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Can I vent to you? I saw some people yesterday saying how "sweet" and 'kind" and "funny" and "generous" and "humble" PM is. Sorry but they must be getting him confused with David. PM is none of those things. The things he says are awful and the way he behaves is just as terrible. How ANYONE can think that's good or attractive is not something I can understand. And these people (I saw them in tags, I don't follow them thank God) were sending PM love and apologizing for the fandom. WTF?!?

Excuse me as I go out and vomit.🤢 Someone is very blinded by everything GA does.. and because they are sure she looks at him with hearteyes and are together with him, he must be perfect! It is childish and it is openly people who are unable to form their own personal opinion. Do they honestly, think she looks really happy and healthy? Do they they think there have been any good decisions she has taken recently? Do they they think all this with PM has caused something good? Do they think she’s herself? Do they think she’s like herself? And so on…..
Overall are they really excited about the new GA? 

I’m not, at all, but yes maybe they are temporarily blind and think it’s DD. 

PM is as you say, terrible, awful, self-confessed, selfish and woman/children-condescending. 

It’s embarrassing that there is adult woman who will support their idol in all her decisions, also those who are in every way bad and do not make sense. That they openly think it’s okay that a man who hates women and publicly has pronounced this, is with a female who used to be a feminist and that they do not question her actions. WTF is people thinking, had it been their friend or their daughter, who was with a man like PM  would they also support it? If it were their daughter who in publicly had her bikini briefs pulled down, her vag exhibited and in publicly touched her pussy…! It is just not okay!!!!!!

I’m sorry but all his actions, words and so forth, show a man who’s really bad news! When you see how much GA has changed and is almost completely unrecognizable, e.g she looks so alone on the balcony for that event in London. Seeing how thin she is now and seeing how much things she has previously said, suddenly does not remain important anymore. There are now over 500 images of them in Portofino, where they choose to go, even though they knew it was a paps place. Before she would never show herself like that to the publicly
(There are over 500 images FFS) and she’s habitually and usually goes to the same places. And very important we know she has a habit of not always making the best decisions relative to men and so further, why can people not see what is happening again ..!!! They act on this like children, children without their own opinion, children unable to read other people and finally children who likes everything in the world she is doing and she’s doing only positive things ! Grow up and relate to the world and independently consider GA, is not perfect, she’s a human and makes bad decisions like all of us. We do not have to support everything she does because we are fans, we are fans who have heads and can decide if things we see are right. And right now all I can conclude is that he is dangerous and she has lost herself completely!!!!!!!!!! 

lorde has such a captivating, vivid and honest way of illuminating one’s journey to light amidst chaotically tumultuous emotions. she captures her deepest thoughts through wistful, electric melodies and dreamy, blissful synths. there’s something magical about how cathartic and liberating melodrama wholly is

Lance would probably be the type of boyfriend that would compliment the heck out of Keith at any given chance, call him ‘babe’ and ‘love’ and yell ‘looking fine sweetheart!’ across the deck during training sessions

and then Keith would struggle, wanting to return the sentiment before turning to him one night and saying ‘If I ever had the chance to trade you with the mothman, i wouldn’t.’


I’ve been giving it a lot of thought and I have realized that you are my Kryptonite. Me? Oh, uh… No, I mean, my feelings for you. I’ve never felt like this about anyone in my life… I didn’t know that there were this many feelings to even be had.


93.03.09 | happy birthday, min yoongi 
the brightest star in my sky   #민윤기_생일_캡짜앙

How to Cope with Audition Failure

-As a musician, you’re going to fail more times than you succeed. This is inevitable. You will experience a lot more rejection than acceptance. Even professionals get rejected sometimes. There is not a musician alive that has not at some point, been told, “no, sorry.”

-An audition is not always an accurate reflection of you. It is how you sound at one particular time on one particular day. Maybe your reed was less than spectacular. Maybe you were a little sick. Maybe you just got really, really nervous.

-There will be more chances.

-Go home, take care of your instrument. Put it down for a day if you’re feeling too sad to play and that’s how you need to cope. But first, clean it. Clean the dust off of it, make it shiny. Put it away so when you’re ready to play again, it’s waiting for you. You’ll feel better.

-Practice some other things that you know you’re good at the first time you practice again. Re-establish lost confidence. Then dive back into the challenging things.

-One bad audition does not make you a bad musician. A hundred bad auditions do not make you a bad musician.

-I know you really wanted this, but this is not a failure. It’s merely a detour.

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Ok but imagine vampire gerard being the biggest shit and fucking with frank, bc they know he spend the whole day watching horror movies and is easily spooked. Imagine them floating up to his window at night? Kinda like in the salems lot window scene? But instead of creepy they just look mad cute,, imagine


i could do this all day. | bucky version.