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Planets: Life

  • Mercury: What’s your full name? 
  • Venus: What’s your first language? 
  • Earth: Where’s your home? 
  • Mars: What’s your sexuality? 
  • Jupiter: Do you have any siblings? 
  • Saturn: Any pets? 
  • Uranus: What’s your hobby? 
  • Neptune: When’s your birthday? 
  • Pluto: What time is it right now where you are? 
  • Moon: What are you currently studying/hope to study? 

Stars: Experiences

  • Sun: Have you ever had alcohol? 
  • Sirius: Have you ever failed a class? 
  • Rigel: Have you ever gone on a rollercoaster? 
  • Deneb: Have you ever been out of your home country? 
  • Arcturus: Have you cried out of something other than sadness? 
  • Betelgeuse: What’s something you can never forget about? 
  • Aldebaran: What’s something you care desperately about? 
  • Canopus: Have you ever broken a bone? 
  • Bellatrix: Have you ever been forced to lie/keep a secret? 
  • Alphard: Have you ever lost a friend?
  • Vega: What’s something you’ve done that you wish you hadn’t? 

Constellations: Favourites

  • Centaurus: Favourite holiday?
  • Orion: Favourite month?
  • Cassiopeia: Favourite book?
  • Delphinus: Favourite study?
  • Hercules: Favourite instrument?
  • Gemini: Favourite song?
  • Pegasus: Favourite place to be?
  • Libra: Favourite colour? 
  • Phoenix: Favourite thing to wear?
  • Aries: Favourite movie? 
  • Cygnus: Favourite weather? 
  • Hydra: Favourite sound? 

Galaxies: Love/Friends  

  • Milky Way: Who’s your oldest friend?  
  • Andromeda: Do you consider yourself social? 
  • Black Eye Galaxy: Do you believe in love at first sight? 
  • Cartwheel Galaxy: When was your first kiss? 
  • Cigar Galaxy: How’s your flirting skills? 
  • Comet Galaxy: Have you ever had to leave a relationship because someone changed too much? 
  • Pinwheel Galaxy: Would you date the last person you talked to? 
  • Sombrero Galaxy: Do you have a crush right now? 
  • Bode’s Galaxy: Have you ever had a secret admirer? 
  • Sunflower Galaxy: Would you date/make friends with someone out of pity? 
  • Tadpole Galaxy: Would you deny a relationship/friendship? 
  • Whirlpool Galaxy: Have you ever cried over a breakup? 

Other stuff: Wishes 

  • Comet: What’s your big dream? 
  • Asteroid: What does your dream life look like? 
  • Meteor: What’s something you wish you could tell, but can’t? 
  • Nebula: If you could undo one thing in your life, what would it be? 
  • Shooting Star: If you could bring back one thing, what would it be? 
  • Pulsar: What do you hope to do in the next 10 years? 
  • Supernova: What’s one thing you want to do before you die? 
  • Quasar: If you could spend the rest of your life with only one person, who would it be? 
  • Wormhole: What’s something you wish would happen, but know won’t? 
  • Black Hole: What’s the last thing you want to see? 
“Why Did Bellamy Fall in Love with Clarke?”

So I recently got an anonymous message asking me this question and I was preparing myself to answer with the typical “because she’s supportive and he respects her and trusts her and blah blah blah” response which definitely isn’t WRONG, and are definitely reasons why I ship Bellarke, but I also feel like it goes a lot deeper than that. 

I haven’t written a good, solid meta in awhile, I feel like, and this question hit me really hard for some reason, so I am going to answer it separate from the ask in more depth. And, since I’m feeling extra, I’m probably going to make another post answering why Clarke fell in love with Bellamy because - yes - this ship goes both ways and I am sure as hell going to take every opportunity I get to prove that.

To start off, I don’t really think that there is one particular reason why Bellamy fell in love with Clarke. You can’t really go about it by saying “well, Bellamy really likes this trait and this trait and this trait - therefore, he loves Clarke because she encompasses all three” because I don’t think that’s really how love works. I do think that she has traits that Bellamy really likes and respects, and I think that’s how they became friends. But then he fell in love with her and it wasn’t just about those traits anymore. Because love isn’t selective. He doesn’t just love some parts of her and not the others. He loves Clarke as a whole, as a person. He loves all of her pieces and parts and fragments. He just loves her.

But why?

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20 Questions for Witchy-Folk
  • Flood my ask box, you guys!
  • 1. What would you classify your path as?
  • 2. What deities (if any) do you worship, study, honor, feel drawn to, etc?
  • 3. Is there a particular element you seem to gravitate towards or work with most?
  • 4. Is there an element you work with the least?
  • 5. Are there any paths, practices or types of magic you are inexperienced, but very interested in?
  • 6. What tools do you use?
  • 7. Do you use altars or shrines?
  • 8. If you celebrate the sabbats, which is your favorite?
  • 9. Have you found any music that relates to your craft or that helps you work and express?
  • 10. If you could live any three places, where would you live?
  • 11. Are you open about your beliefs or are they mostly kept in the broom closet?
  • 12. Have you ever run into any stereotypes or problems relating to your beliefs?
  • 13. Do you have any 'witchy' things you do daily?
  • 14. Is there a particular time you prefer to work? (Night, day, dusk, dawn, seasons, am, pm, etc.)
  • 15. Do you work with others, by yourself, or sort of a mix?
  • 16. If there was one thing you could change or have happen in the craft community, what would it be (if anything)?
  • 17. Do you work with plants? If so, how do you use them? Do you grow your own or buy them? Fresh, dried?
  • 18. Any familiars?
  • 19. Are there any quotes, lyrics, poems or passages from a book that resonate with you in regards to your craft?
  • 20. Is there anything in particular you study or know a lot about?
Get To Know Me

I want my followers to know me better. So send me a number or two in my ask box. (Anon or not)
1. Full Name
2. Zodiac Sign
3. 3 Fears
4. 3 Things I love
5. How tall am I
6. Favorite Quote
7. Eye Color
8. Meaning behind URL
9. Tattoos and piercings I have/want
10. How long does it take me to get ready in the morning
11. Can I sing/play an instrument
12. Favorite season
13. Favorite band/artist
14. Favorite song
15. My birthday
16. Where do I live
17. What age do people think I am
18. What I look for in a guy
19. What I hate most about myself
20. What I love most about myself
21. What am I currently listening to
22. Have you ever like someone and not told them
23. My pets
24. Any scars
25. My nickname
26. What I wanted to be when I was younger
27. Favorite Holiday
28. Where in the world have I been
29. Lock screen and home screen
30. What does my room look like
31. Favorite Food
32. Hair color
33. YouTubers I watch
34. Other social media
35. My favorite sport
36. Relationship Status
37. Night owl or early bird
38. Other than tumblr, what do I do in my free time
39. Hidden talent
40. Do I have any siblings
41. My favorite accents
42. Favorite tv show
43. Have I ever been drunk/high
44. Can I drive
45. My dream date
46. Can I speak another language
47. Favorite season
48. Do I believe in love at first sight
49. Something I can’t live without
50. Ever been in love

Ask Me Cute Questions ✎

So I decided to make this a thing on my blog, since last time it was so popular!

Theme: Cute/Aesthetic (Type theme and number in ask box.)

1. Do you sing when alone?

2. Favorite pastel color?

3. Hearts, or stars?

4. Cute thing you do?

5. Favorite thing cats do?

6. Favorite cute word?

7. Butterflies, or dragonflies?

8. Stargazing, or watching the sun rise?

9. Do you make wishes?

10. What songs did you like when you were young?

11. Write 10 words to describe your personality.

12. Can you dance? Do you dance?

13.  Favorite animal?

14. Polka dots, or stripes?

15. Do you wear make-up? When?

16. Do you watch cartoons?

17. Thing you still do that only kids are supposed to?

18. 3 qualities you like about yourself.

19. Do you smile a lot?

20. What dere type are you? (Yandere, Tsundere, Kamidere, Dandere, etc.)

21. Favorite model?

22. Layers or nah?

23. Favorite nail polish color/name?

24. Come up with a name for a crayon!

25. Describe your year so far with a gif.

26. Favorite kind of candy bar?

27. Gummies, or chocolate?

28. Do you blush?

29. Favorite flower?

30. Mermaids or fairies?

31 Which planet do you like the most?

32. Favorite Disney Princess?

33. What would your magical girl name and power be?

34. Favorite cereal?

35. Are you good at hide and seek?

36. Are you quiet?

37. Do you post cute aesthetic stuff? If not, do you want to?

38. Best kit-kat flavor?

39. Dream job when younger?

40. Do you doodle?

41. Favorite childhood store?

42. Favorite childhood book, show, or videogame?

43. Do you dream a lot? Do you remember your dreams?

44. Have you ever lucid dreamed?

45. Do you keep a journal?

46. Do you have deep, dark secrets, or are you an open book?

47. One color to describe your personality?

48. Do you swear? When did you start swearing?

49. Do you paint your nails? When?

50. Do you wish you were a kid again?


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(Almost) All outfits first appeared in Classic (R Rei)

“No Promises” - Charles Xavier x Student Reader Imagine

Hello again, This is one of the Charles x reader requests i received, there will be a part two if this that another non requested as smut so I’ll link this to the top of the smut post when it comes. Hope you enjoy this and as always please leave feedback and more requests in my ask box :)

*Female Student Reader

*1,555 words

*NSFW points, but not much ;)

Originally posted by blueberry-precious

Charles had found you your first year of university, you had been sitting in a corner of you university library when he had waltzed over and taken the seat in front of you. Sitting there, his beautiful blue eyes focused solely on you, with his hands laced gently together in front of him he leaned forward and revealed who he was and why he was there. Less than six months later and you were happily living at the mansion Charles had brought you too. How could you have said no too him after he explained he knew of your ability to teleport and then showed you his, speaking into your mind and then blushing a little when he began to read it and found out you had only heard half of what he had said, the rest being dulled by your detailed study of his face and “gorgeous eyes” as your thoughts had put it. Since then you had made it your mission while you stayed at the school to finish your degree to flirt and fluster the handsome professor at every possible opportunity. You did everything you could think of to entice your tutor to give you some sort of sign he felt the same way you did, and you didn’t keep your feelings to yourself, why would you; he’s a telepath, he could tell what you were thinking anyway. But every time you made an outright advance at him, he would just push you away.

When you first arrived, it was like he took you under his wing, always sitting fairly close to you when helping you study but he soon moved further away when you were sat in his office one day, him explaining the opinion of the author you were studying when you turned to him

           “You’ve got lovely eyes professor” you almost whispered, he was so close. The professor’s cheeks tinted a light pink at your remark and the closeness with which your faces were.

           “Thank you y/n, but that’s not the kind of thing you should say to your teacher.” He had managed to stutter out before looking back down at the paper and moving himself slightly away from you. You didn’t know how to react immediately. After mumbling out a quiet apology you both got back to studying.

Unidentified by you, Charles had loved you from the moment he met you. The first time he had looked through your mind, not only had he saw what you thought of him but he saw who you were, how kind you were to other people and how you seemed to only use your abilities for fun and when your alarm didn’t wake you up in time for your morning lecture. And he had only fallen more in love with you with every passing day you were in each other’s company. But it was wrong, so wrong. He was your professor; he shouldn’t feel this way about you. True you weren’t that much younger than him but still, he was your professor.  And what made it worse was that you seemed to take no notice what so ever of him denying you, in fact you seemed to revel in it, taking every opportunity you had to fluster and embarrass him.

He was teaching a class, you of coarse taking a seat at the front wearing the shortest skirt imaginable, and when he had turned around to address the class again after writing something on the board, you slowly spread your legs apart to reveal your lacy white underwear just to the professor, just for the professor. He choked on his own breath as he caught sight of the small wet patch the had formed in your underwear, just hearing his smooth deep voice talk for the past hour. He covered it up as best he could and carried on with the lecture as you smirked and crossed your legs again still showing enough of your thighs to distract him every now and again. Then there were the times when you would knock on his office door only to teleport into his office and sit on his desk as he reached the door to answer it. Him turning to see you in your cute little outfits perched on his desk smirking at him as you swung your legs from side to side your feet not quite reaching the floor. He would always compose himself and see you out of his office, only to have to loosen his tie and occasionally his trousers when the door was closed.

But after all of these months of constantly teasing Charles and getting nowhere you decided to have some real fun for a change Your best friend, Jean, had mentioned there was a beach party tonight by the lake near the mansion and with not much convincing she persuaded you to go with her and the rest of the gang. So that evening you changed into an alluring deep burgundy two piece that showed off all your best assets, slipped on a pair of denim shorts and a loose top over the top and teleported yourself and everyone else to the lake. Scott and Peter dragged Kurt off immediately to go and get drinks, Jubilee ran off to go and say hello to people, whilst you and Jean set up the towels and Ororo tuned in the radio.

The night went on and Jubilee had introduced you to some of the guys she knew that had invited her, Scott having dragged Jean off somewhere as soon as he had seen the muscled men approach both of you. You dragged both men over to where everyone was dancing and pulled them towards sandwiching yourself between them before dancing with both of them. Hoots and wolf whistles came from everyone as you began dancing the night away with the two guys and the rest of your friends. At the end of the night you said goodbye to everyone and teleported you and the other mutants back to the mansion, where you all snuck back to your respective rooms.

The next morning as you left the library to go to training Charles pulled you aside into his office.

           “Don’t think I don’t know where you all went last night” he steamed, approaching you.

           “Oh really Professor? And what are you going to do about it, we were only having a little fun!” you countered, lowering your voice slightly and stepping closer to him,smirking, challenging his stance. But Charles was having none of it, he seemed genuinely angry.

           “Stop this now Y/N! This is not laughing matter, anything could have happened to you!”

           “To any of us” you interrupted

           “Yes to any of you! But you can’t keep doing this any of this, not just the running about behind my back, the flirting, the touching and your thoughts!!” Charles was practically red in the face now as he paced up and down his office.

           “And what do you want me to do with my thoughts Professor?! I can’t help how I feel about you, not since I first saw you! And you just want me to turn these feelings off, how about you just stop trespassing on my mind!” You screamed back at him, getting angrier yourself by the second as he had the audacity to tell you not to think so loudly. Charles stood there shocked for a moment that you had yelled back.

           “ I can’t, I can’t I’ve tried so hard not to see into your mind. But theres no way to shut it off, you think so loudly and visually about me that I cant ignore it and its wrong” He finished his sentence in almost a whisper, bringing his hands up to his face and wiping them up and down to bring him back to reality.

           “Charles” you got up from the desk and stood in front of him, “You’re the only one who thinks this is wrong, I’m not a child and you’re not an old man, and I love you” you said confidently, looking deep into his eyes in an effort to convince him. Charles couldn’t take it anymore, He loved you just as you loved him, he had the moment he first peered into your mind. It was brilliant, you were brilliant and smart, and funny and he thought you were gorgeous.

           “I love you” Charles whispered, eyes almost watering as he leaned closer to you, foreheads pressed against one another, bringing his hand up to your cheek and pulling you in for the softest kiss you had ever had. You lips moved completely in sync, his hand moving round to the back of your neck to pull you in closer if that was possible, whilst tilting his head slightly, tongue poking out to stroke against your lower lip asking for entrance which you gladly gave. The kiss went on for what seemed like forever, neither of you wanting to break apart for fear of the other regretting it. When you finally did break for air he kept you close and whispered, “I love you, I always have and I always will, but for god’s sake stop teasing me in front of everyone, there is only so much a man can take” he giggled, his arms now wrapped around you.

           “No Promises”

muse questions
  • 1: What kind of childhood did he or she have?
  • 2: What's their profession and how did they get there?
  • 3: How do they deal with conflict and change?
  • 4: What is their favourite place to be and how would they describe it?
  • 5: Who was their first true love?
  • 6: What is their deepest regret?
  • 7: How would they describe their parents?
  • 8: What is their favourite time period & why?
  • 9: What is their favourite genre of music & why?
  • 10: What are they most influenced by?
  • 11: If someone were to be angry with them, what would be the reason?
  • 12: What are their most common mannerisms?
  • 13: What do they think about before falling asleep?
  • 14: What are their fondest memories?
  • 15: How would they describe their favourite person/people?

somethingaboutmint  asked:

These are some random questions i kinda wanted to ask (finally caught the ask box open): 1.)Do you ever look at fan ocs/aus/headcanons? If so, how do you feel about them? 2.) Which character is the most/least fun to draw? (sorry if this was asked before, i can't find the answer!)3.)How do you decide which character to kill off next?Do you plan it out carefully or do you just pull the names out of a hat or something?(I'm running out of words so i won't ask anymore but i love your work!)

I love headcanons and OCs and AUs! They’re great! I love everyone’s creativity!

Ymir is always fun to draw, so is Mikasa

It’s not like the characters die, just so someone dies, it’s to further the story and do something for the plot

Ho trovato questo elenco di domande girovagando su tumblr, non ho un cazzo da fare, riempitemi l'ask box!

1. Metti lo zucchero nel caffè?
2. Quando sbagli qualcosa, cancelli con il bianchetto o con uno scarabocchio?
3. Hai solitamente le mani fredde o calde?
4. Baci sulle labbra, sul collo o sulle guance?
5. Raccontami la tua prima volta. Non ho specificato nulla, non dev’essere per forza la classica ‘prima volta che hai fatto l’amore’, scegli tu quale prima volta descrivere.
6. Preferisci i profumi dolci o quelli più maschili?
7. So di essere banale, ma cosa pensi sia l’amore?
8. Associa una canzone ad ogni stagione.
9. Se potessi tornare indietro nel tempo, cambieresti qualcosa?
10. Se potessi sapere in che modo morirai, accetteresti?
11. La notte viene sempre associata a moltissime cose diverse. Ma per te, cos’è la notte? Riesci a viverla in modo tranquillo o ne hai paura?
12. Accetteresti di essere immortale, sapendo però che le persone intorno a te continuerebbero ad invecchiare e quindi morire?
13. Qual è la prima canzone che ti riporta immediatamente indietro nel tempo facendoti ricordare gli anni passati?
14. Elenca cinque tipi di persone (o atteggiamenti) che proprio non sopporti e spiegane il motivo.
15. Viviamo in una società in cui il sesso rappresenta purtroppo ancora un tabù. Tu come lo vivi? Riesci a parlarne apertamente o lo consideri un argomento imbarazzante?
16. Quando è stata l’ultima volta che ti sei reso conto di essere felice?
17. Se fossi un emozione, quale saresti? E se invece fossi un colore?
18. Immagina di aver davanti a te una persona in grado di rispondere a qualunque tua domanda (dalle più personali come “mi ama?” alle più strane quali ad esempio “esistono gli alieni?” o “come sarebbe andato se..?”). Hai a disposizione una sola domanda, quale scegli?
19. Scrivi un profumo, un luogo o un suono che ti provoca nostalgia.
20. Elenca un film, un attore, un libro e uno scrittore che secondo te sono sopravvalutati.
21. In Grey’s Anatomy, Cristina dice a Meredith “sei la mia persona”. E tu, hai trovato la tua persona o la stai ancora cercando?
22. Elenca almeno dieci cose (o persone) di cui hai bisogno. Parlo di cose essenziali, di cui non puoi fare a meno, ma non intendo acqua e cibo, per farti capire ahaha
23. Quali caratteristiche deve avere una persona per attirare la tua attenzione e per piacerti?
24. Qual è la tua più grande debolezza?E la tua più grande forza?
25. Domanda complessa: Siete chi volete essere? E soprattutto quindi, chi siete?
26. Parlando di Alcool, reggi tanto oppure ti senti male anche dopo poco? Ti sei mai ubriacato?
27. Quando litighi con qualcuno, riesci a mantenere a lungo la conversazione o scoppi a piangere quasi subito?
28. C’è un sogno, un ambizione, un progetto a cui non rinuncereste mai?
29. C’è qualcosa che fai unicamente per te stesso/a?Un vizio che ti concedi, un premio che ti regali?
30. Qual è la caratteristica fisica che più apprezzi?Parlo in generale, non ti basare su ciò che hai tu
31. Al contrario invece, ma seguendo sempre gli stessi parametri, qual è la caratteristica fisica che non vorresti mai avere?
32. In teen wolf, la mamma di Scott gli dice “be your own anchor” spiegandogli quanto è importante essere la propria “ancora” senza quindi dipendere da nessuno. E tu ci riesci? Riesci ad essere la tua ancora?
33. Qual è stata l’ultima persona con cui ti sei tenuta per mano?
34. Baceresti l’ultima persona che hai baciato?
35. È capitato a tutti di avere una cotta colossale o addirittura di innamorarsi. Le persone, di fronte a questo sentimento, spesso reagiscono in modo diverso. Tu sei solito parlare di ciò che provi e dichiararti alla persona in questione, facendo quindi la prima mossa, oppure non dire niente e tenerti tutto dentro?
36. In giapponese esiste una parola, ikigai, che equivale alla ragione per cui ci svegliamo al mattino, lo scopo della nostra esistenza, la famosa “raison d’être” in francese. Qual è o chi è il tuo ikigai?Non parlo solo di persone, spesso tendiamo a dare per scontato che la nostra ragione di vita dev’essere una persona mentre sono dell’idea che anche un obiettivo, una speranza, un oggetto che desideriamo, può farci andare avanti.
37. Hai fatto qualcosa che speri nessuno venga a sapere?
38. Con quanti cuscini dormi?
39. Se ti proponessero di rinascere in un altra epoca, accetteresti?E se si, che periodo sceglieresti?
40. Quest’estate ho fatto conoscenza con moltissime persone, molte delle quali più grandi di me e spesso, alla domanda “quanti anni hai?” io rispondevo “quanti me ne dai?” in modo da capire quanti ne dimostravo. A te è mai capitato di trovarti in una situazione simile?Quanti anni ti hanno dato?Quanti ne vorresti avere?E infine, ti senti più o meno matura della tua età?
41. Scrivi 3 canzoni che ascolteresti per il resto della tua vita, che ti porti dietro da anni, mesi o anche giorni e che senti tue. Dopodiché, scrivi 3 canzoni che proprio non sopporti.
42. Durante il mio percorso scolastico, ho avuto la fortuna di trovare professori e professoresse molto preparati e con tanto cuore, oltre che dedizione e passione per la materia che insegnavano. Alcuni di loro hanno contribuito alla mia formazione personale e sono certa che, senza i loro insegnamenti, ora non sarei la persona che sono. A voi è mai capito di trovare un insegnante così?Siete ancora in buoni rapporti?
43. Qui voglio che siate sinceri, perché può sembrare una domanda banale siccome è fatta spesso ma io voglio che vi prendiate un attimo pensarci un po’ più del solito perché la risposta non è così scontata. Amore o amicizia?O meglio, amore o amici?(In quanto persone quindi) Ripeto, non credo sia una domanda da prendere sotto gamba e mi piacerebbe che prendeste in considerazione entrambe le risposte.
44. Sei una persona ansiosa?
45. L’ultima cosa che fai prima di andare a dormire e la prima, appena svegliato/a?
46. Descrivi il tuo ragazzo/a ideale. Vorrei che mi descriveste ogni più piccolo particolare che più vi attrae, partendo dai vestiti che porta fino al carattere o alle caratteristiche fisiche. Me lo voglio immaginare, fate quindi in modo che io riesca a figurarmelo davanti a me.
47. Recentemente io e la mia migliore amica ci siamo più volte chieste a vicenda se fossimo forse troppo volgari nel nostro linguaggio. La nostra risposta è stata no, ma ora vorrei che vi interrogaste voi. Sei solito dire molte parolacce, soprattutto davanti agli amici?Oppure “parli male” solo quando sei particolarmente arrabbiato?
48. Sei una persona romantica?
49. Questa è una domanda che mi sono sempre - e dico sempre - posta e mi piacerebbe avere la vostra risposta. Si dice che le ragazze tendano a preferire il tipico “ragazzo stronzo”; distaccato, con una fila di ragazze dietro, che non esprime mai i suoi sentimenti e chi più ne ha più ne metta. La mia domanda è: è veramente così?E parlando di te, ti affascinano quindi questo genere di ragazzi oppure no?
50. E per finire, domanda da un milione di dollari: Sei felice?

Cosplay asks

1. One of your best cosplay memories?

2. Ever met someone involved in the creation of a series you’ve cosplayed from?

3. Cosplay pet peeves?

4. Stupidest thing you’ve done for cosplay?

5. Who are four cosplayers you look up to?

6. Cosplay crushes?

7. Who is that cosplayer who inspired you to push yourself out of your comfort zone? 

8. What are some of the most memorable comments you’ve received on your cosplays?

9. Comfort over accuracy, or it’s not cosplay until you’re in pain?

10. Cosplay typecast(s)?

11. Is there a type of character you’ll never cosplay? 

12. Most embarrassing cosplay memory?

13. Most embarrassing cosplay photo?

14. Who is your cosplay crew (AKA the people you collab with the most)?

15. Best bystander experience?

16. Best photoshoot?

17. Ever had any interactions with kids while you’ve been in cosplay?

18. Any funny experiences being misidentified as a certain character?

19. What’s something you’ve made that looks decent in photos but in reality, you just royally half-assed?

20. Name a cosplay cheat.

send these to my ask box

1. Favorite quote?

2. College that is on your mind?

3. Which Disney character do you relate to the most?

4. Colors that make you smile?

5. If you could only eat one type of potato chips for the rest of your life what would it be?

6. Play sports?

7. Do you have a dog?

8. Tell me you best childhood memory?

9. Who was one teacher that had a major impact on you?

10. Favorite school subject?

11. One movie that you would never recommend to anyone?

12. Favorite number?

13. Which Britney Spears song do you like to jam out to the most?

14. If you were an animal, what would you be and why?

15. What is the closest framed picture around you a picture of? 

16. What’s the story behind a tattoo/piercing you have?

17. Dream job?

18. Best book you have ever read?

19. Sexual orientation?

20. Do you still watch movies on a VHS player?

21. How many songs are on your iPod?

22. What is your most used app?

23. Best friend?

24. Favorite sports team?

25. Do you wear hats?

26. Favorite actor/actress?

27. Where is your favorite place in the world?

28. Do you have a significant other?

29. One song that always puts you in a good mood no matter what?

30. Favorite video game system?

31. What Pokemon would you pick to have as your starter?

32. Name one city you would like to visit.

33. What are 5 of your favorite qualities about yourself?

34. Turn ons?

35. Turn offs?

36. Favorite shoe brand?

37. What are 3 blogs that you recommend to follow right now?

38. What L-Word character do you relate to the most?

39. Who is your role model and why?

40. One thing that you never leave the house without?

41. Favorite form of transportation?

42. Best way to eat chicken?

43. Are you a fan of facial hair?

44. Do you like cheesy romantic gestures?

45. Were you in any clubs in high school? If so, did you hold any leadership positions?

46. Are you crafty?

47. Last person you texted?

48. If you could sit down to dinner with anyone in the world, who would it be?

49. Last wedding you attended?

50. Name a tv show that you could watch all day every day?

Mi sembrava carino poter fare una cosa del genere anche sul mio blog, quindi mandatemi qualche numerino, sususu riempitemi l'ask box, è gratis! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

1) Partiamo col difficile: Sei felice?
2) Hai tatuaggi? Se si, quanti? Se no, vorresti averne uno?
3) Libro preferito?
4) Quanto tempo al giorno passi su tumblr?
5) Credi nell'amore ? Cos'è per te?
6) Vampiri o licantropi?
7) Cosa ti fa stare bene?
8) Se avessi la possibilità di leggere nella mente della persona che ami, lo faresti?
9) Ti piacciono di più gli occhi chiari o quelli scuri?
10) Perché sei su tumblr? Cosa ti ha portato qui sopra la prima volta e cosa ti spinge ad esserci ancora oggi?
11) Ti piace leggere?
12) …e scrivere?
13) Numero preferito?
14) Credi di poterti salvare da solo/a?
15) Dolce o salato?
16) Sei innamorato/a?
17) Se fossi certa/o di non esser ricambiato/a, cosa faresti? Terresti il tuo sentimento all'oscuro o ci proveresti comunque?
18) Cos'è che ti fa sentire davvero vivo?
19) Qual è la cosa più bella che ti sia mai successa?
20) Dicono che noi umani siamo schiavi dei ricordi…e tu? Lo sei?
21) Amare o essere amati?
22) Attore preferito?
23) Vorresti tornare indietro per correggere i tuoi errori o sei un tipo/a da “nessun rimpianto”?
24) Serie TV preferita ?
25) Ti sei mai ubriacato/a?
26) In chi ti rispecchi di più? Non deve essere per forza un personaggio famoso, puoi rispecchiarti anche nel barista sotto casa.
27) Ricordo preferito?
28) Cosa vuol dire per te essere felice?
29) Hai mai tinto i capelli? Se no, lo faresti?
30) Orientamento sessuale?
31) Colore degli occhi?
32) Quanti anni hai?
33) Quanto conta per te l'aspetto fisico?
34) Cantante o Band preferita?
35) Relazione più lunga?
36) Sei aperto/a alla diversità ?
37) Pro o contro i rapporti a distanza?
38) Cosa credi ci sia dopo la morte ?
39) Amore o amicizia ?
40) Ami i baci sul collo?
41) Canzone preferita?
42) Credi si possa cambiare il mondo con una penna ?
43) Stagione preferita?
44) Pizza o Nutella?
45) Vorresti tornare bambino/a?
46) Cosa vuoi fare da grande ?
47) Credi di aver scelto la scuola giusta ?
48) Credi nell'amicizia?
49) Quali sono per te i valori più importanti?
50) Di cosa non riesci a far meno?
51) Qual è la prima cosa che guardi in una persona?
52) Quanto ti senti parte di questa società ?
53) Ti è mai capitato di voler andare via? Se si, dove?
54) Pro o contro ai matrimoni gay?
55) Salvare o essere salvati?
56) Qual è la cosa di cui ti penti di più ?
57) Ci sono persone che per un motivo o per l'altro smettono di far parte della nostra vita ? Rivorresti indietro qualcuno di quelle persone ?
58) …e quando qualcuno sta andando via cerchi di trattenerlo o lo lasci andare ?
59) Fai sport? Se si, quale?
60) Si sincera/o…ti piaci?
61) Quando qualcuno ti chiede “Come stai?” rispondi con la verità ?
62) Per te essere “migliori amici” vuol dire solo mettere una stupida etichetta su un rapporto già forte di suo o vuol dire renderlo qualcosa in più ?
63) Preferisci stare da solo/a o in compagnia ?
64) Credi nei sogni?
65) Qual è il tuo sogno? Il tuo più grande progetto per il futuro.
66) Piangi spesso?
67) Ti giudichi una persona debole?
68) Credi ai pregiudizi? Ti sei mai ricreduto/a dopo aver giudicato una persona alla prima impressione?
69) C'è qualche blog che ami particolarmente? Se si, quale?
70) Finiamo col botto: Sei ciò che vorresti?


(Via piecesofdamon)

Non togliete la fonte altrimenti non vi arriverà nessun numerino! AHAHAHA