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The wedding date, or; how to avoid the singles’ table

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⚜  “I want- I needyoutobemyfakeboyfriend!”; “I have to admit, this isn’t the brightest idea you’ve ever had. Normally, when you don’t stand someone, they’re the last person you’d invite for this.” aka asking your coworker to a family’s wedding.

⚜ Chanyeol x reader ; office!au, friennemies, a tad bit of High school!au

⚜ 10,7k *sigh* did I just? yes, I just wrote my longest fic ever about this

Children, never sleep on your drafts for 6 months bc it’s hell :) I hope you enjoy reading~

The pile of work standing on your desk earns a groan from you, your head pounding from the long evening waiting for you.

Your eyes switch from the article you’ve been trying to get done, to the clock that marks exactly half an hour since the irritating disturbance had started. And from a scale of one to ten of how murderous your thoughts are, you’re pretty sure you’re hovering above an unhealthy fourteen.

You often wonder how strangely things work out in life, astonished by how the universe likes to carefully craft satirical situations to shake up the insignificant human existence. However, you’re not exactly as amused -heck, you’re even sure the deities love messing with you, trapping you in a tiny work space with your one and only rival from high school.

Park Chanyeol, always the charmer and still undoubtedly just as obnoxious as you remember him, just had to end up in the cubicle right across from yours. And although you’ve had a much-appreciated break from his gracing company during college, you’re still astounded at the cruelty of fate to pair you up with him.

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Do It

Genre: Smut

Pairing: Daddy!Suho x Reader

Requested: No

Word Count: 2,851

Summary: You felt Junmyeon had been neglecting you lately. You had finally had enough so tonight you decided you were going to do something about it.

Author’s Note: I was a little nervous about this one because this was my first time attempting to write smut with a daddy kink in it. But I really wanted to bc Suho is daddy AF

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First Blush~s.m.

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Short and unedited oops.

Some more fluff (bc my angst sucks balls) for my lovelies, hope y’all enjoy :)


She was fast asleep. Buried under the fleece blanket I had gotten for her from my trip to Moscow, wearing only one of my button ups and her panties. Her hair was piled into a messy bun on top of her head, a few unruly strands spreading across her face and over the pillow. Her mouth was slightly agape, pink, plush lips parted to let shallow, soft breaths escape. Occasionally, she would close it, contort her lips a bit, then open it again. Or maybe she would shift her head, either higher or lower on the pillow. Or she would twitch her eyebrow slightly- almost unnoticeable. But she never turned her face away from me, almost as though she knew I was watching her slumber. Like she didn’t want to deprive me of the beauty her face delivered to me.

Sure, I could bask in her glory all day, she was mine. But there was a certain wonder to it when she slept, whether it was a little catnap in nothing but our underwear with her head nestled in my lap on the couch, or in the wee hours of the morning (like this very moment) when I was up and she wasn’t. Her rested features somehow managed to be emphasized when she slept. It was like she radiated even more while dormant.

I had been watching her for a decent 10 minutes. Once or twice, my phone would attract my attention, either Andrew texting me a reminder of my upcoming appearances and performances, or someone posting on Instagram.

I reviewed Andrew’s messages and sighed deeply. Over the course of the following two months I had about 7 events in all. I had only been home from an 8 month tour for about 4 days, yet still, work crept upon me and snatched any opportunity of relaxation I was being given.

 Y/N and hadn’t had nearly enough time to catch up. Work had her tied down. She was a senior editor and a workaholic at that. Her job, according to her, could never be done. Or at least done in a way she was satisfied. Those who called me a tortured soul (other than myself) had never encountered Y/N when she went full ‘work bitch mode’. Her words, though. Not mine. I would just define her ethic as passionate and no nonsense. Maybe a bit too much at times. 

But, I couldn’t reprimand her or I’d be a hypocrite, because I myself had a tendency to go off the edge when I got to deep into my line of work.

I simply replied to Andrew with a quick ‘Okay’. Then, my eyes went back to Y/N, who remained still, aside from chest movements and nose flares- usually a sign she was close to waking up.

Her head bobbed back a forth a bit, though the movement was barely there. She brought a small hand up and gripped the edge of the blanket that didn’t cover her body and pulled it up a bit more, then stayed there. She normally did this. She would move around some, like she was contemplating whether or not to get up, and then remain still. Either she would have fallen back asleep or was just in thought, gathering herself, wondering silently what her day held and what she had to get done and who she would have to deal with. Though, she had a day off. The only person she would have to deal with was me. But of course, she wasn’t conscience enough to realize that.

 There was only an inch of distance between us. That was all I would give her if she wanted to move about. When he lay together, I wanted our bodies to be as close as possible. We spooned last night, much like any other, and when I woke up, I let her go, but let my arm lay above her head. My palm was pressed against the side of my head as hers lay opposite my chest.

I brought my free hand up and lightly brushed the strands of hair out her face, letting my fingers graze over her jaw and cheekbones. Her silky skin soothed the callous pad of my thumb as it traveled to her lips, pulling the bottom one down ever so slightly, not enough to cause discomfort- I didn’t want that. I touched her top lip, pressing into it softly before swiping across it and then pulling the finger away all together.

I brought my face down to hers and touched my lips to her forehead, for a few seconds. One, two, three, four….

My lips moved to her temple, then to the apple of her cheek, then the corner of her mouth. I pulled back as her eyes sprouted open.

I chuckled deeply, a low thrum escaping my chest as she smiled lazily. 

“Good morning, darling,” I muttered, kissing her ear lightly, grazing the outer shell with my teeth before biting her ear lobe softly. My hand snaked under the blanket and gripped her waist. The shirt had ridden up while she slept. My fingers came in contact with her warm skin, sliding slowly down the curve of her hips, feeling the lacy terrain of her underwear against my palm until the tips of my fingers could dig into the globe of her bum. She let out a small giggle and I removed my hand, holding her chin and pecking her slightly. She pouted, but we had the whole day to ourselves, there was so much more where that came from.

“Morning,” she purred. She bent her arm and put her hand below her head as she looked into my eyes. She was still tired- it was obvious, or maybe she hadn’t fully woken up yet.

“How did you sleep?” I asked as she skimmed her fingernails over my chest, passing over the scarce curly strands that sprouted from the skin. She loved them.

She shrugged. “Okay, I guess,” she sighed. She was never one to speak much in the morning. Her answers or general statements were always sparse.

“You guess?” I raised my brows.

“Well….yeah,” she said simply. “It wasn’t much different from any other night you’ve been home. Its just….,” Pause.

I waited for her to continue but she didn’t. She looked away from me, biting her lip.

“What? What’s wrong, darling?” I pushed.

“Why’d you let me go?” she asked, and thrust her lower lip out, pouting for the second time this morning.

I furrowed my brow. “Huh?” as far as I was concerned my arms never left her once that morning, even if it was the tiniest of touches.

“You had your arms around me,” she explained. “And you let go. Why?”

I blinked before I realized what she was talking about. And when I did, I felt my lips tug into a smirk, which made her roll her eyes. “Ohhh,” I nodded. She was so needy in the morning. I was never allowed to not touch her as we lay in bed. During the day she liked her space sometimes, but in the bedroom, if my hands ever left her for even a second, that was a serious offence.

Without warning, I rolled on top of her, hovering a bit as though not to crush her. My hands took her wrists and pulled them from underneath the blanket, pinning them to the sides of her head. “Okay?” I asked, my lips attaching to her neck as I peppered feverish kisses across the surface, moving rapidly.

She sucked in a harsh breath before speaking. “I…I was hoping we could sp-spoon, but this works too,” she said shakily, curling her hands into tiny fist as my lips moved up her jaw.

“Mmm,” I hummed, masking her tiny moan as my teeth nipped at her lips teasingly before I attacked them fully. 

My his tongue delved its way into her mouth, parting her lips gently. She giggled a bit as I poked my tongue with hers, before tangling them into each other. I removed my mouth from hers, and put her bottom lip in between my teeth, pulling on it gently. She exhaled deeply. She loved it when I did this.

I let her wrists go and immediately her hands were shoved into my messy bed hair, scissoring through the loose curls. My hands slipped under the shirt she wore, as I ran my warm fingers up and down her sides, tracing shapes and pinching teasingly. I took her bare, sinful legs and wrapped them around my waist, as I threw my arms around her waist, pulling her closer. She moaned against my mouth. I leaned back a little, caressing her thighs.The blanket had been tossed to the floor in a heap at that point, forgotten in the midst of our make out session.

A few beautifully heated minutes later, I pulled away breathlessly. I panted into her face and she inhaled what I exhaled, staring at me through hooded, sparkling eyes. A line of light adorned her forehead from the bit of sunlight that bled through the blinds above our bed. The room was dim and all I could see was her. That, however, was totally okay with me.

“So,” I began. She perked up, awaiting what I had to say next.

“How should we spend your day off, darling?”


Hope y’all enjoyed :)

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Any thoughts/fave moments on the new gaming vid? :^) bless us with your words pls

ahhhh god they just seemed so happy and chill in this video didn’t they? i enjoyed it quite a lot. it was unexpectedly funny in places and pretty typics bants for them and i loved that phil voiced pretty lengthy opinions throughout it. i also thought dan went out of his way repeatedly to signal his awareness of the audience gaze, making this an interesting video in that it was simultaneously more calm and less “produced” or over-performed but also v self-aware (whereas normally when dnp get super in their heads about recognizing that everyone is watching them they become v persona-y and overdone.) i’ve divided up my thoughts for each of them and thought i’d go sort of question by question (they are bolded)!!! i think in general there aren’t too many profound conclusions to be drawn from this video–the thing about their being super aware that this is going to go out to their audience of millions is that they become more restrained in saying anything actually illuminating about their more serious thoughts/feelings. but that being said there were obvi a solid number of noteworthy moments


  • the boy was so assertive and even sassy in this. i was excited. lil comments throughout like, ‘I’m a bit concerned that you’re seeing it as a brown circle .. new video: getting dan’s eyes checked,’ or ‘life isn’t grand theft auto guys,’ or just the way in which he delivers the ‘let me tell you my answer’ during the monkey question .. he was just so forthright in voicing his thoughts and taking no shit and i was rly loving it the whole time, bless him
  • when introducing the vid dan talks about how the audience will judge them but phil quickly follows with a reassuring ‘we’re learning things about each other’ and i thought that was interesting like he wants to insert that note of authenticity to push back against dan’s comment. i mean i rly doubt they’re doing this game to learn a single damn thing they don’t already know about each other but phil with this comment is trying to make us feel more like we are watching them do something genuine on a chill afternoon at home, instead of something that they are literally performing for us. cool cool 
  • illegal firearm: good stuff. a lovely demonstration of phil’s ~lateral thinking~ and tendency towards constructing a fuller narrative for whatever info is presented to him. 
    • i liked that he kept asking for more information and questioning dan w details like “how do i know they’re illegal” “whose drawer” etc. and dan tries to move on and end the speculative questioning but phil literally says “wait” to keep talking about the methods he would use to evade being accused of any crime if the firearm was in his own drawer. 
    • also his voice is so northern here when he’s like ’then they’d know i didn’t touch it’ the way he says ‘touch’ yes good
  • the power to stop time: this one was mad interesting. 
    • first of all. they’re not sleeping. phil only slept 5 hours. we’ve written so many posts about their being tired and rushed in their content bc they were churning out so many vids in the time before they left for australia but damn, to hear phil confirm he only slept 5 hours is p cray. it’s no wonder they were soooo ‘chill’ in this. they’re tired. 
    • with respect to the actual question tho. i love phil asking ‘what is a pervy stuff’ and dan being so done w phils attempt at maintaining innocence. but then i also loved dan trying so hard not to smile when phil is grinning and clarifying that he doesnt mean that he doesnt know what a pervy stuff might entail but just that he needs to know ‘how pervy are we talking.’ lol dan is so amused and fond. then phil actually laughs so hard at dan saying ‘as long as u don’t leave a trace’ which is great bc phil’s unfiltered/genuine reactions to sex talk that aren’t trying to be revolted or unaware or uncomfortable are great
    • phil’s actual real time go-to thought for what he would do with this power is sneaking into a locker room and he says it with a glaring lack of gendered pronouns. noted. in conjunction with his interest in abs this is very fascinating information to me. 
    • and then dan is very insistent phil would do the pervy stuff even after phil states he’s going with disappearing from a convo. he signals it while phil is explaining his choice then even explicitly says ‘you tell the audience that.’
  • trapped in sewer: phil would lick a foot. dan needs us to know so he repeats it. ok sure fine
  • shitting when sitting: phil is a creative. the iron pants solution, king of innovative undergarments 
  • mike tyson fight: 
    • the synchronized ‘why would u let him win’ was cute. 
    • dan saying ‘punch me dad’ is so chill now. like. no one gives any fucks. and phil is at the point where he literally agrees and says ‘guess that’s why’ 
    • i’m constantly shook about character development it’s starting to be unhealthy
  • visiting space: ok the first and only thing this made me question is whether we have ever heard phil utter the word orgasm. have we? i actually don’t think we have and i was laughing at how much he evaded saying it in the way he talked about this question. g-rated phil may be long dead but he’s still keeping things as clean as he can, given the circumstances. dan did not try and insinuate that phil is just saying moonwalking for the audience. so dan is fine saying phil rly wants to perv if he had the power to stop time, but he draws the line at insinuating phil wants to orgasm in space. good to know dan has (completely arbitrary) boundaries. 
  • ah yes. the already iconic monkey question: several noteworthy lines.
    • p: i would spoon a monkey for sure. he didn’t miss a beat w that. confident statement of interest in animal intimacy from phil. splendid.
    • p: k-k-mar-kiss? i didn’t say kiss? d: that’s non-sexual it can be like a friendly kiss, a romantic one. interesting to me in that it confirms that dan draws distinctions between friendly (platonic), romantic, and sexual intimacy but that he also sort of equated platonic and romantic. on twitter he stated in a reply that he thinks friendly kissing is like a cheek kiss in greeting. its likely that romantic kissing is something more than that and more like the spooning and whatnot he suggested, but he lumps both of them into this category of a loving and intimate relationship. meanwhile sexual kissing is obvi ,, sexual kissing. but cool to hear a little bit about the way dan conceptualizes these categories
    • d: (about acting like a married couple) that could have a lot of drama and tears. you’d fight non-aggressively. i mostly think he’s using the common dumb jokes that society makes about marriage as being a loveless trap but also interesting that he went right to that dig and didn’t rly laugh about it or try to make it seem like a joke. he just said it and it’s sort of weirdly specific. ofc we can easily speculate that this might reveal some of dan’s thoughts about marriage or rly just his thoughts on a long term relationship bc it’s less about the institution of marriage. but i have doubts on whether that’s reasonable since, as i’ve been saying, dan is v aware he’s being watched and i doubt he’d take this as an opportunity to voice his thoughts about marriage and commitment and what is likely to happen when two people “act like a married couple” 
    • d: i mean you couldn’t have anyone else in your life if you have this loving relationship. ah i love this one. dan confirming that whether or not sex is in the equation, a loving and intimate relationship would mean there would be no space for another person in phil’s life is just. good. unlike the marriage comment i do think we can analyze this one a bit further bc it’s almost a throwaway comment–it’s not the punchline or centerpiece of what dan is saying making it more likely to be a reflection of how he really feels. and it’s not a common thought to be honest, that if you’re in an intimate/loving relationship you can’t have anyone else in your life, meaning it doesn’t seem like some common joke he’s just repeating. i take it to mean that dan sees romantic love as a true marker of closeness and connection with someone–a closeness that you can’t and don’t share with other people whom you do not romantically love. and that that intimacy doesn’t have anything to do w the sex that you may or may not be having with the person that you love. what a romantic fuck. honestly spoken like a man whose best friend and long term romantic love are one and the same. 
    • p: let me tell you my answer. i would spoon the monkey and watch some game of thrones and then go to bed in separate rooms. honestly, to me, this is the least interesting comment in this whole exchange. i know a lot of people think this sounds oddly reminiscent of dnp’s relationship or something but i genuinely think phil was in this scenario in his head. maybe he’s pulling from real life when thinking about the elements of being romantically intimate w someone that he could use for his example (aka spooning and game of thrones) but i think he’s rly thinking about the monkey and how not to spend too much time with it in this scenario, hence the sleeping in separate rooms addendum. idk. he’s talking about a relationship w a monkey yall i dont think he’s going to use that as a proxy to give us a thinly veiled clue about his day to day habits with his not-as-yet-confirmed boyfriend. mostly confused that a lot of people are treating it as “confirmation” that dnp don’t have sex lol


  • ‘this is really going to say a lot about our personalities and you’re going to judge us.’ he opens strong with that audience awareness. it carries throughout the video.
  • house is on fire: probably the most interesting of the dan questions.
    • dan looks so uncomfortable as soon as phil inserts himself into this scenario by saying that he (phil) would be “all the people.” the sigh is so real bc dan clearly did not want to treat this like a serious question but phil framing it as dan needing to choose between his own life and a kitten’s life and phil’s life suddenly really ups the seriousness of it. 
    • i feel for him. that’s honestly such a fucking difficult question to answer. i thought of the closest relationship in my life which is my sister and what i would do if she was like ha ha who would u save me or yourself and then having to actually think about both of those horrifying scenarios. either dan lives and has to live without phil or phil lives and has to live without dan and like jfc how r u supposed to pick or even try to take that seriously idk
    • i say all of this to add more context to dan’s answer and the sarcastic ‘bc the internet is watching,’ that he adds to it. i genuinely think dan was uncomfortable with this question and i also fully empathize with that so i think the sarcasm was added as a way to treat it more like a joke like ha ha i guess i’ll save u bc i’m a good person not ha ha i guess i’m picking this bc idk what to do since this question is horrific
    • ‘everyone is inherently good,’ says phil. ‘or at least that’s what i want to believe.’ i always think the thing w phil+optimism is a bit overhyped but like damn if he’s rly out there trying to believe this, then that’s p cool and very very lovely
  • everything turns into gold: there was def a dan rant about physics or monetary inflation or something that got cut out of this question bc he yells about it being stupid then there’s a v glaring jump cut then he’s saying ‘in a universe where this makes sense,,’ lol idk whether to be relieved or intrigued about the fact we didn’t get to hear it
  • phil dead and he’s been hanging w the twin: i loved the bit when phil asks dan to ask him a question only phil would know the answer to and dan responds, essentially, that there isn’t a question he could ask phil bc ‘you’ve been fernando the whole time.’ dan is wrong lol the question doesn’t say that the best friend has always been the twin–just that the best friend died at some point in the friendship and was replaced w a twin, unbeknownst to dan. i love that dan can’t even entertain the possibility that phil could be replaced with someone at some point in their friendship like nope too outlandish it’s obvi just saying phil has been a person w a different name all along .. in which case, as dan rightly points out, there’s hardly a dilemma. it’s just that you didn’t know your friend’s real name. what is the point of that. lol. a cute and probably unintentional way of avoiding any of the emotional weight of this scenario and i love it
  • dan as pres: dan thinks he’d be good in the role of president. he probs would be ok
  • spider: i am very fascinated by the way dan leans kinda forward and mostly into phil at 9:04 when he’s talking about being a spider and exploring someone’s body. why did he do that. what is he doing idk
  • become a god: 
    • making fun of lads and lad culture. i’m into it. i am always into them lowkey shitting on toxic masculinity. so funny. 
    • again phil tries to insert himself in the scenario by saying that if dan chose to incinerate earth he’d be incinerating phil, but dan was absolutely not having it 

overall they are cute and clever and good at knowing where to draw boundaries about the things they talk about but to do so in a gentle and natural way for the most part so this video was good and interesting but probs not revelatory but still very entertaining and funny and sort of soft in unexpected ways so i really liked it. i really like them xx 

(what would you do if…)

The Adventure Continues // Na Jaemin

Pt 1


summary: prince!jaemin part two where jaemin and you meet again, only this time he is engaged to be married.

words: 6063

category: angst + fluff, prince au

author note: it was nice to return to this au (also it somehow turned into my second longest scenario ever so maybe i got a bit carried away but how can you not it’s jaEMIN). as usual i miss jaemin and wish he would just show himself to us bc i miss my bestest pal. i hope he’s safe and healthy and being loved by his family.

- destinee

honestly if sm doesn’t update us on this pure snickerdoodle i will swim over to south korea mYSELF WATCH ME


Jaemin found himself sitting on the stone edge of the right side turret of his family’s castle. With his feet weighted by heavy boots, he found that he couldn’t hardly swing his feet back and forth like he pleased.

Instead, he let them hang limp, perhaps to mirror the feeling of despair that had settled in his stomach. In just two years, schedules and duties had distracted him from any kind of adventure he had dreamed of, bit more than anything, it kept him from you.

Jaemin thought about you often, and he wondered how you were doing. Your grandfather visited the kingdom every once in awhile for routine smithing and repairs. The young prince had followed him around for the first few months, asking questions about how you were doing.

Apparently, your grandmother’s condition had only worsened into something much more serious than a cold. Your grandfather informed Jaemin that you had been giving all your time to take care of her, and you wouldn’t be visiting the castle any time soon.

Months went by, and you still hadn’t visited. Then your grandmother passed away, and Jaemin felt his heart breaking along with yours. He wished to visit you and comfort you. He wanted more than anything to gather you in his arms and assure you that he was there. He wouldn’t leave your side.

They would just be empty promises, he often had to remind himself. The truth was that he was a prince unable to ignore his duties just to comfort someone. His job was much bigger, unfortunately, and he had to tend to the needs of the kingdom before he could tend to the needs of you.

Although he wanted more than anything to just throw down his metaphorical crown and run back to you.

Worries haunted him day to day. What if you had forgotten about him? What if you thought he forgot about you? What if you thought he was deliberately ignoring you?

Unfortunately, his worries hadn’t lessened in the past two years. If anything, they only came back stronger. Especially since his parents had just announced that he would be betrothed to one of the ladies who lived in the kingdom.

All of this would explain the disheartened spirit of the prince as he sat on the turret.

He held a sword in his lap, one with badly whittled initials in the hilt. His nineteen-year-old hands were more worn than his seventeen-year-old hands. The pad of his thumb was rough against the smooth hilt of the sword.

Jaemin sighed and looked out at the view before him. Somewhere out there was your small cottage, playing as a shelter for you and your grandfather.

You didn’t know what had happened earlier that day. Jaemin wasn’t sure you would, until it was officially announced by the local newsboys. He wanted to tell you himself though, and ask what he was supposed to do about it. He wanted to ask how he could marry anyone when you were the only thing on his mind.

A guard appeared on the turret. “Your Highness? Her Majesty has requested that you come spend lunch with Lady Havergaud immediately.”

Jaemin turned slightly to assure the guard, “Coming!”


You pulled the wool blanket closer under your grandfather’s chin. “Don’t worry, alright? You’ll be fine.”

He coughed, and a jolt of fear ran up your spine as you thought of him perhaps having what your grandmother died of. He had been depressed since she died two years ago, and the stress weighed heavy on his shoulders as he still did smithing work for the kingdom.

“I have an order,” he said. “I have to deliver the swords to the castle.”

“I’ve got it,” you assured him. “You taught me everything, remember? This way I can take over while you’re recovering.”

“Are you sure you can handle it?”

“I’ve got it. Trust me.” You leaned down to kiss his cheek, “Now go to sleep, and when you wake up I will be back with a warm pot of soup waiting for you.”

“Thank you, Y/n.”

The past two years hadn’t really been kind to you either. You had taken over your grandmother’s work, along with daily deliveries and lessons from the forge. Your grandfather thought it was important for you to learn the trade that brought income into the house, so that if anything were to happen to him you could step up.

Unfortunately, that time came sooner than later, so you were stuck doing day-to-day work with little rest. Your smooth hands were replaced by the rough and calloused palms of a blacksmith. Your hair was cut short, to keep from getting caught in the metal and fire of the forge you worked in. Your skin was often covered in a layer of dirt by the end of the day.

Entering the forge, you picked up the many swords given to you by the castle guards only yesterday. It was important to work on the swords quickly, so you and your grandfather often lost sleep over the knight’s swords you had committed to cleaning.

You sheathed each of the swords and placed them in a large carpetbag. Then, swinging the bag over your shoulder, you began the long walk to the castle.


Upon your arrival, your heart beat rose at the thought of who lived behind the walls. You hadn’t forgotten about the prince, although you were sure he had forgotten about you.

Because of everything that had happened, you really hadn’t had any time to visit him, even though he invited you to. You were busy with more important things than following the prince around all day. No matter how fun the latter sounded, you owed it to your grandfather to help him in any way you could.

Once you showed him the bag of swords, the castle guard opened the gate and allowed you inside. You eyes widened in bewilderment as you gazed down the well-lit stone walls. The entire castle seemed bright and cheerful, despite being made of dark gray stone. It reminded you of Jaemin’s positive vibes, and for a fleeting moment you could hear his cheerful voice in your head, convincing the castle decorators to make the interior of the castle more bright and welcoming.

“Y/n?” You turned at the familiar voice, and the sword hilts against your back all clanged together at the sudden movement.

“Mark!” you said happily. “How are you? I haven’t seen you since you moved to the castle!”

“I’m great!” he answered. “I’ll be completing my knight’s training next year. How’s your grandfather?”

“Not good,” you sighed. “He’s gotten much weaker from all the stress of Grandmother being gone. He won’t admit it, but he needs to rest for awhile.”

“He hasn’t rested since the funeral, had he?” Mark guessed.

“Works distracts him,” you supposed. “It also adds more stress to him, which is why I want him to rest. I can work the forge while he’s gone.”

“Speaking of.” Mark grinned and reached up and pulled something out of your hair. “You’ve got some ashes in your hair.”

You shrugged. “That happens when you work in a forge. Now, do you know where I deliver these swords?”

“Oh, I’ll take them. I’m on my way to the practice ground right now.”

You transferred the carpet bag onto his back, the whole time looking around.

“How in the world did you carry these?” Mark groaned under the weight of the bag.

“Practice,” you mumbled, peering down the hall.

“He’s at lunch with his fiancée,” Mark answered your unasked question.

“Fiancée?” Your voice caught on the word, as if it pained you to actually say it.

Mark looked sheepish. “I forgot they hadn’t announced it yet. Jaemin’s betrothed to a Lady.”

“Oh. Well, wish him well for me.” You forced your lips to turn up in a smile, “I’ll be going now.”


You subconsciously played with the ring on your finger as you walked into your home. “Grandfather? I’m home!”

“How’d it go?” he yelled from his room, coughing the final word.

You entered his room. “How long have you been awake?”

“Only a few minutes,” he assured you. “Tell me, did you see Jaemin?”

You hated to disappoint him, seeing the twinkle in his watery eyes. “No. I only saw Mark. Jaemin’s engaged, you know.”

“Really?” Your grandfather tutted. “I never really understood rich people and their arranged marriages. How bad is it for the prince to marry the one he loves?”

“It’s been two years, Grandfather. We’ve both grown since then and I’m not quite sure he loves me in the same innocent, childish way he used to.”

“First love is always innocent and childish. True love is the most innocent love there is, Y/n. He asks about you all the time, so there must be some feelings still there.”

You smiled bitterly. “Thanks, Grandfather. I appreciate you trying to cheer me up. Now, let me make you some soup and then I’ll go back out to the market.”

“As you wish,” he replied. “Choose to stubbornly ignore my words.”

You laughed, “I can’t get my hopes up, Grandfather. I’ve got so much more to do now than pine after a prince.”


Jaemin stiffly bowed to the Lady Havergaud. Her first name was Gwen, but Jaemin wasn’t sure he was ready to call her by that just yet.

She was dressed like every other nobleman he knew. Bright and colorful clothes, powdered makeup, and hair done up extravagantly.

“Your Highness,” she spoke with a knowing lilt in her voice. “How marvelous to meet your acquaintance.”

“It’s just Jaemin,” the prince said awkwardly. He shifted from foot to foot as he waited for someone to rescue him from this awkward encounter. When no one intervened, he supposed he would have to save himself. “Well, let’s have some lunch. Mother is probably waiting for us.”

She accepted his arm, using her gloves hand to keep a firm grip on him. “You’re not very muscular,” she spoke honestly. “I thought princes went through training to become stronger.”

“I’m strong,” Jaemin retorted.

“Of course, Darling,” the way she said it was patronizing and condescending. “When we marry, I’ll put you under a special diet and training program that will surely make your more buff and fit.”

Jaemin bit his lip to keep from biting back a sharp remark. Why did he have to be buff to run a kingdom? And, he would have her know, he was already fit.

“Be sure to eat more, okay?” She said. “I want my husband to be the envy of all the land.”

Jaemin couldn’t believe his ears. “Does my royal title mean nothing to the ladies?”

Gwen laughed loudly and slapped his arm. “You’re cute. When we’re married, let me do the talking at social events, okay?”

Jaemin gritted his teeth and only nodded. But deep inside there was a pang of regret and despair, knowing this would be his future.

Couldn’t he just run away? Couldn’t he just stop being prince for one moment and go on another adventure?

Couldn’t he go see you one last time?

Instead, he was stuck with someone who obviously only liked him for his title, and was already planning on changing him. Wonderful.


“Grandfather, you need to drink some water. If you get dehydrated, the sickness could get worse.” You struggled to get him to drink anything.

For the past few days, his fever had worsened. Now he was both throwing up and convulsing. Fear struck your heart, since he was doing everything your grandmother had done before she passed away.

If you could afford the cure for your grandfather, you could avoid the heartache. He could get better and you wouldn’t have to go through the pain of losing someone again.

Unfortunately, you couldn’t afford it. The village healer made that clear during his visit. “If you go to the castle healer, you can request the cure. However, I can guarantee it’s going to be worth an arm and a leg. I’m sorry.”

“Do they take exchanges?” you asked. “My grandmother has a watch I could trade for it.”

He nodded slowly, “It might work. I would definitely try it.”

“I will. Thank you.”


Jaemin picked up a vial of medicine and sniffed it. “What’s this?”

Jeno, the castle healer and Jaemin’s long-time friend, answered from the other side of the shop. “It’s for indigestion.”

“Hm,” Jaemin commented. He waited for his friend to turn away before he tipped the vial back and drank it’s contents.

“Jaemin, I swear—” Jeno looked at the empty vial and then the guilty grin adorning the prince’s face. “You can’t try a new medicine every time you come in here. You’re lowering my stocks.”

“It’s all natural remedies,” Jaemin said. “I’m not hurting anything. Besides, I might have indigestion.”

Jeno stopped at stared at his friend, “Jaemin, what is indigestion?”

The prince averted his eyes to the side. “Okay, well I don’t have to know what it is to suffer from it, do I?”

The bell hanging above the front door rang, signaling the arrival of a customer. Jeno excused himself and went behind the curtain, where the front of office was located. “Hello! How can I help you?”

Jaemin stayed in the back, doing what he was supposed to be doing in the first place: avoiding his fiancée and helping Jeno label his remedies.

“Hi. My village’s healer said you had a cure for me? He said he talked to you about it.”

Jaemin stopped his actions, feeling a nostalgic memory hit him instantly.

Y/n. That was your voice. It had to be.

Jaemin bit his lip as he tried to concentrate on the unnamed label in front of him. Still, he couldn’t seem to think of anything, save you and what you were doing at the castle healer’s.

Were you hurt? Was your grandfather hurt? Jaemin wasn’t sure he could face either possibility.

Stealthily, he crept towards the curtain and peaked it open ever so slightly, so that he could catch a glimpse of you.

He felt his heartbeat quicken and his thoughts go to mush as he saw you. It had been so long, and yet he hadn’t forgotten your youthful smile. It was the same even now, yet Jaemin could see a smudge of worry behind your upturned lips.

Your skin was darker, perhaps from the sun. Your hair was much shorter, and Jaemin thought that the way your messy strands ended at you shoulder looked cool and attractive. You seemed older, more mature than before, but as was he.

Jaemin felt like bursting through the curtain to give you the biggest hug. Unfortunately, he still lacked courage, and that kept him rooted in his place.

“Ah, you’re Y/n,” Jeno’s voice returned. “I’ve kept the cure safe in my pocket all day. Have you got your money?”

“Actually,” your voice shook, “can I trade something for it? I have a watch…”

Jeno accepted the watch and turned it over, this way and that.

Jaemin studied your anxious face, and he wished Jeno would just let you take the remedy free of charge.

“I can’t accept this,” Jeno said. “It isn’t real gold, so it’s worth isn’t much.”

“Oh.” You looked down, disheartened. Then, your expression grew hopeful.

Jaemin followed your gaze to your hands, where he saw on your third finger a ruby ring. It was the same promise ring he had given you just two years prior. An oath made so that the two of you would never forget each other. Jaemin’s heart lifted. Did you still think about him, too?

“I have this ring,” you said, struggling to pull it off of your finger. “It’s a real ruby.”

Jeno took the ring from your hold and nodded. “That’s perfect. Are you sure you want to give it up?”

“I’m sure,” you answered quietly. “It’s not very important.”

If a heart was made of glass, Jaemin’s would be in pieces right now. Servants would be scrambling to sweep up the shards as they fell onto the cold, hard floor.

Wasn’t important? Jaemin understood completely why you had to sell the ring, but why did you have to say it wasn’t important?

Did that mean he wasn’t important? Did you not remember him? Or worse, you did remember, you just simply didn’t care.

Jaemin retreated from the curtain and went back to his labels. Now his work was quicker, albeit quiet and solemn.

When Jeno returned, he looked at Jaemin carefully, “What’s wrong with you?”

“Is indigestion a broken heart?” Jaemin asked his healer friend. “Because I think I have it.”

Jeno stood still for a moment. “Actually, it’s gas, but I suppose a broken heart probably feels the same.”


Your finger felt empty. Throughout the next month, you were constantly aware of the ring’s absence.

Still, it was worth it, since your grandfather was returning to health rather quickly. By now, he could even visit the forge for a few hours each day.

The wedding was approaching quickly, and there were only three weeks to prepare. The queen had ordered that special rings be forged for the couple. According to Mark, Jaemin had spent weeks trying to convince his mom to let your grandfather forge his rings. Apparently he was still Jaemin’s number one influencer.

Your grandfather spend as many hours as he could, molding and forging rings only to realize he wished for a different design and start all over.

“It doesn’t feel right,” he would always say to you. “Of all the things Jaemin has told me, I have no idea why he would go through with this marriage.”

You shrugged in the middle of shoveling more coals into the fire. “Perhaps he likes her.”

“Yeah, right,” your grandfather snorted. “Remember last week, when Jaemin invited me for tea?”

You bit your lip. Jaemin had somehow found out about your grandfather’s recovery, so to celebrate he asked him to come for tea with his fiancée. Your grandfather was never allowed in the castle, however, because Jaemin’s fiancée wouldn’t let him come in. She said he was too dirty, with his fingertips blackened and his shirt carrying the sweat of a hardworking old man.

You heard from Mark that when Jaemin found out, he was furious, and even tried to visit the forge and apologize. You also heard that he was stopped, once again, by his controlling fiancée.

Still, these accounts were coming from two people who wanted you and Jaemin together. For all you knew, they could be lying, and she could be the nicest person you’ve never had the chance of meeting.

Until today.

Your grandfather had just gone back to the house to clean up and sleep for the night, but you stayed up, busy carving flower designs into some recently discarded rings.

“Hello!” someone shouted.

“We’re closed!” you replied, not looking up from your work. “Please come back tomorrow morning!”

You turned to see a woman coming in anyway, a familiar object in her hand. “Actually,” she spoke with a sort of haughtiness about her. “I’m the future princess so I think I can come in.”

“No,” you replied respectfully. “I have to get to sleep soon. Please come back in the morning, Your-Future-Highness.”

You bowed slightly, signaling her to leave the forge. Instead of respectfully leaving, she came closer. “My husband’s sword needs to be fixed. He said this part was getting old and he wants a new handle.”

“Hilt,” you corrected, feeling peeved at the fact that she called Jaemin her husband. They weren’t married yet.

“Whatever. Just have it polished and ready by our wedding day. I don’t want to see those ugly marks on it, alright?” With this, she dropped a sack of gold onto the stool behind you.

“Okay,” you agreed, not really connecting the pieces quite yet.

Then, as soon as she left and you glimpsed down at the sword, it became clear. It was Jaemin’s sword that he had made when he lived here. The hilt was the same, carved with his initials and yours. More things had been carved through the past years, like a small rose in the corner, and something similar to a heart.

Your memory stirred as you looked at the sword. Your heart was both elated and discouraged.

Did Jaemin really wish to erase this part of his life?

You set the sword aside, not having the strength to do it that night.


“Hey, where were you last night?” Jaemin asked the next morning on his way to the practice field. He had some free time that he wanted to spend with Mark, who had been teaching him the latest knight techniques.

His fiancée usually visited him every night to complain about something or other, and although Jaemin couldn’t say he missed it, it did make him curious as to why she hadn’t visited him the night before.

“I took your sword to that forge you always talk about and asked the person there to fix the handle.”

“Hilt,” he corrected.

Gwen rolled her eyes, “They said that same thing and it’s quite annoying. I swear I’m going to get wrinkles from all the stress you cause me. Anyway, I thought you would appreciate having those horrid marks removed from the handle. It would make it prettier on our wedding day.”

“WHAT?” Jaemin shouted, “You asked her to remove them?! Those marks are my memories! They’re the best memories I have! Why would you do something like that without asking me?”

Gwen shrugged, “I didn’t think it matter. Now I see it does. Sorry.”

Her apology didn’t sound the least bit sincere, and it took every fiber of Jaemin’s being to keep from saying something he shouldn’t have. Instead, he used his anger to fuel him as he ran down to your village in the hopes of getting his sword back, completely intact.


You bit your thumb nail and stared at the sword as if it were going to move. How could you restructure a hilt when the past one had so many memories? Why would you want to?

Your grandfather was still in bed, since it was the early crack of dawn. The only reason you were up was because you couldn’t sleep, and the past night was filled with tossing and turning and thinking about the prince.

You needed to stop. It had been two years. He hadn’t come back. You hadn’t gone to visit. It was time to forget Jaemin once and for all.

You picked up the sword, ready to completely redo the hilt, until a loud banging on the door caught your attention.

“Wait!” the outside voice called, “Let me in!”

You hurried to open the door, wondering who could be so distraught at such an early hour. Your breath caught in your throat as you beheld the prince, in the flesh, standing in front of you.

Jaemin was flustered, leaning with his palms against his knees as he inhaled long intakes of breath. “My sword,” he wheezed. “Don’t ruin it.”

“Jaemin…” the sword dropped to the ground as you stared at him. He was taller, yet just as you remembered him before with that same mischievous glint in his eyes.

When he finally caught his breath and straightened up, you engulfed him in a tight hug.

“Woah!” he laughed before wrapping his arms around your waist and lifting you off the ground momentarily. “I thought I wasn’t important.”

Although his voice was teasing, his eyes held a certain fear in them that you couldn’t place. You let go of his neck, allowing your hands to slid towards his chest as you looked into his eyes. “Who told you that?”

“You did!” he said, his grip on your waist slacking only slightly. “When you gave the ring to Jeno.”

You slapped the prince’s chest, “Of course it was unimportant at the time! I needed medicine. I never said you weren’t important, though. Why would you think that?”

“I’ve been a horrible friend,” Jaemin replied quickly, “I haven’t visisted you in two years. Even when your grandmother died, I did nothing. I could’ve visited you or sent some money or anything but I didn’t.”

You gave him a soft smile. Everything felt better suddenly, and you wondered how you and Jaemin could return to easy conversation after having not seen each other for two years. It felt as if it had only been a few days, and the wait was worth it. “I know you’ve been busy,” you comforted him. “You’ve got a lot of stuff to do at the castle.”

Jaemin sighed and pulled you close to him again, burying his head into the crook of your neck. “What do I do?” he mumbled, tickling your sensitive skin. “I don’t want to marry her.”

“Why not?” you asked sardonically. “She’s an absolute peach.”

Jaemin laughed against your neck, and you felt goosebumps hearing your favorite sound for the first time since he left. “Isn’t she?”

“Come in,” you said, letting go of him and leading him away from the forge. “Grandfather will be awake soon and I know he’d want to see you.”

The two of you walked towards the cottage, shoulders bumping occasionally.

“We should go on another adventure while I’m here,” Jaemin said. “Maybe we could go back to the cave and I can see those fish again?”

He hadn’t changed at all, and you felt comforted by that fact. For there you were, more quiet and subdued after all that had happened. After you had to take the title as head of the house. You wondered if that bothered Jaemin: him coming back to a different you.

“I’ll take you to the cave after breakfast,” you assured him, smiling when he pumped his fist victoriously.

Inside of the cottage, Jaemin entered the kitchen before you could close the door behind you.

“It’s the same!” he cheered. “Nothing has changed!”

You leaned against the doorway of the kitchen and chuckled at his childlike excitement. “Grandfather thought changing it would be an insult to Grandmother’s memory.”

Jaemin suddenly frowned. “I should’ve visited her.”

“She wouldn’t have wanted you to,” you spoke honestly. “She didn’t want the prince to see her in such a state. She wanted you to see her when she was still beautiful.”

Jaemin smiled bitterly, “She was always beautiful.”

You walked forward and hugged him from the back, pressing your forehead in between his shoulder blades. “Don’t think about it too much, Jaemin.”

“Alright,” he whispered, placing his hands over yours.

“Now let’s make breakfast before Grandfather wakes up,” you said, hoping to lighten the mood.


“My babies! I’ve come home!” Jaemin said, dropping his bag and dramatically running over to the dark lake.

You dropped your bag as well. The two of you decided it would be fun to go camping inside of the cave, mostly because Jaemin had a scary story he insisted could only be told during the witching hour. Apparently, no one in the castle had wanted to hear it, so you were his last hope.

Jaemin dipped his hand into the water, giggling to himself as the fish swam by and tickled his skin.

You found yourself staring at him, and your mind felt like a puddle of goo as you thought about how great he was. How much you wished he wasn’t getting married, so that to two of you could have adventures like this forever.

He made you feel young again: youthful and free to do nothing but play around with the hidden wonders of the world. You were quite sure you loved the boy.

Jaemin looked up at you, and your heart stopped for a moment as you wondered if you had spoke your thoughts aloud. “Y/n, come see them!”

Sighing in relief that your secret hadn’t been found out, you happily went to sit beside Jaemin and watch his precious fish swim around.

“I really like them,” Jaemin spoke into the silence of the cave. “Watching them swim around makes me feel like I did two years ago, when everything was okay.”

“Tell me about it,” you mumbled.

Jaemin smiled at you, “We sound like old adults.”

“I know,” you replied, “It’s tragic.”

Jaemin elbowed you lightly, “You’re tragic. I’m awesome.”

“Shut up.”

Jaemin leaned forward and placed his hand in the water again, and you caught the long white scare lining his palm. “It scarred.”

“What? Oh, yeah.” Jaemin pulled out his hand and held it towards you, palm facing upwards. “I was a bit careless back then, wasn’t I?”

“Like you aren’t now,” you countered. You traced the scar carefully with your finger.

Jaemin suddenly grabbed your hands, “They’re rougher than they used to be.”

You squirmed at his words, “Sorry they aren’t dainty enough for you.”

“No!” Jaemin said suddenly. “I was just observing. There’s nothing wrong with rough hands. It means you’ve worked hard.” Then he pulled your hand to his mouth and kissed your knuckles. “Y/n?”

“W-What?” you stuttered, feeling warm under his gaze.

“Can we hold hands like we used to?”

“I don’t think we ever held hands, Jaemin,” you replied quickly. In fact, you knew it. You and Jaemin hadn’t done anything of that sort when he came to live with you. Except maybe all those times he clung to you when he was bored. That didn’t count though, did it?

“Yeah, we did,” he argued. “When you helped me feed the rabbit.”

“That’s hardly hand holding.” You laughed at him. “You were afraid and I helped you feed the rabbit. We weren’t holding hands.”

Jaemin rolled his eyes dramatically, “Can I just hold your hand? Whether we did it in the past or not?”

“What about your fiancée?” you asked nervously.

Jaemin linked your fingers with his own and smiled at the finished product. “I don’t want to get married to her, so I won’t.”

“How are you gonna get out of it?”

“I have no idea.”


Jaemin looked at you with the scariest glare he could muster as he held a lit torch under his chin. In reality, he looked like a constipated dragon.

You tried to contain your giggles as Jaemin continued his story, “So she was never seen again and no one remembered her. The only one who did was that lone fisherman, who could still hear her cries throughout the dock.”

You slapped your hand over your mouth, yet you couldn’t stop the laughter from spilling out of your mouth. “That wasn’t scary at all!”

Jaemin pouted from above the flame, “Really? I worked hard on that one.”

“How hard did you work on it?” you giggled, falling onto your back as you couldn’t stop laughing.

Jaemin frowned and crawled over to you, peering down at your face. “I spent a whole three weeks coming up with that story.”

You smiled up at Jaemin from your spot on the floor, “You’re a dork.”

Jaemin returned your smile and plopped down, rolling over to lay beside you on the ground. “You love me.”

You stayed quiet. Then, perhaps because it was dark and you couldn’t see his face in case he rejected you, you answered, “Yeah. I do.”

Hesitantly, you turned your head to the side to see Jaemin already looking at you in the low light. His smile had grown, and he was quiet as he stared at you. “Really?”

“I mean of course,” you shrugged. “It’s not like we don’t love each other, right?”

Jaemin’s smile fell and he looked up at the cave ceiling. “If…” He exhaled softly and closed his eyes before continuing, “If I can’t get this engagement to end, please don’t think I don’t love you back. Please don’t think you haven’t been the first thing on my mind since I left. Please know that I love you so much and I would love nothing more than to go on a different adventure with you every day, even if that adventure was just delivering swords for your grandfather. If I can’t get this to end, please don’t think my feelings for you aren’t real.”

“I won’t. I promise,” you whispered, reaching for Jaemin’s hand and giving it a squeeze.


It was the night before the wedding. You knew, because the entire village was covered in flowers and festive wreaths for the prince. Funnily enough, none of them mentioned the future princess.

You felt numb the whole night, pondering what it would feel like when the newsboys would run down the road and announce that the prince was officially married. Your heart felt heavy as you continued with your chores.

Your grandfather left to go to the wedding, having to deliver the rings and wishing to visit Jaemin beforehand. He pushed you to come along with him, but you couldn’t bring yourself to go. There was no way you could see him again, knowing he would be married the next day. There was no way you could watch Jaemin vow to love someone else for the rest of his life. There was no way you could watch the mischievous light in his eyes fade to misery at the distant future. There was no way you could watch him kiss someone else.

Instead, you stayed home and continued your work before washing up and heading to bed.

Unfortunately, you couldn’t sleep, so you wrapped a large blanket around your shoulders and climbed up to the roof.

It was silent, as the majority of your village had turned in for the night. Only the distant sounds of neighbors still up, chatting in low voices, could be heard.

You could see the castle from your perch, and you wondered if Jaemin was there now, sleeping the night away before his wedding. The night before his entire life would change, and yours with it.

You couldn’t hold it against him. It was his duty to get married to someone before he took over as a king. Still, it pulled on your heartstrings that he was marrying someone he didn’t love, and someone who didn’t love him in return. Sure, you were going to be lonely with out him, but he was going to live the rest of his life with someone he didn’t love. That had to be the worst fate of all.

You shivered at the cold wind and pulled your blanket closer to your body.

“I found you again!”

You jumped at the voice and turned around to see Jaemin climbing up to the roof, a cheeky grin on his face. “What are you doing?” you hissed. “Your wedding is tomorrow.”

Jaemin shook his head, “Only if she says yes.”

You furrowed your eyebrows, confused, until Jaemin threw a familiar velvet box at you. You caught it and opened it to reveal the ring you had recently traded. The ring you loved. The ring that symbolized your promise to never forget Jaemin.

“If you agree, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. We can have our own adventures every day, and your grandfather can even move to the castle so we can be near him. I understand if you don’t want to become a princess, but unfortunately that’s the only life I can offer you.” Jaemin looked at you with pleading eyes, “Please say you’ll marry me.”

You pulled the ring out of the box and pushed it onto your finger. “Jaemin, what about your fiancée?”

“She was just as happy to end it as I was. Mother said I should’ve told her sooner that I was already in love with someone. She said I proved my sincerity to her, and any girl who helped me do that was deserving of the princess title.”

You felt your cheeks heat up at the compliment. “It wasn’t all me. You’ve always been sincere in your feelings.”

“Maybe,” Jaemin agreed, “but you help me express them. Now please answer my question.”

“Oh,” you grinned. “Of course I’ll marry you. I thought that was obvious.”

“Yay!” Jaemin tackled you in a hug, constricting you as you were still cocooned in your blanket. “We’re going to literally be best friends forever.”

You giggled, “I can’t wait.”

~the end~

The One To Blame (Spencer Reid x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys! I really liked this idea (I feel like I always say that but you guys are uber good at prompts) but yeah. I made sure to have translations for those who can’t read Spanish!
Warnings: light smut
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader
Prompt: the reader works in the bau and is its translator for spanish and she has to interrogate someone in spanish and reid turns on bc they are dating and they make out in the elevator until it opens in a floor where all the team is
Request: ✅
Upcoming Imagine: part 2 of…
You have worked for the BAU for awhile now after your boyfriend, Spencer, brought it up to you.
Although you weren’t a profiler, you were a communications director along with the translator, which you rarely did.
You spoke English, Spanish, and most French.
But, this weeks case was in Santa Fe and you were needed for translation.
You’ve only done this 3 times but every time, it sparks this excitement in you.
You feel like the real deal; like a profiler.
You and Derek walked into the interrogation room where a dark man with multiple tattoos smirked at you.
You knew the rest of the team was on the other side of the window so you felt confident and courageous.
“Hola linda chica (Hey there pretty girl).” He said as you sat in front of him as Derek stood next to you.
“Hey mi nombre es Y/N L/N y este es el agente especial Derek Morgan. Estamos con el FBI y le queremos hacer algunas preguntas. (Hey my name is Y/N L/N and this is special agent Derek Morgan. We are with the FBI and would like to ask you a few questions).” You said crossing your fingers in front of you.
“No es como si pudiera negarme (It’s not like I can refuse).” He said. “Entonces, ¿tienes una chica bonita papá (So, do you have a daddy pretty girl)?”
You felt your body tense as he asked the personal question.
“¿Es él (Is it him?)?” He asked looking at Derek.
“No, es un compañero de trabajo. ¿Has visto a alguno de estos hombres (No he’s a coworker. Have you seen this man)?” You asked changing the subject.
You knew Spencer was on the other side of that window, translating everything you and the man were exchanging.
After the short interview, you had two new suspects.
“George Sanchez and José Garcia.” You told Penelope as she typed quickly against her keyboard.
You felt a lingering gaze on you as you bent over Penelope’s little desk.
You turned around and saw Spencer biting his lips as he stared at you.
You knew that it turned him on when you spoke Spanish, so you decided to push him.
“Take a picture it lasts longer bebé (baby boy).” You said walking past him while you slid your finger across his jawline.
You watched him follow you out to the elevator where you pushed the main floor button.
“We have to deliver the profile in 10 minutes. I don’t think it will hurt to be early.” You said as the doors opened.
You walked in and were taken by surprise when Spencer pushed you against the wall and hit the ‘close door’ button with a kick of his foot.
You were actually taken by surprise at his blind accuracy.
“I don’t think it would hurt to be late either.” He said dangerously close to your face.
Once the doors closed he pressed his body against yours as he invaded your mouth with his tongue as he pinned your hands above your head.
You moaned into his mouth at his aggressiveness that you rarely saw.
“I knew what you were doing to me.” He said catching his breathe.
You couldn’t even speak because of how taken aback you were.
Instead you grabbed handfuls of his hair and pulled him down to your lips again.
He pulled your hips against his and you felt his arousal press against you.
His fingers grazed the back of your thighs, a signal to jump and wrap your legs around him.
He held you in place as you kissed his hot mouth again.
You both were so in the moment, you never heard the ding as the elevator doors opened.
You opened your eyes and saw the team standing there ready to enter the elevator.
You quickly jumped off of him and fixed your skirt that was hiked up your legs as Spencer fixes his perpetually crooked tie.
The team looked hesitant before entering the elevator.
“Pretty boys getting some lovin.” Derek said nudging Spencer’s shoulder.
“Stop it.” He said smacking his hand away.
Emily nudged your arm and you felt your cheeks grow even redder than what they were.
The elevator doors opened after what seemed like hours and you all left the elevator in silence.
“It’s your fault for being so hot.” Spencer said shallowly.
You turned around and hit his arm. “Shut up you could have contained yourself.” You said whisper-yelling.
But let’s be honest, you were both the one to blame.

Great Comet 8/17

I was sitting stage left banquettes, row BC. A lot of this is stuff I didn’t notice the first time around in the orchestra, or specific actor interactions! 

-I told the usher who showed me to my seat that he had, the best job in the world and he wholeheartedly eagerly agreed with me, saying he gets to watch the full show every other night and that he’s started sitting on the opposite side of the stage to get a different view. Everyone involved in this show loves it with everything they have and that is part of what makes it so special. 

-During Prologue Natasha and Sonya cross arms so Natasha drinks Sonya’s shot and Sonya drinks Natasha’s shot what cuties!  

-Dolokhov fist bumps so much i love the little party man

-at “minor charaaacterrrrs’ an ensemble member made eye contact with me and put his thumb and pointer finger close together. I did the same and he nodded emphatically 

-Scott Stangland was on as Pierre and honestly his physical acting blows me away? He moved so slowly and heavily. It seemed like every step took such immense effort because he’s just so weighed down with despair. It really helped me sympathize with Pierre even more than I already had 

-From where I was sitting Pierre’s back was to me when he sat at the piano, but the spot where sheet music usually goes was mirrored, so I was able to see his facial expressions! which is just, so genius. When Pierre wasn’t there the conductor placed an ipad with all his sheet music there

-Anatole walked across stage and rolled his eyes at Pierre when he sang ‘left it toothless and bald’ and ensemble members on the staircase next to me laughed/pointed fingers at Pierre :((( 

-Marya hits every note with such a wonderful balance of aggression and playfullness and it will never cease to amaze me 

-Sonya and Natasha held hands as they walked aw

-Mary and old prince Bolkonsky were onstage this whole time, in the area below the platform by the big door. Mary was reading a bible and bolkonsky was whittling. He trembles SO MUCH him holding a pocket knife was. a fright. 

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Originally posted by kristian-do

  • Nurse jeonghan is just beautiful
  • when he first started he had long hair, but due to regulations, Jeonghan had to cut his hair short
  • wore glasses for the first year he started working until someone asked him if he was nearsighted or farsighted and Jeonghan’s like ‘these are fake’
  • yes, he does a lot for show
  • dyed his hair despite it being against regulations but he sweet talked himself out of the situation
  • everyone recognizes him because he wears this ungodly pink color so people spot him from a mile away
  • But he wears the color to be more appealing to people, and children just love Nurse Jeonghan because he’s pretty and has funny hair
  • Often found sitting at the nurse’s station, he’s usually on the computer pretending to do something useful because he’s already finished checking on his patients
  • So he’s usually sitting at the station, idly passing time while watching Seungcheol’s kids run away or watching Jun giggly walking by with his girlfriend
  • Jeonghan always always ends up with all the gossip and dish on people
  • It’s not like he’s particularly seeking it all out, other nurses find Jeonghan to be a very safe and comforting person so they always tell secrets
  • even doctors will occasionally spill their tea to Jeonghan
  • and Jeonghan sits and listens because well, he’s being offered free information
  • Because of this, he ends up knowing a lot of who likes who, who’s sneaking around in the break room with who, all the way down to who accidentally gave mrs. huang the wrong medication
  • Always says he’s busy even when he’s not
  • “Jeonghan can you get the vitals for my patient in room 3022”
  • while typing on a blank document “I am so swamped right now, try asking another nurse.”
  • doesn’t even bother to look up when he hears Soonyoung and Seokmin screaming while riding wheelchairs
  • some people can’t believe it, but Jeonghan is actually the head nurse.
  • Makes the nurse’s schedule to fit his own schedule, gets a lot of complaints from the other nurses but it always ends with Jeonghan saying ‘if you have a problem with it, I’ll gladly let you guys do it’
  • Jeonghan knows that makes them stop because these nurses are always working, they’d never have the time to actually do it
  • but out of the goodness of his heart, Jeonghan will always pick up extra shifts if needed
  • dotes on the new interns every year
  • “They’re so small and inexperienced, it’s so cute”
  • always becomes the mother to all interns and always helps them behind the doctor’s back. This doesn’t amuse Jihoon
  • “They need to learn Jeonghan!”
  • “And they can’t learn if you don’t show them Jihoon!”
  • helps hides interns by letting them sit under the desk in the nurse’s station
  • is the nurse that’s 100% going to stand up to a doctor
  • so yeah, doctors always become intimidated with nurse Jeonghan get’s involved because he does anything to protect his nurses
  • you and Jeonghan started working at the hospital at the same time, except, Jeonghan was a nurse, and you were a surgeon, a cardiac surgeon to be specific
  • if Jihoon was considered an incredible hardass, then you were close second.
  • it wasn’t that you were mean, you had the same idea as Jihoon, the interns needed to learn just how hard the job was, but you were always nicer since you never made interns cry
  • even though, you two have known each other for a while, there’s never been an official greeting, just the casual ‘hello’ or ‘good morning’ in the hallways
  • Jeonghan has liked you for a long time, he knows it, he knows his feelings the moment he can feel his heart get jittery just seeing you in the hallway
  • “Good Morning Jeonghan”
  • Hearing your voice when you pass by the nurse station, Jeonghan always gets happier, always smiling and sometimes his voice becomes a bit higher
  • But the problem, the problem seems as though you were the female equivalent to Jihoon
  • You were one to always stick to working, always in your own world where you solved medical issues
  • Jeonghan doesn’t ever recall seeing you wear something other than that white coat on your shoulders
  • “How’d you do it?” he asked this to Jihoon’s girlfriend who only became flushed
  • “I don’t know, I just always hung out with him”
  • Jeonghan took this advice to heart, for the first time in the many years he’s worked in the hospital, Jeonghan began walking with you
  • When he sees you in the hallway, he turns his steps to catch up to you, walking with you to your patient’s room or the operation room.  
  • It was awkward at first, for you mostly because Jeonghan was asking all these questions, what you like, your hobbies, what you do on your day offs,
  • But as weeks passed, the awkwardness lifts for you, you talk to him more openly, telling him all the antics you walk into when you go to meet Seokmin
  • and you notice the weird feeling, you notice how more smiley you get when you see Jeonghan, you notice how you begin to pay attention to his eyes, the crinkle in his nose, his thin lips, and his skin that looks as though it would be the softest at your touch
  • And suddenly, you spend more of your time at the nurse’s station, leaning over the station, smiling widely when Jeonghan recalls seeing Joshua chase down Jihoon in the hallway
  • when he confesses, he confesses on the day he saw you the saddest
  • He heard from Seokmin just five minutes before you walked by the nurse’s station, over the phone, Seokmin told him how you had lost a patient on the operating table
  • and when you walked by, looking stressed and ready to blow, Jeonghan tried to stop you but received the cold shoulder
  • He found you outside, sitting on the cold cement ground under the stars where you had streaks streaming down your cheeks.
  • and he sits with you as you sniffle.
  • “You know, the other day, I saw Seungcheol hit on another female doctor bc he thought it was his girlfriend. let me tell you one thing, they looked nothing alike”
  • you snort, your lips turning upwards at the oddly funny comment and you’d say “tell me more”
  • for fifteen minutes, Jeonghan is tell you stories of the guys. some true and some wildly false and you smile, laughing while holding your stomach and leaning on Jeonghan
  • “anyway, long story short, that’s how Soonyoung spontaneously delivered pigs”
  • after a moment of silence, with your head rested on Jeonghan’s you’d say “thank you.”
  • “anything for you. you’re my favorite person after all.” you’d hum and jeonghan would continue “and I heard from a little cardiac doctor bird that apparently I’m your favorite person too.”
  • “oh no”
  • “so you like my butt.”
  • “I’m going to kill Seokmin!”
  • “after you do that, let’s go on a date”
  • and after soooo long. you two start dating.
  • already he’s calling you two the best couple of the hospital
  • takes every shift that correlates to your schedule
  • follows you on rounds so he can dote on you and the interns and you’re just like “jeonghan pls, we’re working!!”
  • you once walked in on Jeonghan and Seokmin playing a hand game together in your office
  • Jeonghan will once in awhile complain of having problems or pain so that you’ll do an examination on him and he just likes having you close to him and he likes the serious look on your face and the softness of your expression when you’re asking him if it hurts anywhere else
  • but his favorite thing, his most enjoyable moments are when he gets to see you outside of that white doctors coat. when he gets to see you all dressed up for him, and he gets to walk hand in hand with you through the street markets. those are the moments when he can’t believe he’s got you.
Night Shift

Summary: Ong Seungwoo is a part-timer in your local convenience store who gets a little bit too involved in your life.

Genre: romance, fluff

  • you go home late everyday at around 10pm and pass the same convenience store on the way home
  • you eat a late dinner here often
  • you’ve tried almost all the brands of ramyeon and they have your favorite kind of bread
  • seungwoo works here as the part-time cashier and knows you’re a regular, but you never seem to notice him and you never talk
  • tbh it would be hard not to notice you bc there’s not a lot of customers at 10pm
  • and you look like you’re around his age so he’s curios about u
  • he just watches u eat at the table near the glass windows not in a creepy way or anything he just finds you cute
  • he knows that you always get junk food or instant dinners
  • one day the manager says to close down early
  • it’s a holiday the next day, and business at night in this area is slow anyway
  • seungwoo wants to argue at first, knowing that it’s one of those nights that you usually stop by late at night
  • so he keeps delaying closing the store by taking his time cleaning, recounting the cash in the register thrice, slowly, and stalling the delivery guys who came to deliver new stocks just before closing
  • in the end, he couldn’t delay the manager much longer and they lock up at around 10pm
  • –which is of course, right when you arrive
  • you ask seungwoo why they’re closed and he’s surprised because this is the first time you’ve talked to him and he gets a little flustered
  • he explains why and notices you look really disappointed
  • just then, your stomach chooses to conveniently grumble really loudly, and you’re absolutely devastated because you just embarrassed yourself in front of a stranger
  • but more importantly, you’re hungry, so you turn around to look for somewhere else to eat
  • seungwoo panics a bit and yells, “WAIT!” which kinda scares you but you turn to look at him anyway
  • he’s nervously scratching the back of his neck and mumbling something
  • “uh i notice you’re always eating like, unhealthy stuff from the convenience store and i know that sounds creepy but i’m not creepy at all i was just wondering if maybe you’d like to get dinner since you seem hungry and maybe you just need to eat something healthier but it’s totally okay if you don’t want to i mean freedom of choice and uhhhhh sorry i’m blabbering”
  • you find it cute and laugh, but you tell him you don’t have money
  • but he says he’ll treat you so you look at him like he’s an angel sent from heaven which btw he is and eagerly agree!!!!!!
  • he’s not rich too so you eat at a street food stall he knows downtown
  • but he’s hilarious and energetic, and has an atmosphere that makes you feel comfortable, and he seems so carefree. you almost forgot where you were going because you were so caught up in your conversation
  • “if it weren’t for the food, i wouldn’t have come with a stalker like you. but food is my weakness,” you joke
  • “yo, i’m not a stalker, i just work there and you come in all the time!! i wouldn’t have invited you if i wasn’t worried for your health because you only eat convenience store meals”
  • “why do you work so late at night anyway?”
  • “I’m a trainee right now, and between school and practice, the night shift is the only shift that fits my schedule”
  • “must be tough” you say, but he shrugs. it’s for his dream, he says. to be a performer on stage. and so you ask him to perform for you right now, and he does but
  • his “performance” is singing REALLY LOUDLY in the middle of the street in front of the street food cart, and it’s almost midnight and the streets are empty but you’re screaming “ONG SEUNGWOO! I’M YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!” and the street vendor is laughing and the drunk guys at the next table are cheering him on
  • after he calms down, he asks you why you’re always out so late alone and jokingly asks if you don’t have a boyfriend to spend time with
  • you tell him that your college classes end late at night but you can’t afford a dorm so you commute home every night, but by the time you get home everyone’s asleep so making yourself dinner would be too noisy, so convenience store meals it is
  • seungwoo looks really serious as you talk, but then you say “also no, I don’t have a boyfriend.” and he can’t hide his smile
  • he doesn’t ask you out but after that day you stay a little bit longer after eating at the convenience store
  • and sometimes he brings you healthier dinners, refusing to ring up your cup ramyeon and instant rice and making you real meals that he makes himself
  • granted sometimes they’re probably just as healthy as convenience store meals but it’s the thought that counts
  • and seungwoo insISTS on walking you home because it’s dark and late, but you insist that you can’t just sit there and wait until his shift is over, and that you can handle yourself and nothing’s happened in this neighborhood anyway
  • but one night as you’re happily walking out of campus you can’t help but feel someone watching you, but when you turn around, no one seems out of the ordinary
  • but as you get farther away from the more crowded area and head towards your quiet neighborhood, you know you hear footsteps following you, and you try not to get too paranoid and tell yourself they’re just going in the same direction
  • so you speed up but you hear the footsteps match your pace, and you’re terrified and feel like crying because after all that talk about being able to handle yourself, you don’t think you can take on anyone when faced with a real fight
  • but THANK GOD you’re getting closer to a familiar place–the convenience store, the only bright light in the empty street, like a lighthouse in a storm (dramatic i know)
  • so as soon as calmly as you can you walk up and wait for the automatic door to slide open and it feels too slow, but as soon as you can fit through the door you rush to the counter
  • seungwoo sees you looking panicked and asks what’s wrong, and you take a worried glance towards the glass window to see a big, buff guy in a gray hoodie and a bucket hat that covers his eyes about to enter the convenience store, and you look really panicked
  • but then the guy lifts his hat and waves at Seungwoo and he doesn’t look scary AT ALL?? he looks like a giant puppy???
  • “Oh, Niel! I don’t get off work for a while, so wait a bit, okay?”
  • “I-is this guy your friend?”
  • “Oh, hi! You must be Y/N! I heard all about you from seungw–” “SHUT UP, MAN”
  • seungwoo says, “this is Daniel, my best friend. he goes to the same college as you, maybe you know each other?”
  • you explain that you thought he was stalking you, but it turns out he was just going in the same direction as you
  • “well, Y/N, since seungwoo here is too busy to eat dinner with me, and he’s told me you eat dinner here, how about i eat dinner with you instead?”
  • you laugh and agree, and seungwoo looks really shocked and yells “don’t flirt in front of me”
  • daniel jokes, “okay, we’ll just flirt over there,” and turns to you and asks for your recommendations on the best ramyeon flavors. both of you go to the back to pick, and you see seungwoo’s ears go red
  • the two of you go to your usual spot and daniel just makes fun of seungwoo the whole time, making you laugh
  • but all seungwoo sees is that you’re having a good time, and he gets super jealous
  • finally, he’s had enough, and as soon as his shift is over he rushes over to the two of you and yell, “hey! store is closing! get up, the two of you! shoo shoo!”
  • “wow, i should complain about customer service” you poke seungwoo as you gather your stuff. as soon as you pick up your bag, he grabs it and carries it himself. “come on, Y/N, i’m taking you home”
  • you feel yourself blush as you demand “what? why?? all of a sudden?”
  • “you just had a stalker follow you here!!!”
  • “uHM that was DANIEL?????”
  • “ong, as your best friend, i’m offended,” daniel said. “also, what about our dinner plans??” seungwoo snapped, “hey, go away, you stalker! shoo!”
  • daniel just laughed at how jealous his friend was being, so he just agreed and waved goodbye
  • and you teased seungwoo about being jealous, but when he didn’t deny it, you got all shy and couldn’t look at him anymore
  • so walking back home was a little tense
  • but it was worse for seungwoo, because it was basically admitting he liked you but he was too scared to say it out loud. moreover, it was like you didn’t even react, so he thought it must be one-sided
  • as you walked, he was silently deciding whether to properly confess or to tell you to just forget about it
  • when you reached your house, seungwoo gave you your bag, and he was about to say something when you suddenly gave him a peck on the cheek
  • and he just froze in shock and touched the part on his cheek that you kissed
  • you just smiled and said “see you tomorrow!” before heading into the house
  • you look out the window to see seungwoo dancing like a lunatic in front of your gate with the goofiest smile in the world and you’re looking forward to tomorrow’s dinner
Just A Guy

SPN Fanfic

Rob Benedict x Reader Drabble

925 Words

Warnings: Extreme Fluff

A/N: For @atc74​ who asked me for a “late night thought” and it turned into this. Sorry, Not Sorry. ;)

~Feedback fuels the writing~

Originally posted by hunters-hiraeth

Rob was a rock star on stage, all swagger and sexy winks at the crowd. He poured himself into his music, and it showed. There was not a woman in attendance at his shows that didn’t want to pull him backstage and have some time alone with the blue-eyed troubadour. But get him off stage, and he was shy and nervous, all stutters and fidgeting hands. At least, around you.  

You and Rob had gone out a few times, nothing intense, a few fancy dinners and a movie. You got on well, conversation flowed easily between you; he was adorable and funny and the attraction was tangible from both sides. But after three dates, he had yet to make a move. There had been a few awkward touches, quick kisses goodnight that always landed just shy of your lips, but nothing that cemented the fact that your relationship was going to go anywhere.

Frustrated with his lack of physicality, you decided if a move was to be made, you were the one who would have to do it, and you had a plan.

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Extra (Harrison Osterfield Imagine)

Prompt: Hi! I love your writing and I was wondering if you could do something fluffy with Harrison? I’m not sure if you do stuff for Harrison, and I totally understand if you don’t. If you do, I know this isn’t super specific, but could you do really anything that is just super fluffy and cute? Maybe Harrison is trying to get the readers attention or something?

Harrison Osterfield x Reader, words: 1380, requested?: yes, warning: none

A/N: okay so like, i hope do him justice bc i’ve never written Harrison before. requests are open

You didn’t know what to expect when you stepped on the set of Spider-Man: Homecoming. You had been cast as an extra which wasn’t the best part in the world, but this was your first acting job. This was just the beginning of your career, you could feel it. You were just going to be one of the teens in the background during the dance and hallway scenes. You’d only be on set for a couple of days until they finished shooting those scenes.

You didn’t really expect to meet anyone, maybe some other background people. You never expected to be called out by the Spiderman. Your eyes widened when he walks up to you and extends his hand. “Hello,” he smiles. “I’m Tom.” Of course, you knew who he was and you were trying your best not to fangirl.

“Y/N,” you smiled back. You were trying your best to stay calm. You knew as an actress you’d have to stay calm around other celebrities.

“Well, Y/N, I look forward to working with you.” He turned his head to look behind him and nodded. You look behind him to see his best friend, Harrison. “That’s my best mate, Harrison.” He turned back to you. “I think he wants to be your dance partner,” he said just a bit too loudly.

“TOM,” you hear Harrison yell. A blush spread across your face as Tom laughs.

“Well,” you begin awkwardly. “I better go get my hair and makeup done.” You smile one last time before heading off to get your hair and makeup done. You couldn’t believe what had just happened. You hadn’t expected to grab the attention of anyone. Especially not Harrison Osterfield. Of course, you knew of Tom Holland and his best friend, Harrison. You knew about Tom since Captain America: Civil War and you were interested in the new Spiderman. He was so young and closer to your age than the rest of the Avengers.

So, you looked into the new Spiderman and instantly gained a crush on his best friend. You noticed the two had several pictures together on Instagram and other social media platforms. You had quickly hit the follow button on Harrison’s Insta and Twitter. It wasn’t that you had stalked his tweets or anything, you just liked to be informed. He wasn’t the reason why you had decided to be an extra in this movie, but it was a perk. You were fully aware that you were in the same room so you made sure not to make a total fool out of yourself.

A sigh escaped your lips as you sat down in the comfortable makeup chair. You sat completely still as your makeup was done. You were excited to see how you’d look. You were pretty skilled with a makeup brush but you had never gotten your makeup professionally done before. You heard a throat clear but couldn’t open your eyes since your stylist was applying eyeshadow. “Special request; make sure she wears this,” a familiar voice rings in your eyes. There was some shuffling before hands were back on your face. Was that Tom? Who was he talking about? Was he talking about you? What were you supposed to wear? Special request?

Soon enough, your makeup was complete and you could finally open your eyes. You looked to see what had been delivered but whatever it was zipped into a dress bag. You were tempted to open it but thought against it since you didn’t know if it was actually yours or not. “Go change,” the stylist said before handing you the bag. “And here’s this.” She handed you a note to go along with whatever was inside this bag. Your stomach began to do flips. What if it was something terrible looking and you had to wear it? Like a prank? You didn’t think Tom Holland would prank you, but then again you didn’t really know the boy.

Harrison picked this out for you ;) - Tom

You stepped into an empty dressing room and hung the dress up on a hook. You let out a long breath before slowly unzipping the cover. You gasped at the beautiful gown in front of you. The dress was gold with elegant trimming and an A-line neck. It was absolutely beautiful and left you speechless. You quickly began to change out of your normal clothes and into the gorgeous gown. But you needed help with the zipper. So you held the dress to your chest and opened your dressing room door. “Can I get some help?” you asked a girl that was twirling in front of a provided mirror.

“Yeah, sure,” she replied with a smile. “That dress looks amazing on you.

“Thank you,” you grinned as she zipped up your dress. “Apparently Harrison picked it out for me, Tom even dropped it off.”

The girl gasped and looked at you through the mirror. “You know them?”

“Not really, I just met them today actually.”

“You’re one lucky girl,” she sighed.

Tom wasn’t kidding when he said you’d be sharing a dance with Harrison and that made you extremely nervous. You kind of wished it had all been a joke, but it wasn’t. So, there you were, in Harrison’s arms during the dance scene. A slow song poured from the speakers of the fake gym. “Do you like the dress?” Harrison whispered. The director said couples were able to speak as long as they whispered so the microphones wouldn’t pick them up. You nodded and blushed. “Would you like to go on a date sometime?”

You looked up into his hopeful eyes as he bit his bottom lip. You were too nervous to speak, afraid your face would betray you. Before you could answer him, you heard the director yell cut and Tom came running up to his friend so you excused yourself. You quickly walked back to the dressing room you had been in earlier. A long sigh escaped your lips as you slipped out of your dress, with the help of another extra girl. You were free to leave the set for the day but would have to report back tomorrow.

You changed into your regular clothes and hurried off the set. You were staying in a hotel close by since you lived nowhere near Los Angeles. You couldn’t believe your luck, this was going so much more than you were expecting. Harrison had swept you off your feet and you were quite nervous. What was supposed to happen after all this? You weren’t staying in LA for very long. You decided it would be best to just ignore Harrison’s advances. But how long would it take until you broke?

The second day on set wasn’t very dramatic, you were told to just wear normal clothes since you’d be standing at a locker for this scene. You set your stuff with everyone else’s before standing where you were told. You tried your best not to look towards Harrison but he was in your perfect line of vision. You let out a sigh before turning to the girl you were supposed to be having a fake conversation with. This was going to be a lot harder than you thought.

After filming was done, you were told that all the shot you were supposed to be in were done so you didn’t have to show up anymore. You were glad filming was done, you couldn’t wait to see the finishing project. You were very excited to start your acting career. “Y/N!” Harrison called your name as you walked out of the production building. “Wait up!”

You stopped to wait for him to catch up. “You know I’m leaving, right? Like, leaving LA. I don’t live here.”

“Neither do I,” he replied with a shrug.

“So, what’s your plan here?”

“What do you mean?” The two of you begin to walk, he looks down towards you

“You asked me out, remember? I don’t really expect a relationship right away but I’m not going to pursue anything if it’s not going to go anywhere.”

“Stay for a couple more days, let me change your mind. Let me take you on at least one date.”

You stop to look at him. “I guess one date wouldn’t hurt.”

That One Time He Didn’t See That Coming (Pietro x Reader request)

Sooooo @rose-dragomir requested a Bucky/Pietro reader fic aaand as much as I want to do a Bucky one, I’m gonna do Pietro, bcs I haven’t done a Pietro one before soooo yeah. ((Reminder: I take requests!))
PS I’m actually using the plot of the marvel novel “Everybody wants to rule the world” by Dan Abnett. Aaand I guess some spoilers for the novel. I’m also using that novel bcs Pietro is still alive there and there’s not much difference from the MCU avengers team. the novel avenger’s team is basically the original MCU avengers plus pietro and wanda and vision. Basically aou avengers so it’s perfect for this fic.
And I’m also gonna use italic for the exact lines from the novel.
And the nurse here is named Annie Fields cause I can.
Foreign translations (Not English): Солнышко: Translation: sunshine, pronounced: solnishko

Why does everybody want to rule the world?
“Size of that thing,” Quicksilver muttered.
He was referring to the massive warship of the stellar Kree Empire descending on earth.
Iron man banked the Quinjet and decelerated hard. Vector nozzles turned and fired.
“They’ll have seen us.” Said the Scarlet Witch.
“Even with stealth mode engaged, they’ll have us seen us from a hundred miles out,” replied Iron Man. “You know what? I no longer care.”
“Why aren’t they shooting us?” asked Widow. “Why no counter measures?”
(Y/n) shrugged, polishing her blades.
“Maybe they don’t want a fight,” replied Hawkeye.
“They’re going to be disappointed,” said Cap.
(Y/n) laughed one of her maniacal laughs, sheathing her sword in one swift gesture. “Oh, it’s gonna be a massacre down there.” Cap’s eyebrows raised. “Remember (Y/n), we’re stopping a war, not starting one,” scolded Steve. (Y/n) snorted, “We’re going to war to stop one. Funny thing if you ask me.” Tony smiled. “Remind me not to mess with your girlfriend.”
Pietro turned red, “She’s not my girlfriend.”
Tony pat his shoulders, “Never said it was you, buddy.” Pietro turned ever redder, along with (Y/n).
Cap opened the Quinjet’s deck hatch. Iron Man put the craft into steady VTOL hover and slaved the controlled remotely to his suit. They were in among trees, twenty feet above the forest floor and about six hundred yards away from the vast ship.
“Go!” cried Cap.
Thor led the way, followed by Iron Man, his boot jets firing. Quicksilver came out of the Quinjet like a shaft of blue light, a dazing trail that dropped to the ground and snaked between trees toward the ship.
“Thor? Vision? Get the door,” ordered Iron Man.
Synthetic human and Asgardian flew in side-by-side. Thor delivered a huge blow to the hull with Mjolnir, smashing a hole through it. He and Vision grabbed the edges of the puncture and hauled in opposite directions.
They tore the hull section wide open.
Pietro ran towards (Y/n) and lifted her up bridal style. “Wha- what?” she stammered, confused and embarrassed. “Don’t worry, Солнышко, it’ll be a smooth ride,” he reassured.
Iron Man flew straight in through the yawning gap, followed by Quicksilver with (Y/n), who had converted his acceleration into a flying leap. Cap stormed in a moment later, followed by Black Widow, the Scarlet Witch, and Hawkeye. Vision melted in through the hull, and Thor smashed yet another entry hull. (read: Which in my opinion is unnecessary, he could’ve used the old one but he’s Thor and he does what he does, I mean Dan Abnett got his character right at a spiritual level)  
Natasha shot a gun at a Kree warrior, missing it by inches. It was alien, a race of blue skinned humanoids. The Kree warrior at laughed her pity attempt and as (Y/n) unsheathed her sword and stabbed it from the back. She stood the facing the dazed Natasha over the warrior’s corpse. “Do me a favor,” (Y/n) said, pulling her sword back from the dead body, “Don’t miss.” She smiled a smile that Natasha returned. Natasha ran back, assisting Hawkeye. She looked back and faced another Kree warrior. This warrior is stronger, more masculine and armed than the last one. The Kree warrior’s mouth crooked into a savage smile. “Run,” he said in a deep voice. She lunged at the warrior two blades in her hands aimed for the warrior’s chest. The warrior jumped and his hands tied around her hands over the hilt of her sword, throwing her back. She landed on her knees (read: superhero landing!) and growled, “No, you run.” She stood up and kicked the warrior’s chest, her heightened senses helping her analyze to analyze his weaknesses. The kick didn’t do much, and it wasn’t meant to. It did it’s distracting job perfectly, making the warrior stagger back slightly. She jumped and readied her swords to his chest just before a blur light of blue and white pushed the warrior through the wall, killing him under the shattering burden. Her sword missed the blurred figure by seconds. “Pietro!” she screamed in frustration. The speedster smiled at her weakly. “What? I thought you were an avenger.”
“I am an avenger,” she snapped. Pietro laughed. “Then you should’ve seen that coming.”
That was it. That catchphrase could either melt (Y/n)’s heart or send it through raging flames.
Sending it through raging flames didn’t seem so bad in this day and age.
“Pietro, I could’ve killed you!” she said, fending off a much weaker Kree warrior. Pietro sped past her, stealing a kiss on her cheek before dodging a punch to a warrior who was aiming at her without her notice. “And you wouldn’t do that. You’re my best friend,” he pointed out, running through the crowd.  
“Stark!” (Y/n) shouted into her ear piece, fighting off as much Kree warriors as she can. She was crowded, and she’s trying her hardest not to fall apart. Even with her heightened senses, she could not hold back this many warriors. She needed somebody. “Stark, I need backup!” she exclaimed and let out a groan of pain as Kree warrior shot through her shoulder. “You’re on your own, kid,” Tony replied swiftly. “Tony. I. Need. Backup.” She rephrased word-by word, not mentioning her injured shoulder in fear of causing panic. Pietro started, “I can help-”
“No, Maximoff. Stay with your sister,” Steve ordered. A Kree warrior kicked her knee as she was sent down. She started seeing double, due to the loss of blood. “Please,” She whispered. The last thing she saw was the Hulk, barging through the walls of the immense starship.
She shot up the bed with a scream. A nurse hurried in the room, trying to calm down the startling (Y/n) on the bed. “Ms. (L/n), Please, calm down. Ms. (L/n)-” she struggled, trying to calm her down. (Y/n) grabbed the nurse by the collar and asked her fiercely, “Did we win?”
The nurse gathered herself together. (Y/n) read her name tag. It said, ‘Annie Fields’. “Did we win, Annie?” she repeated, adding her name. “You did, Ms. (L/n),” she said calmly. “You and the avengers.” Slowly and in shock, (Y/n) let Annie go to see a deserted room. Usually after she went on missions and got home hurt, people would crowd in the room, waiting for her to get up. But no one was there. Not even her best friend. Not even Pietro.
“Where’s everybody?” She asked silently. “Who’s everybody?” Annie asked softly. (Y/n) felt her eyes sting. She replied, “Nothing” and looked away. Does nobody really care about her? Was it because she asked for help? She’s an avenger after all, she should be growing up and taking care of herself. “Can I get up now?” She asked sternly. Annie’s eyes squinted. “Technically, you can, but it’s one AM and-”
“It’s fine,” said (Y/n). She gathered her stuff and left.
The avengers woke up to a pretty terrifying view. (Y/n) was sitting in the breakfast room with newspapers and reports of the Kree invasion, twirling a dagger between her fingers. Turns out, she has been unconscious for nearly a week. “Hey,” she greeted Tony with a crooked smile. “Hey…?” Tony replied awkwardly. His eyes were stuck on her shoulder, bandaged in a great deal of white fabric. “Look, (Y/n), I’m sorry, I should’ve sent back up and everything.”
“Hey,” she smiled. “It’s okay. I’m a big girl. I’m an avenger. I need to learn to take care of myself.”
Over the last few days, she grew more distant. Steve would greet her, and she would wave it off. Natasha would try to get her to go on a girls’ night out, but she would decline. The team also grew more distant from her. Being near an angry (Y/n) wasn’t really a good choice.
She punched the bag furiously. “I’m not angry,” she lied to herself. “I am not angry,” She said again, punching more violently.
“Keep telling yourself that.”
(Y/n) turned around to see a smirking Pietro at the door. “What are you doing here?” She snapped. Pietro arched an eyebrow. “This is a gym for the avengers. Am I not an avenger?” He asked. (Y/n) shrugged, pretending not to care. She sat down on the bench, and The speedster swiftly sat next to her. “What do you want?” (Y/n) groaned. “I just want to talk.” He said. He took a deep breath and said, “You’re angry.”
“Really, Pietro? I don’t want to talk right now.” She got off and walked away, but Pietro ran and blocked the exits. “Tell me.” He said softly.
“Tony. Steve. Everybody I guess? Including you. I guess I have to look for my own,” she sighed.
“You’re saying nobody cares about you.”
“I’m saying that nobody needs to.”
Pietro sighed and guided (Y/n) back to the training bench. “We’re a team,” he said, “We all need to care about each other.”
“Then why didn’t anyone respond to my distress?”
“We didn’t know you were hurt, (Y/n). I didn’t know you can even get hurt.”
(Y/n) grinned, “I’m that tough, huh?” Pietro smiled and hugged her triumphantly. He finally got her to smile again. “I love you,” said Pietro.
Everything went tense. Her body muscles, her gestures. Pietro didn’t know why he said it. It just slipped out.
“I’ll go,” she said, standing up. “W-what?” Pietro stuttered, blocking the way. “Don’t you return the feeling?” he continued. (Y/n) frowned. “I do. Pietro, I return the feeling. But we’re teammates. Our relationship is strictly professional, and it’s all that’s ever gonna be. I don’t need to get distracted again.”
“This is not distraction,” Pietro reasoned. “Please, Солнышко, at least give it a try.”
(Y/n) reached her hand out like she was about to punch him, but instead she pulled his collar down and kissed him sweetly. Pietro blushed, but soon recovered and kissed her back. She pulled away to see the red-cheeked Pietro. She grinned.
“You didn’t see that coming?”

anonymous asked:

Okay. But consider this. Ice skater extrordinare Eunwoo and hyped up fanboy ballerina Moonbin showing Eunwoo how to do a spin on a non slippery surface on metal slabs of thin blade

oh my god !!!!! yeS ANON I LOVE IT THANK THA N K i got this during work and yelped a bit a lot

  • ok so Bin’s dad’s friend has a small job opening and he’s looking for an intern to temporarily fill the job 
  • it’s mostly just working backstage for a show
  • and this mostly consists of cleaning the green room before rehearsals start, putting up a buffet line for staffs and performers and sweeping the green room after everyone leaves
  • and also a lot of busy stuff in between like shadowing stage managers and following whoever needs help and stuff 
  • idk how to say this in english but in singapore we call them saikang warriors 
  • and so Bin’s dad, looking at his son’s plans of lazing around the house all summer, signs him up immediately without even asking Bin 
  • not that he really needed to ask Bin  
  • because the moment he mentions “The Ice Prince: a Musical on Ice” as a casual conversation starter Bin leaps at him and starts talking a mile a minute about the most amazing lead actor slash ice skater 
  • truly what is that title why am i bullshit at naming things 
  • and when Bin’s dad casually slips in that his friend might have offered Bin a job as a backstage crew intern
  • Bin goes 
  • cr a z y 
  • backstory time Bin is a danseur in a small ballet school 
  • i mean, he’s easily one of the best in the school
  • if not for Minhyuk he’d easily be the principal ballerino too
  • and recently his ballet teacher brought their class out to watch the musical, saying something about paying attention to the muscles needed for ice skating and how that compares to ballet and something else about the choreography 
  • although honestly the moment Bin laid eyes on the lead actor he’ll admit everything his teacher asked him to pay attention to flew out of his head 
  • forget the plot, forget the musical, forget the choreography 
  • all he paid attention to throughout the entire thing was the lead 
  • how he executed beautiful bracket turns and butterfly jumps and death spirals and biellmann spins 
  • i’m so sorry if i get this wrong rip i’m reading off wikipedia as i go if anyone knows anything about ice skating or ballet feel free to correct me!!!!
  • and all the while singing and delivering his lines perfectly 
  • literally ????? Bin’s idol 
  • so naturally when Bin‘s offered the chance to work backstage and meet cha Eunwoo, ice skater extraordinaire, 
  • he jumps at the chance (no pun intended)
  • and so the first day he walks into his new job, in a simple black t-shirt and fitting jeans, nametag affixed on his shirt, bright and eager to help wherever he can,
  • only to see Eunwoo casually doing a split in the middle of the green room 
  • Bin blinks
  • oh my god 
  • it’s him 
  • in the flesh 
  • in real life
  • doing 
  • a split 
  • casually, in a t-shirt and loose sweats
  • in the middle of a room
  • i mean Bin can do a mean front split balance, sometimes en pointe, sometimes not, but 
  • truly he has never seen someone look more beautiful doing a split than Cha Eunwoo 
  • Eunwoo isn’t even smiling he’s so focussed on stretching 
  • His hair is totally mussed up but he looks so regal still 
  • Bin is so shook 
  • But he swallows the nerves and goes about with his mop and starts cleaning up around the room 
  • In relative silence
  • Until a very amused voice comes from the back, “you can stop avoiding the centre of the room now, I’m done stretching" 
  • And wow truly Bin has heard Eunwoo speak before 
  • I mean, obviously, 
  • Given that he’s in a musical 
  • But wow his voice irl??????? A magical??? 
  • Bin thinks “Ice Prince” is a great title because Eunwoo’s voice sounds kind of like if you have a glassful of ice and was clinking it around 
  • And Bin flushes and scrambles for a response and goes: “uh yessir" 
  • Only for Eunwoo to laugh 
  • And wow really if you think his voice with a hint of smile was beautiful 
  • His voice with a lot of smile 
  • Bin’s not sure how fast you can fall in love with someone without meeting their eyes or looking into their face directly 
  • But he’s pretty sure that voice has him already dead 
  • "don’t call me sir, I don’t think I’m that much older than you" 
  • And he really doesn’t think so - this new intern looks about 20??? 
  • There’s no way he’s that much younger than Eunwoo
  • And Eunwoo is pretty young too, if he does say so himself 
  • "I’m???? the new intern yes hello" 
  • Cute when flustered, Eunwoo’s brain notes 
  • Must fluster more, Eunwoo’s brain notes 
  • Wait what 
  • "yes, I gathered" 
  • Cue Bin spluttering because wow what possessed him to inform Cha Eunwoo, star of the show, now sitting cross legged in the middle of the room, that he, an intern, mopping around the room, was (guess what?!) an intern 
  • Must fluster more, Eunwoo’s brain insists 
  • Ok fine, Eunwoo thinks, I’ll get up and go over 
  • Maybe follow some romance field manuals 
  • Lean close to him and make him blush or whatever 
  • (Haha "or whatever” playing it cool here, Eunwoo, Eunwoo’s brain snorts) 
  • (Shut up) 
  • Cue Eunwoo trying to get up from the floor 
  • Cue Eunwoo’s foot deciding it would be hilarious if he couldn’t
  • Cue Eunwoo tumbling back onto the floor 
  • Bin: 
  • Bin: 
  • Bin: oh my god 
  • Bin: oh mY GOD ARE YOU OK 
  • Because this is the lead actor on ice!!!!! what is he going to do if he can’t move !!!!!!!!! 
  • Eunwoo just chuckling in embarrassment because 
  • Wow truly good job, foot, Eunwoo’s brain snorts 
  • If you weren’t so busy staring at the very fit new intern perhaps I would have moved better, Eunwoo’s foot retorts
  • Eunwoo’s brain is stunned into silence for a while 
  • @ Bin:“Ah it’s normal" 
  • @ Bin: "Lmao did u expect people on ice to be that graceful on land too" 
  • Bin blinks 
  • "But you look so good on ice????? You do all these beautiful bracket turns and spirals and splits and??????”
  • Eunwoo flushing because wow it’s one thing hearing it from coach Jinjin and from critics but hearing it from this cute human blinking at him from behind a mop???? 
  • It’s a whole new level of praise 
  • Maybe it’s because you think he’s cute, Eunwoo’s brain hums
  • (Oh my god shut up???) 
  • Eunwoo flushing even more 
  • Bin, now slightly embarrassed bc Eunwoo hasn’t responded other than blushing quite a bit: “well yeah I bet you’ve heard it quite a bit before" 
  • Eunwoo, attempting to be suave and saying "well, not from anyone as cute as you are” while leaning back on his hands 
  • Not today, his brain cheers 
  • Eunwoo landing on his back with his hands splayed out like he’s cheering too
  • He’s crying inside, he really is
  • And cute intern boy is probably leaning on his mop and judging him now, Eunwoo doesn’t dare to look
  • Until he feels feet shuffling alongside him 
  • He opens his eyes 
  • And looks right into Bin’s worried ones 
  • Wow his eyes are really nice 
  • His hair’s really nice too 
  • Jesus what is this intern 
  • “uh are you alright” @ Eunwoo 
  • Bin’s gripping his mop and blinking anxiously  
  • “yEs yES" 
  • And Eunwoo’s trying to stand up and get his bearings but 
  • Immediately falls on his ass again because heck nobody’s supposed to be able to stand up from a lying position that fast without getting dizzy 
  • And all that echoes in Bin’s mind is "lmao did u expect people on ice to be that graceful on land too" 
  • And slowly he starts to smirk
  • Because Cha Eunwoo, ice skating extraordinaire, prince of the ice rink and king of musical theatre, 
  • Cannot function 
  • On land 
  • And is currently lying on the ground blinking up at Bin with the most beautiful eyes with the darkest eyelashes Bin has ever seen in his life 
  • And for a while Bin is speechless, staring mindlessly at Eunwoo, 
  • Until he remembers courtesy lmao and offers to help Eunwoo up 
  • And Eunwoo’s clutching onto Bin’s hand praying that Bin doesn’t mention anything about how he’s basically a klutz on land but then all he sees are bright eyes and a toothy smile and 
  • Bin, hauling Eunwoo to his feet: "Wow you can spin all you want on ice but the second you get on dry land you’re basically a klutz aren’t you" 
  • agree with him, Eunwoo’s brain demands 
  • Eunwoo, stuttering a bit: "um yes, probably”
  • And he sees Bin’s face crinkle into the cutest smile and decides that as much of a lil shit his brain is, it’s worth embarrassing himself to see this boy smile
  • And they stand awkwardly there for a while, Bin leaning against his mop and Eunwoo not-so-subtly staring at Bin’s face 
  • Until Bin coughs and Eunwoo startles and 
  • “Well I should continue str-" 
  • "Uh I should go back to clea-" 
  • And they both laugh because wow clean or stretch all you want all you’re going to be thinking of for the next hour are each other buddies let me tell you
  • Eunwoo sliding glances over at the cute intern occasionally 
  • Eventually deciding to attempt to do a scratch spin in socks 
  • Even though coach Jinjin tells him never to try anything not on ice because he’s just an idiot with two left feet when he’s not on ice 
  • But to impress the cute guy mopping his way around the room??? 
  • Yes, Eunwoo’s brain says
  • Do it, Eunwoo’s brain says 
  • And so Eunwoo gets into position and starts trying to push off into a spin
  • No, Eunwoo’s feet suggest brightly 
  • Fall down! Eunwoo’s feet suggest, beaming 
  • And so Eunwoo does, staggering against soft cushions laid strategically around the room by Jinjin, familiar by now with the nonsense Eunwoo tries to pull even though he’s not on ice 
  • And so Bin watches as the Ice Prince, star of the show, impresser of multiple ice skating judges, 
  • Trips over his own feet into a pile of cushions on the floor 
  • Amazing, truly, 
  • And usually when younger danseurs try Fouetté spins in class Bin snorts and leaves a nicer person (usually Minhyuk) to help them
  • But this time,,,,,,,,,,,,, Bin can’t help,,,, but,,,,
  • He pushes his mop to the corner and toes off his sneakers and slides over to help Eunwoo up from the pile of cushions 
  • Eunwoo: ??????? 
  • His feet are big, Eunwoo’s brain helpfully supplies 
  • You know what else is bi- 
  • shUT UP
  • Eunwoo shakes his head violently and takes Bin’s outstretched hand and gets up 
  • Just in time for Bin to let go 
  • (Eunwoo’s hand silently mourns the loss of rough warm palm against his own) 
  • And execute a perfect fouetté spin 
  • What
  • The
  • HECK 
  • ?????????? 
  • Eunwoo doesn’t even bother hiding it he just openly gapes at Bin
  • Like ???????????? WhO
  • "ah,,, I’m a danseur” ok tbh Bin’s a little unnerved by Eunwoo’s staring like he’s handsome and all but 
  • Bin really can’t take anymore staring or looking into Eunwoo’s eyes because wow truly he’s standing close enough to count Eunwoo’s eyelashes if he looks up he might have a heart attack and cry 
  • Eunwoo, echoing: “a danseur,,,,,,,," 
  • Ok that explains all the lean muscle & fitness & it definitely explains the perfect Not-on-ice scratch spin Bin just did
  • not his cute smile though, eunwoo thinks that’s just a him thing 
  • "A fouetté spin,” Bin quietly corrects 
  • Wait
  • He said that all out loud ??? :—-) 
  • Rip Eunwoo
  • Lmao judging by Bin’s blush he truly did wow thanks Eunwoo way to go 
  • “I can teach you if you’d like” and now both Bin and Eunwoo are flushed red and shyly avoiding each other’s gaze 
  • Eunwoo: “Uh” (coughs) “I mean” (coughs) “uh yes please" 
  • Because you know
  • As far as Eunwoo’s romance field manual goes
  • If someone teaches you a physical action 
  • You’re very very likely going to end up in a position in close proximity to the other person
  • Such as 
  • Face to face, perhaps 
  • :—-) 
  • And he sees the danseur’s face visibly brighten then flush red 
  • Bin: "well uh" 
  • Bin: 
  • Bin: wAit this means he has to ????? 
  • touch 
  • He chokes slightly then decides to just give Eunwoo very detailed instructions 
  • Because if he goes nearer to Eunwoo than he already is he might combust and where will the company be without an intern to mop their floors?
  • Wow this is so slow burn I’m so sorry 
  • Bin giving eunwoo instructions like "yes lift up your leg" 
  • "point the toe" 
  • "yeah your hands go up here" 
  • "no up here" 
  • "no hERE" 
  • Eunwoo being mildly disappointed Bin isn’t touching him in any form 
  • Until
  • Hey Eunwoo, Eunwoo’s foot says
  • You know what might be fun? Eunwoo’s foot says 
  • If I gave way right about,,,,,
  • WAIT, Eunwoo screams in his head 
  • Now? Eunwoo’s foot completes its sentence and cackles, sending him toppling over into Bin 
  • Alright in an ideal situation Bin would land on the soft cushions
  • Eunwoo would land on Bin
  • Nose to nose 
  • After which Eunwoo would willingly admit his attraction to Bin and ask to kiss this beautiful mop-wielding man
  • But of course this isn’t an ideal situation and Eunwoo finds himself smooshed against Bin’s (wow very nice) chest, with Bin slightly confused and literally butthurt 
  • But not minding Eunwoo being smooshed against him at all
  • "Oh shIT I’m sorry ?????????" 
  • "It’s alright I think we’ve already established that you’re a klutz off the ice" 
  • Cue Eunwoo torn between blushing and shaking his fist at Bin 
  • He opts for the former and slowly pushes himself off of Bin 
  • "UhhhhhHhhh" 
  • Ask him out, Eunwoo’s brain supplies 
  • "Can we go out" 
  • Bin, confused: like outside ??? To the ring???? 
  • Out for coffee, Eunwoo’s brain hisses 
  • "Out for coffee,” Eunwoo repeats, slightly dazed 
  • Bin: 
  • Bin: 
  • Eunwoo: “as in, on a date??" 
  • Bin: error 404 brain not found 
  • Eunwoo: "to apologise for falling on you?" 
  • Bin: 
  • Bin:
  • Bin: :-) 
  • Score one for eunwoo!!!!!
  • Successfully asked someone cute out on a date !!!!!!!! 
  • literally all i write is binu taking each other out on dates as apologies for stupid things they do i need to stop with this trope
  • Bin, because he’s Bin: "well yeah someone’s gotta make sure you don’t spill coffee all over yourself”
  • Eunwoo: 
  • Eunwoo: “make no mistake you’re cute but I will fight you”
  • Cue Eunwoo chasing Bin around the room and Bin attempting to fend Eunwoo off with the mop until coach Jinjin walks into the room
  • “Eunwoo :—) what the hell is this”
  • O shit

Fbsjhdjshd omg thank you ice skating anon I love this AU so much dhskdhsj your instructor & his boyfriend are actual couple AU goals I’m weeping

Don’t I Know You From Somewhere?

PD 101 / YH’s Justin X Reader [ fem ] 

part two


Word count: 2571

• you’re an idol, Justin is your #1 fan
• you meet him at a fansign and tbh he’s adorbs so you’re hella heart eyes for him ;)
• soMehow you land the spot as a guest mentor for PD101 S2 even tho ur like young ( okay I’m sorry anon I had to, it isn’t part of the original request but…a bit more of Justin fluff never hurts anyone….right? )

omfg, I love love love love love Justin ?? And my Yuehua boys ?? Yes ?? Bless them ?? Freaking adorable Euiwoong and Hyungseob and Jonghyun was a judge hoW CUTE gOD BLESS
anyways, hope you like this anon, even if I modified it a little
ok but am i the only one who goes soft for China line im so soft for Jung Jung. I love Jung Jung so much.
might make a part two for this as well as
• Crushing On You - Kang Daniel
drop me feedback

- admin L

Justin could barely contain his excitement as he clutched tightly onto his copy of your second mini album, shuffling in his spot in the queue. The entire venue was packed, fans buzzed with joy and the energy in the atmosphere was insane. Today was the day that Justin had waited for his entire life as a fan of yours.

Today was the day of your fansign.

When your fansign was announced, he screamed so loudly the whole Yuehua building trembled. Then, he proceeded to beg his manager to allow him to go. It was tough since he was set to participate in the survival show, Produce 101 a few weeks after but he sweet talked his way through. Once he got the ‘okay’ from his company, he managed to wrangle his best friend and fellow trainee, Zheng Ting to accompany him. Zheng Ting now stood behind Justin with pink cheeks, mildly embarrassed by his best friend’s enthusiasm.

I suppose it shows how dedicated of a fan he is…..He spent ages picking out his outfit today. I bet that’s his $500 Star Wars shirt he was going to save for Produce 101. Justin even visited the salon to re-dye his hair for today. Oh my god.

Zheng Ting was downplaying his own elation for his own sanity’s benefit. Sure, he wanted to meet such a great inspiration to him but he wasn’t a super die hard fan like Justin. Zheng Ting knew that Justin could practically chemically combust from all his zest, his grin was so wide it was sure to hurt.

Oblivious to all the judgmental glares from Zheng Ting, Justin continued to keep his exhilaration levels high. His legs couldn’t seem to stay still or root him to the floor properly. Even with his height, he still tip-toed to get a better look at you above the crowd. He sighed dreamily when he caught sight of your hair.

Oh my god, Y/N looks so pretty today. She’s the perfect idol. There’s so much to learn from her. I wish she would look at me. Is this love?

The expression on his face was so sheepish and dreamy, Zheng Ting nearly slapped him. “Yah, Justin! Wake up! The line is moving,” he hissed. It was entertaining to see the maknae so incredibly spellbound by someone. 

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Take Over For Me (Part 4) - G-Eazy x TWD Imagine

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

requests: Okay so Ive had this in the back of my head for the longest time and I just wanted to share it with you BC I love you: so imagine if Negan had a son (like Geazy the rapper BC THEY TOTALLY LOOK A LIKE) and like you and him fell in love but can’t be together BC you both are on opposite sides.. I’m so conflicted and convinced that Geazy is Megan’s son or Neagn is old geazy LOLOLOL

Please don’t take so long to update this one! I’m really loving their future relationship hahah And I’m so freakin excited for next chapter that I can’t even elaborate a nice coment. Just update it as fast as you can

Okay so we need a part 3 of take over for me. Really need negans reaction to the situation

pairing: gerald x reader

a/n: i’m still sick so i stayed home from school today… hopefully i can update some more today, but we’ll see how i feel and how quickly i can finish my homework :-)

word count: 1,011

tagged users: @deeindarkwonderland @namelesslosers @girlygreenie @marvelnerd18 

Gerald came to visit you almost every day. Some days, you would meet him on the inside of Alexandria, and he would talk to you through the wall. Other days, you would go on what Rick thought were solo runs, and you’d come back with supplies that Gerald would bring you. 

You always tried to look your best for him, even though your supplies were limited. For example, you didn’t have makeup or the nicest clothes, but you tried to make your hair look nicer than usual when you went out to see him. It excited you, making you feel like a rebellious teenager. 

He and you didn’t have an official meeting spot. You would just walk until you could see his car. Sometimes you walked longer than other days to see him, but he always made sure you had a ride home. When you first started seeing him, you would refuse rides until he convinced you. You grew to just jump in the car after about three meetings, though. 

Your relationship wasn’t defined. You weren’t dating, and you didn’t give each other pet names like couples would. You were just there for each other, no matter how hard it was. 

You felt the people of Alexandria growing suspicious of you leaving on your own so often, but you were able to fool them with the plethoras of supplies you would bring back almost daily. 

Although you were able to hide your true intentions from your group, you wondered if anyone had suspected anything of Gerald at the Sanctuary. Surely somebody would notice the food that went missing, unless their supply was so generous that they had plenty to spare. 

“How long do you think we can keep doing this?” you asked him. You were in the passenger’s seat of Gerald’s car–the same one he drove you home in the day you met him. 

“Keep doing what?” 

“You know… Sneaking out. Don’t you think your dad will find out about me eventually?” You tried to avoid eye contact, for you were afraid of showing any signs of weakness around him. 

“No, no. I’m careful.” He smirked at you and propped up his elbow on the rolled-down window. “Nobody has any idea. We’re fine.” 

You weren’t fine. You believed him, though. He was as careful as he could be, but it wasn’t enough. Negan began to grow suspicious, and he started sending out people one by one to follow Gerald’s car. 

That was how you ended up in the same place you were in when you first saw Gerald. Only that time, it was different. Gerald wasn’t there to save you. He couldn’t just conveniently pass by your cell and ask his father to leave you. That trick only worked once on Negan. 

“Boy, oh, boy. Isn’t Rick just gonna be thrilled when he finds out that you’ve been playin’ around with my son!” Negan raved. “Yeah, I think he’s gonna love the sound of that. Maybe we can work out a deal, eh? Maybe we can be like Montegues and Capulets.” 

“Are you implying that your son and I are going to die?” you sighed. 

“Oh, no.” You glared at him from your spot on the chair which you were tied down to. “I think it’d be preferable for everyone if nobody died. I just have to make sure you stay the hell away from my boy.”

Your heel bounced up and down against the concrete floor as your nerves began to build up inside of you. “We’re not hurting anyone. Why can’t you just let your son be happy?” you pleaded. 

Negan chuckled at the ground and shook his head. “Sweetheart, I don’t know where you’ve been the past few years, but nobody’s happy.” 

You glared at him and shook your head. “No, you’re wrong. People are happy because they’ve found people who they can really relate to. We’ve all gone through the same things. We know what it’s like.” 

“Darlin’, give it a rest!” Negan reached forward and placed his hands on your shoulders. “We both know that I will get what I want, and what I want is for you to stay the hell away from my son. Is that clear?” 

Your chest huffed as your breathing quickened even more. 

“Is that clear?” Any and all signs of Negan fooling around were gone, and you were unable to form a real sentence. You nodded your head at him, tears welling in your eyes. You weren’t stupid. You knew Negan wasn’t just going to take your word for it. There were going to be guards, and he would really make sure you stayed away. 

You and Gerald were over, and there was nothing you could do about it. 

Negan thought it would be humorous to deliver you back to Alexandria himself. “I can’t wait to see the look on Rick’s face when I tell him you’ve been screwing my son.”

“We never did anything like that,” you snapped. 

Negan smiled and glanced out the window of his truck. “I knew that kid was too big of a pussy to make a move. You know, as tough as he is, he’s a real softie.” 

You looked away, not wanting to talk or think about Gerald. 

Rick was going to know where you had been getting all the supplies, and he sure as hell wasn’t going to be happy. You would have to start going on real runs again, which you didn’t mind. It would be humiliating, though. Having to admit that you hadn’t found anything on your own was going to be so degrading, and Negan knew it. 

The gate was already open when Negan pulled in to Alexandria. When Rick saw you in the passenger seat of his truck, his face went pale. Tara, Carl, and Sasha all ran to Rick’s side when they noticed you side-by-side with Negan. 

“Hey, Rick! Look who I found!” Negan teased. You sighed and looked anywhere but the eyes of your friends. “Man, you’re never gonna believe what I found out about her.” 

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RFA and an American student MC studying abroad

Largely inspired by @mangyhalfbreedremus and our two-MCs College AU. (love you.)


  • totally surprised when he found out
  • he could tell you had an accent but it was super faint
  • when you finally told him over the phone he was super impressed
  • it’s not easy speaking solely in a second language but you kept up so well?
  • and you’re just a student? still learning??
  • when he meets you in person, it hits him
  • o h  n o
  • if you’re studying abroad it means you have to go home at the end of the year
  • begs you to stay during the holidays don’t leave the poor boy alone on Christmas pls
  • spends the summer leaving endless messages and voicemails as if he’s afraid you’ll forget him
  • sends lots and lots of selfies what else is new
  • he’s too busy to visit but he wakes up extra early to skype w/ you every day
  • long distance sucks but he would never let you go
  • “You’ll move here once school’s over…right??”


  • thrilled at first
  • you’re a student like him!
  • and you go to his school!
  • he’s never been so motivated to go to class tbh
  • the boy is now never late
  • he introduces you to all his friends and you bond over awful cafeteria food
  • super proud that you’re his girlfriend and is totally not above bragging about you
  • campus’ cutest couple tbh
  • asks for help for his TOEIC exam
  • you casually mention not really wanting to go home for the summer, even though you had said you were homesick
  • that’s when he realizes
  • “going home…to…America?”
  • [insert crying emoji]
  • every moment becomes precious and he all but stops playing LOLOL to spend more time with you
  • he’ll have more time than he knows what to do with this summer after all
  • super clingy when you first get back
  • “MC I missed you so much!! Don’t ever leave me again!” T_T


  • picks up on the accent right away
  • spends some free time doing extra research on American customs to implement and make you feel more at home
  • anything you mention - hometown, American food, holidays, etc - she’s jotting it all down for reference - just in case
  • you mentioned being homesick once, and she managed to track down your whole family and some of your friends for a mass skype call you ended up crying how is she so perfect
  • she realized from the beginning this meant you going home, either permanently or for the summers
  • so when you two became close, she had already been mentally preparing
  • she sends you tons of care packages during the summers
  • with coffee beans she roasted herself
  • and some of your favorite pastries from the bakery
  • closes the bakery for two whole weeks in the middle of it bc she missed you so much she decided to visit and bc of you she actually had the freedom to do so
  • the best at scheduling skype date nights at a time that works for both of you, even with the time difference
  • she misses you, but you helped her follow her dreams - it’s her turn to be supportive of you
  • still, she’s so happy once you’re there for good
  • and the whole first week you’re back she closes early to make up for lost time


  • super impressed at the fact that you’re a student - you are mature!
  • he’s fluent in English, his position in the company requires it
  • but he didn’t know much about America in general
  • ends up googling American slang and trying to incorporate it to make you laugh
  • it works
  • tries to convince you to move in w/ him and use private tutors instead of going to classes
  • he doesn’t understand why you’d rather go to university
  • even though he studied abroad for school too, so he gets how things are for you and you totally bond over it
  • does NOT approve of you going home for the summers
  • tries to get you to let him fly your family to Korea instead
  • “Jumin, I want to see my friends too…”
  • he will try to fly them all, stubborn bby
  • you finally convince him you will come back and he reluctantly gives up on his argument
  • once you’re gone, he suddenly finds lots of “urgent business” that needs to be taken care of in your state and will start new projects that require him to travel there
  • frequently taking business trips to America with Elizabeth 3rd
  • seriously, he ends up spending like half the summer there
  • the entire company and especially Jaehee are almost as happy when you come back as he is


  • he’s known since day one of course
  • thinks your accent is adorable
  • orders a bunch of American snacks and has them sent to Rika’s apartment
  • talks to you in English a lot i mean he’s fluent in 17 languages, might as well use them
  • when you get homesick, he hacks into your phone to get all your contacts
  • and asks all your family and friends to write a short note to you
  • has them sent directly to him and puts it together along with your fave snacks from home, and honey buddha chips + doctor pepper for good measure, has Catbot deliver it
  • is actually really embarrassed to give it to you??? what if it’s actually a dumb idea oh god
  • literally gets the biggest grin on his face when you love it dork
  • gets kind of quiet and withdrawn as the school year comes to an end and you have to leave soon
  • as if he’s practicing being without you
  • it takes Zen calling and yelling at him to get him to snap out of it
  • barely manages to let go of you at the airport
  • adjusts his sleeping schedule to yours completely over the summer
  • always on the phone with you while you’re gone
  • jokes about making a device to go in your ear so you can literally always hear each other but then he actually makes it
  • when you get back, he picks you up at the airport holding a sign with your name on it, dressed in a fancy suit

anonymous asked:

Can I ask for a scenario where Aizawa has to take his shy 4-5 years old daughter to school bc there's no one to take care of her. She was with Hizashi since he was free at the moment. She notice he forgot something but Hizashi got class. She decided to deliver to him & quickly return to the teacher's lounge when she's done. She then get lost. Midoriya found her & helps her. She deliver his item & whispers to him Mido-nii-chan is a cool hero. Aizawa agrees with her. I hope this is ok

Of course it is!

“Alright. Come on, little.” Aizawa took his daughter’s hand and crossed the street, making his way to U.A. “You’re gonna hang out with Uncle Mic till I can come get you.”

His daughter nods and follows just behind Aizawa. They enter the building and make their way up to Mic’s office. Aizawa pushes open the door and Mic turns to him. Spotting Aizawa‘s kid, he opens his arms wide and the daughter tugs away from her dad and into Uncle Mic’s arms.

“Watch her, please. I’ll come for her at the end of the day,” Aizawa mumbles. He leans down and tucks a stray strand of jet black hair behind his daughter’s ear and kisses the top of her head. Mic nearly melts. “Uncle Mic’ll take care of you, okay?”

“Okay. Bye papa!” his daughter waves as he leaves. Once he’s out of sight, Mic lifts her up, twirls her, and sets her back down as she’s giggling furiously.

“Okay kiddo! Let’s get to class!!” Mic says excitedly, gathering his papers and heading off. As they make their way down the weaving hallways, Mic stumbles, making papers go everywhere. “Yikes…” he murmurs as he gathers them up. “Come on! Almost there!”

But her eyes have caught a paper that fell out of Mic’s view. She runs and grabs it, and as she turns around, Uncle Mic is gone.

She trots down the hallway, following the way she thought Mic went. But the corridors all look the same and there’s no one around.

Suddenly, she faintly hears Mic calling her name. She makes a mad dash towards the sound, but realizes it’s getting farther and farther away. She stops and sits down to catch her breath. Papa wouldn’t panic. She’s just gotta find Uncle Mic.

But, her search is fruitless, and she hasn’t heard Mic’s voice since. She slides down the wall, paper still in hand. Water droplets begin to roll down her cheeks silently as she panics. She buries her face in her hands.

A soft hand gently touches the top of her head. Looking up through tear-streamed eyes, she finds a green-haired boy looking down at her.

“Are you okay?” he asks gently. She shakes her head no, and is met with a look of concern. “Are you lost?” She shakes her head yes, wiping her tears before they can roll off her chin.

“Hmm,” the boy considers, looking down at the girl. He pulls out his phone and dials someone.

“Hey yeah, Yamada-sensei? There’s a little girl crying in the hallway-“ The girl can hear sudden excited yelling as the boy pulls the phone from his ear and winces. “Yeah, she’s got black hair, about 4 or 5? Uh huh, she’s in the General Studies hallway. I’ll bring her to you.”

The boy looks down at her and smiles.

“I’m Midoriya. I’m gonna take you to your Uncle Mic, okay?” He leans down to wipe the tears from her eyes and takes her hand gently. “It’s okay. I’ve gotcha.”

They begin to walk down the hallway, hand in hand, while Midoriya leads her to Uncle Mic.

“Are you a hero?” she asks quietly.

Looking down at her, Midoriya answers, “I’m training to be one, yeah. Hopefully I will be someday.”

“You’re a hero,” she responds resolutely. Midoriya blushes and smiles.

They make their way to Mic’s classroom, where he’s pacing outside. As soon as he sees his niece, he drops to his knees as she runs into his arms. “I’m so so sorry! I can’t believe I lost you! I’m so sorry! I’m a bad uncle…!”

She pulls out the paper he dropped and hands it to him. Mic nearly cries and crushes her in a hug.

Midoriya grins at them and Mic thanks him over and over again. Eventually, Midoriya escapes and waves at the little girl. She smiles and waves back.

The rest of the day is uneventful (aside from Mic buying her a whole candy bar from the vending machine in apology for losing her) and the end of the school day rolls up. Aizawa pushes open Mic’s door and his daughter runs into his arms. He picks her up and holds her with one arm against his side.

“Thanks, Mic. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Mic waves at them both and Aizawa sets his kid down, takes her hand, and begins walking back.

Quietly, his daughter goes “…Mid…Mido-nii-chan is a cool hero like you, Papa.”

Aizawa looks down at her for a moment, and nods.

Those Three Words

Summary: Soulmates!AU Dan is just your run-of-the-mill teenager. Well, unless you count the extremely homophobic father, bullies at school and the suicidal tendencies. The day of his sixteenth birthday, Dan has the name of his soulmate etched into his skin, but how long can he hide Philip Michael Lester from his father and avoid the devastating consequences sure to follow?

Word Count: 40.5k (help us)

Or, alternatively, you can read it in chapters 

Warnings: Parental abuse, homophobia, homophobic slurs, self harm, swearing, suicidal thoughts, mental illness, domestic violence (but there’s also tooth-rotting fluff and I don’t know how that goes together)

Beta: The almighty senpai glow cloud (all hail), Their Highness Ella @trxylerhxwellter

Artist: Well… we didn’t “officially” get art but @trxylerhxwellter had five minutes and MS paint and really delivered: X

A/N: Heyo! So this is our PBB fic for 2015. Honestly I can’t even believe I finished it but it was so fucking fun to write this like holy shit. The reason I’m posting so late is that I’m ill and I had to put in all the bold and italic font. I’ll probably split it into chapters after I post this bc it’s hella long but enjoy motherfuckers! 

(Also it feels weird b/c my posting date was Oct 9th and it’s technically Oct 10th where I live >__<)


Daniel James Howell couldn’t sleep, which was fairly normal for him by now, but this was a good kind of not sleeping - the kind that a child has on Christmas Eve, or the night after their tooth fell out. It was the holyshitI’msoexcited kind of not sleeping.

Dan checked the clock that resided on his bedside table.

11:40 pm.

It was the night before Dan’s 16th birthday, the night before he would get to know who his soulmate was - the person who was born for him, and he for them.

His mum told him that at 12am in his 16th birthday, a tattoo would appear somewhere on his body, and that the tattoo would be the name of his soulmate, written with their hand. Dan felt somewhat sorry for the person whose name would appear… if a name appeared…

After all, who would want a boring, suicidal, depressed loser?

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Divination Deck Spirit Experiences

Originally posted by museofapollo

The mods of Spiritionary as well as others we’ve spoken to have noticed spirits in many of our divination decks whether tarot or oracle. Each seems to be unique and in many cases completely sentient, and it not only varies from type of deck but deck to deck as well, each specific deck having its own spirit. It’s quite common for cartomancers (diviners who use card decks) to describe their deck’s personalities. Even doing an “interview spread” to communicate with a tarot or oracle deck itself is a standard practice for a lot of diviners when they get a new divination deck. 

Yet despite how normal it is in the world of divination to speak of deck interviews and personalities, divination is usually considered a totally separate and distinct practice from spirit work. So acknowledging that most or perhaps even all divination decks have their own spirits has important implications for the potential overlap between spirit work and cartomancy divination (if not other forms of divination as well). At the very least, divination can always be used as a tool for communicating with spirits and the relationship between cartomancy and spirit work is very strong in that sense!

Here we’ve gathered some personal stories from 14 diviners about individual tarot and oracle deck experiences collected by Mods Wind and Fire…

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Spideychelle Headcanon: In Which MJ Gets Chunky in College & Peter LOVES IT

In response to the warm reception to my earlier HC! Also partially inspired by the tags of the lovely @aqhrodites !!!

  • So like MJ has never really skipped meals nor has she been one to constantly stuff her face but she likes to eat like any human being
  • Her favorite foods are the snacks like cookies or a Poptart or apple that Peter would bring her but hey Peter could bring her two day old burgers and she’d gush about it
  • As college starts they’re thankfully not far from each other, but they’re still pressed for time thanks to schoolwork
  • MJ is secretly terrified of losing contact with this boy before she can tell him that she’s in love with him finally ask him out for coffee so she makes a vow that she WILL ask him out before the end of freshman year
  • And well they FaceTime, text, call each other constantly, and for now MJ’s fears are slightly alleviated
  • But stress from the fear of losing Peter and schoolwork causes MJ to snack more often
  • She doesn’t even notice it, she just enjoys the freedom of getting to buy multiple kinds of Oreos at the dollar store that college grants her
  • Snack trips to the dollar store become more frequent as do vending machine runs (honey buns are amazing), fast food stops, and afternoons spent in the dining halls which are unlimited buffets as many times you want a day with her meal plan
  • And one day her jeans are difficult to pull up over her hips which is odd
  • They’re also a pain to button, and they feel like a second skin but in a constraining way
  • MJ doesn’t think much of it as she appraises how they seem to hug her booty. It gives her warm fuzzy flashbacks to that time she caught Peter checking out her ass and so she decides to wear these jeans for him at some point
  • Fall turns to winter and Peter notices that MJ’s beautiful beautiful beautiful face seems a little.. different? Softer or something. All he knows for sure is that MJ is cuter than ever ooh
  • It’s not until Thanksgiving break when MJ is reunited with family that she finally really notices she gained weight
  • After the second or third overheard whisper of “Michelle gained weight” she went to the bathroom and pulled up her shirt. Soft love handles greeted her in the mirror. Her thighs, her hips were chunkier, her booty was bigger.
  • MJ was certainly surprised, since weight gain can really sneak up on anyone, especially someone who’s been fit and wispy her whole life
  • But MJ responded with a “eh”
  • And went to town at the Thanksgiving table
  • Circumstances prevented Peter and MJ from getting to see each other and hang out until towards the end of winter break, the early weeks of January
  • They met up at Peter’s dorm which was mostly empty, and MJ knocked on Peter’s door
  • And Peter is shook
  • Oh my
  • Because not only is the girl he likes right there in front of him at last after a semester of missing her
  • She’s definitely fuller
  • MJ’s cheeks are puffier, her jeans look painted on and whooooooaaaa the way her curves are just jutting out of them
  • “You gonna let me in or what, Parker?”
  • Peter just gave her a bittersweet smile and suddenly he’s squeezing her like a python
  • And oh man has MJ missed this
  • She notes that he’s still solid as a rock, and even bigger than he was last summer? MJ approves and is amused that he got more swole and she got more full
  • And it’s just like old times
  • They crash on his small sofa and talk the day away and MJ really really loves how he puts his hand on hers it’s making her want to do things
  • And soon they’re exchanging the music they’ve discovered the past semester, Peter’s is a lot of classic Disney songs he’s put on his iPod for the first time the dork
  • MJ being cheeky AF is about to put her cheeks to good use
  • She pretends to have dropped something and bends over slowly, really slowly and really sticks out her rump and just when she feels his eyes on her, she quickly turns her head to him
  • “See something you like?”
  • And success! He’s caught red handed and his puppy dog eyes bug out and he’s stammering an apology
  • MJ smirks as she slowly walks over to him, swaying her bigger hips way more than necessary
  • She’s standing over him, and pulling off her hoodie and she’s got on a rather fitting tank top (it used to be looser)
  • And then she hops into his lap to straddle him
  • And she wants to squeal bc he’s still stammering an apology as he puts his hands on her waist and oooooh
  • “MJ I mean shouldn’t we stop this I-”
  • “Why?” MJ asks with an eyebrow raised
  • “Well bc…” MJ notices him glance quickly at her stomach
  • “Peter Parker,” MJ says, “is this bc I got fat?”
  • Peter gapes at her
  • And then laughs his ass off
  • “DEFINITELY not” and he keeps guffawing and MJ is confused
  • “MJ I.. look. I noticed you were gaining weight and honestly.. I kinda like it”
  • MJ looks at him, surprised and impressed “really?”
  • “I… oh god this is really happening isn’t it?” Peter laughs with a hand on his forehead
  • “I like you, MJ. And I know it’s cliche but I like you whether you’re skinny or fat. But I’m not gonna lie you’re like really really alluring with the freshman 15”
  • “21,” MJ corrects, a smug grin slowly appearing on her puffier face, “it was the freshman 21”
  • “You gotta stop that,” Peter bit his lip, “that grin, it makes me wanna..”
  • “Do things?” MJ just grinned harder and narrowed her eyes
  • “I don’t have any… um… well..” Peter mumbles
  • MJ smirks even harder if that’s possible and pulls out a condom from her purse
  • Peter stares at her
  • “You sly dog,” Peter mumbles
  • “I hope you can handle the new, more spacious MJ, Parker,” MJ hands him the condom
  • Peter can’t even bc they just confessed their feelings sort of and now he’s about to get in the pants of the girl of his dreams what the fuck
  • But it’s an eventful night
  • MJ relishes the effect she has on him and the effect he has on her
  • The way his hands feel on her fuller thighs, or how he grabs her bigger hips and her softer body on his rock hard one just feels right dammit
  • “You’re so damn beautiful,” he moans as he grabs at her hungrily and oh my god
  • Both of them are just over the moon
  • MJ hardly needed validation from anyone about her body least of all post weight gain
  • But damn does it feel good that Peter is perhaps even more crazy about her now
  • In the morning she wakes up to find him sleepily rubbing her pudge, and those slow hands(WOO) are already starting to get her excited even though she’s exhausted
  • “If is known you’d like it this much,” MJ murmurs, “I’d have been eating everything for years”
  • Peter smiles, his eyes still closed as he laps up her sleepy voice “I can’t help it you’re so freaking beautiful”
  • “Stoooop” MJ gently shoves him a little. “Too much dorkiness for me”
  • “We’re in bed naked together, apparently it wasn’t,” Peter pouts, and he gently smacks her hips and loves the tiny little “fwoom” he hears after smacking MJ’s pudge like that
  • After that MJ can’t deny loving when her new boyfriend has pizza or baskets of her favorite cookies delivered to her dorm
  • And she loves the awed look Peter has when seeing her in a bikini the following summer
  • And she loves how he keeps calling her beautiful and checking her out even as she puts on more weight
  • And she loves it so much when Peter calls her his little muffin that her response is usually to drag him straight to bed
  • Look she loves this boy okay? And Peter loves having more MJ to love too