#goinup on a Tuesday. #jade #btm #sacr #blake1 #jaderip #aybee #artprimo. Living the life of our dreams despite the trecherous journey to get to this place. We carry your memories in our thoughts and in our minds. Campfires. Ocean. Beautiful women.

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Aybee - Nigg#z and space machines

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aybee and african sciences - someone

everybody feels like being wold sometimes.

Deep & Soulful House DJ set inspired by the movie, Before Sunrise.

Track Listing:

1. Intro - Jesse & Céline Train to Vienna 
2. Good Guy Mikesh - Milk & Honey 
3. Zoo Look - Holdin’ On 
4. Interlude - Jesse & Céline Phone Convo 
5. Blue Six - I Tried to Tell You 
6. Aybee - In Every Way ft. Omega 
7. Interlude - Jesse & Céline Other World 
8. Black Coffee - Juju ft. Zakes Bantwini 
9. Boddhi Satva - Stop Jealousy ft. Ze Pequino (Culeo De Song’s Kamnguni Remix) 
10. Alex Niggemann - Jewels (Fritz Zander Beats Remix) 
11. Interlude - Jesse & Céline Tonight Only 
12. Anané - Terra Longe (Antonello Coghe & Filipe Narciso Dreaming Cabo Remix) 
13. Interlude - Jesse & Céline Sex at Night in a Park 
14. dOP - Your Sex (Paul Ritch Remix) 
15. Alex Niggemann - Lately 
16. Argy - What Time is it? 
17. Interlude Jesse & Céline Au Revoir Vienna 
18. Kaine - Love Saves the Day ft. Kathy Diamond (Original Mix)

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Aybee - Solaris