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emma duval - eighteen - cabin one - cabin specialist

As a former Camp Evergreen camper herself, Emma is excited to spend her first summer as a member of the staff. She, along with her camp BESTIE, Brooke Maddox are here to make the transition from camper to counselor as smoothly as possible. Before, her summers had been all about fun – but now she’s ready to work as well. She’s thrilled to have been assigned to bunk one, working with the YOUNGEST girls on camp. She’s got a way with the little ones – & while many find them exhausting – Emma thinks they’re endearing. Of course – her summer shouldn’t be all work – or at least, that’s what she keeps hearing. SOME EVEN SAY THE COUNSELORS HAVE THE MOST FUN !! 


BROOKE MADDOX - summer camp bff, friendship bracelet wearer of the past 7 years
STILES STILINSKI - childhood camp bestie turned counselor bestie 
GWEN STACEY - co-counselor, fellow ray of sunshine 
HERMIONE GRANGER - co-counselor, co-runner of the sign making club
SCOTT MCCALL - lowkey crush, really bad at making popsicle birdhouses 
ISAAC LAHEY - corruptor extraordinare, influencer of fun
SPENCER HASTINGS - official camp goals ™ 
BLAKE GALLAGHER - morning jog buddy
GALE HAWTHORNE - pseudo big brother