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AAAAH first of all, sorry for replying so late! The thing is that i can’t really see them having babies since being a hero is not easy stuff, but i was talking about a fusion between Bakugou and Uraraka’s quirks with  @marxlene and this is how this kacchako daughter was born (along with Kirimina chidren too). I guess things went a little bit overboard.

So yeah this is how Kamiko discovered her quirk!
She can touch things but instead of making them float, they become bombs that she can make explode whenever she wants, pretty cool huh?


#679 Baby  - It is said that when a Honedge egg hatches, a departed spirit inhabits this Pokemon’s blade. Initially born with a dull blade, Honedge hatchlings will remain sheathed until their tassel-like arm is strong enough to attach onto others, and they have fully developed a sharp edge to attack with. After feeding off of other’s life energy, this Pokemon will quickly become a mature Honedge.

#679.5 - In preparation for evolution, Honedge spend much of their time strengthening their skills and seeking out as much energy as possible. When they are nearing the natural end of their stage, Honedge will find a secluded place where it will begin to divide into two swords. The division process is disorienting, but not painful, as long as the Pokemon has previously stocked up on life energy. Their bodies are malleable during this state, and after splitting, they work together telepathically to form excess material into a plaque.

#680.5 - Doublade work together to flawlessly coordinate complex attacks and swordplay maneuvers. In order to evolve, Doublade search for ancient battle grounds, where the energy of fallen knights sparks the process. Evolving Doublade will line-up back to back, merging their bodies and consciousnesses into one. Similarly, their sheathes will begin to combine into a powerful shield. Once the process is done, the newly formed Aegislash is said to be able to detect those who are destined to be King. Trainers can attempt to replicate the evolution process by exposing their Doublade to a Dusk Stone.

Named: Daghast (baby) - Honedge - Dualice - Doublade - Flamerge - Aegislash

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bonus daytime because I like to imagine Amanda yelling down Sarek because please would you let her damn babies play in her rose garden with their space ships already

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How about a black dragonfish? ( look em up on google they look cool but scary :0)

They are (and the baby versions are the weirdest things ever haha)


Hey y'all this I did a long time ago but since I’m putting my old stuff….

P.S the edit pics with the kids is not mine, I don’t remember where I got it if you know please let me know. I’m missing Namjoon 😪I’m sorry that’s why at the end I made up for it! Please like and share 💜


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