(as i did yesterday woops)

My friend is a complete brony @_@ So this is a gift of my *cough* horrible *cough* interpretation of human Twilight Sparkle! I wanted to try to stay as true to her as possible with the giant eyes but maybe i went overboard with the sparkles and eye hugeness OTL Oh well, I tried!

this was a fun little side project i did at work and polished at home yesterday XD woop on the fly art~
About 4 hrs roughly (too long ;__; )

62/100 DoP
I missed yesterday. Woops. I was in emotional turmoil because I did not pass my ChemE class and am trying to figure out my future. I’m not quitting. Far from it. But it was a definite hard blow and I felt awful and I talked with my work-lab professor and he believes in me and offered to tutor me. Which made me feel so much better.
Though, this Ochem packet is kicking my butt. Apparently Ochem 1 students did it with ease. But it’s stumping my friend and me.