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There should be no excuse from Marvel if somebody dies in Infinity War, because if Doctor Strange can turn back in time to save himself everytime he died in his movie, then he could do the same shit for the others.

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Omg! They dress the same now!


I would like to point out to everyone on how Banner now dresses like Tony! Please imagine Tony having Banner hang out with him and just being like “hold up…”


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Bruce Banner & 127 pleaseee. Thankss

127. “Who wouldn’t be angry? You ate all of my cereal and faked your death for three years?”

“You’re not gonna hulk out, are you? I didn’t think you’d actually be angry about this…”

“Who wouldn’t be angry? You ate all of my cereal and faked your death for three years?”

“Come on, Bruce,” she sighed. “Will you just give me a chance to explain?”

He was silent for a bit, then, “Make it quick.”

“Did I jump at the chance to go on this deep undercover mission? Yes… but–”

“You aren’t helping your case, (Y/N).”

“Will you hush? Anyway… There was rumor that someone had technology… technology that was capable of putting down the Hulk…”

Bruce had gone silent now.

“I was scared for you… scared I’d lose you, and I didn’t trust anyone to do the mission right but myself. I knew you’d never let me go so…”

Now he let out a slow breath and pulled her into a tight hug. “Just don’t do it again…”

“I love you, Bruce.”

“I love you too.”

  • T'Challa: You know what the best part about coming out as the last Marvel movie before Infinity War is?
  • Thor: Nay, my friend. I thought the coveted fall-into-holiday season would be the better spot but you shunned it.
  • T'Challa: Right, because it puts me as the last movie before Infinity War. See, you? Have to have staying power once Star Wars hits. Me? I've got months of fond memories between me and that glorious mess we have coming up.
  • Hulk: Hulk sees where this is going. Mess can be good mess. Incredible mess. But still mess.
  • T'Challa: I do not doubt that Infinity War will be the most glorious mess every put to screen, with fans adoring it and waiting for its sequel...but you know what else?
  • Thor: Well I mean hopefully people will say it was better than Justice League.
  • T'Challa: My character, and my people, are going to be the strongest things in peoples' minds going into the film.
  • Loki: Ah, I get it. Infinity War's mess will be compared by critics to the undoubtedly tighter narrative of Black Panther, something Ragnarok could not manage because, well...Ragnarok. You get to be the film before the big glorious mess.
  • Thor: This is why you're one of the smartest Avengers.
  • T'Challa: Yep.

Stuff from Thursday to Now

- A dumb idea I had where Mario and Luigi in their Wario/Waluigi alts mocking them and how they act xD

- My take on Super Amy, more or the less the same as last time but a bit of a hotter shade of red and a more flaming aura

- In Project M, few of Sonic’s alts gives him the fur colors and shoes n gloves of Tails, Shadow and Silver and Sonic gets the Shadow alt which isn’t digging and of course both Sonic and Shadow throw shade at each other xD

- Finally tried drawing Alyphs, not bad for my first time drawing her :)

- TTG Starfire rocking the oringal Starfire’s outfit for fun and 2nd time drawing Starfire~

- My take on She-Hulk was fun drawing her again~

- Beth is back for 825 rocking multiple colors was great drawing Beth again

Also this coming week I’m opening requests so stay tuned for that!

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The smirk Natasha gives Tony in Civil War when he asks her if she has seen the hulk. Do you think that was a loving smirk? :D

Thanks for the question! It sure wasn’t hostile. I read it as loving and patient, but a little exasperated because they both know and care about Bruce, but their best efforts at finding him have gotten them nowhere, and now we all are pretty sure we know why. We don’t get to see it in the movies, but both Nat and Tony probably put their time, talent, and resources into finding him at some point. They seem to have both concluded Bruce doesn’t want to be found yet and he needs the space. That’s kind of how it is when you love someone and trust that person to come back when he’s ready. (Scarlett pretty much said that in the EW interview for CW.

Nat and Tony both know Bruce probably wouldn’t participate in the “pissing match” even if he was there because Hulk is the final option and Ross is absolutely treacherous. Of course, what no one has anticipated is that Bruce is not in control and hasn’t been since Sakovia–something Mark mentioned might happen back before AoU. “Where in the world am I not a threat?” I really think Hulk understood that and acted on it when he got the chance. 

I’m pretty sure we’ll get some sly nods to the ship in Thor: Ragnarok, too. With Taika, Mark, and Chris involved, it’s going to happen. I really want to see and hear what Bruce and Hulk have to say. Bruce better feel horrible about it, and Hulk better feel conflicted. Part of me would like to see Natasha haul off and smack Hulk a good one and scold him for essentially kidnapping Bruce. After that, she and Hulk can be friends from work, and we’ll see if Bruce and Nat can get something restarted after they save the universe.

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