The Signs as Odd Crayola Crayon Names

Aries: Atomic Tangerine

Taurus: Cyber Grape

Gemini: Deep Space Sparkle

Cancer: Fuzzy Wuzzy

Leo: Shrimp Cocktail

Virgo: Maximum Green

Libra: Wild Blue Yonder

Scorpio: Leather Jacket

Sagittarius: Medium Chrome Green

Capricorn: Neon Carrot

Aquarius: New Car

Pisces: Permanent Geranium Lake

(PS: check them out here on Wikipedia, it shows you the approximate color as well as the names!) 


ARIES: vivid tangerine

TAURUS: razzmatazz

GEMINI: asparagus

CANCER: outrageous orange

LEO: atomic tangerine

VIRGO: denim

LIBRA: mango tango

SCORPIO: inchworm

SAGITTARIUS: purple pizzazz

CAPRICORN: jazzberry jam

AQUARIUS: laser lemon

PISCES: tumbleweed

nick interviews my characters (part 1)
  • nick:boxers or briefs
  • tristan:boxers a nontrivial amount of time
  • nick:favorite color
  • tristan:black in the sharp, urbane sense, not the metalhead sense. maybe also atomic tangerine.
  • nick:what is the sexiest song in your repertoire
  • tristan:skin by rihanna, but i might be biased.
  • nick:do you have any tattoos and/or piercings
  • tristan:ink-wise, few on my arms, few on my legs. i don't want to cover myself up in 'em but if i find something i like i might get it on me. piercings, ears. i had one on my tongue, but i find it easier to sing without it.
  • nick:where do you see yourself in five-ten years
  • tristan:if i have full say, it involves art and money. not to taylor swift levels, but it involves art that gives me money.
  • nick:nighttime or daytime
  • tristan:nighttime, for sure. everything feels more honest during nighttime.
  • nick:chocolate or vanilla
  • tristan:chocolate guy all the way, but i will not say no to anything sweet.
  • nick:what is your stance on monogamy
  • tristan:i like to date around a bit, not gonna like -smiles- but i'm not the type of person who thinks being faithful is impossible. it's not hard at all as long as the relationship is solid. if it's not solid, then it's not gonna work. simple as that.
  • nick:hot or cold
  • tristan:if we're going by the first thing that comes into mind, then hot.
  • nick:what was the most difficult bit of adversity you've ever had to overcome
  • tristan:have people mispronounce my name. it's soodeero, not soodayro.
  • tristan:jokes aside, my father's uh, very sick. tough sometimes, but it's being managed, yeah.

alessiel asked:


Send me a emotion/feeling and I’ll tell you the color I associate it with.

Atomic Tangerine. This color reminds me of blush, not the bring red from laughing too hard or the comical one in drawings symbolizing embarrassment. It’s more of a natural blush and gives off a feeling of warmth to me and I feel happiness is just that- a warmth that surrounds one in comfort.

alessiel {Ehhh, kinda sucky but hope you enjoy}