“In fact, during the audition with Chris Evans, the script says, “Spidey flips into scene,” and Tom goes, “Oh, should I do that?” Evans is like, [sarcastically] “Oh, yeah. Yeah, you just flip into the scene kid. No, you just walk in.” He does it. A standing flip, jump, flip, land. Even Chris Evans was like, “What…what happened?” - Kevin Feige, producer and President of Marvel


I usually refrain from posting fan-made posters, but this was just too awesome! Job well done, ‘themadbutcher’, this could pass as the official poster! Clearly inspired by the classic “Infinity Gauntlet” comicbook, and rightfully so!

me : *is the first one to finish the reading of a paper in class *

teacher : Have you finish yet ?

me : yep

teacher : Wow, you’re a quick reader !

me : I read a lot.

teacher : Really, that’s great. What do you read ?

me : *think about all the 60k (and more) fics I’ve been reading since the last few years*… Harry… Potter…

teacher : *confused* the last one was published about 10 years ago…

me : I read it…again… a lot ?