WE NEED FUCKING EQUALITY IN THE SPORTS WORLD GOD DAMN this just gets me so fucking heated because it’s 2015 and these trolls are not helping anyone with their little sexist comments. These women get paid to be athletes, THIS IS THEIR PROFESSION, you probably don’t hear or see anyone at these anonymous sexist arrogant people’s workplaces telling them horrible things like this. These “jokes” aren’t funny.

runner’s high

if i move my body
long enough it
will move my soul;
ghoul streaking in
his Nikes from a
tomb of thieves.
god save the
pituitary pin cushion,
punching bag
that i shoryuken
in the AM, all to feel
human again. when
i pipette blood to the  
wurlitzer in my brain,
i puff out all the
bad, sad words and
they cartwheel like
carbon dioxide to
horizons, come back
prehistoric and not
worth remembering.

if i move my soul it
sweats iridescence,
skins me in the fleece
of Quetzalcoatl so i
might soar from my
runner’s lows. doctor
begs me to swallow
pastilles, sugarless
and pastel as a
sunrise served with
black coffee. and the
phone is ringing.
Caduceus is calling
to swamp lungs in
chemical tides,
begging let a little
heaven in.

if i grow weak - carry
me to the depths of
thirst. carry me
to the fridge and wash
these folded insect
legs in pickle juice,
amino acids; all i
want is to stand again
and dismantle the
hamster wheel with
two human hands.
legs wade pavement
and the road
takes the wheel.
come to me, chemicals,
yes, flood the blood
brain barrier. this,
the runner’s high,
fish hooks pulling
kneecaps to the altar
of epiphany.


More replies to SportsCenter following a post about the Women’s World Cup. Disrespectful and disgusting. I’m so sick of this bullshit.