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Big Catrice Cosmetics Haul }♥

 This summer me and my boyfriend were supposed to go to Serbia and i knew that if i went there i would spend all my money on make up and brands that we dont have here (and thats a lot of brands) , but i wanted more affordable products. Nevermind that i knew that there was this brand named Catrice and ive seen their products on youtube and blogs and i really wanted to try it. So for some personal reasons we couldnt go to Serbia but the money i saved for spending on make up there i tought that i can go to the drugstore and pick up some stuff in my country. And let me tell you i nearly peed my pans when i saw Carices’s products in our drugstore and they were just arrived .
 So as a beauty junkie i was really excited and wanted to pick up some stuff i didnt have some things i needed and i wanted to pick them up on the first trip cuz in drugstores people can open and try products and i waned for them to be new :D

  I’ve tried all the products i bought and i can tell you that i really like them and for their prices the products are amazing and great quality . And i found them in our DM drugstores so i dont know where you can find them . I will be doing some reviews for some of the products so thats whas coming in the future, but if you want a review for specific one please comment below and ill do it .

Now here is list the products and their prices if i remember the exact price and if i dont than im sorry  :D

  •  Prime and Fine pore refining and anti-shine base . Mattifying long lasting oil free - 6.6$
  • Smokey Eyes Set - 5.45$
  • Color Correcting Mattifying Powder - 6.6$
  • Eye Brow Filler :  Perfecting and Shaping Gel - 3.4$
  • Lash / Brow Designer - 3.4$
  • Liquid Liner Waterproof -  3.4$
  • Eye Brow Stylist Pencil  & Spoolie - 3$
  • Re-Touch Light Reflectiong Concealer  - 4.30$
  • Eyebrow Lifter - 3$

gigiree  asked:

Hi:) I saw you requested some prompts earlier on? If you're still up for it, how about a scenario with a big difference in life spans between fairies and goblins? Essentially fairies are like the flowers in spring, living short, bright lives burning out so quickly in their haste and goblins are more of a slow, smolder, age and darkness only making them a bit more preserved, like petrified wood. Then when Bog finds out, he has to deal with the fact that there will be a time without Marianne.


This one was hard… and to tell you the truth I didn’t want to write it myself. But I did… because you’re so nice! And how could I say no!!!

So here it is. I did my best. And to save my soul I kept it short!

It all started with a question, she remembered. 

Staring down at her ancestors through the pages of old documents. They had been searching through laws, the two of them finding ways to bypass complications, connect Kingdoms, chain links into something more than rusted chains. He’d pointed at one of the men, someone on her mothers side of the family maybe, and commented on age. That they’d died young. And then, after a moment, they’d all died young. 

He asked how, while she stared at him, confused, unknowing, while he listed causes and ailments. Disease, predator, a power struggle over a crown of ivory and silver. And she’d shaken her head no

“They died pretty old,” she explained, missing his own face twist in confusion. “I mean… here… look at this guy.” And she pointed at one- an older gentleman, drawn with sepia ink, nearly faded on worn parchment. “He was my…” she ticked of fingers, counting down generations, “great, great grandfather, I think, and he lived to be a hundred! So-”

He shook his head, protested, told her she was wrong, she had to be wrong. Because he would grow old. He’d watch the trees round him grow and die, he’d see new generations born and he’d finally preserve and disappear and grow and be remembered like everything around him. Just as she would.

Because like him she’d grow with the forest. Together.

And then there was understanding. Slow and cautious and sad. And he didn’t like that sad, not at all. He’d take tears and cries and screams, but not that sad. The type that lingers with pity and something to come.


But she shook her head -no, not now, it’s my turn to talk- and he went silent as she rounded the table, sitting atop it and taking his hands in hers. There was a long silence before she was even able to look up, and when she did he could only see faded moons and a world spinning too fast in her eyes to count the coming sunsets.

And then slowly, carefully, she began.

It would take her an hour to explain. But she did. Flowers were not the same as trees, he was slowly starting to realize as his gut tugged and pulled and his throat closed with ties of ribbons waiting to be cut. And they’re beautiful for the reason that they don’t last long. 

She didn’t think that they would have to talk about this because she hadn’t known either. “I know that this would be… this would be easier if you…” She looked away, counting the sparks flinging from the fire to hold back tears threatening to spill from where they belonged. “If you were with someone else you… I would understand… I mean I- I’d get if you’d want… if you’d want to be with…” She had to close her eyes, take a breath, try not to imagine the weight of the inevitable that swung a pendulum over her head. Because it was always there- the threat of loss. The idea that some things were too good and that she was never meant to have deserved someone like him. That one day he’d count up every tally against her and watch the scales tip and gently tell her that it had merely been something that was proven unreasonable, untouchable, unlovable-

And then his arms were around her and his scent was everywhere and he was holding her tightly. And for a moment she stiffened, not sure what to do. But soon enough she was round him as well, holding on, nails clinging between the scales at his spine with a vice.

And she was relieved, and not quite sure why he was sad. Because how could he not have known. But he was sad. And for whatever reason this was something that made suddenly so completely terrified that he refused to speak, mutter a sound, let out anything but a few shivering breaths that startled the hairs at the back of her neck into a standing ovation.

She leaned back as much as his grip would allow, kissing his jaw, cheek, eyelids sealed shut with pressure. 

“Bog… sweetheart… I’m still here,” she smiled, tried to smile. “I’m not going anywhere for a while. You’ve still got me for a long time.”

He just held her tighter. So she did the same. 

The rest of the night was spent in silence. He had picked her up and she uncharacteristically allowed it, the two of them lying beneath covers, still entwined. She cooed, hummed, explained as much as she could that she was still there and she was still here and she wasn’t going anywhere.

And after that she told him “I love you.”

And after that she stopped saying anything at all.

He wouldn’t speak until the next morning, eyes still puffy with tears, licking dried lips and smiling fangs as much as he could with a tired, aching grin. 

“You’ll stay…” he rasped.

“For as long as you want me to,” she promised.


“Sure. Forever.” He nodded, slowly. “But…” his eyes grew wary again, and she bumped their foreheads together, dragging fingers carefully down his spine, “if forever isn’t possible…” she continued carefully, “… then does today work for you?”

And he swallowed, thought a moment, and leaned in to kiss her brow. “Yes, love. Today works fine.”

And they would have as many today’s as forever would allow.