Speaking of horns, this animal is the Pronghorn (Antilocapra americana). And while I was looking for a good source for information I came across the San Diego Zoo’s fact page, which happens to be where I saw this handsome boy. 

I actually learned something quite interesting. I never thought much about the horns/antlers of the pronghorn. However, they are quite unique! The facts on the website state true antlers are made of bone and shed each year and true horns are made of keratin and do not shed and often only have one point (really feeling a need to make an antler/horn post tomorrow). But the pronghorn is the only known animal in the world that has multi-pronged horns that shed each year! 

They also have large migrations as well, large enough to be featured in the National Geographic docuseries Great Migrations. I haven’t watched the DVD in a while but I remember their biggest issues with migrating in the United States is crossing major highways. If you are traveling in the North Western United states please keep a extra eye out for the proghorn crossing the highways.