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nobody “allows” themselves to be abused, you think abusers are waiting for the fucking permission? they’re not waiting for anything they’ll jump at any chance to abuse and then fucking pretend nothing even happened! or that the victims deserved it by just existing! victims have a  lot of better things to do than to make sure that in their entire lives nobody gets the chance to abuse them, and it’s impossible too because abusers generate those chances, they make sure the chances are there, they make sure victims are unable to escape or even realize that abuse is going on! victims are victims precisely because they get no control over what’s going on! nobody sure as hell asks them for permission! It’s insane to blame victims for merely existing in a hostile environment where all their energy and time is spent on desperately trying to protect themselves! blame abusers for being predatory opportunist hateful narcissistic pieces of shit and generating that kind of inhumane environment!

None of that
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Best Thing I Ever Bought

Hey everyone!! How about some more Dean fluff??

Warnings: mild nudity, but no SMUT

Word Count: Around 570

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Ok. This was it. Undoubtedly, this was absolutely the best thing you’d ever spent your hard earned, fake credit card limit on. The boys were out on a hunt a few states over, you staying home with a pulled back muscle. You’d decided to take advantage of your solidarity and pulled the trigger without so much as mentioning it to the Winchesters. As Dean constantly reminded you, this was your bunker too. You’d rather ask for forgiveness than permission anyways. But, come on, you were pretty sure he was going to love it. Sam too.

It had been installed and set up yesterday and you were just now getting ready to try it out for the first time. You stripped down in your room, wrapping yourself in a fluffy white robe, also a new purchase, and headed down the hall nearly bouncing with excitement.

You opened the door, the sound of the electrical pumps causing an eager shiver to run down your spine. You untied your robe, stepping out of the soft fabric and hanging it on one of the hooks you’d mounted on the wall for just this purpose. The tingle of the slightly cool air on your naked skin felt incredible, your nipples hardening at their exposure. You were so incredibly ready for this.

After struggling with the buckles momentarily, you were able to get the cover off. Goosebumps covered your bare skin as you climbed the two steps to the edge, the moment of truth finally here.

You let out a sinful moan as you slid in, groaning in contentment as you sank all the way down, up to your neck in the perfectly steamy water. You closed your eyes, relaxing against the headrest, finally getting to enjoy your brand new hot tub.

You’d been to heaven. This was better.

When your muscles were sufficiently loose, you floated over to the control panel to check it out. The temperature was hovering around 102°F and you fiddled with the settings, turning the heat up a couple degrees. The LED lights and Bluetooth speakers were pretty badass. You’d have to connect your phone and play music next time you got in, but you hadn’t even thought about it in your haste to test out your new purchase. You found a jet setting that massaged your back in just the right spot and settled in, getting comfy.

You left the ceiling vent fan off, steaming up the room, letting the warmth numb your mind and your body, thoroughly enjoying your new purchase.

“Babe??” a confounded voice from the doorway questioned. You moved over to the side closest to the door, your bare breasts resting against the acrylic edge.

“In here, honey,” you replied to the shadowy figure as she stepped into the room.

“What in the hell… what is this sweetheart?” Dean asked, examining your remodel as he approached you.

“What does it look like?” you teased smugly, a grin plastered on your face.

Your boyfriend leaned down to kiss you briefly. “A hot tub? Really?” he raised his eyebrows at you.

“Trust me, it’s totally worth it,” you dropped a sweet kiss on his cheek before pushing backwards away from the side.

“Y/N… are you naked??” Dean inquired, voice low with lust, trying to get a good look at you through the steam and jet bubbles.

You giggled, ignoring his question before purring, “You gonna stand there all day, Winchester, or are you gonna come get in?”


Smutty part 2 anybody??

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I just saw your ppg fan art (adorable btw!!!) and I was wondering if it was okay to cosplay based off your designs? Any pictures posted would credit your designs of course, but I wanted to ask permission first c: Have a great day!

Yes of course! I’d love to see the pictures if you do!

anonymous asked:

hi uhm ok do i don't want to look like a tattletale but someone has stole your drawing of the ink and cross fusion and recolored it and claimed it to be their original character have they asked if they can do that

Oh dear,no one came to me to ask any permission of some sort,can you link them to me? Thank you for informing me about this,you are doing fine don’t worry about it~

haru-no-sakura  asked:

Hii!Can you write something about a shy human reader x elrond or lindir (you can choose)in which the reader is much younger and blushing like crazy when its like their first kiss and he's so passionate with her because their love is forbidden or something and shes afraid that someone might notice?I know it sounds compicated :'D...hope you understand ♡

I’m going to writing about imagines from this blog. I’m gonna turn this into headcanons though cause you’re so sweet.

I’m going to do Lindir because he doesn’t get enough love ❤

-Totally nervous but doesn’t show it
-Is extremely gentle and soothing because they’re so smol and cute
-Is wondering how this situation came about happening but doesn’t care because those eYES
-Speaking of eyes, Lindir has dark blue eyes that are much like a puppies in the way he silently asks for permission to close the space between
-He gently places his hand on the back of your head
-And presses his lips gently to yours, leaning you back against the stone wall of a vacant place in Imladris
-He senses the hesitation and timidness in your behavior so he takes the lead and steps closer
-At the squeak in your voice he breaks away from you
-Worried and blushing Lindir now comes out as he suggests returning to the Hall of Fire

A/N: That okay? Thanks for the ask!

-Admin Bluerbrry

anonymous asked:

Hi, hello, is it fine if I screen cap some frames from your animatics and redraw them for practice, Im just starting out to draw (Im pretty bad at it) and I really like your art, I'm not going to copy your style or anything but while Im redrawing I might find my own style and all, i just wanted to be polite and ask permission, and also I wont post any of my redraws they're pretty bad and also to be respectful of your art :))

sure go ahead dude!


MC Jung Hyung Don: There’s always a reason when a girl cuts her long hair.

ChaeyoungI just wanted to cut it. I’m the type who has to do it when I get into something. I saw that Kristen Stewart cut her hair short and I liked it so I got it cut. J.Y. Park told me to ask for permission before I do it from now on. He was very surprised.

anonymous asked:

Hhey so i was gonna post some fanart of one of your songs on twitter, can i tag you on it so that you could see it? I'm asking permission 'cause it's my first time posting fanart there and you have a twitter anyways orz

yeeee that’s fine!

anonymous asked:

You know what's a better example than Andy Warhol? Weird Al Yankovic (sp?). He legally doesn't have to ask the artists' permission to use their songs to parody them, but he does anyway because it's respectful and the right thing to do. And if they say no, then he doesn't do it.

As well, parody actually is Fair Use (what Dev is vehemently claiming the stolen work is, even though it’s not).

-Mod Sega

just a little friendly advice pals that you should most definitely ask the creator’s permission before taking it to get signed or gifting it or whatever. your intention may- i’m sure- be good, but i can think of a handful of us who wouldn’t want that