(asked for permission!)

don’t you just hate how you have to ask permission to go to the restroom

like, it’s something you have to do, you shouldn’t need permission

a guy in my school asked to go to the restroom, the teacher told him no, and he was just like “fine” and LITERALLY PISSED IN HIS DESK IN THE MIDDLE OF COMPUTER CLASS

afterwards he was like “nevermind, i don’t have to go anymore” and was suspended

ladies and gentlemen, my school 👏🏻👏🏻

Honestly fuck corporate!

So I work at a movie theater where we cannot make decisions on our own without calling corporate first. Want to reprint tickets that a customer lost? Better call corporate. Want to send employees home because the weather is bad and you (hopefully) want them to be safe? Better call corporate!

Keep in mind that that the corporate office is hundreds of miles away in a different state! At this point, I’m surprised we don’t have to ask permission to wipe our own ass.

I know this isn’t a scenario/hc format but….

I really just want Saeran to be just as weird as his brother. Because they’re twins. But their, like, weird in different ways.

Like Saeyoung likes HBC and Ph.D Pepper? (It’s a weird flavor mix, but good, I’ve tried it.)

Well Saeran likes Red Hots mixed in with ice cream.

When Saeran (inevitably) gets pranked by Saeyoung (and maybe MC, the traitor), he pranks back hard in a really devious, hugely inconvenient, and over the top way. Like a really complicated, long winded, scavenger hunt “for re-bonding purposes.” Then once the physical scavenger hunt is done, there’s a digital scavenger hunt, that leads to a video of Elizabeth cuddling Saeran while he chats calmly with Jumin. (Because Saeran is polite, asks permission to see Elizabeth, takes no for an answer, doesn’t “torture” Elizabeth, waits for her to come to him, and is just fine with being in the room with Jumin while he interacts with her.)

Maybe they just have brother vs. brother prank wars, which only stop (temporarily) because MC declares a winner (for her own sanity… before she sets off a prank on both). They joking name each war like bad, testosterone movie titles;

  • “Prank War!” - wow, real original, honestly sounds like a daring, frat boy, movie where a couple of guys get stranded in the woods as part of a drunken prank
  • “Pranks Wars: A Tale of 2 Brothers” - all i can think about it “A tale of Two Kitties” *slaps self for thinking about it* and “Brother Bear/2”. Also, if it’s a series, why did it change naming conventions?
  • “Prank Wars III: Final Splash” - all water pranks
  • “Prank Wars the Redeadening IV” - “what? So there’s the ‘prank wars series AND a 'prank wars redeadening’ series? That’s some bad naming conventions”
  • “Prank Wars 5!:A New Challenger!” - The OFFICIAL introduction of MC into the prank wars (truly, she was mastermind behind it all because she pranks Saeran, then panicked and blamed it on Saeyoung and she’s thrown a few pranks into the wars to keep things interesting)
  • etc

They have a twin language they will slip into without thinking, only to confuse everyone around them. Or rather, Saeyoung does it on purpose, Saeran does it without thinking and doesn’t even realize it’s a thing until later.

If Saeran ever wants something that either he thinks Saeyoung will try to steal or mess with (like certain foods… idk, stickers?, and, uh…. maybe secret treasures, nicknacks, or a creative hobby?), he knows all the places Seayoung will and wont look, and knows all the best hiding spots. Also how to disable the security cameras long enough to hide the stuff and short enough to not be noticed.

web romance

he begs me to allow him to masturbate at my photographs. I ask, why he needs permission, he’s done it already surely. no he hasn’t, he’d love a permission, he answers. promises to do anything to get it. anything, I ask, what does it mean? anything filthy, degrading, except for things involving children, animals, and members of his family.

I wonder what to demand. so many possibilities.

anonymous asked:

You seem smart and caring. I want to come to you for advice or maybe just some perspective but I am shy (to sum it up politely). I have read some of your posts that would imply that my conversation would be welcome, but I still feel like I need to ask permission to come to you for help.. so that's what I'm doing. At your convenience, I would like your more experienced perspective on a few things; I hope you'll let me know if it's okay to message you. Thank you 🙃

Certainly. You have my permission.

Pm as you wish

anonymous asked:

Hey there :), I just want to know is it okay to make fanarts based on this AU? I've seen some but I just need to make sure. If it would make you feel any better, I can ask for your permission/thought about the concept first before start drawing it. Thank you for your attention. Have a nice day, Sasuke (and Admin too, of course)

Admin//wraps arm around you//:“Owh cutie, of course you may! It is so adorable that you asked. I like fanart, and I love seeing them!

As long as you tag me somewhere so it appears in my notification, I am 100% fine with it. I will be even honoured if you do😀.”

the-holy-waffle  asked:

okAY,, I see peeps talking about dominant bottom Jotaro,,, buT,, I feel like I'm a small boat on my own,, hear me out- completely dominating Jotaro, he's drooling and struggling to answer, saying he's your slut, borderline crying from pleasure, having to ask for permission to cum, and holding on, shaking until you give him the word,,, delETE THIS IF YOU WANT,,,

I ain’t gonna delete this- I’m putting your nasty self out there for the world to see <3 

Think of it as a call out with love 

As GOOD as this sounds, lad, how we gonna get Joot to ever agree to it?

acebeatriz  asked:

I like the idea of Clark being able to remember things from Krypton. Maybe he'd have a vague memory that this one thing was something they used to do there but he can't remember why. Or becoming uncomfortable when people did something totally normal but he couldn't articulate why it was off putting. So he'd just smile and nod along because he was totally normal.


like, clark loathing these really tiny, specific things, because he can’t articulate why - he just scarcely remembers the rock on symbol being something hateful, and he can’t put a name as to why he keeps wanting to ask permission before crossing the threshold of someone’s house. he’s not a vampire, man, why is his brain…… like this

Wanna know something that bugs tf out of me? When people will go on and on about how they know they don’t deserve you, they know you can and SHOULD do far better, how character wise they aren’t suitable for you, their behavior isn’t what you deserve at all…. and then AND THEN

They have the audacity to ask you to be with them or stay with them. Like wow clearly this person don’t care at all about the fact they’re hurting you to literally ask for permission to continue hurting to ASK YOU TO SETTLE FOR THEIR SORRY ASS

I just?? I can’t stand that… it’s not sweet, it’s not romantic. It’s disgusting and selfish. Let people go.

tfw u make plans and you’re ready to go but ur mom start yellin at you bc you ain’t ask her permission n you can’t hit her with the “i’m 18” because you ain’t white