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Liberty Pt.8

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Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Peggy x Steve, Wanda x Sam

AU: Pirates of the Caribbean Universe

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Wanda Maximoff, Steve Rogers, Peggy Carter, Sam Wilson, Peter Parker, Baron Zemo, Alexander Pierce, Blackbeard

Warnings for this fic: Angst, smut, running away, profanity, violence, self defense practicing, injury, alcohol.

Warnings for this chapter: Waking up disorientated, hella crying, sexual assault mention, bodily harm, flashbacks and nightmares, fluff, sam and wanda fluff. Interrogation, Pierce being an asshole.
Smut, not full blown tho, thigh riding, please tell me if i’ve forgotton anything

Word Count: 3861

A/N: I hope everyone likes this chapter, it’s taken me like a week, i hope its not too bad. though there are some sensitive subjects listen in the warnings. Just to say, if anyone has suffered any form of assault, people are willing to listen and my ask/message box is always open. Stay strong guys n dolls.
I’m also very effing tired so sorry if there are any mistakes

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7

Your world had stopped. Your hair and skin was stained with the blood of a man you had never provoked, you were a statue, stuck, unwilling to move, the stench of iron in your lungs.

And then everything was black.

A sharp tingling in his fingers was all Bucky could feel as he made way from his spot on the quarterdeck.

Shit, shit, shit.” Bucky seethed. He scrambled towards your unconscious body. Wanda was shifting you into the safety position, gently moving your dead-weight limbs in the correct way.

As Bucky approached you, he took your tired body into his arms, carrying you bridal into his cabin, “Wanda, I’d like you to tend to Y/N, please, in case there’s anything wrong with her. I need to sort out Rumlow and Pierce.” His voice was gruff and worn.

‘Course, Captain.

After gently resting you on the bed, Bucky stormed out of the cabin in haste. As he approached Rumlow’s lifeless body, he gave it a swift kick in the head with his right foot, earning a sharp crack of the bones within.

That’s what you get for fucking with my patience, prick.

Bucky, what are we gonna do with Pierce?” Sam grumbled as he hid the dead body behind a crate, grimacing.

He’s going to clean up this mess.” Bucky scowled, pointing down at the blood and tissue slapped against the decking.

Sam scurried towards the hatch that opened to the bottom deck, holding his pistol in a white-knuckled fist.

Pierce, Captain Barnes wants you.” Sam earned a huff and a disheveled man approaching from the dark shadows of the decks below. “Now!

Is there something you need, Captain?” Alexander rolled his eyes.

Ah! Pierce! Just the man I needed, I need you to clean this mess up,” Bucky commented, his dramatic gesture towards the dark trail dripping with sarcasm.

As Alexander grabbed the mop and bucket from the side of the ship, he began to mop what he thought was vomit, but when the stench of iron filled his withering lungs, he wondered why Brock hadn’t come back from…

Where’s Rumlow?” Alexander asked shakily, not full of fear but anger.

If thou looks thou shalt find,” Bucky mumbled matter-of-factly whilst pretending to pick at his nails.

As the elder man followed the crimson trail he found the deceased body of Brock.

What on earth-

Tell me what he was planning.” Scowl, jaw clenching, brows furrowing.

I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Alexander exclaimed, practically shaking in his worn leather boots as Sam held the barrel against his matted grey hair.

Bull-fucking-shit, Pierce, tell me what Brock was doing, what he was planning against Y/N, or even me for all I know, or I promise Sam will put a bullet in that thick skull of yours just like I did to your little partner in crime.” Bucky was full of wrath, but he kept his voice low so he didn’t wake up his crew.

We targeted her because… She’s young a-and pretty and-

“Because you’re both disgusting pigs that objectify women and try to force them to satisfy your needs. Let me enlighten you, on your future journey aboard my ship,” Bucky sauntered closer to the disheveled man in front of him and continued in a low whisper, “now that your little friend has tried my patience and trust and I have had to waste a bullet, you will do as I say until I am done with you, you will not lay a finger on anyone, including myself and Y/N. I’m taking your firearms and weapons, henceforth taking your dignity. Consider yourself a man of the brig, Mr. Pierce.

Sam lowered his pistol and stuffed it into his belt, keeping a watchful eye on Pierce as he continued to clean up the bloody mess on the brown flooring.

I’ve got my eyes on you. Keep on cleanin’, white boy.


Who’s going to get rid of the body?” Wanda asked, biting her fingernails.

She had tucked you into bed once she finished cleaning the cut on your throat and the blood from your sweat sodden skin. She had the decency to change you out of your confinements too, the fabrics were chucked into a metal bucket full of hot water so the blood wouldn’t stain. Your limp body had made it hard for Wanda to dress you in a spare blouse, but the hard work had paid off.

I was the one to kill him and I think I should be the one to chuck him overboard. Sam, would you think strapping a pair of boons to his feet would make him sink?

I think it would, Buck.” Sam snorted.

Well then, I’ll be back shortly.

With that, Bucky made his way to the main deck. He never intended to kill anyone, but when someone threatens someone he cares about most dear, his simmering anger turns to an over-boiled rage that cannot be contained. Sometimes he could control it, sometimes he couldn’t. Not this time, anyway. Shooting Brock Rumlow’s brains out was a rational thing to do, seeing as he was holding a very sharp dagger to his lady’s throat.

What he didn’t understand was why. Why? Why did he target you? Was there something Pierce wasn’t confessing? Was it something else?

He would never know now unless Pierce spilled his guts, and that’s why unwanted guilt washed over him like cold water as he steadied the dead body over the edge of the ship.

May the gods have mercy on your soul Brock Rumlow, because I fucking won’t.

As you woke up, you realised it was far from dawn due to the faint white rays of moonlight pouring through the small windows. Through tired, cloudy eyes you looked at your surroundings. You were in yours and Bucky’s shared bedchamber, though he was nowhere in sight. Glancing up at the clock, you noticed the large hand on the eleven and the smaller hand near the twelve.

How long had you been out for?

You looked down your body to find that you were dressed in one of Bucky’s worn blouses, who dressed you? Who cleaned you? Was Brock dead? Was everyone OK?

You had so many questions.

You carefully slipped from beneath the silk sheets of the warm bed and tiptoed towards the cabin.

Bucky?” You called, your vision was still foggy from sleep, and you felt a throbbing sensation on the side of your throat. You peered into a nearby mirror and discovered you had a small gash on the side of your neck from where Brock had fallen behind you, his dagger had obviously caught but you were lucky it was just a small cut and no a full slice across the front.

Y/N? How are you feeling?” Bucky’s voice broke you out of your thoughts, his hands gently resting on your shoulders.

“I, er, I don’t know really,” You gulped, tears formed in the corner of your eyes as you spoke, “Everything… Everything is just… Lord, I’m sorry Bucky-

Hey- no need for that, my love, none of this- NONE, of this is your fault. You’ve just been the victim of a very fucked up person, this was all HIS doing, not yours, don’t you even dare, for a second, think that you should blame yourself.” Bucky then tugged you to his chest as you let a few tears slip, you felt strong hands rub your back and stroke your hair as you breathed deep breaths.

He said… He said he would have slit my throat, d-drained me and t-then used my body as a toy or s-something,” you hiccuped then, wincing as the scene replayed in your head, “and he said Pierce would be in on it too- and he said something about not risking Blackbeard- my father’s blade again.

Listen, you’re safe now, I… You know what I’ve done to Rumlow, he’s long gone, probably eaten by a shark or stolen by a siren by now. Though, Pierce is being kept in the brig behind bars, away from everyone else.” You furrowed your brows then, but before you could speak Bucky finished his sentence.  “I’ll let you kick his ass soon, maybe shoot him in the foot.” You let out a watery giggle then, sniffling slightly. You saw the devotion in Bucky’s soft eyes then, along with his loving smile.

You realised then, that you loved this man, this big soft soul wrapped in steel skin, with silky brown hair and eyes as blue as the ocean tides. You didn’t want to say it so soon- so you just tugged his head down to yours so you could press a tender kiss to his lips. It was a passionate kiss, but there was no tongue, or groans or moans. Sheer bliss and you pulled away only slightly, your lips ghosting over his.

May I ask who took care of me whilst you done whatever you did?

It was Wanda, I-I didn’t know whether you would have wanted I, a male, to touch you whilst unconscious, so I asked Wanda, a female, and your friend, to help you. Seeing as she’s uh… tended to your… womanly needs before-

Hush, James, I know what you mean. Thank you for respecting me.” You press a soft kiss to his lips, inwardly sighing at the warm contact as his hands cupped your jaw. “I’m hungry, but… I think I should get some clothes on first.

What do you think will happen?” Sam asked quietly as he stood behind his love, head resting his head on her shoulder.

I don’t know, Sam, just know, that whatever happens, we’ll find a way out of it, we always do.” Wanda murmured, her hands resting on the ones draped gently across her shoulders, stroking his knuckles softly.

Hey, look up, see that? Shooting star, better make a wish, darlin’.” Sam chuckled, his eyes stuck on the beautiful lass in front of him, she was his wish come true, so he didn’t have to ask for anything more.

I couldn’t wish for anything more than you, Sam.

You had spent the hour with Bucky in the main area of the cabin, you hadn’t exited the large room, therefore, you didn’t have to change. Bucky had kindly gone to the galley and fetched some bread, fruit and wine for you. You both sat by his desk, munching away.

As the clock chimed one, you and Bucky both bid goodnight to Wanda and Sam once they popped their heads through the door to do the same. As you both got comfortable in bed, you shuffled closer to one another, basking in each other's’ warmth and company. You felt Bucky yawn, his hard chest heaving against your cheek, causing you to yawn also.

Yawning is as contagious as the black death, dare I say,” Bucky muttered tiredly, the vibrations of his voice relaxing you. His hands absentmindedly delved underneath the loose fabric of the baggy blouse that adorned your frame. His fingers traced light lines from your waist to your shoulder, slightly edging the blouse further and further up, the sound of even breathing and steady ocean waves lulled you to sleep.

During the early hours of the morning, you were jolted out of your sleep. Bucky had awoken too - having the ability to feel what you’re feeling - he felt the sweat roll down your temple, your erratic breathing and the tears burning in your eyes.

You were on high alert, you felt so panicked and scared. It hadn’t been a whole day and you were already having night terrors, Brock’s disfigured face haunted and tormented the insides of your eyelids, screaming into your dreaming ears, the feeling of cold steel still against your throat and sticky blood coating your skin like thick paint.

Bucky could feel you going into an erratic, panicked state and he shuffled closer to you to try and make you feel his gentle, calming touch. As his calloused hands made contact with yours, you looked at him with wide eyes. It felt like you were drowning, you couldn’t breathe and your head felt too heavy for your body like a siren out of the water.

Shh, Y/N, it’s okay, he’s not here, he can’t touch you anymore, he’s dead, he’s gone, long gone. Breathe with me, darling, breathe nice and deep, there we go,” You shuffled closer to him and rested your head on his shoulder, nuzzling your face into his neck whilst your shoulders heaved with muscle-straining sobs. Bucky’s voice alone eased you to calmness again, and you slumped against him, tired and spent from the panic attack.

I hope God has no mercy on that wretched man because I certainly won’t.” You groaned. You felt your head throb with pain from a number of tears you had shed now and then.

I said the exact same thing, doll, I said the exact same thing. But just remember that I’m here for you, Wanda is here for you, so is Sam. You’re welcome to jump aboard Steve’s ship and talk to him or Peggy as well, they’re basically… only next door.” He finished his words with a firm kiss on your forehead. You snorted a little, rubbing your tired eyes.

You twisted your head to look at the large grandfather clock, it was only three in the morning and you still had time to rest but you were so, so petrified of the pictures flashing behind your eyelids again.

Then the reality of this whole situation combusted inside your chest, the realisation that your father, the most feared pirate in all continents, was probably out roaming the seas looking for you. What if he was angry? You shook the thought from your mind when you realized that you never owed him any explanation; he had tried courting you off with a strange man that was only interested in sex and breeding to keep his bloodline going, he paid barely any attention to you and he shrugged you off most of the time.

Bucky, Wanda, Sam, Steve, Peggy… They were your home now, not Port Royal. Your father could attempt to steal you away from the man you love and take you back to the island but there was a high chance of him being at the pointy end of everyone’s swords.

Most of the crew had taken a liking to you, apart from Pierce and the late Brock Rumlow, obviously, the thought made you shudder again.

Y/N, darling, please rest -” Bucky whispered, his fingers gently ghosting against the skin of your neck. His large hand gently cradled your head as his thumb soothed over your earlobe, making you relax into his touch. You peered down to see the covers tangled between both your legs, putting them on show.

Bucky- you never told me about that scar -” You ran your finger lightly over the thick scar on thigh, the tissue was painted in pinks and whites small tinges of red, the pattern almost resembled that of a map, like it was a guide to his soul. The thought made you smile a little and Bucky’s hand came to rest on yours as you traced the jagged edges of the memory etched upon his skin.

“I was a boy- probably about nine or ten years old, I had knocked over an oil lamp on my father’s ship and where the flame had caught my trousers the oil seeped straight through, I was running around like a lunatic, shouting for my father and the fire didn’t stop,” You peered up at Bucky to see him smiling, as if it was one of his fondest memories. “one jackass decided to pour rum on my leg, yeah, rum. The asshole thought it would extinguish the flames but alas, it did not. By then the mixed chemicals were already singing off my skin and I ended up with a third-degree burn, it was much bigger what it seems now, much bigger, it was so, so painful, as well.” Bucky grimaced as he looked down at the scarring.

Well, Bucky, it definitely isn’t ugly, I assure you that.” You smiled up at him, your fingers still dancing around the seams of his beautiful flaw, and you felt him shiver at the contact. You pressed a light kiss on his jawline, lingering a bit longer than usual.

Are you trying to give me a love bite, Miss L/N?” Bucky teased, his voice low and drawn out as his head tilted sideways, giving you access to the soft and stubble skin of his neck and jaw.

Hmm, maybe, Captain Barnes, though one does not know how to do such a thing.” Your comment didn’t surprise him, but he pulled back to look at you anyway.

Would you like me to show you, angel?” His blue eyes gazed down upon yours as he spoke his words, his tantalizing bottom lip pulled between his teeth.

You were unsure of what was to come, but you nodded your head anyway. You knew Bucky could sense your nervousness, as he pulled your face closer to his and took your lips in a passionate kiss.

“I’m gonna kiss you here,” one short kiss to your jaw, “here,” a lingering kiss to the area underneath your ear, which made you sigh only slightly, “and all round here, angel.

Bucky began to lather your neck with kisses filled with lips teeth and tongue, Bucky worked his mouth over the soft flesh, earning a sharp moan to leave your throat as you felt a wonderful feeling between pain and pleasure envelope your mind. He nibbled softly, his tongue soothing over the spots almost instantly, but you moaned aloud when he blew cool onto the dampened spot, and you subconsciously hiked your thigh upwards and over his strong one.

Bucky shifted and grabbed a hand-mirror from the nightstand and pointed it at you, gently tilting your head. Your jaw went slack when you saw a pinky-purple splotch on the side of your neck, though you didn’t get a chance to react because Bucky had gone back to attacking your neck with more and more kisses.

He bit down a harder on the spot over your jugular as your cloth covered heat made contact with his thigh. Bucky’s large hands left your hips and neck to grasp your bum, making you straddle his thick thigh.

You wanna rock them pretty hips against my thigh, my love? Hmm?” Bucky’s gravelly voice sent shocks right through you. “Let me show you how useful this big ol’ scar can be sweetheart.” His words could be deceived as innocent if spoken in a different manner, but they were so erotic you couldn’t help but moan into his mouth.

Oh, Bucky, I- how does this feel so g-good?” You dropped your head to his broad shoulder as his hands found your bum, his fingers digging into the soft flesh, kneading and spreading your cheeks so you ground down harder onto him and so he could feel almost all of your heat against the sensitive skin of his scarred thigh. He paid no attention to the erection that tented against the large blouse adorning his body, his focus was on you, your body, your facial expressions, and most of all, the feeling of your damp little pussy grinding against him through a barrier of thin cotton.

You felt the pressure on your clothed clit as it dragged against the rough skin of his thigh, the knot in your stomach tightened further and further, making your legs quiver over his and your hips stuttered so badly that Bucky had to guide you himself, pushing you down a little bit harder, making you splutter out a moan.

Bucky’s eyes met yours and he could see that there was no colour left - your pupil had blown so wide he could barely see any of the pretty Y/E/C that usually resided there.

Mhmm, keep rocking your hips my love - the contact of your pussy against me might just send me over the edge alone, God.” He pulled your neck down so he could press his mouth to yours again, your moans and gasps giving him access to explore your lips and tongue with his tongue.

One of his hands drifted over your loose blouse and cupped your breast, squeezing it gently and his thumb grazed over your nipple through the thin fabric.

Are you gonna cum, angel?” You hummed against his mouth, overridden with euphoria and pleasure. Bucky took a moment before using his hand that was on your breast to part your lips, his tongue brushed against yours and he sucked it slightly, making you grind your hips hard into him, resulting in that final tug in the knot of your stomach to release.

Unngh, Bucky- Fuck- Captain-” You groaned loudly, you swore the ship rocked again as you threw your head back in ecstasy.

That’s it, kitten, just ride it out. Such a good girl for me, aren’t you? Did it feel good, my love?” Bucky’s voice was hoarse from arousal and it made the slick wetness of your heat coat the insides of your thighs.

Mmm, yes, B-Bucky it was… wow.

Do you feel a bit better now? A bit sleepy?” He shifted your legs so they were fully straddling his waist, you felt his hard erection press against your stomach and sighed. Nuzzling into his shoulder, you mumbled in thanks and pressed a lazy open-mouthed kiss on his neck, sucking slightly.

Bucky gasped at your bold movements, feeling your soft plump lips suck at his neck, then your teeth nipping gently and your tongue darting out to sooth the red skin in little strokes.

You raised your head to him, lids heavy with post-pleasure. “Mhmm, I just gave you a love-bite Captain Barnes, and it’s almost as pretty as you.

Your arms hooked around his broad shoulders again, trying to bring yourself closer to him, you kissed him slowly and softly, but your clumsiness got the better of you, making you fall down on top of him, your chest pushing against his firm one as you sat on his waist. With this angle, you felt his hardness completely against you, but you were so tired you hadn’t caught yourself falling asleep on top of him, your wild hair fanning behind you.

Bucky chuckled at your sleeping state, fairly pleased with himself. He had managed to calm you down, make you sleepy again and distracted you so you wouldn’t have any nightmares about the previous night.

Mmm, ahluhyou Buck.

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221 from the prompt list, if you want to?

Prompt #221: “I love you. I’ve loved you since the moment I laid eyes on you and- Oh screw it!”

Dean sidles up next to the wall, trying to stay out of everyone’s way as they rush to the concession stand and into their assigned theaters. 

He sees a cute couple walk past, fingers entwined and soft smiles on their faces, and he fills his mouth with popcorn. 

Cas is late. And he’s like never late. 

Cas was the kid in high school who carried all his textbooks with him throughout the day so he never had to risk stopping at his locker and being late to class. 

Cas was the kid who showed up an hour early to graduation rehearsal. 

Cas was the kid who showed up two days early to college orientation because what if something happens to the car, Dean? What if we can’t fix it on time and we miss orientation?

And Cas is the one who insists arriving at the theater twenty minutes before the film starts.

Dean looks down at his phone. Two minutes to screen time.

Just then the front door lurches open and a boy with wild hair sweeps into the lobby. He makes his way to the ticket booth and starts to hand over his credit card as his eyes roam and find Dean. A big smile splits his face and he waves.

Dean is about to wave back when the door opens again and a blond man with a sneer ingrained in his face enters. Dean’s hand falls.

The man walks right up to Cas, sneer easing into something resembling a smile and Cas leans back into his chest before handing him a ticket.

Oh hell no, Dean thinks.

But yes, it’s happening. Cas and the man start walking toward him, hands clasped together but where Cas is smiling, the man is sneering again.

“Sorry we’re so late, Dean!” Cas says once they’re in earshot. “Brady had to finish an assignment.”

Dean arches a brow. “On a Friday night?”

Brady’s grin is telling enough. “The pre-med workload is a bit different from secondary education.”

Dean catches the barb even if Cas seems oblivious but he just squeezes out a thin smile. “Of course it is.” He turns and begins walking into the theater without another word.

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under the cut: trans reigen ends up going to his high school reunion (~3.5k?)

-just a few short scenes, it kinda streamed out of me this morning. 

warning for MAJOR headcanoning (fanon ahoyyyy), high school bullying (unrelated to transness!), misgendering, deadnaming, and some minor homophobic language, but it’s really not an angst parade; i just want you to be safe. kinda bittersweet i guess. takes place 1~.5 years before canon

“I’m serious, that’s what happens,” Reigen says, walking next to Mob on their way to an assignment. He still isn’t used to the new uniform, like having a little black shadow keeping pace beside him whenever his student is following him around.

“But how do they get it in?” Mob asks, quietly skeptical.

“A big syringe, and then the carbonation makes the marble swell so it doesn’t fall out.”


“I’m telling you, Mob, that’s how they make Ramune bottles. Listen to your master.”

“Reigen-shishou, I don’t think that’s how it works.”

“Reigen?” a woman says from behind him, “Reigen from Saffron High, is that you?”

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A Lovely Situation ( Chapter 3 )

Lin x Reader

Summary: So this is the beginning of a little Lin x Reader that no one requested. (Y/N) is seriously crushing on Daveed, and when she finally tells him, he rejects her. Lin ends up comforting (Y/N) and getting a bit closer to her. Daveed ends up fighting for her and she gets confused with her feelings and wonders if she had liked Lin all along….


Word count: 1,855

a/n: This one took me a little bit longer to write haha. Sjajsdjdhwndixjs I didn’t know how I felt about the ending though. Enjoy !

Tags: @hamiltrashtothemax
@stupidships3335 @spookass @isis278


“I think it’s time for me to leave Hamilton.” You whispered back.

Lin’s hand dropped from your hair. Clutching onto your waist once again. He was shaking.

“No. No no no. You can’t leave me- Us!” His voice broke. Cries coming out his mouth.

You felt a wave of guilty and selfishness hit your head. You moved your head to face him. His handsome, amazing face. Both of you had swollen red eyes and salty tears running down your cheeks. You leaned in as your foreheads touch. His wet lips coming closer to yours, now just a millimetre away from each other. You pulled your head away before anything happened.

“I-I’m sorry. I just can’t stay” your voice was barely a whisper.

Lin yanked his hands away from you. He stood up. Towering over you.

“Are we not good enough for you anymore? AM I not good enough for you?” His voice slightly raised.

You felt so overwhelmed and put your hands over your face. Preventing him to see more tears.

“You’re just gonna leave us? Because of Daveed?” Each time he spoke his voice was louder.

You nodded. Slowly. Still crying. You rest your head on your knees and sobbed louder.

“I swear I’m going to kill him.” He ran out of the dressing room. Leaving you all by yourself. Crying on the sofa.

In a split second Jazzy burst into the room and flung her arms around you, attempting to stop your crying. She heard everything.

“Ssssh. Ssssh. Stop crying please. (Y/N)..”

*1 Hour Till Places*

After a while you had managed to stop crying. Jazzy still had one of her arms around you. The other was stroking your back.

“Lin is going to hurt him.” You said.

A look of realisation broke out across your face as you stood up and raced out of the dressing room. Leaving Jazzy alone and befuddled.

You looked everywhere for Lin. Knowing that he was with Daveed. Lin was not a man of violence he would only ever use the violent approach if someone had pissed him off badly. Or hurt someone that he loves.

You leaned against the stairways going up to the rooftop. Gaining your breath back after running around the whole theatre. Desperate to find Lin. You started to hear faint shouting from the rooftop. Without a shadow of a doubt you made your way upstairs. You stood on the last few steps of the staircase. Making sure they wouldn’t see you.

“Why! WHY. Did you call (Y/N) that HORRIBLE word Daveed! It is a very simple question!”

There was this passionate tone in Lin’s voice. A tone that you had never heard before.

“I don’t know Lin! I’m dumb! I’m stupid and I rejected her, I ignored her, I called her a bitch! She will never forgive me. Or believe that I have feelings for her. Again.”

Daveed’s hands flew across his mouth. He had accidentally said something that he had always kept to himself. Your eyes widened. Your breaths quickened. Again? What did he mean again!

“No. You don’t deserve her! She should be with someone that won’t call her that. NOT EVEN in the worst times!”

“So you?”

“No that’s not what I’m sayi–”

“No.” Daveed crossed his arms and glared at Lin. “No. Carry on Lin. Please. Enlighten me. Tell me how you’re the perfect guy for (Y/N).”

Lin stood still. He didn’t reply. He stood there dumbfounded.

“ANSWER ME GOD DAMN IT” Daveed clenched his fist. Looking like he was actually going to punch Lin. Come on Lin answer. Omg no Daveed NO.

Within a blink of an eye you were in front of Daveed. Blocking Lin from his punch. His fist came in contact with your shoulder. You winced at the pain that was brought to your upper arm.


Lin interrupted him before he could say the words you’ve been wanting to hear for a long time.



The two men closed their mouths and both staring at you. Wide eyed.

You turned to face Lin. Your eyes were beady.

“You. You don’t get to say who deserves me or not!” You said in a stern voice. Trying to not wince from the bruise that was already forming on your shoulder.

You spun around to face Daveed. Looking at him as if you were going to burn him alive. There was a look of guilt in his eyes. The look that says ‘I’m sorry’

“And you. YOU. don’t get to do all these things to me and then say that you LIKE me! Don’t think you can come anywhere near me AGAIN.“ You shouted at the top of your lungs. Wanting the whole of New York City to know what a jerk Daveed was.

You made your way to the other side of the rooftop. Beads of sweat. Droplets of tears. All rushing down your face at once. Your hands pushed your wet hair back and your head bent down. In only a matter of time a loud scream came out of your mouth. A high pitched sound that you needed to make. You let go. Of everything.

Your scream gathered a lot of attention. When you turned around you saw almost the whole cast staring at you.

“This-This place. It drives me crazy!”

Daveed came over to you. Trying to speak to you but no words came out.

“Leave me alone.” You’re voice was hoarse and horrible.

“I like you (Y/N). I’ve fallen in love with you. Again.” His arm raised, trying to make sure your shoulder was okay.

“Don’t you dare fucking touch me Daveed, not after what you did. And don’t say that, you know it’s not true.”

Before Daveed could even utter a word you turned to face the rest of the cast and announced that it was your last day here.

“I’m sorry to say that I am leaving Hamilton.” Everyone gasped and started to mutter to eachother. “You’ll have to find a replacement for Pippa’s understudy. All my things.” You paused. Trying to hold back your tears. “Will–Will be gone by tonight.”

You sprinted your way down the stairs -as salty tears dashed from your eyes -pushing everyone to the side as you made your way past them. Lin’s voice was shouting behind you as you tried to hurry to Pippa’s dressing room so you could lock your self inside. The plan failed. You ended up falling face first into the dressing room. Lin ended up catching up to you. He ran into the dressing room closing the door behind him.

He made sure you were okay before kneeling down and wrapping you in a warm embrace. Soon after that Lin pressed a wet kiss on your lips. At first you were surprised of his forwardness but then melted into the kiss.

He slowly pulled away from you and started to breath heavily. His hands found its way to your wet cheeks.

“I wanted to do this to you earlier. But you pulled away….” He whispered as he brought your face in to kiss you again. This time more deeply. More passionately.

“You should go back home” he paused. “Get yo-your things t-tomorrow.” Lin sounded like he was going to cry again.
“I’ll walk you home.”


The walk home was quite nice to your surprise. Lin didn’t mention anything about what had happened. He was sweet and extremely soft. You didn’t complain at the fact that his arm was around your shoulder. It offered a sense of protection. A blue and purple bruise had formed on your shoulder.

After a short while of walking and engaging in conversation you had finally reached your apartment. You both abruptly stopped at the door.

“Are you going to be okay on your own?”

“Y-yeah. I’ll be fine. Go back to the theatre you don’t want to be late to the show.”

He looked down at his feet. The tears he was holding back during the walk came out. They splashed on his shoes. Your head tilted as you hand made its way to his chin to pull his head up. His big brown eyes stared into yours. You took a deep breath. Pulled him in and your lips touched his. This kiss was one that you will always remember. His wet cheeks touching yours and his lips hungry for yours.

“You-You should get back” you said, breathing heavily as your free hand squeezed his hand.

Lin nodded. He knew he needed to go back to the Richard Rodgers. But at the same time he didn’t want to. He wanted to stay here. With you.

You planted a small kiss on his cheek and let go of his hand.

“Bye.” You both whispered at the same time.

Oh how awkward will it be between Daveed and Lin tonight.


That night Jazzy was staying at Anthony’s again. This was the only night you didn’t want to be alone. You wished to fall asleep in somebody else’s arms. Lin’s. Arms.

It was around half ten when you heard a gently knock on your front door. You lazily got out of your bed and went to investigate.

Looking out of the peep hole you saw Lin’s face. Your eyes lit up as you quickly opened the door and threw your arms around his.

“Wha-Hey! You’re going to crush the flowers (Y/N)”

You backed off as your eyes widened your hands flew to your mouth.

“You-You got me flowers?” You muffled in disbelief.

“For my favourite person.”

“Bu-But it’s 10 o'clock at night. Where in New York is there an open florist!”

“Hey we live in the city that never sleeps. What do you expect.”

A large gust of wind came your way so you pushed Lin into your apartment. Trying to protect him. He walked in and placed the flowers on your kitchen counter. Within a second he turned around to face you.

“How was the show. I’m guessing it was a bit. Awkward?”

“How’s you’re shoulder?”

“Answer me Lin”

He sighed. “It was fine. Yes it was awkward. And yes in act 2 he looked like he was ready to kill me.” He glanced over to your shoulder. “Your shoulder?”

As you were wearing a short sleeved shirt it made it easier to pull the sleeve up. Revealing your bruise.

His eyes enlarged. You saw fire in his eyes.


“Look please don’t make a big deal of it Lin. It was an accident and you know it. Please please let’s do something else”

Lin walked over to the coffee table that was in front of your sofa. Took a deep breath and asked.

“Movie night? Again?”

You nodded eagerly and pulled him down to your sofa. Your head in his arms as he put on The Little Mermaid. His all time favourite Disney Movie.

Lin stayed that night. You spent the whole night lying in his arms, eventually dozing off. Your wish came true after all.


REQUESTED. First requested imagine, hope you all like it!
“I had a lovely time tonight (Y/n).” Elijah spoke gently as he walked me to the car after the ball.

“So did I.” I replied smiling, walking with his arm linked with mine.

“I hope now that peace is more…adamant, we will be seeing each other more often.” Elijah stopped as we got to where my car was parked.

“As do I.” I turned to him still smiling. Elijah smiled gently, leaned down slowly and set his lips to mine. The kiss was soft and gentle, but passionate. I pulled away slowly.

“Will I see you tomorrow?” Elijah questioned quietly still holding me close.

“Possibly.” I smiled. I left a shadow of a kiss on his lips before pulling away and walking over to the car. I glanced at him one last time, before getting into my car.
“Stefan? Damon?” I called walking into our house.

“In here.” I heard Stefan’s voice from the living room.

“Where’s Damon?” I questioned as I walked over to where he was sitting with his journal.

“Don’t know.” He replied with a long sigh. I plopped down next to him.

“You could never hate me could you?” I asked timidly.

“No. Why?” He looked over at me setting his journal down.

“Because…” I sucked in a breath, “pretty sure I’ve fallen for Elijah.” He didn’t respond right away.

“Has he fallen with you?” He questioned protectively. Slowly I nodded glancing up to him.

“(Y/n)…he’s a Original.” Stefan began.

“And I’m a Salvatore.” I cut him off, “besides he’s one of most honest and moral Originals.”

“Yes…at least that what he holds himself too…but he’s not always trustworthy.”

“We’ve trusted him before.” I countered.

“Not with your heart.” Stefan replied, “just…don’t go too fast.”

“Deal.” I smiled before getting up, “I’m gonna head to bed.”

“Night.” Stefan nodded before picking up his journal again.
The next morning I was eating cereal in the kitchen. I hear Elena’s voice from the living room arguing with Damon. I continued to eat not wanting to bother, until I heard to words in one sentence, ‘kill’, and ‘Originals’. Slowly I got up and wandered into the living room. Elena and Damon were still arguing now joined by Stefan.

“What are you three talking about?” I spoke up confused. The three turned to look at me.

“Nothing (y/n),” Damon spoke up, “Elena is just expressing her thoughts about my night with Rebekah.” Damon shot her a look.

“Actually she was just leaving.” Stefan spoke up.

“Yes she was.” Damon grabbed her arm and pulled her towards the door, slamming it shut behind her.”

“What is going on?” I looked at my brothers.

“Nothing you need to worry about dear sister.” Damon smiled, and walked away.

“It’s nothing, (y/n).” Stefan said gently.
“Have you heard from Elena?” Damon asked peeking into my bedroom, “she isn’t picking up her phone.”

“No.” I replied glancing up at him. He sighed stepping further into the room.

“Stefan and I are gonna go check on Elena, you stay here if she shows up call, alright?”

“I will.” I responded quietly. Damon nodded before leaving.
They had been gone for a while, it was dark now. The sun had left the sky. I was putting the dishes away when I heard the door open.

“Damon? That you?” I called setting dishes down. No answer.

“Stefan?” I walked out of the kitchen towards the front door. It was swung open, I swallowed thickly.

“Hello?” I called, again there was no answer.


I turned around and saw Elijah standing in the living room.

“Elijah…what are you doing here?” I asked catching my breath.

“Where are Stefan and Damon?” He asked ignoring my question.

“They’re out looking for Elena, they haven’t heard from her since this morning.” I spoke cautiously…he didn’t seem like himself, like he was bothered by something, or hiding one thing.

He nodded slowly.

“Are you alright Elijah?” I asked stepping forward.

“Do you know when my mother returned, she said all she wanted was to make our family whole.” He replied, looking down then looked straight at me, “do you have any idea what she meant?”

“No.” I shook my head.

Elijah stepped closer, “Damon and Stefan haven’t mentioned anything?”

“Elijah…what’s wrong?” I back up slowly.

“I’m sorry (y/n).” He spoke softly suddenly in front of me.

“For what?” My voice shook. I felt his hand caress my cheek, then a sharp pinch in my neck, then black.
My skin burned, and my body ached. Slowly I opened my eyes and looked around. What I saw when my eyes cleared was dark, with one small light in a corner. I gasped looking down at my wrists as the pain became more apparent. Rope soak in vervain were wrapped around my ankles, wrists and torso, burning my skin. I tried to rip out of them, but it just hurt more.

“The more you move, the more it hurts you know.” Came a sly voice from the dark. I held my head up and saw someone step into the light. He resembled Elijah but was younger.

“Kol.” I sighed, “what’s going on…where-where am I?”

“Somewhere.” Kol replied, “you see you’re a very valuable piece in a…very delicate situation.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You’re a hostage.” Kol smirked.

“Hostage?!” My voice jumped, “what?! Why?!”

“Calm down, (y/n). Everything will be okay.” Kol replied, “unless of course Damon and Stefan don’t do as they are told, then well…you get to die.” He smirked. I opened my mouth but no words came out.

“Kol.” Came another voice from the dark. Elijah came into view.

“Leave.” He ordered his younger brother. Kol glared at him for a moment before leaving. I looked down as Elijah came closer.


“What the hell did you do?” I snapped at him staring into his eyes. He sighed.

“You have to understand this situation is difficult.”

“Well then please enlighten, as to why I am tied to a chair.” I growled.

“As Kol said, you are a hostage.” Elijah lowered his voice.

“Why.” I demanded.

“Because my mother is planning to kill myself and my siblings.” Elijah began to slowly pace, “your brothers had known, so did Elena and they didn’t do anything…so in order to stop Esther I need their help. So I needed…leverage.”

“And I was perfect for the choice. I’m so happy I mean that much to you.” I hissed.

“You are the only thing that your brothers care for more than Elena. There for you two need to be used as leverage.” Elijah explained. I glared at him.

“I don’t like being moved like a chest piece on a board.”

“I understand that you’re angry-” Elijah began.

“Just go!” I snapped, “I’m sure you have a lot of black-making to do.”

“I’m sure I’ll be back to release you soon.” Elijah spoke softly before turning and left the room.
The sound of the door shutting echoed off the walls in the room. I felt the tears welled in my eyes, and falling down my cheeks as I sat alone in the dark.
Time passed, but I wasn’t sure how much. I kept pulling at the ropes, the vervain dug into my skin like acid, but I could hear the wood begin to crack. After a few more hours I stopped taking deep breaths. I hadn’t had blood in hours and I could feel myself growing weaker. I stopped struggling as I heard the door open again. My head was slumped, not bothering to look at who had just entered. I felt the ropes around my wrists and torso. I let out a breath as the pin eased. Next I felt something cold against my lips: Blood. I ripped the bag from whoever was holding and drank the contents hungrily. Dropping the bag on the ground, I looked up to see Elijah looking at me sadly.

“I am I still a hostage?” I questioned coldly.

“No.” He shook his head, “you can leave, your brothers held up their end of the bargain.”

“Well, I’m glad. Could amuse you for last few hours.” I stood and slowly walked towards the door.

“(Y/n), wait!” He called after me.

“Don’t bother!” I yelled back. It was dark, I had no idea where I was, but I didn’t care. I just kept walking.

“Leave me alone!” I snapped as Elijah vamped in front of me.

“I need to apologize formally.” He was pounded.

“Don’t care.” I answered moving around him.

“I do!” Elijah begged.

“You have a really funny way of showing it.” I laughed harshly.

“You don’t know where you are, you’re miles from home. Let me drive you there.” He offered keeping up with my pace.

“I don’t even want to be within three feet of you right now. So the best thing you can do is leave me alone.” I only looked straight ahead.

“I don’t like what I did…I had to.” Elijah spoke slowly. I stopped in my tracks and turned to look at him.

“So you have to vervain me, kidnap me and hold me hostage?! Did it ever occur to you that I might actually help?” I shot at him, “I probably would have if you had just asked! Which is by the way what people do when they need help. So, leave. Me. Alone.” I growled through clenched teeth. He didn’t say anything. He just looked at me sadly, “I am so sorry.”

Turning on my heel I continued to trek through the woods. After hours of walking my house finally came into view. I sighed happily walking through the doors. Before I could call out I was immediately pulled into a hug by Damon.

“Thank god you’re okay.” He let out a breath.

“I’m glad you are too.” I hugged him back tightly.

“Let’s get you something to eat.” Stefan said appearing and hugging me.

“Actually I just really want to go to bed.” I smiled gently.

“Well, we’ll both be down stairs if you need us.” Stefan replied. I nodded and turned down the hall, up the stairs and to my room. My room was quite. As I laid down in my bed realised how tired I was. I didn’t want to think about the events of day…closing my eyes I waited for sleep to come.

Under The Table (Tristan Evans Smut)

Side Note: Hello! I’m kinda new here, but the name’s Emme! I hope you’ll like what I wrote because it kinda sucked and yeah request preferences, blurbs or smut ((no personal imagines sorry))! :)


Tristan Evans. Oh God, this boy hit your every nerve. He’s insanely popular, wanted by sexually desperate girls, and a total dickhead.

Tristan teases you for having passion in reading and acing every class since you two were in primary school. He would even make you trip in the hallway when you’re holding your books, making you fall straight to your face! Maybe he’s jealous, you have no clue. But it’s hurtful to hear words such as “antisocial prude”, “introverted virgin” or “miss goody two shoes” from his mouth. You just wanna get in a good uni, and maintain a good reputation, not the opposite.

Recess just ended, and everyone’s heading to their next class. Yours was History, same with your best friend, thank God. But you dreaded it. Tristan’s also in that class, and he would always annoyingly throw a paper ball at the back at your head, with whispered laughter of his other friends to top it off.

As you and your best friend were walking, you already felt someone throw a paper ball at your shoulder. You turned around, and saw the dickhead with his arm around a brunette girl you know as Bella.

“Hey prude!” He greeted, making Bella laugh then overtook you.

“What a dickhead.” You muttered.

“I second that.” (Y/BF/N) agreed, making both of you laugh.

As you arrived in the classroom,

“It’s miss goody two shoes with her other half!” You heard Bella call out. The whole class just looked and laughed. You both shrugged at it, and settled at your tables. Thankfully, you two were seat mates.

“Okay class, settle down!” The teacher, Mr. Sharman, walked in after you did, quickly connecting his laptop to the projector.

“So class,” He begun. “Who can tell me what we discussed yesterday?” Instantly, your hand jolted high in the air.

“Yes, Ms. (Y/L/N)?” He caught your hand in the air.

“We discussed the Enlightenment Revolution.” You proudly answered.

“Well done, Miss (Y/L/N). Let’s continue our discussion.”

“Mr. Sharman!” Your head turned around to see Bella, cutting the teacher’s lecture.

“Uhm, yes, Ms. Thorne?”

“You see, I’ve been having trouble seeing the board and the PowerPoint presentations, and the doctor told me to sit a lot nearer in class.”

“Oh, don’t worry! I’ll simply ask someone to swap with you!” Mr. Sharman simply gazed the students occupying the first 3 rows, yourself included.

“How about you, Miss (Y/L/N)?” His gaze went straight to you.

“But sir! I can’t pay attention in the back!” That was true. And what makes it worse, your seat mate would be Tristan.

“Ms. (Y/L/N), whatever I say goes. Move!” He ordered and started his lecture. You gathered your things then see your friend look at you in pity because you were now to sit beside a total dickhead.

As you walked to the back, settling in the chair, you simply brought out your notebook and pen, fully ignoring the presence of an asshole right beside you.

“Well hello babe.” He whispered. You knew he had a smirk across his face, but you continued listening and writing notes.

“I said hello, virgin.” He hissed at your ear.

“Fuck off, Evans. Wipe off that dirty smirk of yours.”

“Aww, is miss goody two shoes cursing?”

“Just leave me alone. I’m trying to pay attention, you should too!” You quietly hissed at him back, trying to pay attention to the lecture, taking notes.

“Is there a problem in the back? I’m suspecting Mr. Evans is causing trouble.” Mr. Sharman questioned, eyeing at the two of you in the back. You and him were the only ones in the back row.

“N-no, sir.” You stuttered.

“Well okay then.” He moved on, clicking the flicker to change the powerpoint slide.

Unexpectedly, you felt a cold hand touch your thigh, and you couldn’t help feel a bit uncomfortable, but mostly turned on.

“How about you pay attention to me?” He demanded, his hand hiking higher, getting nearer to your sex.

“Thank God the girl’s uniform consists a short skirt.”

“Tristan, please. I’m trying to-”

“Oh babe, you aren’t. You’d be lying if you don’t find this enjoyable.” As much as you despised Tristan, you couldn’t agree more on his point.

“Well, I don’t.” But you wanted to play him, testing if he wanted it just as much as you do. As you whispered those words, his hand swiftly hitched to your sex, your panties dampening at his moves.

“Wet already? What a bad girl, miss (Y/L/N).” He growled, his fingers slipping off your underwear until your knees. Thank God your tables looked more like office tables, the bottom part covered.

“Who made you this wet, prude?”

“James.” You lied, but you had to admit, his best mate James was a hottie with a body.

“Whore, you are lying.” His slim fingers slowly rubbed your sex, the pleasure making it hard to give a straight face.

“Let me ask you again, who made you this wet?” One of his fingers entered in and out of you.

“J-James.” You weren’t to give in easily.

“Slut. That’s what you are.” He snarled at your ear, inserting a second finger, thrusting in and out of you while casually listening to the discussion.

“Says the whore who’s banged almost every girl in school.” You spat, your hands quivering whilst writing notes. But your attention towards the lesson was quickly decreasing.

“Class, we are now gonna watch a video simply summarizing the enlightenment age. May someone please close the lights.” Bella stood up to do so since she was nearer to the light switch, and soon the video was playing from the projector.

“Tristan.” You moaned repeatedly as his fingers were going in and out your clit, including a third finger.

“Last time, slut. Who made you this wet?”

“Y-You, Tristan. You.” You quietly confessed.

“Good, liar.” His fingers thrusted at a faster pace, making you come at his fingers quickly. He simply licks them as you bang your head at the table, no longer giving a damn at the video.

You gave in, and it’s his turn to give in to you. Your hands crawled up to his crotch.

“Someone’s hard.” You raised your head and purred at his ear.

“God damn, (Y/N), don’t play with me.” He swore, but you noticed how his voice pitched.

“Oh, you played with me, it’s your turn, whore.” You flicked your pen to the edge of the table, making it fall.

“Oops, I gotta get that.” You moved to his side of the table, grinding your butt at his crotch, your fingers grabbing the pen on the floor.

“Got it.” You removed yourself at his touch, settling at your chair.

“Fuck, (Y/N).” Your hand touched his crotch again, flinching him a bit.

“Who made you this hard, whore?” You mocked him, a smirk spreading across your face.

“Bella.” Bitch, you thought. You secretly got your knees, facing his hard crotch.

“W-what are you doing?” He stuttered when his blue eyes saw you in between his legs.

You didn’t answer, instead just unbuckled his belt then unbuttoning and unzipping his trousers. Your eyes widened at his clothed erection, then you swiftly pull his boxers out.

He was big.

Your hands grasped his length, blowing at the slit to tease him.

“Fuck, (Y/N).” He threw his head back.

“Second time, whore. Who made you this hard?”

“B-Bella.” Fuck, he’s not giving in. But it was a lot of fun to play with him.

You pumped his length, licking a bit too. Soon, your mouth swallowed his length, deepthroating it a bit.

“(Y/N), Oh God.” He repeatedly let out.

“Last chance, Tristan. Who made you so hard?” You then continued sucking him a lot faster, pumping his balls.

“Fuck (Y/N)! You make me ha-hard!” He softly admitted, feeling hot cum in your mouth and swallowing it.

“Music to my ears.” You stood up and sat at your chair casually, grinning.

And just in time. Mr. Sharman ordered Bella to turn the lights on again.

“Well class, that ends our lesson for today. Test on this on Wednesday!” The class groaned, then the bell rang. Students hurriedly fixed their things and head to their next class, your best friend and Bella included. Tristan hastily buttoned his trousers as you put your panties up, grabbing your bag and racing to the door until Mr. Sharman stopped you.

“Miss (Y/L/N).”

“Uhm, yes, Mr. Sharman?” Fuck, you were caught.

“I believe Miss Thorne may need to switch chairs with you permanently for the school year. You don’t mind, right?”

“Oh, it’s okay, sir. I understand.”

“Phew! I was scared you’d freak out since you’d be sitting with Mr. Evans, I noticed how badly he treated you.”

“It’s okay, sir. He’s surprisingly nice today.” Your eyes locked with his, both of you smiling.

“Well, that’s great. Excuse me, I’ll just go to the toilets.” He walked away at a different direction, and you were to the same.

“(Y/N).” But a familiar voice halted you. You turned around, seeing the tall, slim figure whom you hated an hour ago.

“Yeah?” He didn’t speak, and just kissed you. Your back was pushed against the wall, your tongues fighting for dominance. When you let go,

“You accidentally dropped your phone. Gotta head to the Physics lab, bye.” He handed it to you, and paced to his next class.

As you opened your phone, you got a text from an unknown number.

Hey slut. Janitor’s closet, 6th period. You gotta show me more things your pretty dirty mouth can do.

I’m not that kind of girl - Chapter 1

Cameron Dallas Fanfic.  

Word count: 1′778

A/N: Everyone in this story is around 17/18 yrs old. It’s summer break before their senior year.

It was kinda late already. But I still texted a good friend of mine talking about how cruel life is. After a while we managed to change to a lighter topic.

Luke: So what are you doing after graduation?

Y/N: I don’t know yet I still have to find a university or better said a major for starters haha

Luke: Same old Y/N. Never knows what she wants hahaha

Y/N: Shut up Luke. whatever Imma go to bed. Bye sucker :)

Luke: Fuck off dumbhead. Sleep tight 

Luke was one of my closest friends. I had the guts to talk to him about literally everything. Which I don’t do often. Whatever. I started to get ready for bed when I got yet another text.

Sam: Yo wanna hang out?

Y/N: Now? I mean I could sneak out but I really have to get up early tomorrow. You know I got that damn appointment.

Sam: Come on. There’s a party.. Josh told me about it… 

Y/N: who’s party though? You know I don’t want to be near Kian.

Sam: idk some new dude apparently.. haven’t heard of him. But he’s gonna go to our school. That’s what Josh told me.

Y/N: whatever. fuck tomorrow I’m gonna meet ya in 30, alright?

Sam: nasty girl. Sure I’ll be at the same spot as always.

I really wanted to get out of this house. Tomorrow I have a doctors appointment rather early. What so ever I was meeting my girl Sam. She’s so chill. I love her to the moon and back. I really do. 

Luke, Sam and I have been friends since kindergarten. We all go to the same school. We all have more or less the same friends. Which are probably gonna be at the party too. 

I went to my closet to find a nice outfit. I didn’t feel like wearing a dress so I took out a grey grungy looking shirt and some black hot pants. I left my hair open. Luckily I haven’t taken my makeup of yet so I didn’t have to do it again. I grabbed my white Chucks and got dressed. I took my phone to see if Sam was already there. No texts, so she’s probably on her way. I slowly opened my window and climbed out onto the branch that was growing right in front of the window. I somehow managed to find my way down. Hopefully no one saw or heard me

Sam: Yooo I’m here. Where you at?

I walked to the front of my house and saw Sam’s car on the other side of the street, right next to the driveway of my beloved neighbors. I hated our neighbors they were always complaining about everyone on the street. I sprinted to her car and got in. She already sat there smiling at me. „Let’s get started than!“ Sam shouted. She started the car and took me to this strangers house. „How do you know where that guy lives though?“ I questioned her. „As I told you Josh told me about this dudes party and send me the address. He also said that you should come too because he doesn’t want things to be awkward.“ Sam stated. 

You may ask what would be awkward? Well, a few months ago I broke up with my boyfriend Kian. He was just being a douche and it took me too long to realize, whatsoever Kian and Josh are good friends. I haven’t talked to Josh ever since the break-up although we were good friends. But Sam told you Kian wouldn’t be there and I hoped she was right because I really didn’t want anything to do with him anymore.

„Alright. I just really don’t want to meet Kian. But forget about Kian and Josh. How have you been? Haven’t heard from you in few a days. Have you been hanging out with Ethan?“ I said totally innocent. „Shut up Y/N. You know damn well that I have been at my grandmas. Also Ethan is gonna be here too and he said he wants to talk. I guess he just wants a hit and run again. He ain’t in it to win me. Just quick fucks.“ Sam became more quiet at the end. Sad how she’s so pessimistic. „Come on! It’s gonna be great. I bet you he wants more. Who wouldn’t want more from you? I can’t get enough from you!“ I laughed through the whole last part and it made Sam smile. „You’re so dumb.“ She said finally. She stopped the car and gave me a look. „Lets just have some fun. Please try to keep it short with Ethan I don’t wanna hang out all by myself.“ 

„Don’t worry Y/N. You won’t even realize that I was gone. Let’s go.“ I got out the car and made my way towards the loud booming music. The air was already filled with the sent of liquor. There were a few friends of ours smoking outside the house. After some short greetings with them Sam and I went into the house, where we of course immediately bumped into Josh. 

„Who do we have here? A stranger and a quite familiar face!“ He joked around. „Not funny Josh. You know I’m not a stranger.“ I said quite annoyed. As Sam and him started to talk about non sense I looked around the house. Lots of intoxicated teenagers either humping each other or eating off their faces. It was like a wild jungle. 

I decided to leave the two alone. I found your way to the kitchen where the liquor was being poured. I just took a shot of tequila aware that I couldn’t be bothered with a hangover tomorrow. 

As I left the kitchen I saw an all too familiar face. Kian was there. No no no no no Why the heck is he here. The only thing I could do is go up the stairs. As long as it meant not to meet Kian I’d do anything. I went up and there were not as many people. No one paid attention to me as I was looking for an empty room. Down the hall I saw a door it wasn’t closed so I guessed no one was in there. I just sneaked in there and closed it after I entered. Immediately I took my phone out to text Sam.

        WHAT DO I DO??
        I’M IN SOME ROOM

Suddenly I heard a toilet flush. God damn I just need a few seconds alone to sort out what to do! The door opened and enlightened the room. I was sat on the bed. „Eh… Hi?“ A male voice said. I didn’t even move I just stared into nothing. „Are you okay?“ I was still thinking not giving any responds.

 He started moving towards me. I heard how the steps got closer to me. He sat next to me. „You know, actually you can’t be in this room.“ he whispered. I turned to look who the fuck would tell me what to do. „You know, I don’t actually care.“ I whispered back with a fake smile. He chuckled. „I think we haven’t met yet. I’m Cameron. This is my room.“ He said with a smile. He reached his hand out. „Why so polite?“ I laughed. He was kinda cute though.

„So you can actually talk! What’s your name?“ He said still smiling like an idiot. He was probably way too drunk. „My name’s Y/N.“ I took his hand and shook it in hopes to be left alone. „So are you going to stay in my room or do I have to drag you out of here? Cuz I ain’t feeling like cleaning up if you throw up in here.“ He said really slowly. I looked around his room and got up. „I am not drunk. Just to make things clear.“ I smiled at him and left the room.

I walked down the stairs and made my way through the crowd until I reached the door. As soon as I was outside I took my phone and tried to reach Sam. Nothing. „Where the hell is she?“ I said more to myself than actually asking anyone. 

„Who are you looking for?“ I heard someone say behind me. Cameron, he must have followed me. „It doesn’t matter.. I-I have to get home.“ I managed to say. He was quite intimidating. „I could give you a ride, I haven’t had a lot to drink. Actually nothing.“ I was surprised. Why would he do that? He doesn’t even know you, I debated with myself. 

I looked at my phone realizing that Sam didn’t answer any calls or texts …and I should get home. „I mean… Isn’t it your party, shouldn’t you stay here?“ I asked him. „Yeah it is but I don’t think that you’re alright, that’s why I followed you downstairs. Also no one will realize I’m gone. The only people I know are Josh and…“ Oh god please don’t say it „Some other dude. I think his name was Kian. I know Luke too, but he’s not here anyway. Do you know any of them?“ So he knows pretty much the closest people to me, well two of my closest friends. „Actually all three of them. But … well if you don’t mind, I won’t mind either if you give me a ride home” I forced a smile. He smiled back at me, he seemed relieved. 

As we started walking towards what looked like his car, we got interrupted. „YO CAMERON. YOU FOUND YOURSELF A LITTLE SOMETHING HUH?!“ Someone shouted. Oh no. As Cameron turned around to see who it was, I knew damn well who would shout something like that. „SHUT UP KIAN!“ Cameron shouted back at him and than looked at me. „Sorry. They like to make fun of me.“ 

I didn’t look at him just walked towards his car. „YO CAM WAIT A SEC. I NEED A RIDE TOO!“ Hell no. NO NO NO. I’ll just walk. „Cameron I.. I uhm I’m just gonna walk home. It’s not even that far.“ I stuttered. He gave me a look of confusion. „No. It’s Alright. I.. I don’t mind driving you. I mean I’ll drop off Kian anyway. Where do you need to go?“ He said and before I knew Kian was there too. „Sup, I haven’t seen you all night.“ They did this bro hug thing. „And who is this little one.“ He asked and turned to look at me. His face went blank after he realized who I was.

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A/N: I really hope you liked it. If you have anything that you’d like to include in the story just say so! I’ll try to post every sunday. So next sunday  is time for the next chapter. Have a great week!

Girls Night Out - Reader Insert (You getting drugged at Oswald’s Club - he’s a gentleman)

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ok, I’m so sorry for my repost but tumblr killed off some of my stories :/

Warnings/TWs: harsh language, getting drugged by a stranger, attempted rape, blood, murder

Tagging: @mistressofcobblepot @amandajuly81 @thequeenofgothamxo

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Imprint (werewolf calum)

“You’ll always be my best friend”
“Pinky promise?”
He held up his tiny finger with a grin plastered on his face. I interlocked my own with his and we paused for a second, letting the promise sink in.

He has always been there for me, ever since that day at the park, where he flew off the swings and scraped his knee, and he started crying. I gave him one of the princess bandaids that my overprotective mom always made me take with me wherever i went, just incase disaster struck. He smiled through the tears and declared me his best friend.
We were there through thick and thin. I went to all his soccer matches, he was my “plus one” to all my academic banquets. He was like my knight carrying a shinning shield when kids picked on me. I was there for his first heart break. He always kept him promises until the day he left. He didn’t tell me he was leaving, he didn’t tell anyone. It was like one day he was there and the next day he was gone. I’ll never forget waking up to the call at 5 in the morning, after he never came home from a walk. His mom thought maybe he stopped over and fell asleep here. He never said goodbye.
Going over the past always makes my heart hurt and my eyes swell up with tears. Nothing has ever made me feel the pain that Calum’s disappearance had. I think about him all the time, and imagine him spontaneously returning. We use to talk about running away some day, after high school graduation we’d go off to some college or whatever and just live. Leaving town was all he ever wanted to do, but he was suppose to take me with him.
Nights like tonight were always the worst. I lied in bed with the tiny lamp casting a dim glow on the bedside table, my phone softly playing old songs that reminded me of him. I’m never able to sleep, and the sound of rain isn’t able to sooth me anymore. I hated how things I used to love now just made me think of Calum, and it hurt.
One of his favourite Good Charlotte songs was finishing when I heard the thump outside my window. I didn’t move from my curled up position on my bed, but my heart was racing. It wasn’t unusual to hear noises outside. It was constantly raining in my state, and tree branches always knocked against the house in the wind. This thump wasn’t a tree branch though.
The playlist on my phone had ended and an erie silence slipped into my bedroom. I was too afraid to open my eyes and put on another song. I was debating on how fast I could hop up and run into my brothers room or if it would be better to stay put when I heard it. A hissing outside the window.
I wanted to believe that it was just a stray cat caught in the tree, but there was no way, it was too human.
“Fuck.. Y/N, let me in! Please.”
The voice was nearly drowned out by the wind and rain, and I swore I was hearing things. I had to be delusional from overthinking, and now I was actually imagining things.
“This branch isn’t very strong, if you don’t let me in, I’m gonna fall to my death.”
There was no mistaking it this time. I scurried out of my bed and over to the window. I peeked out but it was pitch black beyond the glass, and I couldn’t even make out the tree branches. It didn’t matter, because something was compelling me to unlock it and slide the frame up.
“Thank god! Step back, will ya?”
In a state of shock, I listened to the voice. I heard the branch break off the tree as a figure leaped through my window and landed silently.
“Calum..” I felt like I was being choked and couldn’t get air
“That’s the greeting I get after this long?”
He stood up from his crouching position, wincing and raised a dark eyebrow at me. He’d gotten so much taller and filled out. He had tattoos across his collarbones and on his arms. He held one of his giant hands across his torso but it didn’t hide the blood.
“What the hell is going on?” I felt stunned, like someone had punched me in the gut “You.. You, oh my god. You disappear, without a goodbye, you don’t contact me for months. Now you’re showing up here in the middle of the night, in my tree might I add, while its fucking raining outside and you’re bleeding and you just leaped through my window and you’re just-“
“Y/N! I have some explaining to do, I know.” He held out one of his hands in defence
“Damn right you do, if you weren’t bleeding right now I would punch you so hard. Why are you bleeding?”
“That’s a long story.”
“And you owe me an even longer one.”
“I know, I know.” He walked over to the computer chair on the other side of my room
“Hold on a second, don’t sit down. You’re soaking wet and covered in blood,” I walked over to my dresser and pulled out a pair of black jogging pants from the bottom drawer “You left these here, put them on, I’ll be right back.”
I tossed him the pants and exited my room. I creeped along the old floorboards in attempt to make it to the bathroom undetected. I pulled out the first aid kit from under the sink, if the circumstances were different, I think my mom might be a little ecstatic about her kit finally being used. I returned to my bedroom and creaked open the door
“Decent?” I asked before entering
I closed the door behind me and hurried across the room towards him. I put the first aid on my desk and popped the lid, preparing the alcohol to clean his cuts.
“Move your hand.” I reached for it, trying to pry his fingers away so I could assess the wound
“Wait.. Hang on! You’re gonna freak out.” He tried to explain before I successfully removed his hand to reveal dried blood across his stomach, but no wounds
“You were bleeding when you came in, like full on dripping blood. Is this some kind of joke?”
“This is gonna be hard to explain…You aren’t gonna believe me..” He closed his eyes, leaving him looking tired
“Enlighten me.”
“I’m a..werewolf..” He ended it like he was questioning it himself
“Calum, don’t you think I deserve to have you be serious with me right now? Do you have any idea what you put me through? Now you’re not even going to tell me the truth?”
“But I am! I swear to god, would I lie to you?”
“I don’t know if you would, I use to know, but now I don’t. You broke your promise.”
“Fuck..” He held his head in his hands, shaking “Sit down, just let me explain.”
He followed me to the bed and sat down next to me. His eyes were closed and he was silent for a while, gathering his thoughts.
“You remember when I started to hang out with those guys before I left?”
“How could I forget?” I grumbled
“They’re my pack.”
“You’re still going with this whole werewolf thing?” I asked in disbelief
“Y/N, its the truth! They’re my pack, they’re all like me. They helped me understand who I was and what was happening to me. I’m a werewolf, and I can’t change this, believe me if I could, I would. But it’s in my blood, it’s who I am. Anyway, this pack, they got into some trouble and we had to leave immediately. I couldn’t stay, I wanted to come back to say goodbye, but my Alpha wouldn’t let me, and what he says goes. I felt so guilty this whole time, I’ve missed you like crazy, Y/N. Not a day has gone by where I haven’t thought of you.”
“Why’d you come back?”
“It’s a full moon today. We can change any time we want, but on full moons its almost like were not humans anymore, the wolf takes over everything, its even worse around other wolves. We got a little rowdy, I guess, our Alpha didn’t like that, and then stupid me challenged him. I lost the fight and had to leave the pack.”
“Cal.. I’m sorry.”
“I’m not. It means I can stay here now.” He finally turned to look at me, his eyes filled with a look I’ve never seen before “You know.. Werewolves have the ability to imprint.” He leaned in closer to me
“What does that mean?”
“Mates, we find mates,” He cupped my face in his hands “And we only have one for our whole lives. I should’ve known before I left. I was trying to deny it, so it would be easier to stay away, but when I left the pack tonight, all I could think about was you. Which is how I ended up here,i guess, just running and thinking about you brought me to your house. And I was standing on your lawn, thinking about how big of an idiot I am, and how terrified I was to come in here. But I could hear Good Charlotte playing, and I saw the light on and knew you were probably lying in bed, reading or something and it was driving me insane. I had to see you and you can’t imagine the relief I felt when I jumped through that window. I don’t know how, but you’ve gotten even more beautiful since the last time I saw you.” His forehead was pressed up against mine
“I love you, Y/N”
He pressed his lips to mine, it was soft at first, it felt like his lips were just brushing mine. I moved my hands up and tangled them in his dark hair and deepened the kiss, pulling him closer to me. It was a while before we broke apart.
“You need a haircut.” I commented, feeling the damp hair brush against my forehead
“I just confessed my love for you and all you have to say is a comment about my hair?”
“I love you, Calum.”
He smiled my favourite smile of his. The one where his eyes crinkle up in the corners. He rubbed his nose against mine and pulled me against his bare chest
“I’m exhausted.” he mumbled into my hair
He wrapped the covers around us and shut off the lamp. We lied there in the darkness, his hand drawing lightly along my arm. Soon enough, he drifted off to sleep, his light snores filling the room. I smiled to myself, I hadn’t felt this happy in a long time. With my head of his chest, the drum of his heartbeat lulled me off to sleep.

A/N: its like 1 in the morning and i’m dead tired but i got this idea while i was trying to sleep so sorry if its crappy idk i just have a lot of calum feels rn, i also don’t know what it is but the fact that i always seem to end writing with them falling asleep??? idk feedback would be appreciated

Take My Hand (CACW Peter Parker x Reader)

so because I’ve been a real shitty blogger and haven’t written since david cameron was still prime minister (I should not be making jokes about how my country’s politics is going up in flames I am so sorry) I decided to write something p. long


Song; Take My Hand by Simple Plan

Other characters featured; none


Y/N - Your name

Y/L/N - Your Last Name

Warnings; language 

Word count; 897

Lyrics are in bold and italic

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(bucky’s face in this GIF is my reaction to life in general)

‘Teenagers can’t be in love.’

‘You’re seventeen, how can you possibly have developed feelings for someone?’

As it turns out, you got a lot of shit for telling others you were in love at the ripe old age of seventeen. The thing is, when you go through so much crap with someone who’s been your best friend for seventeen years and both come out alive, you do tend to develop feelings for one another.

That was the exact story of you and Peter - but people constantly told you that you couldn’t have those feelings, because you were too young, and too dumb to understand.

Sometimes I feel like everybody’s got a problem
Sometimes I feel like nobody wants to solve them

You got together a year previously, when you discovered he was a vigilante, and you got dragged into his world, learning how to fight and deal with bad people. One thing lead to another, and thirteen months, one fight with the Avengers and many feelings later, you were sat in your room, both speechless after a conversation with your parents.

I know that people say we’re never going to make it
But I know we’re going to get through this

It had been a rough night - Your parents were exceptionally overprotective of you. They liked Peter when he was your friend,but as soon as it became something more, they took a different turn. Just an hour earlier, they sat you both down and enlightened you with ‘We’re banning you from seeing him. Parker, you have ten minutes to get out our house.’

Don’t, Don’t, Don’t, Don’t let me go now

He left, but snuck back through the window just moments later. Ever since, you’d been sat on your bed, both trying to say something, anything. Your parents had been crazy your entire life, banning you from simple things like using the school bus and sleeping over at other’s houses. As you can imagine, when they discovered you were fighting crime, they went insane.

‘I’m seventeen.’ You murmured. ‘I can’t let them control me.’

‘Thank you for verifying that.’ Peter replied, in a failed attempt to lighten the mood. ‘You’re not gonna let them do this right?’

‘What else can I do, Pete?’ You sighed. ‘Unless I manage to get out of this house, there’s no way I can see you.’

He was silent for a few seconds, before speaking up. ‘Then let’s get you out this house.’

Take my hand tonight
Let’s not think about tomorrow

Peter stood up and grabbed an overnight bag from the end of your bed, opening your wardrobe. He began picking up random items of clothing, throwing them in.

‘What the hell are you doing?’ You asked, trying to keep the volume down.

‘Helping you runaway.’ He proudly replied.

Take my hand tonight
We could find some place to go

‘To where?’

‘I have a sofa, and my Aunt practically loves you. Doesn’t that problem solve itself?’

You grinned and began picking up clothes, helping him pack. You were both laughing slightly, forgetting about the fact your parents had kicked him out no more than two hours ago. 

You froze when you heard footsteps outside.

‘Y/N?’ Your mum called. ‘Y/N, who are you talking to?’

‘Uhm, I’m just practicing my lines for drama class!’ You called back, panicking. Peter grabbed the bag and tossed it out the window, ushering for you to follow. 

‘I can’t jump two floors!’ You hissed under your breath. Before you could speak again, a web attached to the back of your shirt and you flew out the window, landing safely on your butt, as your boyfriend landed on his feet next to you.

Cause our hearts are locked forever
And our love will never die

You heard the door of your room fly open as Peter began sprinting across the grass, leaping over the fence. The porch light turned on, and your father’s voice rang through the yard.

‘Y/N? Y/N Y/L/N, you are in huge trouble!’

Before he could speak again, you grabbed the bag and ran after Peter, clambering over the fence with slightly more difficulty than him. 

‘How do you propose we get from here to Queens?’ You called, catching up with him. You were both sprinting, and because you’d been working since you started out as a vigilante, you could easily keep up. 

‘Subway!’ He replied, looking over his shoulder at your father, who was running after you but slowly falling behind.

Take my hand tonight
One last time

The nearest station wasn’t too far, and you didn’t know whether your father had followed you the whole way there. You chucked a few coins into the turnstile and forced it open, Peter following closely behind, as you mentally thanked the fact that the subway ran 24/7/365.

‘So, we did it.’ You grinned, walking up the stairs of the subway exit. Queens was quiet at this time of the night, despite the fact New York was the city that supposedly never slept.

The city sleeps and we’re lost in the moment
Another kiss says we’re lying on the pavement

‘I think your parents want my head on a stick.’ Peter grinned sarcastically, taking your hand.

‘Please, they already did.’ You replied.

If they could see us they would tell us that we’re crazy
But I know they just don’t understand

I’ve seen a few of Xander’s supports and both Charlotte and Laslow get called in for reports on their behavior, so as I doubt Xander would initially like to interact with Shura, I gave him no choice. Sorta. Also kind of based on the Nohr Royal family wanting to off him in Conquest, but I didn’t mention it so it can be used in Revelations too.

C Support:

Shura: Lord Xander, you wanted to see me?

Xander: Indeed I did. I’ve been rifling through crime reports, and I’ve found quite a few perpetrators fitting your description. Quite a few.

Shura: That’s not all that surprising, milord, I was a criminal. I thought you knew as much. But if it’s an apology you’re seeking –

Xander: An apology cannot atone for these, Shura.

Shura: (Don’t I know it.)

Xander: I don’t know what you’re grumbling about but I doubt I want to hear it.

Shura: … Yes, milord.

Xander: Look at all this. Murder, burglary, theft, the list goes on.

Xander: If you didn’t have Corrin protecting you I would be forced to execute you.

Shura: …

Xander: Do you have nothing to say?

Shura: Nothing that you’d want to hear, I bet.

Xander: Fine then. I’ll allow you to roam the grounds until I think of an appropriate punishment. And I wouldn’t try to escape either, you’d lose the only thing that’s protecting you.

Shura: … Yes, milord.

B Support:

Shura: I’m here, Lord Xander.

Xander: Finally.

Xander: I’ve found an appropriate punishment.

Xander: I want you to leave.

Shura: What!?

Xander: I want you to leave our company. And wherever you go, don’t return to Nohr. Do I make myself clear?

Shura: Crystal, but I can’t do that.

Xander: Excuse me?

Shura: Corrin has promised to help me rebuild Kohga, my home, and I’ve promised to help them in any way I can. So, find a different punishment, because I won’t leave.

Xander: You have a lot of gall.

Xander: Fine, I want an explanation for all of these crimes. If Corrin trusts you, I’ll throw you a bone. But if I don’t find your reasons satisfactory I’ll make you wish you left.

Shura: I don’t doubt it.

Shura: All those things you saw in those reports? I didn’t have a choice. I did what I had to do in order to survive.

Xander: …

Shura: That being said, I know what I did was awful. And if you think punishment is what I need, then go ahead. After all I’ve been through, I can take it.

Xander: …

Xander: I’ll give what you’ve said some thought. Please leave.

Shura: Happily. Good day, milord.

-          Shura leaves

Xander: …

Xander: He mentioned a place called Kohga… Maybe I should do some more research.

A Support:

Shura: sigh. Alright, I’m here, Lord Xander.

Xander: Good, please take a seat.

Shura: …

Shura: What’s with the warm welcome all of a sudden?

Xander: Would you rather I bark complaints at you some more?

Shura: Gods no. But I think I’d like to remain standing.

Xander: If that’s what you want.

Xander: I’ve been doing some more research, Shura. Your home, Kohga, was destroyed by Mokushu years ago, correct?

Shura: Yeah, what about it?

Xander: So it’s safe to assume you’ve been living on the streets since you were a child.

Shura: Yes…?

Xander: There are also these.

Shura: More crimes?

Xander: No.

Xander: These are reports of a strange person protecting attacked children. Again, the descriptions fit you perfectly.

Shura: …

Shura: You Nohrians have a tighter grip on things then I thought. I’ll make sure to keep that in mind.

Xander: So that was you.

Shura: Yeah, that was me.

Xander: Then apparently this Nohrian didn’t have such a grip on things.

Xander: You understand the crimes you’ve done were wrong?

Shura: Yes. And I’d understand if you still want my head.

Xander: Than that’s enough for me.

Shura: … Did you talk to Corrin or something?

Xander: Yes, I did, and they gave me their perspective on things. It was… enlightening. In any case, I want to apologize. I was being brash.

Shura: Uh… alright… apology accepted. Thanks, Lord Xander.

Xander: You’re welcome.

S Support:

Xander: Shura, I’m glad you came.

Shura: More warm welcomes, Lord Xander? I’d be more careful or some nobles are going to start running their mouths.

Xander: Nobles always run their mouths, Shura, it’s unavoidable I’m afraid.

Shura: Well, I guess it’s not like it’s gonna hurt your or anything. Crowned prince and all. Anyway, what did you need?

Xander: You plan on rebuilding Kohga once the war is over, correct?

Shura: That’s the plan.

Xander: Perhaps Nohr can help fund it. I would be happy to assist.

Shura: No thanks, Lord Xander. Instead of worrying about me you should focus on your subjects. Have you been on the streets lately? They need your funds. I can take care of Kohga.

Xander: Yes, but you needn’t do it alone.

Shura: I’m not. Corrin’s already promised they’d help.

Xander: …

Shura: I appreciate the thought, Lord Xander, but I’ll be fine.

Xander: I think I’m doing this wrong.

Shura: What?

Xander: I want Nohr and Kohga to help one another.

Shura: Sure, yeah, once it’s rebuilt. Don’t get ahead of yourself. We will owe Nohr big for all your help after all, so don’t worry, we’ll repay you guys.

Xander: I know, I trust you. But, that’s not what I meant.

Shura: Okay, then what is it?

Xander: I would like you to become my husband.

Shura: Wait – what!? Why are you down on one knee!?

Xander: Because I’m proposing, Shura.

Xander: I understand if you don’t feel the same. I treated you unfairly when we met, which is something I will regret for a long time.

Shura: Not really? You were doing your duty - but why on the gods green earth are you asking me to marry you!?

Shura: Shouldn’t you be finding yourself a bride – not a stinking thief like me!?

Xander: Please, don’t talk about yourself in such a way. You’re more than a thief. You’re a good man, Shura, and I’m so glad I finally saw that. I’ve never seen someone work as hard as you do, and I’ve seen the burden of your past weigh heavily on your shoulders. I wish to lighten that load, if you’ll let me.

Shura: You’re making no sense!

Xander: I’d like to think I’m making perfect sense.

Shura: …

Shura: Are you really sure about this?

Shura: Because if this is some elaborate joke I’m leaving.

Shura: It’s not funny to play with an old heart.

Xander: I’m not joking, Shura. I never want to hurt you, not again.

Shura: …

Shura: Alright, say I’ll take the ring, are you sure you’re up for all the political backlash?

Xander: If you haven’t noticed, I can be pretty intimidating. I can handle it.

Shura: Okay… Okay.

Shura: I accept.

Xander: Truly!?

Shura: Yeah, I’ll marry you, Xander. I’ll be at your side, no matter what comes.

Shura: I love you.

Xander: I love you too. Thank you, Shura. I promise to do right by you, and with you beside me, I think the people of Nohr will start a new, prosperous life. Thank you again..

awwwwwww, another great submission, thanks!

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bamon + "I think she's the person you love most in this world"

This wasn’t how he was expecting things to go when he got Elena back. For one thing, he was expecting 60+ years, not 6. He was also expecting to have to bury his best friend, which, not an issue. Bonnie’s still alive and kicking and witchier than ever. More than that, though, he was expecting that he and Elena would be off riding the high of being together, straight into some cliched sunset. 

That’s not what happens… 

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Call Me Hopeless, But Not Romantic

(gif credit to the creator)

Call Me Hopeless, But Not Romantic (Skeptics and True Believers part 10)


Pairing: Dean x Reader (eventually)

Word Count: 1,058

Warnings: language, angst, Dean being a dick

Song: Call Me Hopeless, But Not Romantic - Mayday Parade

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The Superbowl
part 2



The Superbowl is just days away and the city is thrumming with activity. The excitement is palpable, from every jersey donned by man, woman, child, and dog, to the flags and banners hung up at every restaurant and light post. Even Dean’s usually dull office can’t help but get in the spirit.

Usually his cubicle was the only one with any spirit, but now, everyone has at least a Seahawks flag pinned on their wall. People all around him are wearing the trademark blue and green hats, shirts, and one guy even shaved the logo into his hair. It’s a testament to his love for his team and his city that he hasn’t chewed out his coworkers for being bandwagon fans (but really, where was this spirit during the regular season?).

It’s in this spirited atmosphere Dean finds himself the Friday before Super Bowl Sunday. He doesn’t even know why they were required to come in today, no work is getting done. Ellen had brought in blue and green cupcakes which people are currently munching on rather than reviewing their paperwork or making sales calls. Every now and then someone in the depths of the annex calls out a hearty, “SEA!” and the rest of the office answers with the customary, “HAWKS!” And Benny Lafitte is perched on the corner of his desk, talking his ear off about prop bets, over unders, and spreads. Dean shells out a couple of bucks for the box pool after making his predictions.

“Dude, I’m going to clean you out,” Dean laughs. “You’re giving the Hawks much too big of a lead.”

“What can I say, brother? I got faith in my boys.” Benny patted his jersey fondly.  

From the other side of the office someone shouts “SEA” and Dean tips his head back and yells as loudly as he can, “HAWKS!”

“For the love of all that is holy, Winchester, can you shut up?” Groans the person in the cubicle across from him. Dean smirks, seems like Castiel has finally cracked. “I deal with your noise during your, shall we say, ‘late night activities’ enough as it is. I expected working with you would be a reprieve from the torture that is living next to you.”

“Aw, c’mon Cas, you love being my neighbor. That’s why you got a job where you can be my cubicle neighbor, too.” Dean walks over to the wall the two of them share, eager to see Castiel’s reaction. Benny shakes his head in warning before he makes his way back to his desk, not wanting to get involved. Everyone all week had gotten into the spirit, even their curmudgeonly grandpa of a boss, Rufus Turner. Everyone had donned their blue and green and shown their Seattle pride. Everyone except for Castiel who had rolled his eyes at his coworkers’ enthusiasm and remained in his normal business casual attire.

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TW Rewatch 1x09/1x10: Peter - a previous Eichen house patient?

…and did his blood possibly help activate a chain reaction?

I know the idea that Peter might have been at Eichen house isn’t a new one, but it re-sparked with me as i was watching 1x09 and became even more compelling after 1x10. So I thought i’d lay out some thoughts I have involving Eichen House, some dubious looking medical equipment, blood, telluric currents, the nemeton, the spooky appearance of nurse Jennifer and the people that frequent this weird facility. 

Wild speculations and lots of images below the cut

It’s a widely accepted theory that Peter seemed to do something to Jackson in 1x05 at the video store. His claw marks glowed and it is after this that Jackson starts his creepy pursuit of Allison.

We know from seaon 2 that Peter has the ability to influence others, to take control of their mind and manipulate them. It happened to Lydia too after she was bitten. And Jackson’s weird (or weirder than usual) behavior starts after he hallucinates Peter’s claws coming out of his mouth. In the very next scene Jackson shuffles towards allison looking like a drug addict and starts his creepy flirting like someone had pulled a switch. and someone likely did, namely Peter.

A link is clearly established and in 1x07 Night School Jackson is also affected when Peter alpha-roars Scott into a trance.

There is a point to all of this and i’m getting to it :) 

In 1x09 Jackson takes a trip to the doctor’s office to have his scabs checked out. And this is an enlightening experience because look who’s the doctor

Hello Dr Fenris, fancy seeing you here. If you haven’t already watched the Search for a Cure webseries you definitely should. And not just because Dr Fenris features heavily in it, it also mentions berserkers and the Hales among other things. And it can be considered canon as well so yay clues. 

In Search for a Cure Dr Fenris claims to Stiles and Scott that he doesn’t really believe in werewolves. But of course we now know that he does more than believe - he also works with then and other creatures at the secret sub level unit at Eichen House, because he’s the one showing Dr Deaton around in season 4

So Dr Fenris works at Eichen House. And Jackson clearly is sharing some of Peter’s memories. We know that memories can be shared and also tampered with by a werewolf’s claws. And Jackson both remembers and knows stuff he shouldn’t…. 

Doctor: What did you say it was that scratched you?
Jackson: It was - it was just an animal. Look, can you hurry this up? I’m missing first period.
Doctor: Have you had trouble sleeping lately?
Jackson: Kind of. I’ve been having dreams.
Doctor: Dreams or nightmares?
Jackson: Nightmares. About a fire. It’s this - this house, and I can hear screaming - Wait, what does this have to do with anything?
Doctor: Nothing. I hope.

In episode 1x10 Jackson also reveals to Derek that he remembers the Hale house but has never actually been there. Probably another remnant from Peter. 

But if Jackson has gotten memories of the fire, the Hale house, knowledge about what Wolfsbane is and more - maybe he’s also gotten some memories from Eichen House if my theory of Peter staying there is correct?

Because Dr Fenris is pulling out some really disturbing medical equipment.

Jackson: What is that?
Doctor: Just taking a closer look.
Jackson: Look, I really don’t have much time.
Doctor: Hold still.
Jackson: I thought you said you were just gonna take a look.
Doctor: Yes. But in order to do that, I’m gonna have to dig a little deeper.
Jackson: What are those?
Doctor: Holding still, please. That didn’t hurt, did it?
Jackson: No, I’m just - I’m just cold.
Doctor: Good. Because this actually will sting just a little bit. Holding still, please!

Jackson: Oh - hey! Stop! Stop! It hurts!

And is it just me or does this look more like some kind of restraint that you’d expect to find at a mental facility of the more questionable sort rather than a doctor’s office?

and true enough, when Jackson snaps out of his hallucination the examination table looks nothing like that. 

My theory is that Dr Fenris sparked a partial memory from Peter that mixed with Jackson’s own worries. I think Peter was in fact in Eichen House after the fire, where he probably met both Dr Fenris and those scary instruments.  And of course Meredith. 

What other proof do i have of this you might ask.

Well firstly I’d like to point you to the memories Peter shows to Scott in 1x10 in an attempt to make him understand where his revenge spiral is  coming from

My first thought - WATER! Water is never good n Teen Wolf. And my second thought was that drain does not look particularly sanitary. I don’t think we’d see anything like that at a normal hospital. And third - what kind of medical practice is this for burn victims? Seems more like torture than healing. 

Also notice the wheel chair and all the white tiles. All white, not a single colored tile in sight. Not one. 

Do you know where there are a lot of white tiles? Eichen House.

When Peter taps into Meredith’s memories in 4x10 we see them lying side by side in something that Lydia only calls “the same hospital” - it’s never actually named.

Lydia: She was in the hospital. The same hospital.
Deputy Parrish: Same as who?
Lydia: Peter.

Again white tiles…

(and is that the same wheel chair from before?)

We’ve had our character’s visit the hospital a fair few times and while there are tiles in some of the rooms they all seem to be in two colors - white and green or white and blue

Another hint that this is in fact not at Beacon Hills long term ward is the patient journals. 

This is Meredith’s

This is Peter’s

And this is Claudia Stilinski’s - someone we know was a patient at Beacon Hills Memorial hospital - this was the journal Melissa found in the hospital archive. 

It looks nothing alike - the layout is different, so are the fonts used. 

And I wouldn’t be surprised if part of what Peter got a glimpse of when he stared into Dr Valack’s eye in 4x12 was that he’s now back where he once was, and by the look of things he was subjected to different kinds of  uncomfortable “treatments”

And take a look at that bed Peter’ is laid down on - the headboard with the white bars - it does look suspiciously like the beds in Eichen House

Okay - so we have clues pointing us to Peter possibly being a reluctant Eichen House patient. So what?

Well this is where it gets interesting. 

Because during that little flashback  we get not one, not two, but THREE (which makes it a pattern and possibly very important) looks at Peter’s blood from when he’s cruelly hosed down in the shower mixing with the WATER and disappearing down the drain.  

There are signs pointing to Eichen House being a place situated on  the telluric currents we know are running below much of Beacon Hills. And the telluric currents seem to be connected to the Nemeton. 

And we do know that blood spilled on the Nemeton gives power to it - Derek did it with Paige and it was just enough juice left in it to help a dying Jennifer Blake/Julia Bacari. 

What if Peter’s blood was fed back to the nemeton via the telluric currents? It would be like a little ember being lit and who do we see in Peter’s flashback appear all omnious and spooky like after he’s been showered and has bleed?

Nurse Jennifer. Who many believe is in fact Jennifer Blake. Did she feel it powering up and came to his aid to use him to power it up even further?

Or is Jennifer part of the Eichen House staff helping them do experiments and this is all part of a greater plan? No matter - Peter was later moved to Beacon Hills Long term wing, so someone clearly pulled some strings probably to allow Peter to more easily roam free at night. . 

Peter even looks mostly out of it when he Laura comes to find him in the Preserve - i think Nurse Jennifer was manipulating him in his weakened state to draw Laura to Beacon Hills because as an alpha she would provide even more juice for the nemeton and as an added bonus Peter would become alpha. 

And let’s not forget as well that Deaton clearly both knows exactly what goes on at Eichen House and is chummy enough with Dr Fenris to get a meeting with Dr Valack when he asked politely. 

Chris: But while it does work, the Oni won’t go after Stiles, right?
Deaton: I hope. Eichen House has an unusual history. It might not be all that safe for the Oni there as well.

And with Morell actually working there - well let’s just say that i’m not really comforted by this news.

And what are we to make of this Dr who’s been turning up in many episodes over the seasons? Is he part of it too? It would seem that way. He was for instance the Doctor doing the MRI on Stiles when nogi took over. 

Did the other missing Hales also end up in Eichen House? Was Cora here as well? And if so why was she released? 

This also begs the question What Is Eichen House and who runs it? Theories have been put forth about it being government run and part of some sort of military experiment, possibly to make super soldiers of some sort. I think it’s a fun theory and i will be looking extra carefully for more clues as i continue my rewatch.

I did notice that the State Police officer that came to aid Sheriff Stilinski was also a Hunter working with the Argents. So members of law enforcement is clearly involved and knows about the supernatural

And i do believe Eichen House is what Chris was talking about with Derek in 4x when they were discussing what to do with Kate when the found her. 

Derek: What are you gonna do when you find her?
Chris: There’s a place I can take her.
Derek: You saying you have some kind of werewolf jail?
CHRIS: Something like that.

Which again really only strengthens my belief that Agent McCall also knows way more than he’s letting on… 

This was one long ass post, i’m gonna go sleep now. 

Taylor Caniff Imagine for loversdontalwayswinnn

You had just joined MagCon and met all the guys, and they were super nice. A little loud and rowdy, but they were always very sweet to you.
Except Taylor.
You didn’t know why, but he didn’t like you. He made rude comments, laughed at you, and cut you out of things every chance he got. And you had only known him for a few days!
To be honest, it was a little heartbreaking. Out of all the boys, Taylor had been your favorite. He seemed a little troubled, but he was nice deep down and just wanted someone to help him. You obsessed over him for forever, watching all his vines and youtube videos and Buckwild was always on replay. But when you met him, he took no interest in you whatsoever. In fact, you were pretty sure he hated you.
If you knew what it was about you that made Taylor so angry, you’d change it in a heartbeat. But he refused to even acknowledge your existence half the time, he had no reason to hate you and be so mean to you.
It was a Friday night, and the boys had left you and Taylor alone in the hotel room, running out to get pizza. Taylor sat on one side of the room and you sat on the other. His eyes were looking everywhere except at you, and all this tension was really pissing you off.
“What’s up with you?” You asked him suddenly, needing to break the silence.
“What do ya mean?” He asked back.
“I mean, why do you hate me so much?” You asked, and he looked at you, his eyes puzzled.
“What? I don’t hate you.”
“Yeah, you kinda do.”
He shrugged. “I don’t exactly like you much, but I don’t hate you.”
“So why are you so mean to me?”
He shrugged again and yawned, visibly growing tired with the conversation.
“Well, if you’re not going to give me an answer, I’ll be leaving. Tell everyone I said goodnight.” You said, getting up and crossing the room to the door. You reached for the handle but was suddenly jerked backwards and then turned around so your back hit the door, hard. You looked up to see Taylor, his hand still on your arm from when he pulled you back.
“What kind of answer were you looking for?” He asked, his eyes slits.
“Oh I don’t know, a truthful one?” You asked sassily, and he snorted.
“How do you know that wasn’t the truth?”
“Because it’s not enough to make you hate me. You’re so awful to me all the time and I don’t understand why.”
“Why do you want to know? Maybe I’m like this all the time.”
“You’re lying. I know you’re not like this, you’re only mean to me.”
He laughed, blowing air out and making your hair move a little. You looked up at him, at his angry face and his tensed jaw and you were honestly a little scared.
“You’re a fake. You’re not apart of this family but you act like you are. You’ve been here for a few days! Everyone else has been here for months.” He countered.
“That’s not my fault! I can’t help that!” You exclaimed, but he grew more serious.
“You could stop acting like you belong here. You’re more like the special adopted cousin no one wants.”
You flinched at his harsh words as he almost yelled them at you. His eyes softened, but his stature remained the same.
“I think you’re misunderstood. I don’t think you’re a bad boy. I don’t think you’re rude or mean or angry. I think you just want someone to listen.” You said cautiously, and he laughed, but it came out more as an angry bark.
“You think I want someone to listen to me? Really? What else do you think?”
“I..I think you need help but you won’t ask for it. And I think you’re too upset to admit that you need help.”
“That’s bullshit.” He snarled, pressing closer to you. You cowered in on yourself but kept going, not letting him win. “You’re bullshit.” He whispered.
“You’re rude.”
“You think I’m rude now? A minute ago you said I wasn’t.”
“You’re such a liar, Taylor. You put on this whole façade to fool everyone, but I see right through it.”
“Oh yeah? What else do you think? Please, enlighten me.”
“You want to know what I think?”
“Yeah. I do.” He said, sarcasm obvious in his words. The clench of his jaw was driving you crazy, and before you knew what you were saying, the words popped out.
“I think I’m in love with you.”
Taylor stopped. Then, he laughed.
“You don’t know what love is.” He said, backing away from you. You followed him, this time backing him against the wall.
“Neither do you! But to be more precise, I think I’m in love with the idea of you. The essence. Then I met you, and you ruined it. You were angry and mean and tried your best to mess with me any way you could.”
“Did I succeed?” He asked cheekily, grinning.
You were about to speak, but you just closed your mouth. Why waste any more words on him? He was just going to shoot you down left and right and deny everything.
“You know what? Nevermind. I’m not getting through to you. I’m going to bed, for real this time.” You said, walking toward the door again.
“What happened? You give up so soon?”
“No. I’m letting you win, like you want. Keep on ignoring me and being rude, I don’t care anymore. Goodnight.”
You opened the door and stepped outside of it, but Taylor called to you.
“I’m sorry, alright? Is that what you wanted to hear?”
You turned and looked at him, his face flushed and tired. He continued talking.
“If that’s what you wanted, then you got it. I’m sorry. I had no right to mess with you like this. I’m a jackass. Now can we call it even?”
“When did this become a game? Why are there scores?” You asked, tired with this whole thing.
“I mean, I don’t know. I just thought..I don’t know.”
You walked back into the room, slamming the door behind you and standing defiantly in front of Taylor. You took hold of his shirt and kissed him, with anger and passion and fear, but you kissed him. And surprisingly, he kissed back. He lost his hands in your hair, pressing you closer to him and kissed you, tilting his head to deepen it. You opened your eyes in surprise, but closed them and focused more on his warm lips then your feelings.
“What do we have here?” Dillon asked, and you both jumped away from each other to find Dillon standing with his keycard in hand, surrounded by the boys who spilled out into the hall, holding pizzas.
“Uh, nothing. Just..just talking.”
“Talking. With your tongues.” Dillon said, nodding.
“Yeah, you know it gives you a better connection. Like with telephone wires.”
“Telephone wires. Gotcha.” He said, smiling at you two. The boys poured in, giving you two weird looks.
“I’m just gonna go to bed..” you said for the third time that night, but Taylor caught your hand.
“Could I come in later, maybe talk with you?” He asked quietly, his eyes wide. You blushed and nodded, finally feeling like you got through to him.
“I’ll wait up for you. I’m in the room next to the Jacks.”
“I know. I’ll see you later.” He said, and you nodded, walking toward the door again.
“(Y/N)?” he called through the chaos of the boys fighting over pizza. Someone sent a slice sailing over the crowd, and it came down, hitting Shawn in the face. He yelled and dove at Nash, who was closest to him and currently could not stop laughing.
“Yeah?” You asked him, and he smiled a little at you.
You smiled warmly back at him.
“You’re welcome.”

Requested by loversdontalwayswinnn this has been bouncing around in my head for a while now, so I decided to write it for your request!

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All Together Again *Cameron Dallas Imagine*

Requested by serena-rodriguez

Sorry for the wait! I just realized that I changed around the plot because I dont reread so I’m sorry if it isn't exactly what you wanted I still hope you like it! 


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“Hey Cam, be a good husband and come zipper this for me, please?” you said to your husband; Cameron who was sitting on your bed behind you.

“Anything for you beautiful” he said walking up behind you and sliding the zipper on your dress closed. You smiled at him through the mirror “Thank you” “No problem” he said kissing your cheek.

Seconds later you were interrupted by a knock at your door then it flew open and in ran your 4 year old son; Noah.

“Mommy, I’m bored!” he told you making you laugh “I know, we’re gonna leave soon I promise” “Where we going?” “To see daddy and I’s old friends from our school” you told him and Noah looked up at you confused “Why?” “Because we just are” you tell him knowing that if you don’t stop him now he’d never stop asking why, Noah’s a curious kid which you thought was great but sometimes you just couldn’t explain “why”.

Noah then ran back out of the room, you looked at Cameron “He’s all yours tonight” he laughed “On one condition…” “And that would be…” “You are all mine when we get home” “Aren’t I always?” “Yeah but I love hearing you say it” you kissed him “Let’s go before we’re late like we always are”

When you finally arrived at you old High School It was just you and your daughter; Avery, Cameron had taken Noah to use the bathroom since he decided to lie when you asked him if he had to go before you left.


“Mommy” your daughter whined at you as you got closer to where there were people. Avery wasn’t too fond of strangers it took her a while to warm up to them.

You picked her up and she held onto you tightly “its okay baby mommy’s right here” you reassured her.

Just as you were about to start heading inside the school gym you heard someone call your name so you turned around to look behind you.

“Oh my god, Hamilton” you said laughing as an old friend of both yours and your husband’s approached you.

“Ah you remembered my real name” he said hugging you “of course it’s not that hard to remember” he usually went by Nash but you all use to mess with him and call him by his real name.

“Y/n this is Jess, my fiancé” he said introducing you to the pretty lady behind him, you smiled at her and she shook your hand “Nice to meet you” she smiled back “Likewise; is this your daughter?” Jess asked you.

“Yeah this is Avery, Avery say hi” you told her but she just turned her face “Sorry she’s a little shy at first” you told them hoping they weren’t offended because sometimes people got offended which annoyed you because seriously? She’s 2 years old. “It’s okay, she’s adorable” Jess reassured you and you felt relieved that you didn’t have to fight with anyone “Thank you”

“So who’s her daddy, did he go here?” Nash asked you “Yeah he did actually, you know him” “Who?” “Cameron Dallas” before Nash could say anything someone ran into the back of your legs and as you suspected it was Noah and right behind him was Cameron.

“Hamilton!” Cameron said making Nash groan before they went in for a bro hug.

“So you two, made these two? He said pointing from you and Cameron to Noah and Avery. “Yup we did” Cameron said proudly “Good job Dallas”

You all managed to make it inside and while inside you ran into some more old friends and it seemed that you and Cameron were the only ones married with kids.

“It’s so weird that you and him have kids and are married now” your old friend, Matt said to you in disbelief making you laugh “It’s weird to me sometimes too but, I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world” “You guys make adorable kids though” he said looking across the table at Noah who had taken a quick liking to old friends Aaron and Jack Johnson & surprisingly Avery warmed up really well to Nash so he was entertaining her at the moment it was so cute.

“Babe” Cameron said tapping you in the shoulder making you turn around “Yeah?” “Let’s go see if this place is still the same” “What about the kids?” “They’re fine” you trusted the guys to watch your babies so you took your husband’s hand and exited the school’s gym.

“You think Noah and Avery will be able to come here when their older?” You asked Cameron as you two walked down the dimly lit hallway.

“You never know; I think so this place has been around forever” you groaned “Ugh I don’t even wanna think about my babies going to high school” he laughed and kissed your cheek “You’re an amazing mom baby” “Likewise” “I’m an amazing mom?” “Oh my god Cam you know what I mean” he laughed again “I love you”“Love you”

It was really weird that you two were walking hand in hand through these halls right now, when you let here you never thought you’d be back here with him.

After the reunion ended you all decided to go to the par that was across the street, so now you were all scattered around. Aaron and Jack still occupying Noah and now Avery was with her father.

You, Cameron, Matt, Nash and Jess were all sitting together in silence when Nash finally broke it “So someone tell me the love story about you two because I still can’t believe it” “Yeah me either, enlighten us y/n” Matt said agreeing.

“Not much to tell really, we went to the same college, are families are friends we spent a lot of time together after High School” you said honestly, you and Cameron didn’t have a romantic movie like relationship it just kind of happened.

“Was there an attraction during High school, it’s so random?” Matt asked you but as you were about to speak Cameron cut you off and said “Hell yeah my women was hot” “Was?” you said pretending to be offended “My bad, is my women is hot” he corrected himself.

“Thank god you didn’t date in high school, you would have been so annoying” Nash joked with you guys you rolled your eyes “What about you two? How did you meet?” you asked him meaning him and Jess.

“We met at a strip club, I looked at her and said baby you don’t have to do this” he told everyone which made Jess slap him on the arm “No that is not how we met, you idiot” Nash burst out in laughter. “We met through friends, we weren’t a movie like romance either” Jess corrected him.

Nash had always been the wiseass of the group; some things really don’t ever change.

“What about you Matt? Any ladies in your life” Cameron asked him, Matt shrugged “No, haven’t really found anyone, not really looking either but y/n if you ever wanna leave Cam I’ll be here” “Thanks, but I think I’ll keep him” you said smiling.

Eventually it got late and Avery and Noah began getting tired so you and Cameron left.

You had really missed all your old friends and made plans to meet up with everyone again for a night out with no kids this time. You were glad everyone seemed happy with how their lives turned out just like you were.

That night you and Cameron laid in your bed, some random show plying on the TV “You have fun tonight?” he asked you and you nodded “Yeah was nice seeing everyone, what about you?” “Same, I really missed those guys, hopefully we can all reconnect again” “That would be awesome” “We should invite them over” “Definitely” you said yawning.

“Go to sleep babe and tomorrow I’ll worry about the kids so you can sleep in” god he was amazing “I love you” you kissed him “Love you” he said and that was the last thing you heard before drifting off to sleep.


Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 1,332

Summary: AU where you can take you soulmate’s pain away, but when you do you also take on their injury (ex: you break your arm, and you soulmate can take away the pain but their arm will become broken). This is also in a universe where soulmates are particularly rare, and Castiel finds out that his soulmate has been there all along, with a little help from Dean.

Warnings: None

A/N: First of all, sorry I had to bump this fic back a day, so I kinda broke the fic-a-day thing. Sorru :/ Well I started this a long time ago, and I decided that I wanna break it up into 2 or 3 parts. This part is mostly exposition and a little bit of fluff, but it’s gonna get real angsty towards the end. Anyways, hope you enjoy!

Part 2

Your name: submit What is this?

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” you groaned, shoving your book away from you and banging your head on the library table with a dull thud.

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http-yanie  asked:

Hi again! Just checking on you cause I want to remind you that you are a lovely person, and please get enough sleep & I also have a request FF. Have you heard of Leigh & Samson Ackerman from dyfm? Please write one where Leelu is generally just going nuts over Armin and Armin is actually interested, and he even tries to flirt very subtly but Levi gets all overprotective. Thank you~! <3 Lots of love. :3

You’re super sweet to worry but don’t stress about it, my sleeping pattern is atrocious but I function okay and thank you I am literally the opposite of a lovely person but I appreciate it ahww <3 okay so I’ve tried to emulate the Leelu/Armin deal as best I can, but this entire thing would look cooler as a doodle and I, unfortunately, can’t draw for shit. But here’s my attempt anyways! drinkyourfuckingmilk, hope you don’t mind me butchering your OC’s a li’l bit. 

“You know what, Leelu? You’re going about this all wrong.” Samson crumpled the letter - the horrifying, eight page monstrosity scrawled in what he could only describe as legless-chicken scratch - and tossed it into the bin. “No dude or dudette is gonna wanna read that colossal train wreck. “

“It’s for Armin,” Leelu said, and she folded her arms over her chest. Samson snorted, and at the death glare Leelu sent him, raised his hands and rocked onto the back legs of his chair. 

“Hey, no judgement on my part, Lu-Lu.” 

“Call me that one more time, I fucking dare you.” 

“Alright, alright.” Samson’s chair clattered to the floor and he crossed one leg over the other, one elbow propped on the back rest. “You’ve gotta quit with these lame-ass letters. It’s my duty, as both a big brother and an all-round superior being, to enlighten you on the five stages of woo-ology.” 

Leelu’s lip curled deeper into it’s usual scowl and she pulled her brows in. Samson leaned close and threw an arm over her shoulders. 

“Trust me,” he said, “when have I ever led you astray?” 

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Okay, so at first I was going to completely ignore this article that has been floating around, because lets face it. AllKpop is nothing but a junky gossip site that claims they bring updated kpop information to their readers, yet they allow some blogger who seems to have the mental attitude of a tween to write such a biased article. However, after I read a few of the snippets of this article I finally decided I couldn’t keep my mouth shut.

She starts off with f(x). Really? Out of all the artists under SM she chooses the most cast aside group to call overrated? How does this even begin to make sense? First of all, does she understand how ignored this group really is by their company? They debuted in 2009 and they have yet to have been given so much as a fanclub name! ““Red Light” was a blender of EDM sounds during a time where everyone was hating on EDM - yet people were loving this song!” I really don’t understand where she was going with this one. She is basically saying that f(x) is so talented that they made a “hated” genre such as EDM popular. This proves what exactly? Please someone enlighten me on how this makes them “overrated” because I have no clue. After all these girls have been through over the past year or so (and pretty much their entire carriers because no matter how many chart-topping or innovative songs this group puts out they are still cast to one side by their company) they deserve all they recognition they are and will get.

Here we go with Apink. Really, what I’m getting from this post is that she’s just salty that people are comparing Lovelyz and G-Friend to them. This should really only prove how much star power this group has to have other groups compared to them, and really why the hate? All three are talented groups. I also hate the fact that she used the phrase “modeled themselves” as if it was simply their looks which got them famous. She is completely ignoring the hit songs these girls have managed to put out as if they don’t matter.

Next she calls out miss A, but before I go any further have you guys noticed a pattern here? Don’t worry though, she calls out a few boy groups, it just so happens that the majority of this entire article consists of girl groups.

Alright *Beyonce voice* carry on.

I really don’t understand why she even mentions miss A here. Literally, the meaning of overrated is to have a higher opinion of (someone or something) than is deserved, yet she clearly states that miss A “has made hits, each and every time.” Wouldn’t this mean that people’s high opinion of them is well deserved then? Really, the only argument she has to support her claim that miss A is overrated is her statement that their comeback song “Only You” was too “simple”, however, as this is only an opinion she really has nothing.

Orange Caramel? Really? Excuse me, but I fail to see how a group of three girls that managed to win over tons of people even with quirky concepts and out-of-the-way outfits is overrated. Please, check yourself at the door because that is the very definition of earned success, thank you.

Everything about her judgment on AOA screamed misinformed. First of all, she seemed to be under the impression that AOA only became a dance group later on in their career, however if she has bothered to look them up she would have realized they were marketed as a dance group from the very start of their careers. Their debut song was Elvis, a song in which the group DANCED. If anything this girl should be impressed that AOA has such talented and versatile members that can not only dance and sing, but also play musical instruments. Another thing, AOA didn’t “drop” anything. They have a sub-unit called AOA Black in which 5 of the members are involved in the band. Again, please check yourself at the door for even thinking of shaming these girls because they choose to show a little skin. “Booty based choreography” God, bless this person.

She then goes after Sistar. Why? Because she doesn’t like the musical direction they have chosen to take. That’s really the only thing I got from this post. She bashes them for releasing a “generic” summer track like “Shake It” instead of “Alone” part 2. Did she proof read this or? “Shake It” is a SUMMER song. It was completely appropriate of them to release a fun, catchy, song because that’s the type of sound people are looking for during the summer. Please, take a step back.

*le gasp* Could it be? She finally took a break from criticizing girl groups and took a jab at iKON. Here, she basically admits that they worked hard promoting in 2015 and that they are indeed talented, yet she questions if their success was only because of their company. *side eyes* Has she seen WIN? Mix&Match? Has she seen how hard this group has been working to debut for years? YG is a tough company to be under because their CEO expects a lot out of them. These seven boys have been busting their behinds in order to reach the level of success that they have, and for her to ignore that hard work and simply blame their success on their company is honestly very insulting. iKONics, *CL voice* set them on fire.

Where are all my Starlights at because I’m gonna need ya’ll to set up a powerpoint presentation (minimum of 20 slides) and school this girl. She makes it sound like VIXX just popped up out of nowhere. They debuted in 2012, hello! They work so hard, and their concepts are always so different. This group works to show different sides of themselves, and yeah, they look good doing it. These guys have such artistic qualities about them, that for her to call them overrated is nothing but her simply not seeing them.


That’s really all I have to say about this one. I could let out my inner BOICE and educate this girl. I could mention how these boys make all their own music, how they first roughed it out on the streets of Japan before their debut in Korea, or how each of the four members can sing, and not just their lead singer. I could also mention how they each have very successful solo careers as actors, and they have worked themselves to the ground in order to become world stars, but let me not. I have to stay classy like my men in CNBLUE.

Lastly (thank God, I was about to lose it) she lists WINNER. Again, has she seen WIN? Has she seen how much these boys worked and worked in order to get the chance to debut? How can she even say that these boys haven’t ventured out in variety when they’ve only had one album? THEY HAVEN’T RELEASED ANYTHING SINCE THEIR DEBUT, YET THEY ARE OVERRATED?!?!? They’re one of the most under appreciated groups in freakin’ kpop! Sure, they may have gotten the fastest win in kpop history (5 days after their debut, that should tell you something) but their company has been hiding them away for ages. Plus, it’s clear to me this girl did not bother to listen to their full album, because she seems to be under the impression that it is full of ballads. It’s as if she completely skipped through “Love Is a Lie”, “Don’t Flirt”, “Smile Again”, Hugeboy solo “I’m Him” !?!?!?!? I really have nothing more to say other than Inner Circles are watching you.

My purpose in making this is for people to understand that you can’t simply put down other groups as if their hard work doesn’t matter. ALL kpop groups work hard to debut, and for someone to come in and call them “overrated” without knowing the struggle, is completely disrespectful. Let’s all try to be a loving kpop family, and let’s try to be aware of others feelings before we bash their success.

Anyway, have a happy New Year guys! Let’s work to make 2016 another great year for kpop!

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