I love reading other people write him, but I hate attempting to write him. Simply because I am convinced that I am not doing him justice. At all. I never feel like I’ve gotten him right, and it bothers me. 

22. Favorite story you’ve ever written

Gosh. This is hard. I like all my stories for different reasons. I think I’ll just say which is currently my favourite to write (mainly because the muse likes them). Fall Through Time always makes me feel when I’m writing it.

A Dalliance In Time is probably one of my favourites simply because I am so happy when I write it, all of the witches are badass, and the men aren’t to be trifled with either, and it is completelt different from anything I’ve ever written. (Not that any of my stories are quite like the other.)

23. Least favorite story you’ve ever written

Promise. Well. I still love it in my heart, but one asshole ruined it for me when I wasn’t getting a lot of reviews and not a lot of feedback. It has bad memories since I will always doubt myself when it comes to it, and one day I hope to go back and fix/ re-write things.

24. Favorite scene you’ve ever written

Several come to mind, but probably the Wedding chapters in Dalliance, they were fairly time consuming and personally the most rewarding. That’s why they were my favourite.

25. Favorite line you’ve ever written

Oh. I have a few, but this line is definitely up there, in terms of dialogue, “Hush, I know they don’t bother you. If it was Charlus out here with his dick out, then maybe you’d have a problem.” from my darling Dorea Potter nee Black in A Dalliance In Time.

Another is a future thing in FTT, which has to do with Lily, Hermione and a couple other girls that are out drinking and a dude comes up to them, and Hermione slams his inappropriate flirting in the best way possible. 

26. Story you’re most proud of

It Was Her Ginger Hair, which was written out of pure love and was an adventure to write, and Theo/Ginny will always have my heart. Always.

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