Jay Baruchel & Alfred Molina

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I watched this 2010 movie ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ yesterday, and I was thrilled that I found a Jay-Alfred confrontation scene just like in the RTTE!

(If you haven’t watched the movie and you want to check it out yourself, please skip my post, since the pictures below may spoil the movie to some degree…)

Dave Stutler & Maxim Horvath in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Hiccup Haddock & Viggo Grimborn in Race to the Edge

Thus, when I saw Horvath asking Dave for the Grimhold, it was all Viggo asking Hiccup for the Dragon Eye…


Horvath kidnapped Dave’s girlfriend Becky…

Viggo kidnapped Hiccup’s girlfriend Astrid…

When the villains were defeated, Dave and Becky kissed…

When the dragon hunters were defeated, Hiccup and Astrid kissed…

EVERYTHING’S JUST SO FAMILIAR!!! Such an interesting discovery XD

The Apprentice Tarot... IT IS COMPLETE

You guys.


I am printing just a few decks to get some feedback from people. Then hopefully I can do a real print run! I want to try to keep this an affordable deck. I mean, it’s for new readers after all.




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BINARY SUNSET on Tatooine (3.20) || TWILIGHT on Malachor (2.20)

Luke and Anakin/Vader being watched over from afar. ♥

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jayFEATHER hollyLEAF damn i can understand jayfeather but did firestar know something we didn't when he named holly?

??? I’m pretty sure she has -leaf because she was leafpool’s apprentice first???

Attn: Creators of the Reanimator movies

Why wasn’t there an installment about a female mad scientist called Reanimatrix?  That would be a great cult horror movie title!

(What would the plot be, you ask?  Anything.  Herbert West has a sister or a girl student he makes his apprentice.  Herbert West gets into an academic rivalry with a lady biochemist and they enter into a bloody war of escalation over who can make the better zombie.  Herbert West gets killed and an ambitious female med student reanimates him.  I’m just saying, it’s too good a title to waste.)

In Life and Death

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Requested by Chess: I AM BEAUTY AND THE BEAST TRASH AND I AM LISTENING TO “YOU CAME BACK” FROM THE NEW SOUNDTRACK SO HERE GOES: “Everything is going to be fine, you’ll see.” GO FORTH AND BRING THE SUFFERING MY YOUNG APPRENTICE. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ (sorry i’m yelling i’m excited lololol)

Warning: Tears. Lots of tears.

Words: 915

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It all started with a cough.

You remember Jacob forcing you to bed in the early days, making you hand over your duties as an Assassin to either himself or Evie. You remember holding his hand and assuring him that you would be alright soon enough.

How very wrong you were.

To no avail, your little cough became a fever and before you knew it, you could barely move your own limbs. Your skin had transformed from a healthy glow to a barren shell of your former self. Eyes that once shined with laughter were now hollow and blank.

Soon enough, Jacob insisted on bringing in a doctor despite your weakened protests and made sure his sister and a few Rooks were with you at all times. Not that you could’ve done much anyways.

When the doctor finally arrives, Jacob holds your hand as you struggle to keep your eyes open while Evie provides the doctor with details of your dilemma. After Evie finishes talking, you see the doctor motion for you to step out of bed, albeit with difficulty to perform tests for what seemed like forever. Evie and Jacob help you back into bed while the doctor steps out before reentering the room.

“I’m sorry Mr and Ms. Frye, Ms. L/N, but it appears from the test results that you may have pneumonia. At her current state, she may only have a few more weeks before she succumbs to the disease.” The doctor informs sombrely and you want to cry if your eyes would even let you. You knew it wasn’t a normal illness, but you never once considered it to be this malicious.

“Thank you Doctor.” Jacob nods and Evie shows the man out as he takes a cold cloth and presses it to your now boiling skin.

“Jacob…” You begin to say but he hushes you as he continues to wipe the sweat from your forehead and try to cool your body.

“Everything is going to be fine, you’ll see.” Jacob insists and you shake your head weakly.

“I’m not going to be fine, Jacob. Look at me. I can barely move without a coughing fit and my fever will not pass anytime soon.” You counter harshly and he stops pressing that bloody cloth to your forehead.

“What am I supposed to do then? Let you succumb to an illness?” Jacob snaps irritably and you glare at him.

“Yes Jacob. That is exactly what I need you to do.” You answer and you see the fight leave Jacob’s eyes.

“If that’s what you want, then fine. But don’t think for a second I’m going to let you suffer alone.” Jacob relents as he sits down next you on the bed. You manage a weak laugh before coughing into a handkerchief and exhaling roughly.

“I wouldn’t expect anything else.” You tell him and he grins at you for the first time in a very long time.

On some days, you were better. On others, you weren’t. And every day, it seemed like it was getting worse.

The day you finally couldn’t manage to even move was a warm sunny day. Something Jacob was quick to note as he force fed you some food.

“Beautiful day isn’t it?” He remarks as you shift your sight towards the window.

“It is.” You sigh as your chest crackles with the next breath you take.

Let me leave with the sun shining on me.’ You think as you struggle to take another bite.

“Love? What’s going on?” Jacob asks as he sets the bowl and spoon down on the nightstand.

“Nothing. Just how grateful I am to have you by my side.” You reply as you snatch your handkerchief off your nightstand and cough little specks of blood onto the white fabric.

You feel around your nose and you see blood covering your fingers. It continues freefalling from your nose even as Jacob helps you try to stop the flow of blood.

“Evie! Help her, please!” Jacob yells as he takes another handkerchief from his jacket. You hear heavy footfalls run up and into your bedroom as Evie props you up in bed.

“Easy now, Y/N.” She says but you could only hear her faintly.

“Jacob…” You cough amidst the blood and he takes your chin in his hand.

“No, no, no. Stay with me, Y/N! Please!” He begs as you feel Evie struggle to keep you upright.

“She won’t make it this time, Jacob.” Evie tells him and you know that Jacob is shaking his head in fervor without even having to look at him.

“Please, Evie, set me down.” You request and she complies as she helps you settle back under the covers.

“Love, I promised you. Everything will be fine.” Jacob reassures you but it feels like he was trying to assure himself that you would be alright.

“Jacob, I’ll be alright. I promise you, I will be alright.” You tell him and you could feel tears falling from him.

“Please Y/N. Don’t leave us. Don’t leave me.” Jacob pleads and you could feel your own eyes water despite your current state.

“I have to. I’m sorry, but I have to. I love you Jacob Frye. Never forget that.” You murmur as your eyes slip shut and you stop breathing all the while as Jacob screams out your name against your forehead before Evie pulls him away, before he kisses you one last time as the day grows darker.

i just had a dream about these two very big and sour-looking old ladies who came to my house to investigate me for streaming episodes of the dilbert cartoon on a laptop at the airport, and i was frantically explaining to them that “because of doing that for so many years i’ve started associating dilbert with christmas so i just need to do it” when suddenly they both took off their shoes, removed these little medical-looking plugs from the soles of their feet and started bleeding this rly viscous black blood onto the floor. then i looked at the tv & saw on the news that britney spears had pierced an artery by getting a neck tattoo from an unskilled tattoo artists apprentice (she was okay). then one of the scary ladies was suddenly on the tv and she said (addressing britney) “i know you and your lying sister faked your citizenships and THATS why everyone thought the suspect was originally from London and i KNOW you know that” and then i woke up. Hi



I was so relieved to find them and so stressed that I wouldn’t save them that I cried.

They were under attack by a xenophobic splinter of angara who dislike how the Resistance is handling the fight against the kett, so I … mercilessly slaughtered them all because I’m very protective of my turian friends BUT I FOUND THEM!!


They don’t know where the arc is but IT’S OUT THERE! MORE OF THEM ARE OUT THERE!!

And Cora told me that some asari landed on Prodromos so THEY’RE OKAY TOO!!!!!! And I found a salarian escape pod in a cave on Eos, but the guy who was in it was killed by the kett :( BUT THEY MUST BE OUT THERE TOO!

Many words have been written on Obi-Wan Kenobi’s claim to Luke that Darth Vader “betrayed and murdered your father.”

It’s neither true nor honest. There is, however, an argument for it being true from a certain point of view; what Anakin Skywalker had been was destroyed by the Dark Side and only Darth Vader remained.

Except that’s not true at all; in fact, the climax of Return of the Jedi relies on the fact that something remains of the Anakin Obi-Wan knew.

I could condemn Obi-Wan’s manipulations here, and I’m sure it’s been done before, but there’s another angle to consider.

While the narrative eventually shows us Anakin Skywalker defeating Darth Vader, it’s not the narrative speaking. It’s an old, tired Jedi Knight who was forced into the position of destroying his apprentice, left him for dead, and saw him become the destroyer of everything he used to stand for.

Obi-Wan was connected to Anakin; and yet he destroyed him. He was afraid of what that meant, and so he constructed a new narrative; one in which the Anakin he loved was already gone when that final confrontation occurred.

For all the Jedi Order’s rhetoric of truth, detachment and serenity, Obi-Wan lied to Luke and to himself about that tie and his fear of what it implied. But Luke transcended that; he faced the simple truth that Vader was his father, and the deeper truth - the one Obi-Wan rejected - that it was still him. Another way Luke Skywalker passed beyond the failings of the old Jedi Order.


“How’s Maul?” Asked Sabine. “He took the episode rather hard.” Admitted Ezra. “He’s spent the last…” He glanced at his phone calendar before continuing. “…72 hours screaming into his pillow and crying himself to sleep. And when he’s not doing that, he’s guzzling Toblerones.” “Poor thing.” Murmured Sabine.

At that moment, the door of Maul’s room opened and he emerged. The poor fellow looked exhausted. He wiped a few tears from his eyes and turned to Ezra. “Apprentice,” He said with determination. “I promise you: I will survive.” Ezra hugged him. “You finally got out of bed, huh?” “Yes, I did.”

“Y’know, Ezra, it’s very strange,” Murmured Maul, as the trio strolled around the base. “In the end, I just had to think of people less fortunate than me. That somehow made it all feel better. Wait a minute…” Suddenly, a thought struck him. “Uh oh,” thought Ezra. When a thought struck Maul, it was a recipe for disaster.

Maul approached Kanan Jarrus, who was conversing with Hera. “Hello.” he said. They both jumped at the sight of him, as he still looked a little messed up from his depressive episode. “I just want to apologise for a few things.” said Maul. “First, for blinding Caleb,” “Thanks.” Grumbled Kanan. 

“And also for reading your mind, Hera.” said Maul. “You should be,” said Hera sternly. “I just wanna, y’know, break the ice a bit,” said Maul amiably. “If you could let the matter pass and not sue me for insurance or anything, that’d be wizard! Oh and by the way, it’s totally no big deal, but Hera?” 

“What?” “I beat your Candy Crush high score.” With that, Maul left. Kanan’s jaw dropped. “Um…WHAT!?” He asked. “He’s probably just a little confused, Kanan,” Hera replied. “Confused? I’m the one who’s confused! What is he even talking about!?”

“How did the apologies go?” Asked Sabine as Maul joined her and Ezra. “Nailed it!” Grinned the Zabrak, doing a little fistpump. “Your space parents took it remarkably well. Hashtag success.” “Yeah,” said Ezra. “You gotta apologise to Chopper and Zeb next.” Maul gulped. This would be easier said than done.

Analysis (Final Rose)

Empress Averia VII read through the science report she’d received about the substance referred to as ‘element zero’ and the other new discoveries from the other galaxy. It was apparently the basis for much of the advanced technology in the other galaxy the expeditionary force had reached, so understanding it could prove crucial to future success. Of course, the scientists, many of them Dia-Farrons, who had accompanied the expeditionary force were simply overjoyed to have something new to play with.

Although she wasn’t herself a scientist, she had the benefit of an excellent education. She had also served as an apprentice of sorts on a Dia-Farron research world for several years to further hone her understanding of the technologies that allowed the Empire to prosper, as well as glean a better understanding of the people responsible for them.

Element zero had the ability to increase or decrease the mass content of space time when subjected to an electrical current. Although the math accompanying the report was exceedingly complicated, the general gist of it was relatively straightforward. These ‘mass effect’ fields allowed for faster-than-light travel, as well as a host of other applications, by altering the masses of things like starships, combat vehicles, and projectiles.

It was rather fascinating, and Averia could see how such technology could be extremely useful. However, she could also see how it could lead to tunnel vision. Why develop powerful plasma cannons when mass effect fields could create powerful rail guns so easily?

Of course, the innovations required to produce a powerful plasma cannon had applications elsewhere, not to mention the development of plasma cannons and other energy-based weapons had also led to the development of shields and armour capable of stopping such attacks. A system of combat where the dominant weapon was essentially a big rail gun meant that shields designed to stop kinetic weaponry also became dominant, which would explain why the energy-based weaponry of her forces had proven to be so effective.

It reminded her of how technology could have developed if the scientists of the Age of Heroes had never decided to explore avenues beyond Dust science and technology. Dust, as useful as it was, was also limited. Yet those limitations had often been ignored because of how easy it was to use. Nevertheless, it had taken other technologies like fusion power and rocket science to get civilisation off Remnant.

Then again, the reliance of these other civilisations on element zero and constructs like the Relays was hardly a coincidence. The Dia-Farron had managed to get their hands on several Reapers, and they had happily begun picking through what passed for the brains of the creatures to see if the data they found matched the data they’d stripped from the databanks of the people the Reapers had been attacking.

It was… horrifying.

To think that such a cycle of death had been continuing for so long sickened her. The Grimm were creatures of death and destruction, but even they lacked the calculating and cold murderous logic of the Reapers. On general principle alone, Averia would have ordered their complete and utter extirpation. Such evil could not be allowed to endure, especially when they possessed the might to destroy it. The fact that destroying the Reapers could prove most… fruitful for the Empire was a pleasant bonus.

Her thoughts drifted back to the technical analysis in front of her. The expedition’s scientists had already begun to theorise applications for element zero, merging it with existing technologies to improve their efficiency, as well as proposing new ideas, ideas that the civilisations in the other galaxy had yet to consider due to their lack of knowledge in other areas.

Her favourite?

A particularly insane Dia-Farron had suggested using element zero to make it possible to launch shells containing singularities at targets using a rail gun. They estimated that with the right materials, such a weapon would be able to launch dozens of singularity shells per minute at speeds approaching the speed of light, and using mass effect fields could increase those speeds even further.

It was insane, and Averia had already authorised the funding for a prototype.

Studies had also commenced on the Relay in the system closest to their hyperspace gateway. It was a fascinating device, albeit inferior to the hyperspace gateways used by the Empire and Alliance. Still, it was better to study it closely to see if it could be of any use. Examination had already revealed the possibility of using the substance it was constructed of as a powerful explosive.

One scientist had even suggested building a similar structure and altering its design, so it could be used to fire missiles and other projectiles at targets hundreds of light years away.

Averia sat back in her chair. That was enough for now. She was still less than a quarter of the way through the report, but her presence was needed. Apparently, a representative of sorts had approached the expeditionary force to ask for assistance.

This would be interesting.

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"question can i sock my beautiful fist into that beautiful, punchable face of yours? Only takes a few seconds, promise"

“ Don’t you want to punch him rather than me??!! Don’t you think that Punching or fighting would bring your bratty friend back Kid?!!

I thought you where SICK OF HIS CRYING??




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Ok so what's your opinion on the union of our lord and savior Cthulhu and Math Dad


(A far more respectable and surprisingly lovely one, no doubt. I believe I have given my approval of this union. 

I wish nothing but the comfort and happiness of my own disciples and I believe the silver wolf’s apprentice @kunikidasuggestions would be responsible and able to manage his own agendas with his beloved @hplovecraftsuggestions. I have more trust in leaving the two to their own devices, if I do say so myself, but I will be available should they ever need my guidance.

…it does concern me quite a bit that their decision to adopt children is starting to rival Oda’s, but I’m sure they’re aware of this and I have no say in the matter.)