Chris Evans being a daddy would include

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  • him being the typical american dad
  • him working out with his kid
  • doing push ups with your kid on his back
  • your little baby cheering
  • him pretending to struggle to make your kid laugh
  • cuddling with your toddler between you two
  • singing lullabies to your little angel
  • “doll, this little fella wants to watch “the Little Mermaid” “
  • “Chris, he’s two months-old”
  • making silly faces to make his baby laugh
  • gently rubbing his nose on the little one’s
  • him holding the baby in his arms 25/8
  • baby reaching out for his boobie
  • “omg doll he wants my boobies”
  • staying awake to watch his baby sleep
  • “you’re my tiny bundle of joy”
  • taking your kid to Disneyland on their birthday every year for the rest of their lives
  • reading to your baby
  • changing his voice for every character
  • making dad jokes all the time
  • “How do you make holy water? You boil the hell out of it.”
  • buying Captain America onesies
  • bribing your kid into saying “daddy”
  • “say dada da-da”
  • “look, little munchkin, if you say dada this little unicorn will be yours”
  • crying when your baby says their first word (spoiler: it’s dada)
  • running around the house from happiness
  • your baby giggling at him
  • you taking pictures of everything that’s happening
  • “my lil meatball”
  • babies tracing his tattoos with their fingers whenever he holds them
  • letting his kids do him a makeover
  • “dada you wook wike a pwincess”
  • him shaving more often (sadly) because otherwise kids won’t let him kiss them
  • “no Dodger, you can’t sit on her, she’s tiny”
  • your baby boy putting his hand on his boob while laughing, just like Chris
  • “don’t listen to anything uncle Mackie says, okay?”
  • him having a “secret” special handshake with his children
  • baking together
  • you finding him crying in your bathroom
  • “what’s wrong, honey?”
  • “i’m not ready for her to get married and leave us yet, doll, i’m not ready”
  • “well, of course you are not ready, Chris, she’s only 5 years old”
  • him getting tattoos that remind him of his children
  • “let’s try for another one, love”
  • “fifth one???”

You know how in Civil War when Vision just carelessly shot his laser beam into the sky aiming for Falcon but accidentally shot down Rhodey? What if Sam never dodge his laser beam and actually got hit? Falcon doesn’t have a super suit of armor protecting him like War Machine does. What was Vision trying to do by shooting him like that? He would’ve fell and plummeted to the ground exactly like Rhodey did. Just think for a second… Rhodey barely survived that fall with his War Machine armor on, it left him paralyzed! Falcon’s suit just consists of his wings, what chance does Sam have of surviving a fall like that? He would have died! Can you just imagine if they went this route in the movie, Vision accidentally killing a former friend and ally of the Avengers team. Imagine how devistated Cap would be finding out one of his best friends died in that fight? Imagine how Wanda would feel about VIsion after that… would this have split the team apart even more? One can only imagine..

The Flaw Of Belief pt.4 (Bucky x Reader)

Summary: Y/N finally understands what the flaw of belief is.

Word Count - 1634

Warnings - maybe some light swearing, oh, and some long awaited kissing *wink wink*


Part One. Part Two. Part Three.




“Could you stop that?!” You snapped, making Bucky swing his head towards you, smiling obnoxiously.

“Nope.” He said, popping the ‘P’, and proceeded to crack his knuckles once more.

The rest of the team had been gone for a couple of days on a mission in Jordan. Whilst trying to avoid Barnes, (and coincidentally, your feelings for Barnes), he seemed to have actively seemed you out to annoy you; almost as if your last encounter never occurred.

“I find you intensely irritating.” You grit out, pressing your fingers into your temple, trying to release the ache that had appeared there.

And intensely sexy.” He smirked.

“You wish Barnes.” You shuddered, the exaggerated look of disgust on your face making him chuckle, and turn back towards 10 Things I Hate About You.

But that’s just what it was.


An elaborate façade to ensure Bucky never found out how you felt. You dread to think of the endless teasing that would ensue should he discover you were in love with him and his stupid face. You side glanced at him again, and scoffed inwardly.

How can you be in love with him? Every single features of his stupid face made you want to punch him. His stupid beautiful eyes. His stupid dark stubble. His stupid sharp jawline. His stupid soft hair. His stupid face in general.

“Y'know, it’s rude to stare doll.” Your eyes flickered back to the television immediately, staring so intensely at Heath Ledger, it looked like you were trying to set him on fire from afar.

“I was not staring.”

“Sure doll.”

Let’s not forget his stupid personality.

“Don’t call me doll.” You said emotionlessly, trying to not swallow too hard, knowing his enhanced senses would immediately notice.

“I think you like it.” Bucky said smugly.

“I think I like you when you leave.” You shot back.

“Awwww, did you just say you liked me? Doll! I’m flattered!” Bucky mockingly gushed, pretending to swoon, and you rolled your eyes, but had to fight the blush unhelpfully gracing your cheeks. Bucky shuffled up the couch, and fake yawned, allowing his arm to stretch above our head and wrap around the back of the couch. His head swung towards you, his gaze finding your side profile, jaw clenched and eyes staring into space, almost glacial and certainly not paying attention to your favourite film. Your breath hitches as his breath hit your neck, sending goosebumps, his head tilting to fix his eyes on you.

“And here I thought you didn’t want to be my friend.” He spoke lowly. He leaned closer, and you could feel the shiver that ran down your spine like hot ice.

“That really hurt Doll.” He pulled a small pout, his eyebrows pulling together to give the impression of heartbreak. A heartbreak he had felt, but you didn’t need to know that. You turned your head, your glassy eyes looking wild and vulnerable at the same time, and they were fixed on him with a delicate wariness that made his head spin, not that he’d tell anyone that. You focused on his pouty lips. They looked so soft and you wondered how they’d feel gently pressed against your cheek.

“Now why would you wanna hurt me Doll?” He whispered, his nose pressing into your jawline softly.

“You hurt me.” You croaked out.

“I really am sorry about that Doll, I didn’t mean it, honest.” He spoke sincerely, dragging his nose up your neck. “I think I was just trying to hide my feelings for you.” Looking him straight on, his eyes seemed dark and predatory, pupils blown teasingly wide. When you turned, your mouths almost collided, and his lips missed each other by a millimetre. Your breaths mingled, and you both remained there, your mouths ghosting over each other.

“And how do you feel about me?” You whispered into his mouth.

“Like this.” And those were his final words before he closed the gap.


You felt like you were floating.

You were floating in the sea, and your only anchor to shore, to reality, was Bucky. The feeling of his supple lips, the gentle caresses of his fingers, the contrast between his hands, the searing heat of his tongue. You were floating, and you wanted to float away. He moaned slightly, and lay you down on the couch, slotting himself between your legs. The weight of his body against yours was pleasant, but not overwhelming. Your fingers tangled in his dark tresses, lightly tugging and scratching his scalp, earning a breathy groan from his lips.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this.” He said, kissing and sucking down your neck, leaving his mark for everyone to see, to show you were his. Only his. You moaned gently, pulling his face back up to yours only to smash your lips against his, warranting a wanton moan to fall in the form of your name.

“I can’t believe you feel the same, I, I didn’t know you loved me to-” you stopped, taken aback by his sudden pause in your passionate moment. His head hung above yours, eyes closed, a grin on his face. You smiled back, he was just as happy as you were, finally having admitted how much he wanted you, and oh how you wanted him back. Your rosy smile slipped off of your face as his eyes opened. They didn’t seem loving, but taunting, teasing, pitiful.

“I can’t believe you thought I was serious.” He exhaled through his nose slightly, chuckling inwardly at how taken in you were by his act, how gullible you were. It all started like a chain reaction.

First, your mouth went dry, not being able to conjure a response as he climbed off of you, honestly just trying to process what he had said.

Next, you sat up, as Bucky smoothed his hair down on the other side of the couch, looking at ease and content, simply reaching for the remote. He was so calm, he could have been knitting before they came in.

Then, you straightened the crease from your shirt where Bucky had lay. It still felt warm. Bucky looked completely engrossed in the film now, although you knew it wasn’t true. And the first one stepped through the doorway.

Because then, enter the Avengers.

One by one, they came in, chatting about the recent mission, throwing their bags down, and slumping into chairs. Sam sat down next to you, wrapping his arm around you. The action felt all too familiar to the very same move Bucky had pulled not half an hour ago. You pulled his wrist from around your shoulders, setting it into his lap. He simply frowned slightly at your actions but turned to Bucky.

“Yo Tin Man, what’re we watching?” Bucky scowled at the nickname, but answers nonetheless.

“Ten Things I Hate About You.” He answered in a voice that could’ve fooled even you into thinking he hadn’t just crumpled your heart like it was origami.

“That’s your favourite, isn’t it Y/N?” Same asked, looking at you.

“Erm, yeah.” You mumbled quietly, not quiet trusting your voice at the moment. You discreetly tried to smooth your hair down from your make out session with the Soldier, but of course, Sam noticed.

“Wild night?” Sam wiggled his eyebrows playfully, not realising that you were no longer playing a game.

“No.” You answered plainly, hoping he’d consider the matter closed from your sharp tone of voice and the rapid accumulation of tears in your eyes.

“Your hickeys say something different.” Sam teased, brushing your messy hair away to examine your neck. By now, you’d drawn the attention of the team, one by one their conversations trailed off and came to abrupt ends, seeing tears spill from your betrayal filled eyes as Sam looked at the dark lovebites that adorned your skin.

“It’s nothing. Can we leave it please?” You whispered, feeling the lump in your throat grow and swell like a tumor, stopping you from speaking, thinking, breathing. Sam recognised the symptoms.

Tense muscles. He could see it in your shoulders and back.

Clammy hands. Tightly clasped together.

Trembling. He felt pitiful for your trembling frame, trying desperately to hold onto the control of your body.

The symptoms of a nervous breakdown.

“Y/N, would you like to leave?” Same said gently.

No wonder he was a councillor.

“If I leave, they’re all going to wonder why.” You mumbled, not looking at him.

“They’re already wondering why, honey. You can leave whenever you want.” He reminded softly. You stood up quickly, your knees almost giving out. But they didn’t, and you managed to make it out of the door, leaving each Avenger silently wondering what was wrong and knowing better than to ask anyone else.

Upon watching your leave, Bucky’s stomach twisted in the most sickening way possible, and he didn’t quite know why. You walked away, trying to get away as fast as you could, yet strangely your pace remained slow, like you were stuck in honey.

Of course he didn’t mean it. How could he want you? How could you be so goddamn stupid?! People don’t change. He didn’t want to be your friend. He didn’t want to reach out for you. He was still the same old soldier that couldn’t stand you. You were still the Avenger that didn’t make sense. Everything he had ever said had been a lie, when he said you were beautiful, when he said you could be friends, when he said he had feelings for you.

It was all a lie.

You just wished you could say the same.

You wished you’d never believed a goddamn word James Barnes ever spoke to you.

The flaw of belief is you can’t choose who or what to place your faith in.

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Bucky Barnes learning about periods would include

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Steve Rogers learning about periods would include

  • one day Bucky was in kitchen, making himself a sandwich when he overheard Nat and Wanda
  • “are you okay, Nat?
  • “no, i’m on my period, it hurts like hell”
  • “can you check if i’m leaking. i don’t want to smudge my blood all over Stark’s white couch”
  • Bucky’s eyes going wide
  • “was Nat okay? why was she bleeding? they haven’t had a mission for like 2 weeks”
  • “what is a period”
  • him going to your shared bedroom
  • google search
  • “what is a period?”
  • him gasping when he reads about it
  • “but it’s not fair”
  • “what should boyfriends do when their girlfriend is on her period, please”
  • him reading “how to make a woman feel better when she’s on her period” on wikihow
  • taking notes
  • “okay, i can do that”
  • reading about pads and tampons
  • “that’s so smart”
  • searching your bathroom cabinets and seeing that you have neither pads nor tampons
  • going to store to buy them all
  • not knowing which one to buy because there are too many
  • buying them all
  • all the ladies in the store swooning over him
  • also buying lots of chocolate and sweets
  • stopping by Nat’s room to give her some pads and chocolate
  • “here, Nat, these are for … you”
  • her going speechless
  • “leave this room right now or else i might fall in love with you”
  • him going to your shared bedroom to storage all the … goods
  • you seeing him sneak into your bedroom with … tampons and pads?
  • “what are those, Buck?”
  • “oh .. i just read about, you know, periods, and i saw that you were out of all … this stuff so i went to buy them”
  • “you’re an angel”
  • rewarding him with kisses and cuddles
  • “you need to tell me when you’re on your period, so i can take a good care of you doll, okay?”
“Dreams Come True”

REQUEST (by anon):  Could you write an Peter Parker x reader where the avengers go on a vacation to Disney world, and Peter Parker finally tells you how he feels and the avengers are like “finally!”?

NOTE: I just got back from Disney World so this was perfect haha I apologize for taking so long, but this is quite a big one! Thank you for requesting!

PS. Thank you for 700 followers! It’s barely been a month and it’s been awesome having you wonderful people around to talk to :)

WARNING: 9 600-something words of fluff! Could be fatal!

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     Standing at the check-in area in the LaGuardia airport, you and the rest of the Avengers waited to get your boarding passes and check in your bags. Though Tony thought it would be better to take one of his private jets, the rest of you wanted to have a normal vacation with no special treatment, no powers, and no fighting. But now, it seemed like that was probably a good idea. 

    The line was so long that you’d been waiting for twenty minutes and had only moved a metre forwards. Sighing, you glanced at the watch on your wrist. 

5:30 AM

     Groaning internally, you sat on top of your luggage and observed how everyone else was holding up. Steve and Bucky seemed to be having an intense discussion, but strangely, you kept hearing the words “hot dog” and “pretty princess”. Sam and Scott were glued to their phones and probably playing Pokemon Go since they were shouting about “eggs hatching” and walking around in circles in the limited space they had. Wanda and Vision actually seemed to be having a normal conversation, though every few seconds Vision would levitate off the floor before Wanda pulled him back down. Tony, Rhodey, Clint and Natasha were discussing the itinerary, and Tony no doubt was planning some sort of super-expensive surprise or something. 

     Smiling a little to yourself, you turned your head, your eyes coming to rest on the teenage Avenger beside you. Peter Parker leaned on his suitcase with his head in a book, his eyes scanning the pages intensely. You watched as he read, his mouth parting slightly at a certain part and his eyebrows drawing together at another.

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The gang’s all here in Captain Marvel #8 by Ruth Fletcher Gage, Christos Gage and Kris Anka @kristaferanka, new today from Marvel!

Prompt: “what did you just say?”

Character: Bucky Barnes

Warning: There’s an asshole in this, kind of angsty?

“What did you just say?” You stopped in your tracks and turned around to look at the man who’d spoken. Some random stranger on the street who obviously wanted to start a fight…or if he didn’t he was going to. 

“Are you deaf? I said your boy toy there is murderer.”

“See, that’s funny because from where i’m standing he’s a victim, who has pricks like you telling him that he’s a murderer for something he had no autonomy over. So from where i’m standing you’re a class A dickhead.” You weren’t laughing because it was funny, your laughing was out of pure spite, pure anger. The fact that these assholes kept calling Bucky names in the street. The fact that a man who was still suffering emotionally and mentally was being verbally abused in the streets and they thought it was okay. They didn’t even fucking understand. 

“He’s a fucking murderer.” 

“Do you want me to smash your face? Because it’s looking awfully tempting. Stop harassing people in the street when you don’t even fucking understand the situation.” You tried to keep as calm as you could. Bucky was standing off the side and he looked so small and then this asshole just had the nerve to seem so pleased with himself…it made staying calm increasingly hard. 

He didn’t even have to say anything, it was the look on his face that finally did it. That had you launching yourself at him only to find yourself stopped short as familiar arms wrapped around you and pulled you away. Hot breath on your neck, “He’s not worth it. It’s not worth it” You wanted to believe Bucky, you really did…but it was worth it…he was always going to be worth defending. He tried so hard, why couldn’t people see that, why did they have to be so mean?